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0s [Music]
3s mm-hmm
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34s foreign
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64s thank you
73s foreign
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112s foreign
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143s foreign
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209s [Music]
216s mm-hmm
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232s [Music]
251s thank you
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277s [Music]
288s mm-hmm
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322s thank you
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360s foreign
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420s mm-hmm
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434s foreign
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468s thank you
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569s [Music]
572s hello everybody and welcome to the
575s gameplay stream for
577s 1.12. we are also going to be doing the
580s word of The Reptilian quest line
582s and just kind of hanging out I
585s oops I'm trying there we go click ready
588s I'm ready
589s to get into some hunt I am already on
592s act two
593s don't know about you guys but halfway
596s through actu Ari David
600s tell the people I am four of eight
602s through act two yeah so I'm doing Gator
604s traps and one more armored emulator oh
607s that's those are the exact two that I'm
608s doing but I'm not even kidding there's
610s the exact two quests that I've got going
612s let's go Ari what about you I'm on I'm
616s on act one
618s Ari behind clearly
620s but if you guys don't know us of course
623s I'm Violet Community manager of live
625s operations I got Ari with me I think
627s this way for you guys Ari Community
630s manager of North America and I think
632s this way I'm if I'm backwards I'm sorry
634s oh well uh we got David the general
636s manager of the hunt franchise and we are
639s us Squad right here
642s we're not just us Squad I'm sorry let's
644s let's get even more specific we are the
646s Western half of the U.S Squad I know U.S
650s West is all of our home Lobby truly how
653s many people work for crytek that uh that
655s could be said of I think just us that's
658s it am I just doxing us right out there
660s basically
672s what's this stream about someone says
673s this is just a fun gameplay stream in
675s which we play hunt and play the quest
678s lines and hang out with you guys
680s and you know give you
683s that's about it
685s just you know
687s that's its own thing lots of pews lots
689s of shift w kids Buys in the squad
691s exactly ready for aggression truly I
694s will just run
695s I think from the developer road map it's
698s clear that Chad expects me to just run
700s around with a hammer yelling rock and
701s stone so yes
705s about rock and stone
708s I'll get a hammer do my best war of an
710s impression
711s it'll be hard really rock and stone to
714s the Bone right Brothers
717s are you ain't going home
720s um for Carl if you want to see the fun
724s video that David got to do with our
726s senior community manager Rick uh in our
728s twitch chat we just linked it where you
730s can catch it on our YouTube page it was
732s our 2023 developer update
736s goes over all the fun stuff that we hope
740s to add coming to hunt
747s sir or maybe you gotta kill these dogs
749s oh that's fired oh with fire that scared
752s me as the shot went over my head uh if
755s you watch the roadmap
757s we'll be getting
759s an answer to that exact question
763s that's it
765s it's in there I'll give you spoilers the
768s answer is yes it's a shooting range yeah
774s okay
777s oh it's down I already knew that and I
780s still was looking confusedly for it
785s okay I think I just finished my emulator
788s oh nice thank you for getting me an
790s armored and or an emulator
793s yeah I think we all want a skin of David
796s in the game for sure I think I've heard
798s this I think that's like top of my
800s personal request list yeah
802s yeah
804s and Kickstarter it we will be doing
807s giveaways today and you are always
809s watching whoever's on the left which is
812s me in this case
815s mm-hmm
818s I've seen some oh look how oh is that
821s the bag it's a birdie I don't want to
823s see one yet in the wild there was a
826s beast face trait back here and uh one of
828s you knows that because
830s it wasn't me
832s what if you took it before I did and
835s didn't say anything it didn't say
836s anything
839s uh yes no no no this like only this guy
842s came with bees face well the funny thing
845s oh look saddle or subtle the weapon I
849s said that it's a birdie yeah but there's
850s a saddlebag dilute so that's cool oh I
852s didn't see both I just saw the birdie
854s and just was like I don't really want
855s the birdie
857s I'm good I picked it up and I was like
859s maybe I want the birdie and then I
860s walked five feet away and I was like I
862s don't want the place
865s how do people do twitch giveaways uh
867s we'll do a keyword and then uh anyone
870s can assimilators freaking out uh type in
874s the keyword but it is only on Twitch
877s because it's kind of a bot limitation
879s and also there's upgrade points right
881s here and a whisper limitation
884s uh you will also need to be followed
887s onto our twitch page at twitch.tv yes
890s and uh after you type in the keyword you
893s will need to hang out in chat until we
895s pull the winners because you need to
897s type in chat after we pull you as the
899s winner
907s it's not the hammer though I can't I
909s can't rock and stone until I have a
910s camera nope
912s someone says why are the loot boxes so
914s small now I don't know why they're so
916s small but they are
919s and I I kind of like it
921s I don't know I just thought I had a bad
924s First Step
926s okay someone brought it up during test
929s server and I said is this a bug or
931s intended and they said yes
935s and I was like I'll go I'll go on the
938s record it's a bug oh okay no one
941s confirmed that for me so I just was like
943s I don't know if it's supposed to be here
944s but we know about it
947s I just thought I was a little bit bigger
949s yeah
953s exactly that's it lay off the biscuits
957s and gravy back at the
961s Stanley Cole serves them good I have
964s already seen some questions about this
965s and I am not ignoring them my brain is
967s just a small hamster running in a wheel
970s constantly uh so I will address it now
973s before I'm not even looking at the chat
975s so that I don't get distracted again
976s there's bloodline here
978s um there are two
981s bugs right now for console controller
984s very important we are working on them
987s the question line on Playstation is
989s bugged for some so we are working on
993s that as well as if you play on
994s controller
995s do not use the shortcut to spectate it
999s is bugged it will Red Skull you
1002s um that is one of our top priorities
1004s right now getting a fix out for that
1006s very quickly
1007s um so we do apologize for that and in
1009s the meantime only use like the cursor to
1013s like move over to spectate or if you're
1016s feeling
1017s uh you know
1020s we won't be on the safe side don't
1021s expect it
1026s you gotta get uh David a hammer so we
1028s can take on this assassin I know where's
1030s your hammer
1032s um
1037s setting traps oh I didn't go look for a
1040s gator trap I should have done that oh no
1041s I already said traps
1043s [Music]
1047s are we watching David no you're watching
1049s me
1050s well the bug of seeing random melees
1052s floating around yeah it's uh
1055s tools and consumables that issues list
1059s since it is only visual
1062s um
1062s [Music]
1064s you know some of the ones that aren't
1066s only visuals
1073s right there
1078s walk division we're still clear right
1081s now
1082s I know the muscle memory is strong it's
1085s it's not a good one we're definitely
1088s working on that one very very high
1090s priority uh the shots we heard might
1093s have been Seven Sisters
1095s David they want to know what your
1097s favorite legendary Hunter is
1099s my favorite legendary Hunter yeah
1103s um well I mean I'm I really like worm
1106s blade out of the new ones uh he's he's
1108s got a nice look about him I use the
1111s Reverend a lock because he's got the
1112s whole chin beard thing going on it's
1114s just not long enough it's just not long
1116s enough exactly I like mountain man but I
1119s worry that the bear head gives me away
1121s because it's so much taller even if it's
1124s not a hitbox it might give you away but
1126s how many people shoot the bear head
1128s exactly
1130s yeah you know I think it's like a it's a
1133s bonus and a pro and a con at the same
1135s time
1137s I really like the false Saint
1139s um
1141s [Music]
1142s I thought he came out well like Kevin
1145s Linus the whole story behind him his
1149s first person's perspective is really
1151s nice yeah
1162s the skin that I was most uh motivated to
1166s chase was Devil's Advocate like as soon
1167s as I saw that I was like oh I'm grinding
1169s this whole event instantly like there
1172s was no world in which I wasn't gonna
1174s earn that legendary
1176s life of shadow
1178s yeah see and that was even before I
1180s started getting serious on Hunt so
1181s there's a few of those I have to say
1183s kind of you know live outside the realm
1185s of acquisition for new players like our
1189s newer
1191s I didn't realize that was before your
1193s time David like you started playing with
1194s Scrappy
1196s just after scrapbeak I played a little
1198s in scrap Beacon just took a look at it
1199s but it wasn't
1202s uh yeah and I didn't regain that event
1204s Devil's Advocate and the winter event
1206s was the first one where I got serious
1207s and ground levels
1209s yep
1211s understand now
1212s I love all these hitching posts now even
1214s if they don't have anything I still like
1216s they just like I don't know they feel
1218s really well placed I guess I've been
1220s looking at them
1223s will you see the burning Maps again uh
1225s test electric wants to know yes you'll
1227s see uh maps on fire again someday
1230s Iceman 2K hello Rick
1233s hey Mr Rick
1235s uh Jesse James yes the hunt community
1238s and Hunt has definitely trapped me I'm
1241s never leaving
1242s so we have we strapped him and we're
1244s very proud of it already put
1246s um both alert mine traps and concertina
1248s tramps all around his desk actually he
1250s kind of wow
1256s leg injury
1258s well no
1261s no I said your name
1265s I didn't even see this Hitching Post yet
1266s oh God
1268s they're so good
1270s morbid pickle like their tutorial thanks
1272s for the praise the team definitely put a
1274s lot of love into that
1276s so good definitely glad we're hoping to
1279s get more folks to come in and love hunt
1281s instantly and stay with it longer so one
1284s of the steps in that direction
1287s definitely down at Seven Sisters for
1289s sure yeah you just picked that up quick
1292s I can say your name but this is not
1295s going to be a trend for the entire chat
1296s so you know I only night fixed bounties
1301s from now on you'll have to ask gripping
1302s and meaningful questions for me to say
1304s your name
1306s um someone asked why only night fix
1308s brownie uh so part of it is as we talked
1310s about on the dev stream Dennis was
1311s talking about this trap almost killed me
1313s again sorry just like a test run you
1316s know something that we are interested in
1318s and we wanted to test it out and so
1320s night maps are definitely very
1322s contentious some people love them some
1323s people hate them so we thought what
1325s better way to uh test out this new Wild
1328s Card feature try the uh try the night
1331s maps on there
1333s yeah and then the other part being in
1336s the contention of our night Maps fun or
1338s not fun
1339s when you split that debate we often get
1341s into like well if I could control my
1342s Loadout it would be more fun right so if
1345s I can bring flares and fuses and not
1348s bring anything first yeah the electric
1350s lamp I love the electric lamp so that
1352s was the other part of this experiment
1353s we'll see how it goes matchmaking
1355s population is always the key to giving
1357s the player choice and splitting out
1358s contracts like we're doing there so
1360s we'll keep you posted there will be
1362s polls asking for opinion and we will
1364s look at the data to see how everyone
1366s engages with them
1369s [Music]
1371s saddle's random that is my understanding
1374s yes
1375s yes every time I've seen a Hitching Post
1377s is always in the same place but the
1379s Saddles aren't always well they're
1380s they're anchor points I think is the
1382s like so there's a chance it could be in
1384s any given location it's not fully random
1386s but it's also not 100 guaranteed I
1389s believe any plans for new bosses yes and
1392s that is talked about on our roadmap
1393s video I'm seeing okay nothing around us
1396s it is the wild Target is the plan for
1399s this summer
1400s so you're gonna make me pick up this
1402s bounty that's so much responsibility I
1404s believe in you
1406s I believe I believe I'll extract with
1409s five seconds of dark sight I also
1411s believe there should be a bonus for that
1413s because it's like I didn't even need
1414s dark site even if I just even if I
1416s forgot to use it
1419s it's okay you're the opposite are you
1422s proud of me for not even asking if we
1424s were going to extract or charge the
1425s other team I mean we didn't even get a
1428s fight we gotta charge for anything I'm
