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0s Hi, I'm David
1s Fifield, the general manager for the Hunt franchise.
4s We're here to discuss our Fair Play Task Force,
7s what they've been up to, and what's in the works going forward.
12s Our Fair Play Task Force formed this past winter
16s after some new hires were brought up
18s to speed on the current lay of the land.
20s The first step they took
21s was upgrading Hunt from an older, basic form of Easy Anti-Cheat to
26s a more modern level of protection through Epic Online Services.
29s This upgrade also brought us the capacity
32s for more rapid updates going forward,
34s as new cheats are identified and need to be blocked.
37s This is by no means
38s a silver bullet solution, but rather
40s our first step in our plans to heighten protection
42s and have more agility to counter threats as we move forward.
50s Something else our task force has worked on
52s is investigating and disabling some local file manipulations.
56s The first manipulation removed was the ability to turn off
59s shadows to gain an unfair advantage over opponents.
62s The next exploit countered was the ability for players
64s to disable onscreen rendering of the Hunter's weapons or hands.
68s While this feature
69s was initially created to support content creators and fan videos,
72s it was too much of a liability
74s when used for unfair advantages during competitive play.
78s A related open topic currently under
80s scrutiny is the Nvidia Profile Inspector.
83s While we are actively evaluating if the impact is significant
87s enough to broadly label it an exploit,
90s we can say that the use of the profile inspector
92s is detectable and in obvious cases of abuse.
95s We are already taking action on those offenders.
103s We are revisiting the ping
104s limits and intend to make them more stringent,
106s both in terms of the servers you're allowed to launch into
109s and the servers you're allowed to cross over
111s to when matching with friends.
113s These new limits will have an upper boundary
115s that groups are not allowed to cross.
117s Our intention is to keep matches
118s as fair as possible while still allowing friends
121s to game together.
122s However, if you are on opposite
124s sides of the world, you may no longer be able to play
126s with specific friends after these upcoming changes.
129s When a date and new limits are established,
131s we will share them through our social channels.
135s This summer, we are increasing the number of available servers
138s in overloaded regions, as well as revising the back
141s end traffic patterns for cross-region players.
144s This is not going to result in a hard region
147s lock as some players call for,
148s but we do expect it to lower the frequency of facing opponents
151s in your local region who have high pings
153s and are playing from far-off connections.
159s First of all,
160s please use the in-game reporting tools.
163s They are reviewed daily,
164s and the information in those reports serves
166s as the foundation of regular actions
168s taken by the Customer Service and Fair Play Task Force members.
171s Many future initiatives will look at the database
174s of all reports across time as the backbone
176s for a healthier system going forward.
178s Please avoid reporting opponents
180s who simply outplayed you,
181s got a lucky shot, or executed a skillful play.
184s If you're unsure, spectate your opponent for clear evidence
187s of cheating before you report.
190s We understand this is a delicate topic,
193s but the most helpful reports
194s are the ones that state facts and not opinions.
197s Please pay yourself and our staff the respect of being as precise
201s and to the point as you can,
202s without devolving into toxic commentary.
205s A recent exploit to put certain characters
207s in your game ID to prevent reporting
209s has also been identified.
211s We're prioritizing this issue
212s and when ready, we will deploy a back-end
214s fix with no client update needed to remove
217s any such characters from existing IDs.
219s As well as prevent their future use beyond in-game reporting,
223s if you have a desire and the means to go above and beyond,
225s please do send your reports to customer support.
228s Videos are, of course,
229s the best form of proof
231s to offer, along with succinct details of the mission.
234s If you report through customer service
236s and include your own game ID, the exact time, the time
239s zone, and the server region in which the incident occurred,
242s we can pull all the relevant data
243s regardless of hidden statistics or player name and affiliations.
251s We know that for many of you,
252s the system feels like a black box you never hear back from.
256s For this reason, an automated system
258s is in development to report certain actions
260s back to you related to in-game reporting,
263s such as suspensions or bans put into effect on offending accounts
267s if the report was considered legitimate and acted on.
270s Apart from the automated system,
272s we will also resume publicly publishing ban wave reports
275s with statistics like we've done in the past.
280s We are well
280s aware of the controversies around players
282s being allowed to hide their profile data.
284s While their platform ID
286s may not always be available to you as players, the in-game
288s reporting system from the team detail screen does not require you
292s to know the platform ID to make a report.
296s There is still a gap with the in-game reporting system,
298s where you can't report a player that you're merely spectating.
302s Some interaction is required.
303s We're investigating closing that gap, but
305s do not have an immediate solution to announce yet.
309s Additionally, the previous client-side
312s attributes file was removed after some legal complications
315s with EU GDPR player data and consent for that data to be
320s published is an evolving topic, and it won't always be immediately
323s clear what the motives are for complaints.
325s Regulations concerning personal data are a hot legal topic,
329s so ultimately the file has been removed from client-side
332s access and will not be returning.
335s In closing, we know the discussions around
337s these topics are highly contentious
339s and evoke strong feelings of right versus wrong,
342s and the silence from our side has been mistaken for indifference.
346s With that in mind, we will make Fair Play
347s an ongoing topic for announcements and updates,
350s coming back quarterly with news and plans around the issues,
353s as well as the results
354s we are navigating with the Fair Play Task Force.