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Transcript (by Youtube)

2s for you the suffering of a savior and
6s the coin of a betrayer
13s is forever
16s but the money is worth it
27s you're a Survivor or at least got the
29s makings of one
31s Get on Up Now
33s that injection knocked your teeth in
35s real good didn't it
37s as a health kit by the gate use it
47s all patched up then head on out you got
50s a lot to learn first lesson wading
53s through water is noisy and slow but
56s sometimes it's the only way forward stay
59s vigilant
76s it's good to be quick but running for
79s too long will drain you stop sprinting
81s at times to catch your breath
89s you're gonna encounter traps like that
92s from time to time
93s hatch up so you don't bleed out
96s I gave you that first aid kit for a
98s reason if it's used up as a health
101s station right there now if you want to
105s make good money you're gonna need to
107s find a Target
109s remember that shot it made you special
112s and it'll help you see beyond human
114s limits it gave you something called Dark
118s Side
119s feels like an itch behind the eyes
122s focus on that feeling to enter the site
124s and look for a blue glow
126s the light will lead you to your first
128s clue
139s okay
154s each clue guides you towards your target
157s that map I left in your pocket will
159s point you forwards I even took the
162s trouble of marking Supply points and the
164s like in the legend
166s between the map and dark side you'll be
169s able to narrow down the location of your
171s target with each clue
174s good work
176s looks like your target is West head on
179s up the ladder and let's see how smooth
182s you can be
188s yeah
190s got ourselves a bunch of animals
193s they're ready to holler if you spook
195s them and that risks you alerting an
197s enemy nearby try to reach the gate
200s across the way without troubling any
202s animals
203s who knows I'm not even rewarding