1430s just saying I didn't even ask right
1431s that's growth oh I'm so proud thanks
1434s that's what I was looking for other team
1436s might be heading to extract themselves
1438s they're on the outside of Seven Sisters
1440s see
1441s now I can be one of the aggressors
1443s they're over there like feasting on the
1445s tears of the oppressors who don't catch
1447s them
1448s and buys like why did I wait so long
1451s before leaving the compound I know I
1453s should have let Ari pick it up and then
1454s I should have just left you could
1456s already have done that so many times
1458s that is an actual thing I do constantly
1461s I know
1462s um so someone asked about a new game
1464s mode they specifically asked about Duo's
1466s quick play but that is like uh new game
1468s modes or something that we do touch on
1470s in the developer roadmap video I
1473s strongly suggest a watch it is an
1475s Incredible video and I'm only a little
1477s biased but I'm not in it so I'm I'm not
1480s I'm not fully biased you know just a
1483s little bit less it is about one of your
1485s favorite games it is and it's got Rick
1488s and David in it so that
1493s everyone's biased on my path having a
1496s bias is saying I have taste or opinions
1498s taste
1500s people are here being being unfairly
1502s biased and they didn't chase the Bounty
1506s um solo that was dead oh yeah he just oh
1509s my God please
1512s I don't want to chase this person
1516s it's not a solo
1519s whoa he's not inside either there's one
1522s inside
1523s yeah one outside
1525s maybe in the barn to himself someone
1527s died on explosives yep there are three
1530s people here uh right side inside
1536s more explosives I'm throwing yep yep I
1540s think they might be going for the rest
1541s I'm the guy on the left
1542s [Applause]
1543s nothing off that Dynamite
1547s oh my God
1551s one dead one dead on me do lease
1555s how close to you by
1557s 10 meters
1559s just below the
1560s I'm up top it's like below David
1564s dang Dooley's got me too
1567s heck and Dooleys
1571s he was right there
1580s off the stairs
1583s good try
1586s it kind of felt like more than one team
1591s oh it was it was two teams I feel like
1595s it was I'm sorry you're right I don't
1597s know I didn't spectate I felt like it
1598s was as well
1600s it felt like two teams I didn't spectate
1603s it just felt that way
1614s [Music]
1616s David needs poison I do need poison I
1618s don't even know if I have it unlocked
1619s yet I can do some poison for you Exile
1622s no no he's just saying I had my Naga
1624s silencer out but I had high velocity in
1626s it oh okay okay
1628s hmm
1630s oh you're completing dealing dragon's
1632s breath oh that's so nice thank you keep
1634s doing that please
1637s oh we didn't find any Gator traps
1639s we gotta be better about this
1645s I didn't even look for a gator trap I
1647s won't lie
1650s we're doing dragon's breath I'll Chase
1651s dragon's breath too
1653s I'm doing Caldwell conversion pistol
1655s damage
1658s I need that as well
1662s yes using the cursor avoids the spectate
1665s bug so don't
1666s don't use the uh shortcut controller
1670s shortcut that's what it's called is
1672s there a way to know if you headshot
1673s another player
1675s yes squishy audio different noise
1677s entirely there's even another noise for
1680s if you headshot someone but they didn't
1682s die
1683s soft headshots that's the worst noise it
1686s truly
1687s racks your soul when you hear it is this
1691s chocolate or coffee
1693s coffee
1694s are we doing giveaways yes
1697s PC doesn't have the spectator bug that's
1699s on Console all platforms have it but
1701s only controllers have it
1706s how does that even happen small ammo
1708s through a wall uh no more like really
1710s far like out of effective range
1713s headshots yeah Wendy's will give it to
1715s you kind of often if you get some kind
1718s of crazy pistol headshot I I have had
1721s many a Caldwell conversion pistol soft
1724s headshot noise and cried
1727s yeah if you I guess hit someone with a
1729s derringer from a thousand years away I
1731s don't even know how I would hit someone
1732s with a derringer from that far away
1734s honestly
1737s I I truly don't believe I have
1740s the power to to hit someone with a
1743s derringer from that far away I don't
1744s think I'm capable this high velocity of
1746s the same penetration is the regular I
1748s believe so I think High Velocity just
1750s increases recoil if I remember correctly
1753s and velocity
1755s and okay okay yeah yeah
1760s here for you Ari thanks
1765s I've never I never hear the headset
1767s headshot Splash uh I think one of those
1770s things you just get used to like when
1772s you're a new Hunter it's really hard to
1774s pick out from the noise right but then
1777s once you hear it that very first time
1780s you'll never not hear it again I feel
1783s the same way about the
1786s um
1787s the death noise you know when you hit a
1789s player but they don't die they go uh and
1791s then you hit a player and they do die
1793s and they go up
1795s I could not hear that second noise for
1797s forever someone would be like they died
1799s and I'd be like I don't know how you
1801s know that and then finally I heard it
1804s once
1806s I was able to hear it forever so I feel
1808s like it's one of those things you just
1810s kind of like get used to I guess
1812s there are no drops today but
1816s why don't we why don't we set up a key
1818s word to start going yeah
1820s I was gonna ask uh David what keyword
1823s he's feeling like for our first giveaway
1825s which will be a reap what you sow on any
1828s platform
1829s David do you have a good keyword for all
1831s of our twitch viewers uh keyword for
1836s today's stream
1838s um we will say
1839s Target t-a-r-g-e-t Target you heard it
1844s from David if you want your chance to
1845s win a reap what you sow DLC for Xbox
1848s PlayStation or steam follow us at
1851s twitch.tv crytech and type Target in
1853s chat you will need to hang out with us
1856s by the until we pull these winners but
1859s we'll pull at least a few winners after
1861s this match or maybe two matches
1863s depending on how long it will be
1866s and just another reminder this giveaway
1868s is only on Twitch so if you are watching
1871s on another platform like Facebook or
1873s YouTube and you want to be part of the
1875s giveaway come on over to the twitch
1876s Channel twitch.tv brytek and uh type in
1881s Target
1885s I I already feel in my bones someone is
1888s going to ask is this giveaway for all
1891s platforms and the answer is yes
1893s all right
1902s I used abuser to get away from that man
1905s and then I backed up into the cart and
1906s it didn't even matter
1911s foreign
1914s 's trying to strike me
1920s let's go to my favorite compound
1922s Arden indeed
1926s I just I just want to fight it Arden and
1928s honestly I haven't been able to and I I
1930s feel like weeks
1933s and that might be an exaggeration I I
1935s fully admit that but that's what it
1938s feels like
1940s it feels like I never get to fight
1941s without you Rick did point out uh
1944s something interesting my last name is
1946s missing a letter in our little overlay
1948s that's interesting oh we thought this
1951s was the best thing to tell you
1954s we've decided to change your last name I
1957s guess it's better than me figuring out
1959s I've been spelling it wrong this whole
1961s time you know that would also be funny
1964s um we could uh
1966s or could I will
1968s after stream
1969s um
1970s nothing
1973s urgent it's just funny I've never
1974s noticed because I'm never looking at
1976s that yeah
1977s I don't have that view up either
1981s you know I think if you ask me right now
1983s to spell your last name I wouldn't be
1984s able to anyway so it is a little bit of
1988s a trivia question as evidenced on the
1990s screen right now yeah
1992s I didn't have to spell that I wonder
1996s oh I uh I'm not I'm not that kind of
1999s talented
2001s I know I didn't make these little
2003s screens I actually kind of wish I did
2005s just because that would mean that I have
2007s access to things like Photoshop but I
2009s don't
2011s know we started charging yearly and I
2013s was like hmm that doesn't sound like a
2015s thing I'm interested in
2018s someone asked how many giveaways are we
2020s doing today we'll try to fill up pretty
2022s much any space we have with extra
2024s giveaways so there's not a set number uh
2027s last live stream we gave away I think
2031s almost 50 codes so
2034s maybe it was I think it's somewhere
2036s between like 35 to 50 was how many
2038s giveaways so as long as we have time
2040s yeah we had a streak of like 10 at the
2042s end we kept answering it was great
2051s it is part of the quest line oh I got a
2054s swirl up investigate Gator trips
2058s foreign
2063s we do talk about that alongside with the
2067s engine upgrade that we're doing this
2068s here in that Infamous road map video
2071s that uh span 2K and I did let's see if I
2075s can get any wall to check it out it's
2077s incredible
2081s it is here by the way
2083s so we all know we're running into the
2085s lion's den
2087s oh no did you kill the hive
2089s I did not I saw her screaming up there
2092s yeah she's chasing me
2097s uh patch notes link I don't have a link
2099s ready for update 1.12 patch notes right
2102s now but you can catch them on Steam for
2104s PC or pinned at the top uh yep uh
2109s dragon's breath at the top right above
2110s you David nice
2113s I'm not gonna lie
2119s or dragon's breath on a horn back here
2123s I put it on her I should say
2125s so she's mad
2127s uh I got a fire on their friend right
2130s now I'm gonna see if I can get a soccer
2131s Beetle up there oh yeah 25 damage now
2139s they did get the res
2142s I'm being chased
2145s I hear the beetle
2151s that was a new person I hit the guy
2153s underneath you David with Dr Beetle
2155s that's scary not gonna lie that was
2157s terrifying
2161s he got away from me I didn't expect that
2163s guy
2165s I didn't expect that guy at all I'm not
2167s gonna lie that was terrifying
2170s oh bloodline oh my God I missed
2173s bloodline
2174s bloodline
2175s whoa
2177s yeah he was holding that corner that did
2179s not think he was gonna
2181s that one yep
2183s dog what
2186s oh my goodness get dunked in the face
2188s right there
2190s that day
2191s how are things going by well I just got
2193s done reinforcements
2197s come on it's not so great
2200s uh yeah he scared me my screen
2205s that other team is coming over Camaro
2208s and the Caldwell rival are the best
2209s although I'm gonna say the Slate is my
2213s new my new bay in terms of shotguns I do
2217s like this lady a lot oh that's me
2220s I do like this thing a lot
2222s about where I thought you were uh yeah
2224s so if you're having the revised Vlog on
2226s Console just don't use the controller
2229s right oh it's fake
2232s don't use the controller shortcut oh I
2235s can't hit with this Romero today that's
2237s gonna be my fourth Miss in a row
2240s oh no I knew he was gonna run around the
2242s corner oh good try
2245s good try good try
2248s I've just been answering
2250s questions while I'm dead and I screamed
2253s so everyone was like my ears and I'm
2255s like yep that's what happens when
2256s someone scares me
2264s oh
2270s his Necromancer bugged uh not to my
2273s knowledge
2275s will the afto be removed from the game
2277s um no there is a note though about the
2279s apto uh in the patch notes if you would
2282s like to go read it
2285s I don't think I got to finish my comment
2286s uh patch notes for update 1.12 can be
2289s found on Steam for PC and then for
2291s console it is pinned at the top of our
2293s subreddit
2295s they're mostly the same but the console
2297s one just has a little bit extra
2307s see how these challenges are going I've
2309s had a
2311s I'm dumb
2313s I've had a filter on this whole time
2314s that I didn't even realize I had on so I
2316s was like why can't I see the Caldwell
2318s rival
2319s because I had a filter on that I didn't
2321s notice yeah
2323s oh dingus
2327s it's so hard I need Gator traps and
2330s armors and emulator still and I need to
2333s kill more hives with fire damage
2338s I'm incapable
2340s yeah I haven't started that part but I
2343s am doing uh fire damage
2348s I guess I could bring dragon's breath
2350s looking for Boss layers Gator traps
2356s challenges are still dragon breath
2358s I made four or five Dragon brush shots I
2361s think should have gone up more than that
2362s I must have hit the railings a bunch
2364s hellhounds of poison change my whole dog
2367s cages again three
2369s that's weird this one is dog cages zero
2372s of three but I swear oh no it was the
2374s quest line wanted me yeah I was like why
2377s does that change from three to eight
2378s yeah
2382s challenges win
2385s okay it's a Nerf the Africa after you're
2387s gonna Nerf everything no
2389s no that's the point of nerfing you know
2391s if you Nerf everything you've got
2393s nothing nerfed nothing yeah
2395s I would say read it read that one again
2397s give that one another go around
2405s reduce
2408s what do I do if my quest won't load in
2411s um quick play it comes up as a topic so
2414s we are uh we will be looking at MMR and
2416s matchmaking and the different modes
2417s across this here
2419s um there's nothing coming in this update
2421s uh maybe the next update um those are
2423s all things that we'll be investigating
2424s uh what the effect is on data and
2426s matching so it's something we're aware
2428s of something we look at but it's not a
2430s front burner item during this patch
2432s 1.12.
2435s there is a note in the patch notes or
2437s info on the patch notes focusing on
2439s International skins what countries are
2440s you going to show well you will just
2442s have to wait and see
2443s but our next DLC is available to wish
2446s list on Steam as of today and I must say
2450s myself it's looking pretty good
2454s oh my if you haven't seen it yet
2458s go go look on Steam because
2461s it is delightful
2465s as I charge my batteries for my mouse
2473s we're going to continue with the
2475s previous giveaway that match was pretty
2477s quick so you still have a chance to win
2479s the reap what you sow DLC it's still
2482s going on if you already typed to Target
2484s and earlier you're still good to go but
2486s if you've joined us between uh then and
2489s now you can follow us at twitch.tv
2491s cratech type Target and chat and then
2493s hang out with us for your chance to win
2495s a reap what you sell if you happen to be
2497s watching on YouTube Facebook steam
2500s anywhere else unfortunately this
2501s giveaway is only for twitch because that
2504s is the channel that our bot runs through
2506s and it's the easiest for us to whisper
2508s the winners and actually get you guys
2509s your codes
2511s um like I mentioned typing Target and
2513s chat more than once isn't going to
2514s increase your chances you'll just have
2516s to wait until we pull some winners
2518s bye good luck to everybody
2523s someone asked about the uh questline bug
2526s on Console yes that is something we're
2528s actively working on I was
2531s just working on it this morning before
2532s the stream with
2533s people in the team
2540s does David put milk in his coffee
2544s no I do not
2547s a little bit of sugar yeah that's what I
2548s was about to ask no definitely not that
2550s hmm
2551s wow anything maybe there's a little bit
2553s of judging but and uh yeah definitely
2556s yeah she's you don't sweetness doesn't
2557s go in the coffees
2559s and actually I've been doing tea more
2561s recently the doctor's all about that
2564s caffeine intake so you know I'm a big
2567s tea drinker
2569s it is beef it was no hard adjustment
2571s thank you for noticing but if I'm out
2573s and about I'll still grab a coffee now
2575s and then but it will be black or just a
2578s smidge of heavy cream
2581s flavored creamer only which takes care
2584s of the fact that it makes it slightly
2586s sweeter as well
2588s or you know crack and rum that's a
2589s little sweet too sometimes that goes in
2591s there
2594s it's also V for violence that is correct
2597s V for Violet and violence
2600s uh I will say lunar felis very often
2603s calls me violent Violet so
2606s that checks out
2608s that sounds accurate yeah
2613s hellhounds armored and anything else you
2616s guys might need one more time
2619s okay
2623s and I do not have conduits so
2626s if anyone has gone to it just oh the
2629s boss is here
2631s hey yo
2632s okay
2636s without tea or coffee the world called
2639s parties
2642s I get him I appreciate your help because
2644s I did miss the first time so I needed
2647s that help clearly you might have missed
2649s because of me so I can't take off a
2652s certain amount of restitution
2655s I'm gonna start getting the traps though
2662s once again in your opinion was the most
2664s fun to work on um well unfortunately
2666s none of us like directly work on skins
2669s so
2671s um
2672s that that would be a hard question for
2675s us personally to answer I would love to
2677s ask
2679s um both the team that works on traits
2682s you know what was what what's their
2683s favorite trait art and then the team
2685s that works on Hunters what's their
2687s favorite Hunter I think that would be a
2689s very fun
2691s question
2692s I knew there was a gator trap over here
2694s because I got one last night goodbye and
2696s David do you guys have a favorite trait
2699s art work oh yeah oh come on Ari you know
2703s that I mean that's kind of the easy one
2706s because it's so good I'm getting necro
2708s tattooed on my body next week
2712s you like it a little bit yeah I just
2714s like a little bit just a little bit yeah
2716s not too much though you know actually
2718s like whoa hello trapping I'm so sorry I
2722s hope you had a big part
2724s have no I didn't have a big bar well
2726s it's fine because the bosses right here
2727s so this is your bus is here yeah we can
2729s just kill them it'll work it's fine
2731s I'm just glad it wasn't a red Barrel
2733s yeah okay
2736s that one no that's all processing in my
2738s brain
2740s um a weapon
2742s I think my favorite
2745s trait artwork is horn skin
2748s yeah that's a choice I guess I like
2753s resilience I like a lot of the balanced
2754s ones resilience is really good one of my
2757s friends is singing about getting
2758s resilience tattooed
2762s one of my other friends already has
2763s necro that's fun
2766s oh you're gonna be matching
2772s and of course because I know I think I
2776s think uh I also really appreciate
2778s dauntless because uh you know it's not
2781s clear to you that you're actually
2781s picking up and licking the fuse on the
2784s explosive which is like a whole
2786s different level of gutsy
2788s um someone asked about the new DLC on
2790s Steam it is not released yet it's just
2792s available to wish list
2794s um because it's not released yet it's
2795s probably at the very bottom of the list
2797s so uh instead of at the top bloodline XP
2801s on the wall
2805s oh come on
2807s oh I missed the jump
2810s I didn't find any weapons I was looking
2811s for a weapon and then I got sidetracked
2813s by you guys uh I have not seen any of
2815s myself
2817s so white so I guess I'm not in that much
2819s of a hurry
2822s well I've uh you know lost a couple
2824s little bars oh that's true I guess I
2827s wouldn't mind Expediting I was also
2828s trying to be quiet as a result of having
2831s but I mean I was gonna knife it but I
2833s was like maybe I can find a better
2835s solution
2837s I'll check one building or two for an ax
2839s I'll pick I haven't seen an eggs or I'm
2842s just you know missing it
2846s places
2852s ow he hit me through the wall that was
2854s so rude oh butcher
2858s oh nice and the cash register
2862s you're finding it all right do you need
2865s the cash register I actually don't I'm
2866s actually kind of I see a red Barrel I
2868s assume it's going to kill me swath on
2869s money sorry
2871s no I'm I'm okay
2873s go get them
2874s [Music]
2876s go get them
2881s the light effect
2885s the heavy attack is a big Bonk
2889s off to your way to spend my lunch hour I
2891s agree just
2893s oh God this red girl scared me is the
2895s revive bug going to be fixed yes it is
2897s top priority
2901s don't use the controller shortcut to
2904s spectate is the current workaround
2906s obviously muscle memory goes deep you
2909s totally get that it's red
2913s so just I guess you know do your best
2915s but it is hard
2917s uh people South Southwest
2920s down low I have no sight yet
2924s they're right in the window they just
2926s shot me
2928s killed one one was running in one was at
2931s the window left to the sliding door from
2933s the inside so
2935s towards the gun store more underneath
2938s Ari in this uh little shop unless he
2941s talks about yourself in the third person
2943s I'm gonna banish as quick as I can
2946s vanished
2952s [Music]
2953s I hit the meat
2955s man's chasing one that I hit
2960s you get a meat man go meet man go
2969s follow the leeches
2974s oh the leash got me
2977s in the corner in the corner reptilian
2978s tag one
2980s inside got him nice oh I'm poison I
2983s can't see is a disaster
2986s should be three as long as they didn't
2988s get the res seems like we kept the
2990s pressure up
2992s around other banishes weeping Stone
2998s what about the questline good job meat
3000s man oh no actively being worked on was
3002s already talking to some people this
3003s morning that were working on it
3011s here we go yep uh first one is still
3013s dead stuff that was the whole team yeah
3015s they threw the concertina bomb I think
3017s to prevent us from coming out to get
3019s them and I just jumped off the railing
3021s up top
3022s there's so many windows down here it's
3024s not hard to get out
3025s [Music]
3026s you can't get away from me sir
3030s oh he died right on top of the butcher
3032s that's kind of funny yeah I was like
3034s where does body go I can't find it
3038s what exactly is the Wild Card contract
3040s is it night or anything else it's just
3043s night time
3044s at least for now
3046s yeah it could be anything but we
3049s currently have the Wild Card contract
3051s set up to only run the night time of day
3054s allowing you to choose your Loadout
3057s um both for daytime or nighttime knowing
3060s it one or the other it will not be that
3062s way the entire duration of this update
3065s it is that way for now the first week we
3067s will experiment with how often we rotate
3069s giving players the choice between the
3070s two contracts over the next few months
3074s uh if you guys want to wishlist the new
3077s DLC I have a command in our twitch chat
3080s to the shrine Maiden steam page I don't
3083s believe there is a wishlist option on
3086s Console but you could at least set a
3088s little wishlist and reminder in Steam
3089s and a lot of times when our DLCs launch
3092s they will come in bundles for discounts
3094s and they'll also sometimes have a launch
3096s discount so not a bad idea to grab them
3098s right when they come out if you like how
3100s they look
3101s uh more questions about the Wild Card
3103s yeah I think there's a lot of weird
3105s expectations around the name wild card
3107s it doesn't mean random it just means
3108s different or morphed into being a
3111s different set of rules so it's uh
3113s interesting feedback we've certainly
3115s gotten along the way but wild cards can
3117s be dealt deliberately without having to
3118s be random uh and more questions about
3121s bringing back the Inferno or more fire
3123s on the maps that would be part of a wild
3125s card and that would be something to look
3127s at in the future it is not part of this
3129s update we're very happy with how it went
3131s in Devil's Moon and it will certainly
3133s make a reappearance uh as it was or
3135s maybe with some tweaks in the future
3139s someone asked about ban appeals my
3141s friend was banned in game and he kept
3143s reading the contact with customer
3144s support you can contact customer support
3145s on our website on showdown.com and then
3149s it'll say like contact us in the bottom
3151s or log in for support or something like
3153s that depending on if you're logged in or
3155s not and that is where he can uh you know
3158s contact support that's all you are there
3160s is um oh my God this red Barrel there is
3163s nobody around us
3165s um in our twitch chat I also added a
3168s little link to the hunt Showdown website
3170s if you need easy access to that
3173s where's the top writing from uh it's the
3175s hunt Showdown script
3177s for lack of a better term
3183s or font
3187s I feel like script sounds more accurate
3196s oh why don't we ban blatant cheaters we
3199s do ban blatant cheaters constantly but
3201s there's a confirmation bias on your part
3204s to assume that someone has cheated 200
3206s times and been ignored as a daily
3209s activity for a part of our staff to go
3211s through all reports and verify if it was
3213s cheating or if it was just a high skill
3215s play
3216s we also work with our partners at easy
3219s anti-cheat to detect any programs that
3222s might indicate that someone might be
3224s cheating or getting an unfair advantage
3227s and you know much like the common above
3229s they get banned and then they try to get
3231s unbanned and sometimes that doesn't work
3233s so that's uh all different sides to
3236s every story there
3242s um let me know if you guys see any oh
3245s behind me oh turn it around and I'm I'm
3247s stamina lunged out
3251s oh maybe not sorry is that usually that
3254s was me that was me I'm sorry I could
3255s have sworn I read that one further away
3257s I thought I could I thought there was
3258s two of you up front I could have sworn I
3260s saw the double outlines my bad
3265s they're trying to escape
3269s I'm sorry bye we distracted you you keep
3271s chasing them
3272s I took my 100 stamina shot for this
3277s we'll keep running
3278s it's a lot of money to pay on stamina
3281s I know but without conduit what is a
3283s little shift W supposed to do
3286s an out of box cheater I have no idea
3289s is yeah one is weeping stone is out of
3293s the car not very far from me at all too
3296s easy
3297s they ain't running they're coming to
3299s fight yeah they turned oh they could be
3300s trying to escape actually there's an
3302s extract to the
3304s east side though I saw two over here
3307s yeah two on the right still and then one
3309s to The More Northwest from us
3315s yeah he held still I just missed the
3317s head
3319s uh two on the left now
3321s down these uh
3323s down in that area
3324s oh I got one
3327s um
3328s oh good shot
3331s little mad carbine
3335s wow yes one shot headshotted me too whoa
3339s yeah sorry dude how many are with you
3342s two was it just one over there I think
3343s it was just the one one white shirt
3345s one deadly white shirt yes they're uh
3349s there's a worm bite thing we are aware
3351s of the quest lines being bugged on the
3352s PlayStation that is something we're
3354s active you know could there ever be a
3356s total damage output per game in the
3357s in-game summary um I mean that's
3359s currently not planned but after the
3363s combat log came out and people were
3365s talking about it that's definitely
3367s something we've seen not just from you
3369s but from a lot of people that people are
3370s like oh wow like this was so fun I wish
3372s I could see this but like the whole game
3374s so that's definitely something that has
3376s come up multiple times
3378s oh
3382s your boyfriend
3383s oh good try good try
3387s I saw that guy and just got locked yeah
3390s darn
3392s what about art rules opening up uh you
3394s can go to crytech.com career and it'll
3397s show you all the uh like openings we
3399s have right now so I think I added a
3402s career I think so too I think you did
3405s boom we ever add a horde or a roaming
3407s boss to hunt well if you go watch the
3410s lovely roadmap video uh you can hear
3413s David actually talk about
3415s um what's going to be coming this summer
3416s and a wild Target I'm gonna be I'm gonna
3421s be extremely clear wild Target
3424s is the frame of reference we're going
3427s off of so it's true
3430s let's all narrow in and wild Target
3437s oh I got five flat bombs
3440s and a Nagant precision
3441s big win I know right
3446s I'm gonna re-roll one of my challenges
3447s hang on everybody
3448s not dealing damn image to enemy Hunters
3451s using slugs I refuse oh look at that
3456s still need I should just use the
3458s Caldwell conversion pistol I'm just
3460s avoiding that one I need you to because
3461s I need okay I I also need the Caldwell
3464s conversion pistol and I'm not getting
3467s anywhere with it I also need flashettes
3469s which I don't have
3474s any update to a new game engine that is
3477s also talked about in the roadmap video
3480s I'm telling you guys if you go watch the
3483s roadmap video it is so good like really
3485s it really is it answers so many
3488s questions you guys have I I say this
3490s because I actually enjoyed watching it
3492s myself it's really awesome it has so
3494s many answers
3496s you guys got this 10 out of 10. love it
3500s wait do you guys have a Roadmaster yeah
3502s you're so right mad I didn't say it
3505s you're right mad so right
3508s he's messing with me
3510s oh yeah let's let's pull some Target
3512s winners we are we are well I was on my
3515s dirt tribute if I get dark tribute or if
3518s I get bad hand on one of these streams
3520s someday I will laugh at the irony
3524s could be amazing I mean I finished my
3527s Billy story questline on one of these
3528s videos so that's just how it's got to go
3530s this is 500xp so that's not bad this is
3533s I'm curious if we've disabled that on
3535s test server because I can't imagine
3537s rolling bad hand on test servers bamboo
3540s stopped rolling dark tribute on test
3541s server because he said if I get bad hand
3544s I'm going to scream exactly
3549s so this is your last chance to enter for
3552s a reap what you so giveaway for this
3554s current giveaway we'll be hosting more
3556s after this one to enter you need to
3558s follow us at twitch.tv crytek type
3561s Target in chat and then hang out while
3564s we pull some winners if you are coming
3566s from a different platform like Facebook
3568s YouTube's theme you still have a chance
3570s to enter as we're pulling winners if
3573s you've already typed Target once then
3574s you're good to go and if we call you
3577s you don't have to do it again and if we
3579s call you as a winner we will need you to
3580s type something in chat just to let us
3582s know you still are hanging out with us
3583s watching us do so well in Hunt Showdown
3589s our first winner is
3592s schneedle Woods X3 if you're in chat
3595s please give us a message 10 out of 10
3597s right there uh all winners will be
3600s contacted through twitch Whispers
3602s um you will probably get a message right
3604s away after you've confirmed that you've
3605s won by typing something in chat you
3607s might not get the code until after the
3609s stream depending on how busy we are in
3611s between matches but I will get you that
3614s code no matter what
3617s mad you're playing with my heart don't
3619s even
3627s for any winners you have about a minute
3630s to two minutes to claim your prize if we
3632s don't hear from you we will reroll
3634s schneedle is in chat so congratulations
3637s to them keep an eye on your Twitch
3639s Whispers
3643s next step is
3645s uh Care Bear Josh 42. let us know
3653s here doggy
3660s yeah
3662s that's right come on
3670s I used one of my consumable slots just
3672s for that
3675s will the First Nation Hunters be
3677s available again I missed one of them but
3679s that was my favorite event seeing First
3680s Nations representation
3682s um currently no word on that
3685s but I am running the Exile right now as
3688s she's one of my absolute top favorite
3691s skins
3693s I love her
3696s oh we are still looking for Care Bear
3698s Josh 42.
3701s you gotta let us know you're still
3702s watching by typing something in chat
3705s oh Mr Chiron asked the same question it
3708s was fun
3709s well I got a conduit I'll grab that food
3712s [Music]
3714s I also get the Talon and I normally
3716s don't care about it that much but the
3718s talent eats so much stuff it's so much
3720s stamina that's why I don't like the um
3722s yeah
3723s it's like half myself is that us yeah it
3726s is you swing this half
3728s of course you know one swing kills an
3729s armored so that's fine sure that is true
3732s you that big damage
3734s I need more Gator trips
3737s there's two more armors did so yeah
3741s uh or chili does not look like we have
3743s Care Bear Josh with us right now so we
3745s will try again uh we're looking for tin
3748s cat if you're in chat please give us a
3751s message
3752s question about blood Bond rewards for
3753s the tutorial yes there are no longer
3755s bloodbun rewards associated with the
3757s tutorial
3758s same question I was open in my
3762s mouth uh tin cat is joining us right now
3765s so congratulations to them
3773s I don't even know why I'm coming
3777s I do next winner is fearless Hunter with
3781s not great spelling if you're in chat
3783s please give us a message
3785s I have to judge here I know
3788s yes
3798s wow
3803s you could have said creative spelling
3805s yeah alternative you could have said you
3810s might even said challenge you could have
3811s personalized I'm struggling with your
3813s spelling
3815s call them out it is a good name though
3818s thank you
3820s uh if you're the center one and they're
3822s in chat congratulations I like that we
3825s love you Fearless Hunter Tom is asking
3827s about
3828s AI because they want to be jumped be
3830s junk cared oh just watch me play this
3832s game I am jump scared constantly
3835s don't worry I feel like enemy Hunters
3838s are just the perfect jump scare oh
3841s sometimes the zombies getting up off the
3842s ground or the ground they scared me
3845s before I think I'm going into an empty
3846s building to heal and then two things
3848s stand up out of the shadows and watch
3850s the zombies stand up inside first
3852s testimonial church yesterday but then he
3854s like got shunted to the outside and I
3856s got scared
3858s because he like appeared in my face and
3860s I was like oh my God I wasn't ready
3863s our next winner is too greedy with an
3866s underscore at the end if you're in chat
3867s give us a message uh someone asks and
3870s chat why is everyone saying Target we
3872s are running a reap what you sow giveaway
3873s right now in chat and the key word is
3876s Target you also need to be following us
3878s on Twitch no
3880s I'm chasing you what were you gonna say
3882s Mr David it's gonna say that my talent
3885s ain't gonna work against that emulator
3890s it will work
3894s I'm gonna bring dusters with you when
3896s you see everybody I have dusters I
3897s always bring dusters do you bring both
3899s or do you only ever bring dusters I
3902s bring dusters just about always or at
3905s least a brawler and then I'll also take
3907s a Talon or a knife as I go
3910s uh
3914s our last winner for right now as we're
3916s getting deeper into this match is going
3918s to be Diego Matthias 85. let us know
3921s you're hanging out with us
3922s and they are uh this is not going to be
3925s the last giveaway we'll be running more
3927s after this so everybody else thanks for
3930s entering and best of luck on the next
3933s one coming up
3935s people
3939s did I ping it might have been a misclick
3941s as they all tapped out
3944s maybe I'm gonna show my dogs on this
3946s road
3947s it's ready with a lantern I gotta kill
3948s dogs with fire damage all right David go
3951s get the scary clue
3953s oh I'll get it okay I already got six
3956s minutes I got conduit I'll take it only
3959s six minutes David says as if that's only
3961s I already got six minutes I'll guard you
3964s from down here how do I keep up with
3965s Violet without conduit shots
3968s oh there's hot colors up here too it's
3970s my little little taste for me before I
3973s go north
3974s so I heard shooting earlier and then I
3976s thought that I I was sorry
3980s I haven't heard it
3982s banjo melee weapon that would be cool or
3985s just banjo anything
3986s yeah I want a banjo I want a banjo that
3989s you can like actually
3992s play yeah the knuckle knife knuckle
3993s knife is a finicky thing
3995s you just clinch up for one extra micro
3997s second on that click and suddenly you're
3999s stabbing bad day uh looks like it sounds
4002s like that's pitching if uh my ears are
4004s telling me correctly
4009s though
4013s I mean I'll turn around or chase the
4014s noise I'll go for I'll do anything yeah
4017s I'm down to go to the noise we don't we
4019s haven't lost any bars or nothing we can
4021s Deport later all right I'm turning
4022s around
4028s that was so many noises all at once
4031s doggies where are you I hear you aha
4038s [Music]
4040s going to give ax experience I thought
4041s they did but you know I could be wrong
4043s no you have to bring in the combat ax
4045s I'm pretty sure
4046s oh okay well all right I have chased a
4050s lie then because I will often pick one
4053s up when I'm trying to get my throwing
4054s axes unlocked
4060s yes I really like the uh combat look
4063s after you die yeah
4068s you may feel bad about myself before I
4070s could you know say oh I totally hit that
4073s three times now I can't say nothing oh
4076s and now we missed out on the record
4080s [Music]
4082s running around but yeah they already
4084s cleared it yeah
4088s the cell going to get trials no it is
4090s not
4096s asking also about careers you can go
4098s right here right there did they hit you
4100s day they did not they missed
4103s as a favorite of them I have also missed
4105s all three of my shots
4107s in the forestry in the content in the
4109s compound behind this third round I just
4111s tagged looks like a lazulu Mala I have
4114s never completed the hammer trophy only
4117s here is Miss me oh okay well
4120s Tomahawk uppercut from uh uh kill buyer
4124s yep I tagged him he was hiding at the
4126s top yep
4129s with them
4132s oh they're both they're all kind of on
4134s that right side
4136s there's one over here
4139s one has fleshette ammo
4146s before they killed by your snuck up on
4147s me
4152s I don't know how to hit with this thing
4153s anymore damn that didn't even really far
4155s away
4159s oh geez how far was this guy
4163s zero meters well that's not right
4166s outside of you he was right up on that
4169s sneaky dirt pile that hit me for way
4171s more than I thought I would at 30 meters
4175s yeah I heard the shots and I thought
4177s that was like so far away didn't think
4179s that would hurt me that bad 50 damage at
4182s 33 meters no Jesse James it's not a joke
4184s there is no plan to do trials on desail
4186s uh I think I mentioned it in a previous
4188s stream maybe I said probably not but I
4191s would tell you right now there is no
4192s plan to do them uh there is other work
4194s we would put those people against
4202s often see the opposite don't like get
4204s rid of things
4205s oh it's not a problem at all Jesse
4209s sometimes you know typically devs don't
4212s give bad news but I tend to just give
4213s straight answers so you know you know oh
4216s you can question me that's that's not a
4218s problem at all
4223s see that's the problem with sarcasm some
4225s people just assume like bold statements
4228s are actually actually sarcastic
4235s oh here we go bow
4238s time I don't know I do like my bow I get
4241s this compact Striker to go with it too I
4243s feel like any clue or update about dlss
4245s Slash FSR yes it's in the roadmap video
4249s yeah which is to say FSR is in the
4251s roadmap video dlss is not yet in the
4254s roadmap sure we just talked about I
4256s guess the whole engine integration no
4257s it's fair it's one of the more common
4259s questions we get is we didn't mention
4260s dlss and there's a reason we didn't
4262s mention it it's not currently uh
4264s something we're working on it would come
4265s after doing the uh first round of HDR
4268s next-gen type graphical enhancements so
4271s FSR is confirmed uh dlss is not yet
4274s confirmed which doesn't mean never
4281s as a wendigo boss ever been thought of
4284s well we've definitely thought of a lot
4286s of bosses a lot of absolutely
4288s um
4293s nope we will spill the beat what on the
4296s wild Target is that what they're talking
4298s about boss targets boss targets live
4300s inside compounds and wild targets live
4303s outside compounds I just wasn't gonna
4304s spill the beans about either
4307s we're saying that it's coming this
4309s summer and there will be plenty more
4311s updates and uh cool little reveals as we
4315s go will there be a new boss in the
4317s future there will be a wild Target this
4319s summer oh sorry I'm blowing apart
4321s already because I did not do my upgrades
4324s no problem and I'd rather not sit on 27
4327s points so uh do we know about the bug on
4330s Console wow Ari same brain yes top
4333s priority
4335s use the uh cursor to move to the
4338s spectate instead of using the uh
4342s spectates shortcut so like on
4345s Playstation do not hit Square I'm
4347s imploring you
4349s I know it's really hard for the love of
4352s God I know it's really hard that um what
4355s you're gonna call it like just muscle
4357s memory that runs deep we totally
4359s understand that it is difficult we know
4362s but top priority
4365s promise
4366s I will let everyone know as soon as I
4369s possibly can when I have more info
4374s uh if you want to say as up-to-date as
4377s possible we post a lot of stuff on our
4379s social media but VI also addressed part
4381s of that console bug yesterday on our
4383s Discord and tagged our console players
4386s not a console bug it is a controller I
4390s have it on PC as well if you use a
4392s controller
4396s and as we have said top priority must be
4398s fixed apologies to all of you suffering
4400s from it will there be an extern update
4403s yes
4403s roadmap video it's so good watch it it
4407s has even more answers than that
4411s if you think David's answering a lot of
4413s questions now you wait till you watch
4415s them on that phone number he answers so
4417s many questions honestly
4419s and
4420s uh
4423s Rick really just captures I think the
4427s community's like spirit in it especially
4432s especially when he paused and he goes uh
4435s David
4436s new map when
4438s new boss win and I was just like oh my
4440s God like that just like sent me to
4442s another dimension I was I lost my mind
4444s at that
4449s oh
4451s did he touch on the subject of the
4453s meaning of life well I don't know maybe
4455s he'll do it right now 42. perfect answer
4458s every time he knows the answer to
4460s everything
4462s I have always wanted to read those books
4464s so you don't even have to have read the
4466s books to know that's true I haven't read
4468s the books
4471s all right a Fanning that's nice show me
4474s and more personally the meaning to life
4476s is do as much good as you can for as
4478s many people as possible
4483s all of our previous winners you should
4485s have a Discord whisper waiting for you
4487s we were waiting on at least one previous
4490s winner to get back to our twitch whisper
4492s asking some more details so we get you
4494s guys the correct code for winning the
4496s giveaway
4497s Moses I guess
4505s someone asking
4507s what's up David do you stream
4510s this has been coming up I don't I play
4512s on streams with people like the dev team
4514s I've played with a couple of our partner
4515s streamers
4517s um I'll be playing on a couple of
4518s streams with other partner Chambers well
4521s Violet you know my policy is I'll stream
4523s with anybody who invites me so I uh let
4527s me check my inbox yeah no invite from
4528s Violet here yeah
4530s is hard to play with she schedules way
4533s beforehand my policy is that I'm really
4536s awkward and I forget I just I don't know
4538s how to schedule with people that don't
4539s ask me first
4540s oh okay well why could I please stream
4543s with you sometime
4547s awkward and we adore you so that's what
4551s it takes I'll ask you got it Sadie
4553s Hawkins stream I feel awesome or the
4555s other way around
4557s regular you mean regular regular this
4561s clue has been taken before intrigue
4568s I ran past the red barrel and got very
4570s scared suddenly David I think people uh
4573s ask a few stream they just can't get
4574s enough of you yes they want as much
4577s David as they can get well on those
4578s other streams I don't intend to be on
4580s camera because I don't want to deal with
4581s the OBS and all that kind of stuff and
4583s that's like
4584s there's a bunch of streamers like oh you
4585s should get OBS set up it's easy I'm like
4587s I've opened OBS you and I don't use the
4590s word easy the same
4592s I feel like David's gonna judge me when
4594s I am like I think OBS is easy
4597s it is you're a wizard with it like you
4600s do it all alive on the Fly and throw our
4602s pictures all around the screen yeah it
4605s was I think
4606s I think careers when David Copper
4609s comply skills with OBS those are amazing
4611s doing it live yeah you know I don't
4613s think Michael Jordan thinks basketball
4614s is all that difficult either so that's
4616s you know
4618s basketball
4620s against high schoolers no I don't think
4621s he does exactly there you go
4624s not hard for some people yeah The
4627s Butchers do a screen
4630s got a problem with my quest line yes
4632s that is uh something we're very actively
4634s working on
4635s I've seen some
4638s um workarounds floating around on Reddit
4640s but I don't know if it
4643s works
4645s we haven't released any full workarounds
4648s that we know right now no
4660s we are working on getting that bug just
4662s fixed so work rounds won't be necessary
4665s hi boys
4668s [Music]
4668s [Applause]
4670s angry
4672s now
4675s he burned one of my burgers
4685s is it true bringing a roaming boss into
4687s the game or bringing a wide Target
4690s yeah
4692s mild Target this summer are you guys
4694s streaming for work or just chilling
4696s we're streaming for work right now
4698s and it's somewhat chill whoa
4701s I mean you guys can find some of us like
4705s David said streaming with other people
4707s sometimes
4709s I'd say it's not particularly sweaty and
4711s so you know it's red some might say it's
4714s chill
4715s almost lost the car
4719s you only get to buy I'm gonna die yep oh
4724s that guy scared the crap out of me he
4726s has a crossbow is he in out where's he
4728s at he was just in the dorm that guy
4730s thank you okay that's who killed me I'm
4733s on fire
4736s which I almost choked him out when we
4738s started but generally my ammo with him
4742s I wish I had a second floor it sounds
4744s like maybe third floor reside okay I'm
4747s going for the revive and the choke
4751s uh
4754s David Exiles running around here he's
4756s heading over
4761s I killed the crossbow
4763s Yep they're trying to get the banished
4766s I killed one here oh I think that's the
4769s whole team back did they take the Finish
4771s or did we no no I broke it okay I killed
4774s this guy as he was killing the Butcher
4776s and then wait we have more than three on
4778s the ground so yeah four on there that's
4781s nothing
4783s nothing it doesn't check out bye I'm I'm
4787s not surprised
4789s there's bodies over there I think we
4790s might have a solo okay
4795s and uh you know self-res back in the
4797s game huh yep
4799s this guy has a explosive crossbow
4802s that killed me
4805s [Music]
4806s yeah I found the solo yep
4810s I don't know Mike hey I'm not convincing
4812s what if it's two teams and one's
4815s necrowing you know we just watched them
4816s so well it's possible yeah
4820s hey
4821s yes there are extra footprints
4824s you hear it
4827s they're coming up all right with us yep
4830s uh back up from the body
4832s Oh I thought we'd go outside and kill
4833s him
4838s they're pushing they're pushing yeah
4839s they're pushing the choke they bounced
4841s it off the door and never exposed
4843s themselves that was that was a Next
4846s Level choke bomb just to be clear
4848s they're running it's a Monroe
4851s Monroe back to the asylum let's get him
4855s come with you oh
4864s okay whoa he crouched yeah
4868s I don't know she's trying to hide in the
4870s show me running behind me did someone
4872s just take their Bounty no no we were
4874s butcher
4875s yeah single pickup what five bodies
4878s question mark
4881s feels better
4883s I'm still watching crossbow boys well
4886s there could be a third guy who's about
4887s to start Nick growing yeah
4890s I'm chilling right here with the Monroe
4893s okay I don't see anything
4895s oh
4897s that's a heck of a joke bomb
4899s yeah he bounced it off the door I was
4901s shot I was totally ready for him to have
4904s to look in the doorway with my bow
4906s yeah okay
4911s this guy charged me with a
4914s safe though yeah you just did you one
4916s tap him to the heads
4919s oh I have a shotgun okay
4928s ah I found another Lantern just in case
4930s yeah
4932s I don't have one over here
4935s um they're asking about the what we're
4937s looking for in the Wild Card contract
4938s experiment what we're looking for is
4940s when we give players extra choices about
4942s what they go in to do to match
4944s how big or small can the matchmaking
4947s pools be and still give viable matches
4949s so every time we let you choose to play
4952s against Duos or trios that splits up the
4954s number of people we can match you
4955s against the larger that pool of people
4958s at any given moment the better the
4960s matches are and so when we give more
4962s choices and more modes
4963s that creates a less healthy system but
4966s there's always a threshold for how many
4968s thousands of people do you need in order
4970s to make good matches so that's part of
4972s the experiment the other experiment is
4975s our night Maps
4976s more fun when you can choose to go in
4978s knowing your whole Loadout will serve
4980s you in a dark environment
4983s our theory is yes we'll see how it plays
4986s out what rival skin is that the delirium
4989s I really like the filigree on it so this
4992s is my favorite uh rival skin although if
4995s you know me then knowing that I like the
4996s filigree on it is like
4999s you know the false Saint says that I
5001s look like the redneck Hunter there's
5003s like all kinds of messages I think I
5005s kind of look like you know the redneck
5007s Hunters dad or grandfather
5011s I'm cutting off this extract people are
5013s irreverent if he just let himself go for
5015s a couple years
5019s uh we talk about kind of new game modes
5022s and our thoughts on them in the roadmap
5023s video so definitely watch that it's very
5026s good
5031s um David they wanted cosplay of the
5034s minor grunts
5037s people
5046s we're kind of yeah we're a little bit
5048s apart they might have found a solo yeah
5050s I guess we only had five bodies
5053s that's true
5055s uh they're south of Darren right now not
5057s in the compound right now
5060s yeah I wonder if they're just trying to
5062s draw Us in I mean it's working
5071s one of them running away from me oops
5073s over here
5075s the other one more to the right a little
5076s bit
5078s check him up
5080s oh there's three now rooftop
5084s one to my right
5089s any in the compound or all are outside I
5091s don't know two in this kind of area
5094s all the Rocks this way behind the Rocks
5096s here both sides one's close to this wood
5098s pile very close to the woodpile how I
5100s missed yeah oh yep two are on that wood
5103s pile David
5104s yeah I'm gonna push on it
5106s that's uh one came out front in an apron
5110s two over here now
5112s none in the wood pile
5114s yeah the woodpile guy got out he went to
5117s the left he's out here he just peaked
5119s yellow shirt from the left side
5122s I went through the wall behind you David
5128s oh there's two oh he's up top two up top
5131s to the right behind you I shotgun one of
5132s them I got her with an arrow
5135s I did seven damage I think okay two up
5138s here dang
5141s oh good try who's that concert Tina bomb
5146s locked me mid-throw so my Dynamite fell
5148s on me too no sad
5151s good try good they're very happy with
5154s the results uh
5157s oh and they gave us a GG what a nice
5160s Community
5161s best community
5163s true
5166s I wonder if they were fighting anyone I
5167s hit one person
5169s with my whatever girls though so yeah uh
5173s question about an in-game's friends list
5174s it's not on a roadmap currently it's
5176s something we do talk about um something
5178s we talk about on the road map is
5179s reworking our back end and stuff we're
5181s going back in 2.0 a lot of the server
5183s work things like an in-game friends list
5186s based on your hunt friendships or cry
5189s Tech IDs will be considered in the
5192s future but it's not in current
5193s development it's a good feature just not
5194s when we have
5196s haha
5198s can't have bad hand added to your
5200s account
5201s you know that
5204s for shame
5205s it's just hard-coded and devombus's
5207s account unfortunately I'm not allowed to
5209s have
5210s uh bad hand it's been more than a year
5213s same bro same
5219s um I think for our next giveaway we have
5221s some biata our newest DLC that's
5225s actually out uh we have some codes for
5227s steam uh VI or David dikas have a good
5230s keyword for steam biatata giveaway
5234s fire
5235s yeah because you know the like the
5239s legend behind beatra is like this like
5241s fire like serpent that like comes up
5244s from oh goodness beneath the Earth yeah
5248s I wanted to learn more about it so I
5250s Googled it and read about it
5253s very cool well you heard it from by
5255s right now if you want your chance to win
5257s a biatata on Steam go ahead and follow
5261s us at Christ or twitch.tv crytek and
5264s type fire in chat you only need to type
5266s it once but you will need to hang out
5268s with us until we pull some winners
5272s someone said what is the percent chance
5274s of bad hand uh low TM
5278s uh how are you guys doing on challenges
5280s anything I can help out with
5282s um I need our merge to die with poison
5285s oh now I need to kill someone with a
5287s foreign
5302s as well yeah we need this um
5304s Gator traps three more Gators I need
5306s four more Gator traps we gotta be better
5308s let's let's go let's uh let's do some
5310s water Waterway running I just keep
5312s forgetting
5317s ooh a quick last Loadout button I mean
5320s I could see how that'd be useful but
5322s also like if you want to use the same
5323s one over and over again just make it
5325s quick last Loadout button is load your
5328s custom Loadout so you buy and buy and
5331s equip
5332s says how about you add some apps I have
5334s such good news for you we are working on
5336s a map
5337s no true story
5343s I don't need to be looking at this I
5345s guess
5347s he plans to post a list of banned
5349s hackers names absolutely not they are
5353s also humans who don't deserve to be
5355s doxxed whether or not what they're doing
5356s is correct uh privacy is very important
5359s not just to us personally but also in
5362s the uh EU which is where crytek is based
5365s so we follow all you uh privacy laws and
5369s German privacy laws it is PR yeah let's
5373s say yeah and it sounded like you said
5375s absolutely but you might absolutely not
5377s yeah I will don't need to I don't need
5381s to consult
5383s anybody on that one absolutely not
5388s uh do you guys ever ban anyone on
5390s Console if they're breaking our code of
5391s conduct and it requires it yeah there's
5395s no reason we wouldn't
5399s be a hundred on level designer without
5401s commercial experience well you well you
5402s can always apply
5406s you know I think none of us here are on
5409s the level design team nor do we uh at
5412s least I don't and I know Ari doesn't sit
5414s in on their interview so you know can't
5416s really
5417s help anything about that but you can
5420s always apply for sure
5421s so we do have Junior positions that come
5424s up a lot across the board on many of our
5426s teams and most of our Junior positions
5428s do not require like full extensive uh
5431s background you know or history in that
5433s area a education can help a lot but our
5438s best resource for you is actually
5439s probably some of our recruiters that you
5440s can find on LinkedIn they can answer
5443s more of your questions and we'll have
5444s more specifics about what you kind of
5446s need for the Baseline of some of our
5449s open positions now if you go in and we
5451s only have a senior level design position
5453s and you have no experience there's
5455s probably a good chance you're not going
5456s to get that one but you know we're not
5458s going to prevent anyone from applying
5460s yeah I can talk about this one too I
5462s guess as a you know someone who has
5463s staffed up many teams here and elsewhere
5465s uh the key especially if you have no
5467s experience or your entry level is you
5469s have to build a portfolio of stuff
5470s you've built and so there is a public
5472s version of cryengym 5.7 if you want to
5475s go and build things in that and build a
5477s portfolio and make some videos of you
5479s running around inside a level you've
5480s built to show how impressive you are
5482s despite no time in the industry that is
5485s a great way to get into the industry
5487s I've hired many designers into many of
5490s the big franchises that I have been on
5492s who had zero experience before they were
5494s brought in as interns but it was all
5496s based on them demonstrating a just an
5499s amazing map that they built in the
5501s public version of tools to say here's
5503s what I can do and here's what I've made
5504s so far so don't expect to get far if you
5506s haven't shown that you've put in long
5508s hours learning it doesn't have to be a
5510s formal degree but a lot of the formal
5511s degrees from a lot of the schools
5513s certainly help but it'll all be able to
5515s be about the quality of your work and
5517s what you can demonstrate
5519s that's great advice David I mean that's
5521s how I got my position at crytek was
5524s being one of our first Discord
5526s moderators for the hunt Showdown Discord
5528s and just showing not only passion for
5531s the game but also you know a lot of the
5532s skills a lot of the base skills that you
5535s need to get started with the community
5536s manager
5541s oh I'm sorry in another uh
5544s another
5546s Place industry company uh it was still
5549s in the tech industry but not you know
5551s game being specific
5553s uh but project manager you know has a
5557s lot of like crossovers so I was able to
5558s show a lot of like demonstratable skills
5560s so being able to show those
5563s demonstrable I guess skills and exactly
5567s uh skills is you know if it's not like a
5571s portfolio tight position then that would
5573s be what I would suggest is focusing on
5576s those transferable skills because not
5578s every position is a portfolio position
5579s you know yeah demonstrate passion and
5582s competence of passion alone can't get
5584s you hired or I'd have 500 000 employees
5587s uh we're looking for hellhounds with
5590s poison and then something else correct
5592s armor armored I just got four hellhounds
5595s I think for David with poison yes sir
5597s Rock
5600s thank you yeah it's done
5602s [Applause]
5604s our wild targets going to fight against
5606s Hunters who can snipe them from High
5607s Ground you'll just have to find out
5610s I'll ask that you uh trust that we have
5612s thousands of hours playing these games
5614s uh specifically this one and uh We've
5617s thought about how they're going to work
5619s out out in the wild where the targets
5621s are
5625s it would be so cool to actually figure
5627s out how many thousands of hours
5629s everybody on the hunt team had put
5631s together oh that would be cool yeah if
5633s we were not over 100 000 or something oh
5636s we gotta be I just crossed 1700. yeah I
5638s mean that's like a that's a thousand
5640s since I joined in July I was like 700
5642s when I joined the team
5645s I think I heard a shot on the other side
5646s of weaving
5651s okay
5653s can the gator traps be found in quickly
5655s uh you do not have to move to Germany we
5658s have Global remote positions you have to
5660s again demonstrate competence and passion
5662s and an ability to work remotely yeah as
5665s we said at the beginning of the stream
5667s all of us are located in the western
5668s half of the United States
5671s I didn't look at the map
5676s play hunt on Hunter yes we do we do I
5679s play huntime console just not my primary
5682s one of my
5684s best friends that is not a hunt employee
5687s but I'll also play Santa and console
5689s so I get my my console stuff uh David I
5693s gotta kill this for her
5696s no good call
5698s all about the quest line I just want my
5700s arrow back the speaking both languages
5703s give you an edge I think speaking
5705s multiple languages would give you an
5706s edge in a lot of positions uh the main
5710s language for crytek is English though so
5712s I think that would be goal number one
5714s anything past that I think would be good
5716s especially in the communications
5717s position
5719s um but probably not required for most
5721s yeah it's a bonus it's not required for
5723s any position unless you were like a
5725s community rep to a different country or
5727s language then we might have a very
5729s specific bilingual expectation there
5732s um we do though we are located in the
5734s U.S sometimes travel to Germany so you
5736s know being able to speak a little of the
5738s language makes it easier to get around
5739s that wasn't your shot no
5746s do you speak German
5748s Deutsch
5750s oh no yeah I'm going to David next time
5753s I actually lived in Germany for two
5755s years when I was in the Army and my uh
5757s great grandmother came over from Germany
5760s so my grandmother and mom spoke about
5762s the German at me well
5765s so basically I know when I'm in trouble
5766s in Germany
5770s thank you
5771s I saw all three
5775s to your left to your left got him
5779s another one two dead two dead
5783s to the right
5786s dead oh my God you killed him before I
5788s got to even see him
5792s I saw like something on the roof of the
5794s Shadow and then
5795s white honestly clue was broken uh I got
5800s two of them with uh Caldwell conversion
5802s so hopefully we will wrap up that
5804s challenge
5806s is Hunter Gunslinger control scheme I
5808s have a hunter and I I pretty exclusively
5811s tell new people that they should have
5813s Hunter
5814s I got I'm Gunslinger
5818s Hunter is a flex at the original OG
5821s players like to throw on everyone else
5823s who plays shooter games and therefore
5824s use this Gunslinger I'm
5828s OG adjacent that's what you are
5831s I think it was one of the first big
5833s things I brought to Dennis was just like
5835s this control scheme is really cool and
5837s fun but it's so hard to switch from any
5839s other shooter I was raised by the OG in
5842s terms of exactly that's why you're OG
5844s adjacent
5846s this is how I categorize people I'm just
5849s saying I play another shooter
5851s FPS tonight oh guys there's more people
5854s here uh it's a different team they come
5857s west side of the compound
5859s I killed the last three so why are you
5861s calling us exactly you don't need us
5862s well they got me as I was trying to loot
5865s one of the last three so
5867s caught me with my pants down whoa I
5871s didn't even think about looting
5875s trying to hold back right now where are
5878s they uh they're west side of the
5880s compound I think main building area
5883s hit me with something just compact uh
5886s where we came into the content from the
5888s northwest side
5890s see like so I heard this like is the
5892s perfect Boomer shooter and I just had
5894s this conversation last night that I
5896s think people should understand like my
5898s dad was a boomer they don't play
5899s Shooters like you know that's a tiny
5902s tiny like it's more like a genetics oops
5905s actually know what Boomer means I know I
5907s think it's like anyone older than 30 to
5909s some people remember you know Gen X goes
5911s all the way oh right there at the corner
5914s there's another one to our Southwest
5916s oh my goodness I am just
5918s fighting all the AI back here
5922s trying to get to David uh and another in
5924s the course yeah oh and I'm being shot
5927s from someone else entirely
5930s yeah
5932s don't you okay I'm here it's another
5936s team I think Dave
5943s someone's angering the water doubles
5946s yeah red shirts pushing up
5949s oh Hatchet
5951s or Talon same woman got me with a Talon
5953s Romero
5960s oh through the wall
5967s when will the questline be fixed on
5968s Console uh as soon as possible
5970s ghost out getting called Boomer at 40.
5973s no you're a youngin can Gator traps be
5975s found in quick play uh I don't know I
5978s don't play quickly I'm not gonna lie can
5980s they anybody else
5982s I don't like quick play it makes me like
5983s really
5986s anxious I don't like playing solo for
5988s the same reason
5989s what happened to the match MMR why is it
5991s not showing anymore uh it's not really
5993s useful
5994s it's uh unless you're gonna decide to
5997s not play with your friend because your
5999s match MMR changed which would just I
6001s think be the height of
6004s silliness don't be mean to your friend
6007s uh then I don't really know what it's
6009s doing so
6011s um the whole Lobby screen as you can see
6013s well this half of it was like really
6015s cleaned up look how nice and pretty it
6017s is now
6018s it is much cleaner uh in my opinion and
6022s so that was just kind of something that
6024s was there and
6027s not really doing anything for the player
6029s so
6030s we used space to make everything a
6033s little prettier and cleaner
6036s uh by David any challenges you guys are
6038s working on that I'm still bornhiming
6041s people I'm halfway I'm fine
6046s [Music]
6048s and I still need one more armored with
6050s poison damage damage to Hunters just 600
6053s Meatheads with explosive well I'm gonna
6055s test this one because last time as a
6057s trio can you pick to play Duos no
6060s that would be funny though
6062s yeah that would be okay very unfair
6069s why do I need the bounty to revive my
6071s partner since update 1.12 if you're
6072s using a controller
6074s don't use the controller shortcut if
6078s you're on Playstation that's Square I
6080s don't know what it is on Xbox I guess X
6081s probably don't use that move the cursor
6084s over with your right thumbstick and you
6086s know press a slash uh and as David's
6089s reminded this is a bug that can happen
6091s on anybody using controller even if
6093s you're using it on PC so just make sure
6096s you cursor over anywhere you're at you
6100s can't turn off skill based anymore that
6101s is correct for 1.12 also uh you know an
6104s experiment so
6106s you know put on social media or Discord
6108s how you feel about that
6110s why are you did you say you have to use
6112s the bornheim against something yes
6114s enemies yep
6116s somebody needs
6122s perfect
6124s what are the chances of getting bad hand
6126s very low
6127s extremely low not great
6129s tiny one might say if you get him oh my
6133s goodness oh my goodness
6134s unless you work here and then everybody
6136s just acutes you you know it starts at
6138s all starts all the accusations just
6142s no you say that David but I I trust in
6145s the community and I feel like people
6147s would trust you with 1700 hours
6150s I mean I feel like you know I haven't
6153s but you know people have have made the
6155s accusation so he stays in the closet
6157s well that's that's just silly I know
6160s okay I'll run it before the end of the
6161s stream though I've been running The
6163s Reptilian just uh yeah I know yeah he's
6166s gonna say it feels like I just love the
6168s Exile you know and I feel like she
6170s doesn't get enough love from the
6171s community so I'm running her right now
6172s and I don't have uh The reptilian's
6175s Apprentice yet so why not
6177s say without outing anybody there was
6179s deep speculation even within the uh
6181s night of the hunter partner Discord when
6183s you know it was out until I actually had
6186s one
6187s I can only magnify that towards the
6189s community as large
6196s for me
6198s like she's not my favorite
6201s that's yeah
6203s are there any plans for Prestige Rewards
6207s um Prestige reworks maybe they're
6208s talking about yeah we didn't talk about
6209s that on stream uh we can uh
6212s we we will be looking at ways to enhance
6214s Prestige like I'm on 46 if I was on 77
6217s what do you have them Ari
6219s zero zero two minutes okay so I have
6223s this wide range of you know we need to
6224s make it more worthwhile some of us just
6227s have to chase those progression feeder
6228s bars and scorecards things
6230s um but we will acknowledge that there is
6232s room to improve that experience because
6234s especially some of those first levels
6237s like bloodline rank 1 to 35 that can be
6241s an extra hunt taketh kind of moment so
6243s we'll be looking this year at what we
6245s can do to rework that and tweak it um
6247s didn't consider it a big enough feature
6248s to call out on the roadmap but fair to
6250s ask about and something we will come
6252s back in Future streams with more
6253s information someone said the prestige
6256s Skins are awful and I'm sorry have you
6259s seen the Centennial yeah that's not
6261s centenaries are you Laurel do you have
6263s Centenary yeah yeah
6265s so good
6268s does anyone have poison
6278s forward to Bolton I am also a conduit
6282s gamer my Exile came with condo at this
6284s time
6287s just a lot of work it is that that's why
6289s I'm on my way I'm prestige 77.
6293s 50
6294s okay
6296s can you please explain what David does
6298s and what Dennis does
6299s okay well Dennis is our lead uh game
6303s designer
6304s a design director
6306s let me let me feel this one I'm sorry I
6310s forgot I'm the hunt franchise general
6312s manager uh and Dennis is our newly
6315s promoted design director uh on Hunt and
6318s we also hired another design director
6320s named Scott lucier that was one of our
6321s announcements recently uh there are two
6325s design directors working on Hunt
6326s currently Dennis handles weapons uh gear
6328s Hunters traits Bounty uh hunt as a mode
6332s and the big events and all the stuff
6333s that you see there he also runs the
6335s teams that do our AI there are people on
6337s the wall at bouldin yeah no I've been
6339s shot oh
6340s poop
6342s you will resume our organizational chat
6344s after this combat yeah right
6348s I can't believe they let me live
6353s to the left of that little cold out I'm
6357s still poisoned
6360s he shot me
6364s but hang in there
6366s getting got by this emulator
6369s I've already used both of my shots for
6371s heels people behind us as well
6373s yeah see this I felt like I got poisoned
6376s from behind
6377s I see him across the river just up the
6379s boat
6381s yeah I got poison oh
6385s can you explain what Violet aren't mad
6386s you should no please leave me alone
6388s Carabiner bayonet oh I could not
6392s darn
6394s oh I was running into another one of
6396s them there was a reptilian that was on
6399s earth oh
6402s [Music]
6404s uh David do you want to continue with
6406s yeah I'm processing the death it's still
6410s still washing over me all right I'm
6412s gonna go have a little cry in the
6414s restroom I think no I think me too while
6416s Dennis goes on this journey with
6418s everyone I'm gonna yeah so Dennis design
6421s director recently promoted after many
6422s years of great service and contribution
6424s to this game that we all know and love
6426s running uh weapons Hunters traits gear
6429s uh all the AI the monsters the wild
6432s Target and all those things the bounty
6434s hunt and the event traits and that stuff
6435s all comes from Dennis and his teams
6437s below him there are multiple teams there
6440s and then Scott lucier has come in
6443s he's a design director over our level
6445s teams and working with the live design
6447s teams and he's also a specialist in
6449s console things having a strong
6450s background working on Console Shooters
6452s it was even a Halo Pro Player Way Way
6454s Back in the Day worked with MLG and so a
6457s lot of these things that we've talked
6458s about uh improving and refining and
6460s refactoring the console experience from
6462s a design perspective a lot of that will
6464s rest with Scott so those are my two
6466s design directors both of which are
6468s dedicated to hunt Showdown and then my
6470s role is running the entire franchise so
6473s anything associated with hunt all the
6475s different departments that make hunt
6477s Showdown happen when we do Partnerships
6479s all the things that we do in the
6481s publishing and marketing side all of
6482s that stuff winds up reporting up to me
6484s as the general manager so hopefully that
6487s helps clear things up
6489s spread the news
6491s we haven't gotten a chance to feature
6493s Scott too much yet to the community but
6495s I think that is something I think he's
6497s shown a little bit of interest in so
6498s maybe oh yeah we'll definitely get him
6501s on a Dev stream and you can play with
6502s you guys well yeah aggressive Pub player
6504s so he's been playing with me since well
6507s before he joined uh crytek so he's uh an
6511s enthusiastic gamer and great personality
6522s I'm going to switch over to the betterly
6523s have the whole Bose shotgun thing has
6525s not been working for me here today
6527s I'm just rocking whatever my challenges
6530s need me to yeah
6532s um so we do currently have a giveaway
6534s going on we'll start pulling some
6535s winners uh probably right now
6537s um or maybe at the end of next match
6539s we've had some pretty quick ones back to
6541s back uh the current giveaway is for a
6544s beata DLC on Steam please only only
6548s enter this if you play on Steam because
6551s we cannot switch these codes around
6552s right now to enter you need to be
6555s following us on twitch.tv slash crytek
6558s and then you need to type fire in chat
6560s if you've already typed fire before then
6562s you are good to go anybody else who
6565s might be coming from Facebook steam
6567s YouTube any of our other streaming
6569s platforms and are jumping in you still
6571s have a chance to type and enter please
6574s hang out with us when we pull winners as
6576s you will need to confirm you are still
6578s in chat if you happen to win
6582s hmm I guess as we have a little bit of
6585s time before Vise back we can start
6587s pulling a few of these winners
6589s um first up is altered virus if you're
6592s in chat please give us a message
6602s uh unfortunately steam only for this one
6605s we will have more giveaways that cover
6607s all platforms though I apologize
6611s or the newest of DLCs we are still
6613s waiting to get some console code so we
6615s can give those out to y'all
6618s uh we're not only pulling One winner
6620s someone said dang in chat we're pulling
6623s multiple winners so don't leave quite
6625s yet
6643s uh altered virus you have another 30
6646s seconds or so until we'll have to
6648s re-roll your giveaway winning
6656s someone asks what's the comparison of
6658s console versus PC in terms of numbers uh
6660s David do you want to feel that one
6662s uh it's uh low and inverted in the way
6666s that we would like to see more equals So
6668s currently the majority of the players
6671s are all on PC and console players are
6673s definitely in the minority
6675s um and some of that is the stuff we'll
6677s be turning around this year with giving
6678s the consoles more attention uh and
6681s bringing in some more expertise for just
6682s the nuances of what console designs or
6684s implementation need that is different
6686s from PC so that is our position on
6690s consoles and the Strategic importance of
6693s fixing all that experience this year
6697s unfortunately our first winner does not
6699s seem to have been around so we've rolled
6701s next up is that guy M if you're in Jack
6704s to this message
6710s that guy ends there nice
6715s and you didn't even consider his little
6717s Lantern hat
6721s you got that accuracy
6727s any chance on getting traits in the
6729s combat world I don't think that's
6730s something that we've uh planned right
6734s now but we can note your interest in it
6741s next up is King Louie if you're in chat
6744s give us a message
6747s that was a zombie that I saw I was like
6749s is that a person
6752s horizambo
6755s I have a sticky by the way if we find
6757s the boss
6764s as soon as our twitch drop's still going
6766s twitch drops are not currently active
6768s last time we had them active was for our
6770s fifth anniversary if they do come up
6772s again we'll be sure to let everyone know
6774s on our social media so you can tune in
6776s to your favorite on streamers
6780s King Louie is with us right now
6783s congratulations
6787s next step is demon 117 I think
6799s Run for the position I'm gonna stay out
6801s of Bayou politics before I wind up in uh
6804s Mr Cherry's layer
6810s end up looking like ochinkoff's widow or
6812s Kevin Linus in either which are like
6814s goals for me or the infected
6817s oh that guy though I don't know me and
6819s Ari had a good role play session with
6820s him over at the prison so
6822s he knows where it's at
6826s see now the reverend in the redneck
6828s restarting the churches and the Moses
6830s poultry to become a you know operating
6832s firm I could get behind that oh demon
6835s 117 I see him
6836s yep they are in chat they should have a
6839s message coming to them soon next up is
6841s Robert Twan if you're in chat let us
6843s know
6848s be announcing anything new there's been
6851s people here there's a random poison
6852s thing
6853s so oh I should have looked for a gator
6856s trap over here there is one
6858s going back
6861s um
6862s so if it's never been announced uh we're
6865s not going to be able to announce it
6866s right now
6867s so like new traits and things like that
6869s we're not going to be able to
6872s you know
6873s sadly tell you anything so save your
6878s uh wants and ideas
6881s for you know future Dev streams or I
6884s guess ideas you know
6886s yeah we take ideas I mean we don't like
6888s commenting on what's clever we're not
6890s going to commit to doing exact thing
6891s here and it's more about clarifying
6893s questions on things we've already talked
6895s about so I think that's gonna by his
6897s point of exactly don't come in every
6900s time asking for something we haven't
6901s said we have the roadmap videos like uh
6903s Rick and I did we'll do more of those
6905s for doing big announcements we also have
6907s all our social media that you can follow
6909s for announcements of you know updates on
6911s new events and things the marketing and
6913s brand Team are rolling out so lots of
6915s ways to communicate
6927s hit me
6929s uh while you're already watching us on
6931s Twitch not a bad idea to give us a
6932s follow and maybe turn on that
6933s notification Bell we do run our
6936s developer live streams through our
6938s twitch Channel and other streaming
6939s platforms and for a new update is
6942s normally when we will announce a bunch
6944s of new stuff like our update 1.12
6947s developer live here
6951s oh
6952s hey Smithy see you in chat we are going
6962s I need
6964s keeping an eye out our next winner we're
6966s looking for is rabbit J X Y if you're in
6969s chat give us a quick message definitely
6974s Rick winner
6977s uh cry pick you guys welcome hunt based
6980s fan Creations a small mobile game using
6982s hunt lore uh we do not actually just to
6984s be very clear you can't make other
6986s gaming products using any of our IP or
6988s images or things like that and while it
6991s might seem like a a nice homage or some
6994s cool fandom um it's something with our
6996s IP we have to be very careful that we
6998s don't let other people start using any
7000s context that we don't control so love
7003s the passion but no the answer is no and
7006s for folks who have an idea for a board
7008s game or a card game or all those
7010s different things we don't go for
7012s unsolicited
7014s brand extensions like that so
7016s unfortunately the answer will be no to
7018s us endorsing such projects
7023s still looking for rabbit J X Y you have
7026s just about another minute to claim your
7028s prize or else we will reroll to someone
7031s else who is hopefully hanging out with
7033s us in chat someone asked how much
7035s experience do we have at high MMR I mean
7037s I think everybody on the team is
7038s different but I have a lot of experience
7041s up there so uh yeah
7045s I've never made a pass too
7048s yeah I'm a solid three to four sometimes
7052s good players drag me up to be a five
7054s only temporarily and uh but we are aware
7057s of it we have many people on the team
7059s who are fives and sixes all of the
7061s things ping abuse cheaters as we've been
7063s saying throughout the stream are
7064s definitely things that we monitor we
7066s take clear reports on people and we take
7068s actions when we have evidence or a
7071s pattern
7073s I died on my screen like he was walking
7076s away from me it was so weird building oh
7080s yeah he just walked up the stairs and
7081s kill me
7082s that was super weird
7084s it just looks funny I mean I'm probably
7085s a pretty good res if you come from the
7087s other side
7089s he was on the stairwell first post
7092s he's right there that's him yeah
7096s that's not him but that is also killed
7099s by oh different one yeah were you in the
7102s window where were you Ari I was looking
7104s at vai's body I did not Oh I thought you
7107s were in the window and this upstairs
7108s would be covered
7110s warm tongue with the Caldwell rival yeah
7113s who killed me if you go the other way
7115s probably a pretty good wrist
7121s yeah I know that guy didn't hear David
7123s at all I guess he expected us or the
7126s first time that I shot him and I broke
7127s in through the window
7129s oh
7131s wow we have no plans to remove boat
7134s thrower um we're always tuning Our perks
7136s uh and doing it
7141s question mark I think yep yep there
7143s there's multiple people dying around us
7145s more than one team
7148s that's interesting
7154s now I definitely think you can sneak
7156s over to me
7161s that was a very weird encounter on the
7162s stairs there
7165s foreign
7195s [Music]
7198s only had to do 26 to me
7201s they got me a full I was a 150.
7206s try
7208s we have Twitter and Instagram Post in
7210s Discord uh pretty much all of them go in
7213s Discord unless they're I don't know not
7215s necessary to go into sport
7218s you know like
7219s sometimes there's like a meme on Twitter
7221s and that's not really announcement
7223s Worthy on Discord
7225s but
7228s I actually
7230s have two things prepared for noon so
7233s I get to put those out in just a second
7237s I'm gonna ready up my character though I
7239s think I didn't do anything in the Oops I
7241s did not want to show like 300 experience
7242s points from getting my bomblands uh
7245s bornheim flush it
7248s and I keep forgetting about choke bombs
7249s on emulators because that's who I am as
7251s a person that one that got us with the
7254s frag was the solo
7256s of course
7257s they
7258s I need to
7259s [Music]
7261s blind myself
7264s so that I can hit go on this event and
7268s Steve
7268s uh we did pull another winner and they
7271s immediately let us know they're in chat
7272s so I think that is all of our winners
7275s right now for the Bia Tata
7278s um congratulations to anybody who won
7281s I think we will still have time for some
7283s more giveaways so don't leave a question
7285s go on this that wasn't me
7288s there you go that's that hand exists
7291s rolled legitimately
7294s two and a half weeks ago
7296s oh they can't see it because I'm looking
7298s at my hunter
7301s because I'm a goober
7303s I will warn you he is incredibly bad
7305s luck I don't even know if I've extracted
7308s successfully with one of these today's
7310s the day
7312s today is it we haven't extracted yet
7314s today so it's true
7316s you know
7318s about to put two final point on it we
7321s don't we don't have to you know Point
7324s any fingers here David I'm just saying
7326s well we there's no finger pointing
7331s I'm gonna Chuck it up to bad hand's
7333s curse if you know
7336s any uh any challenges I can help with uh
7340s I still need to poison one more
7343s doggy uh armored me head explosive which
7347s I just keep forgetting to do
7349s I was kind of waiting to test to see if
7351s the bomb Lance actually does do the
7352s explosive damage on them or not there we
7354s go speaking of posts that need to go on
7359s the other you know Discord Yeah
7362s by any means
7365s oops I didn't get my consumable
7368s there we go
7377s both streams vanished
7381s oh if I were you looking at steam before
7383s yes yeah I already had that one oh ready
7386s and set up to go
7388s but it went out an hour early
7391s oh uh we're supposed to go out at noon
7394s then I guess I had scheduled that at the
7397s wrong hour my bad
7398s because it went out at 11.
7400s hello
7404s yes a shrine made in hell looks so good
7407s can't wait uh you can wishlist her
7410s immediately now on Steam if you want not
7413s a bad idea get that launch discount
7417s how do I get the DLC uh our twitch
7420s channel will whisper you
7422s worry
7425s can you toggle skin names uh you can't
7427s but it is a suggestion that I have
7429s passed on before
7437s yeah even with 1700 hours I sometimes
7440s have to puzzle out which name means what
7442s gun underneath it
7446s feels like that should be easier
7449s I'm up I'm I just I have a really good
7452s memory so I don't really uh I don't
7454s really have this problem
7456s excellent
7458s also every single gun looks different
7460s and you get the little outline of it and
7462s for me that's like
7463s all I need
7469s can I have an answer about your plans by
7471s adding dead zone for controllers on
7473s Console I have passed it on but that's
7475s like we said earlier it's not really a
7477s stream to announce new things but I've
7479s already passed on the suggestion so uh
7482s for me
7483s we can say that all things about console
7486s refactor include controller inputs and
7488s that's part of Scott lucier's domain
7491s that he's coming into so things that
7492s we'll deal with controller inputs not
7494s only on consoles but on PC like the
7497s issue that we're now fixing uh will be
7501s addressed during this year
7503s uh let me know if you guys happen to see
7505s an armored I have poison Emma yeah boss
7508s is here as well
7513s there's normally an armored like right
7515s on top of the food at this time
7518s what's your favorite one we got lucky
7520s um the bone beef and the Fire Thorn
7524s Sparks bone views on MOSI
7527s it's my favorite
7534s sorry David go for it I'm gonna stick
7536s your bomb him and then I'm gonna choke
7538s just because I'm tired of being burned
7546s uh I am a fiend for the officer carbine
7551s I used that but I try to take whatever
7555s oh it's just good uh I guess the Sparks
7560s is like one of my favorite guns but I
7562s also went as far as this game I guess
7564s yeah
7566s there's some legendary skins that I like
7568s for weapons that I like never use yeah
7572s [Applause]
7575s I'm using an Martini Ironside this match
7578s so I need you guys to really wish me
7580s good luck as yeah I have not had good
7583s experience with this weapon because you
7585s don't need the left half of your screen
7586s for anything like dial in you know
7589s once I dialed in it
7593s but it took me a while to dial in that's
7595s for sure there's no emulators in this
7597s compound
7598s I'm setting down traps so keep an eye on
7600s barrels
7606s uh the cord waner skin for the officer
7609s carbine is a go-to though just like
7612s threaded the needle right there is that
7614s one of the trials rewards it is it is
7616s that's the next trial reward for me
7620s so I need to you know complete you got
7622s it well more people are coming or people
7624s are coming I guess no tell them no thank
7627s you they're by the bridge
7629s uh oh yeah earth west side yeah
7633s I was out here looking for Gator traps
7636s because me and David
7637s hello just names I agree controllers are
7640s for the pros
7642s he's a controller when I play other
7643s games
7644s like RPGs
7646s or a Warframe
7648s uh did you only needed one more armored
7651s correct
7656s they scared crows and now I don't hear
7658s anything
7660s I'm overlooking the north northwest
7663s section not seeing anything
7665s any Meatheads in the compound there is
7668s one East Side okay I want to go blow
7670s them up
7671s the new charms you can buy are here to
7674s stay the timer on them is a sale is what
7677s I was told
7679s is the sale time because they're all on
7682s sale for like 10 off or something
7690s I don't
7693s there's no way those crows were me
7696s I'm not seeing anything they even were
7698s flying at me it grows
7703s maybe they found out we were here and
7705s they dipped they were like no I don't
7706s want to fight it
7709s Walton's a great fight I agree but you
7712s know maybe they don't
7716s uh I've circled the swallow most to the
7719s east side now with nothing in the forest
7722s I don't think they're gonna be on these
7723s settings they're going to be over there
7724s yeah yeah
7725s just in case they went you know wide or
7728s something
7731s any plan to add more dual pistol
7733s legendary skins you just have to wait
7735s and see
7740s totally I have no idea where these guys
7742s are
7743s you know what that means though one of
7745s them is going to pop out and scare me in
7747s 0.2 seconds no I'm not ready for a scare
7751s yeah everyone just you know
7754s get ready
7758s I wonder if they circled all the way to
7759s the back
7763s I had pretty good sights on the West
7765s Side did not see any movement
7768s s
7770s uh Netherlands asking about term
7772s attributes very uncommon it's just about
7773s how complex or fancy or ornate they are
7776s uh it is not a tradable commodity
7779s um nor are they a thing that rolls
7780s randomly so
7784s I'm not sure if I I don't maybe they
7786s just dipped went to you know fishery or
7789s something
7791s do we want to stay around and grab the
7793s Bounty and then fishery or we could
7794s leave early
7797s try to catch them before Harry's like I
7799s need an extract
7801s I'm I'm down with whatever I'll follow
7802s you too yeah we almost got the Bounty
7805s of course that just you know lets them
7808s know we're coming
7810s we'll send Vai ahead of us to go okay
7813s bye I'm worried about you guys scanning
7815s and seeing three people like up your
7816s butt
7817s that's what I'm worried about is uh oh
7820s he's a chance I wasn't worried about
7822s that but now I am I I'm worried
7827s all right somebody tell me
7830s we're clear at the fort
7833s uh watch her traps as we leave I I need
7836s to know what happened
7837s this is this is why I personally want a
7840s 2d replay is because I need to know what
7843s happened to those it's all about right
7845s yeah so 2D replay we have talked about
7847s in the past that's something we continue
7848s to talk about what we don't have is a
7851s concrete date to put it on the road map
7852s so that's why we didn't bring it up in
7854s the roadmap video so we understand it
7857s every single person on the stream would
7860s absolutely love to have it and we will
7863s see when it fits in and we can predict
7865s uh its reliable delivery but right now
7868s it is not a promised feature
7871s I just want to know where people go oh
7874s for sure I mean this game has so many
7875s Mysteries like where were they why did
7878s they come here so late why weren't they
7879s at the bandage how did they get here so
7881s fast
7881s what on Earth was this person thinking I
7884s mean it won't tell us that I'm serious
7885s maybe we'll be able that'd be a heck of
7888s a 2d replay
7890s this is what I want that's what I want
7894s same for 3D replay
7896s um
7897s what happened
7899s Friendly Fire ready not me that was not
7901s me
7903s that was on the screen for a friendly
7906s fire red bear what did you do did you
7909s what did you hit it with
7911s a duster
7913s no maybe he was building a torch and it
7916s hit boil and then the oil like made its
7918s weight though maybe maybe I need a 2d
7923s replay right now yeah
7925s hey I almost died too okay
7931s it's okay
7934s I'm actually still working on shot
7935s experience
7938s so I'm about to prestige a Hound on the
7940s bridge sorry we're still making it
7945s it was an incident oh
7947s you killed was that Bounty team yeah it
7950s was a bounty I don't know if it was a
7951s solo or what but
7953s so single Bounty running for his life
7956s I've been shot
7958s I didn't pick up the Bounty somehow
7961s been shot with a couple of [ __ ] from 10
7962s years away almost with you
7967s Sparks pistol somebody
7970s here
7983s there's someone in fishery here right
7985s this is a solo
7988s how did that hit me
7991s yeah uh two in the kind of by the main
7994s building we're at the main building and
7996s then one more this white shirt yeah so
7998s I'm on the rail
8007s okay that was uh main team spark sniper
8010s they're all one team I think these three
8011s people okay
8019s there's two in the building still yep
8022s yep
8024s feeling still one in the little white
8028s issue we're pushing North and they're in
8030s the water
8033s yeah flu shots have a much longer range
8045s killed the little white
8056s no the front one oh I got shot from
8058s behind different groups coming in 74
8060s meter Sparks pistol from behind was not
8063s the two things aren't they yeah there is
8065s a lot of traffic in my damage history
8067s here it's just me and the characters
8069s skinnier in the roster screen I don't
8071s think they're any different looking uh
8073s there's new lighting yeah new Lighting
8075s in 112 it's much more dramatic in
8078s Shadows and all that yeah
8080s someone asked how my shotgun killed that
8082s guy at Ranger he'd already been smacked
8084s by the meat man and was already bleeding
8085s if you didn't see that and he got got by
8087s the water doubles like that guy
8089s fantastic me man that guy was very low
8091s by the time I shot him
8094s like that I didn't need to do a lot of
8097s damage let's be clear
8100s meet men in the water devil gave me that
8103s assist for sure
8108s but yeah yeah it has longer range but
8110s not not longer effective range well the
8113s fleshette says but not him I told you
8115s that's the fate of bad hand
8119s now I need crossbows well I'm not going
8121s to do that so pass
8125s still need the bornheim though
8132s will small dual hand crossbows ever be a
8135s thing
8136s I don't know
8139s um any challenges I can help you guys
8140s out with
8142s I still need to kill emulators with
8144s choke bombs because I'm incapable okay
8147s uh I am dealing damage with a bornheim
8150s and I need to destroy Cage's dog cage
8153s lanterns or chicken coop lanterns
8155s and I still need Gator traps of course
8159s we need two more Gator trips
8163s yeah I need all my gator traps now well
8166s some of the other legendary Hunters be
8168s brought back just like Devil's Advocate
8170s who knows
8173s toolboxes are smaller yes they are that
8175s is definitely true
8178s that's awesome true
8181s we will go ahead and start another
8183s giveaway so this is going to be held
8185s through our twitch Channel twitch.tv
8187s slash crytek you need to be followed to
8190s us at twitch.tv crytech and then you
8193s need to type in the keyword which is
8195s meat man and the giveaway prize for this
8198s one is a prescient night on any platform
8201s so this will be steam PlayStation and
8204s Xbox for this one
8206s if you happen to be watching on a
8208s different platform please jump over to
8210s twitch.tv crytek and join us over there
8213s for your chance to win a freshly at
8216s night we will pull winners after this
8218s match or maybe after two matches but you
8221s will still need to be in chat and
8222s watching to claim your prize
8225s good luck to everyone meet man one word
8228s somebody asked so one word
8231s I feel like the meat man have just been
8233s MVP so far in this stream so we got to
8236s give him a quick shout out I mean
8242s I say that there's been multiple times
8244s where I've been running away from if I
8245s gotten poisoned and then the meat man's
8247s like hey what's up everyone you wanna
8249s tussle
8251s my new best friend he says
8256s yeah I knew that guy was running away
8258s because the me man was chasing him like
8260s really hard
8267s I love getting chased by a meat man into
8269s another Meat Man ugh
8271s truly one of the worst occurrences
8278s I like your events oh thanks rock me too
8284s I finished every event personally
8286s I I'm gonna I'm gonna become the hunt OG
8289s now I was here for aunt's first event
8292s yeah see
8294s that that makes you OG not just OG
8296s Halloween
8298s 2020. first event
8303s thought in the lore that Meatheads were
8305s pregnant women no they're not they are
8307s babies
8308s it's worse it's
8312s much worse
8315s much much worse
8319s uh someone says only a one in 707 chance
8323s to win uh the odds are actually a little
8325s bit less than that as ever all of our
8327s viewers won't enter or maybe somebody
8328s might not follow
8330s um and we actually do get quite a bit of
8332s uh consid like double winners as far as
8335s people have won in a past stream and
8337s then one again we had already two today
8340s who had won like six months ago or so
8343s and had happened to get lucky again so
8346s um I know there are also people who have
8348s watched a lot of our Dev streams and not
8350s happen to win one but I don't think the
8352s odds are as bad as you might be thinking
8357s like it's not bad hand it's not yeah
8362s oh God
8364s I want to chat and I ran face first okay
8366s here's the test
8369s what are you testing
8371s testing Meathead explosive oh get him
8374s get him oh
8379s it worked so happy I guess
8384s Upon a Time
8386s uh West spawn Cracker Jack team has made
8389s the picks
8392s people coming in pushing from the West
8394s no visual yet
8397s in the bigger Barn
8399s they're coming into you guys yeah I
8401s think they're coming into the barn
8404s I'm all about that with the bomb
8407s they're on the roof
8409s that was uh
8412s right above you David one here
8422s put the explosive on his window he
8424s jumped out I got him tagged over there
8430s tagged once he's uh almost on my body
8433s with crossbow officer ah
8438s not good with this thing
8440s might have gone into heal yeah
8445s oh he tagged me in what
8448s crossbow kill yeah
8455s thank you the bushy tier three
8463s can you go for us
8466s you may be doing the same yep
8469s I'm worried about
8478s probably up there getting the rest the
8480s top of the stairs that was a false sink
8481s that I put down
8484s I still hear him to the right
8486s this guy's not up that's for sure
8490s is like
8493s still around David's body right now
8495s moving no outside
8498s sounds like two of them
8505s actual boss layer section
8514s so you just slice this guy on fire
8517s they took David's bomb lights in Boss
8519s into the boss room
8522s yeah they gave me the crossbow
8526s I can't believe I didn't set the guy on
8527s fire
8538s looking for a lantern really fast
8541s found him put this guy on fire they're
8543s camping
8544s no one down I think it might only be the
8548s one oh yeah
8549s yeah I thought it was too but I think
8551s they were just going up with my shotgun
8553s toward this other body yeah he's selling
8555s the ground we're getting
8556s here
8559s um I finished her off with a bornheim so
8562s maybe that gave you the hope so you're
8564s looking for I didn't know how much left
8565s you needed like a hundred
8569s my tagged as well with four times so
8571s hopefully that's all of it yeah
8577s good uh good job bye
8580s well played
8586s [Music]
8588s I think we each got one that's nice
8591s so nice sounds right
8594s is that a shot left from pitching yep oh
8597s that's bad my mom lean saying look in
8599s there
8601s oh my goodness
8606s yeah me and my shotgun are not liking it
8608s either
8610s were they at the bridge or yeah no I
8612s felt like they were up by the trees
8616s oh that was Bridge
8618s no please
8622s tagged again
8624s he's taken two damage by now
8628s I'll push on the bridge I'm pushing yeah
8630s because I got a shoddy
8634s I had to pull back the hill
8635s we've only seen this one he's on the
8638s left side down low
8639s grass white shirt oh he moved left I
8643s thought he moved right he's barely
8647s well could you stop shooting me through
8649s the fence no he may not
8653s he's a white shirt
8657s it's just him
8660s nah bornheim does nothing at that range
8662s honestly
8664s did he plays make a solo server with
8667s Bots uh not like a solo server but a um
8672s shooting range yes that's in the road
8674s map any plans are moving you guys
8676s haven't seen anyone else I only saw that
8678s white I only saw that guy
8681s what did he have is that Centennial
8684s yes
8686s yeah
8687s why stock pistols like Nagant or
8690s Scottville Precision can't be banned uh
8692s the weight and like how you hold it
8695s basically
8698s just as would be a lot more awkward and
8700s difficult
8703s I think he's up top let's see if I can
8705s get a rest
8707s will the new boss be more like Scrappy
8713s resilience gaming
8715s he is up top
8720s oh come on is that through the bridge
8723s too
8725s you got this way
8736s bed good try I can't with the bornheim I
8740s hate it
8743s they're not friends
8750s such
8755s [Music]
8762s I don't need flu [ __ ] anymore
8764s okay oh someone who was saying it Jet
8768s and I was responding
8772s didn't have it that time anyways
8775s yep
8776s just saying good for them oh yeah I mean
8779s I was pretty sure when that guy just oh
8782s finally I did in fact finish with the
8784s bornheim though I'm just so tired of it
8786s please I just want Gator traps that guy
8790s shot me when I was going to look for a
8791s gator trap in the water
8793s I was like oh there might be a gator
8794s trap over here and he shot me and I was
8795s like no please
8798s not like this
8802s I could Flex my 50 laurels
8819s do you guys have a preferred weapon to
8822s use full metal jacket on
8826s no yeah I don't tend to run it yeah me
8828s either I don't use it too often
8830s are there Footprints full of velocity
8833s just makes me even less accurate I think
8835s oh yeah for sure
8838s big confusion in my brain when anything
8842s changes the velocity of guns I've used
8844s for hundreds of hours
8846s you wear the questline screen is bugged
8847s for PlayStation yes
8850s hey guys just wondering why the team MMR
8851s isn't showing anymore it was taken off
8853s the lobby screen because it's not really
8855s you know
8856s helpful
8858s uh that was a pretty quick one so we'll
8861s continue running that same Meat Man
8864s giveaway for a pressure at night if you
8866s haven't entered
8867s great time to do it now oh my goodness
8869s someone said Martini Henry Ironside FMJ
8871s the slowest bullet known to man
8873s basically oh yeah I can't uh I will be
8878s right back
8879s uh system 28 and just Shea TV you're
8882s talking about private matches we did
8884s talk about custom lobbies being a thing
8885s we would look at after we do the back
8888s end upgrade uh we definitely want to
8890s have that capacity for people to spin up
8892s customer private lobbies to be able to
8894s play in the future but it is not on the
8896s current committed roadmap so more of a
8899s 2024 feature but a really good one
8903s yeah
8905s I just what's the point of putting FMJ
8907s on Long ammo anyway I I hardly ever
8910s think to myself wow if only my long ammo
8912s shoot through trees
8915s I don't have that feeling very often I
8918s hardly ever run long ammo but I do have
8919s a mos in this game
8922s I've been finding I get up here at the
8923s end of a Prestige and I wind up with
8925s maybe 10 or 12 000 and so I need to
8928s start spending more money like between
8930s 80 and 100 or I just wind up prestiging
8932s with wasted hundred dollars
8935s I didn't I didn't looked looked wow I
8938s didn't look how many dollars I had I
8940s haven't been concerned about it this
8941s whole Prestige though at the very
8942s beginning of the prestige I had
8945s insane hunt giveth so yeah that's good I
8949s didn't I haven't even considered money
8951s this Prestige so far ah back in the
8953s death cheat days let me tell you
8955s children truly yeah we had it made
8958s living in high cotton
8961s you could just keep running and not
8963s dying
8965s yeah
8967s I forgot what stamina was
8970s it was so good that fight was wild buzz
8973s if I had anything other than a bornheim
8975s I swear to God the
8978s bornheim I shot you twice and I was like
8981s he's taking two damage by now
8985s kill the hellhounds I haven't been doing
8986s that so I'll look through that sounds
8988s right in front of us yeah Kill Them All
8994s below 2K oh I'm not concerned but I have
8997s plenty of money
9000s me in the Winfield
9003s what up smack
9006s gun smack
9012s oh
9013s you got a saddle
9016s we got right here a saddlebag
9021s hey I would like to see animator and
9023s remember that I need to kill it with a
9025s trophy maybe seven days I will remember
9029s no problem I brought them I have them
9032s an emulator
9048s hey gunsmack we are doing well or we are
9052s good I don't know if I'd say we're doing
9053s well yeah we're not doing well in the
9055s game but that's super well on the Bayou
9057s today but you know
9059s spreading hope and cheer wherever we can
9061s in our personhood
9070s and a chair how many punches to kill a
9073s meat man more than I'm going to count
9075s yeah
9077s a lot
9091s comrade styling enjoying version 1.1
9095s glad you enjoy it
9099s still some rough edges for us to sand
9101s off but we'll uh get that straight
9102s shortly
9104s another emulator thank God I did it oh
9108s shoot we should go back to the water and
9109s see if there's a gator trap yeah
9115s emulator please you have to come to the
9117s show matter asking about difference
9119s between standard and wildcard for this
9121s update the difference is that wild cards
9123s are night every single time you go in
9125s will be a night time okay and the
9127s standard contract is a rotation of the
9129s daytime times of day including fog so
9133s it's not a free-for-all for snipers you
9134s can still wind up going in there with
9136s some limited visibility
9137s it's an experiment we're running to see
9139s the effect on the population when we
9141s give choices and also to evaluate uh
9144s what the opinions and sentiment on night
9146s maps are when you can go in knowing your
9148s Loadout is set for a nightmare
9158s okay out to him as well
9163s that was me that was me
9166s so far away I know I was like
9170s okay
9176s well the Wild Card contract cycle
9178s between weather conditions uh not
9179s currently
9181s it's nightmap right now right who knows
9183s what the wild card will end up doing who
9185s knows it can do it in the future uh and
9187s that's the kind of thing we would use it
9188s for is the when the game has
9190s non-standard rules or it feels like it
9192s deviates deviates off of what you might
9194s plan your Loadout on uh the wild cards
9197s would be an option to make things just a
9198s little different than standard so no be
9202s a lot of different things that we've put
9203s in wildcard experiments
9206s uh Shea TV is asking about the platform
9208s friends list
9209s um we talked about it earlier we have to
9211s do the back end rework that we're doing
9213s this year it's kind of like the custom
9215s lobbies in a first we do a back-end
9217s rework and then we consider the features
9219s that opens up to us like cross play
9222s friends or cross-platform friends lists
9225s and the uh but not this year
9230s someone asks is it just standard night
9232s or also it is standard night only for
9235s now though in the future we might rotate
9236s in like the Serpent's moon or other
9238s nighttime variants
9240s got all my standard for now
9245s finally got to this one so go in there
9248s with your player guns fuses and star
9250s shells and light it up like the Fourth
9252s of July
9254s is that prison
9258s there are a few things that hit the same
9259s as dragon's breath on a night map
9262s it's true
9263s very fun
9267s I just want to find a gator trap then
9269s I'm bailing you finished him later it's
9271s with Chuck's wife yes
9278s I also miss The Inferno
9282s I missed Inferno too
9284s I didn't miss it by the end of Devil's
9286s Moon so
9287s it's ready for us to you know see other
9289s people I don't get to play a lot of
9291s punts
9291s um begins
9294s so I missed it by the end
9299s Friday yeah inferno Friday was a thing
9303s finally found a gator crap
9308s whether we are examining other weathers
9311s that we can do this year so stay tuned
9313s for other
9316s things that can appear to change the
9318s maps again could be part of other wild
9320s cards that come in the updates we do
9322s this year nothing committed or announced
9324s yet
9326s okay get a long watery run here to look
9329s for a gator trap I got one oh you got it
9332s I'm done oh I'm gonna be on the act
9334s three
9336s I think there's people here
9337s fighting it
9340s oh my goodness I'm still not close
9342s enough yeah there's people here at
9343s Nichols yeah yeah yeah almost with you
9353s uh do you know if they're on the left or
9356s right side of the person
9363s we are splitting the matchmaking period
9364s we're super cognizant of that and it is
9366s exactly the experiment we're doing is to
9368s see the effect of wild card contract
9371s choice on the matchmaking pool and the
9373s resultant matches so we'll look for
9375s sentiment and we will look at data you
9377s might have just killed it make our
9379s choices based on both those things you
9381s tackle
9382s yeah I know watching the back balcony
9385s right now
9390s they're below here ice
9406s every once in a while he runs into fire
9409s and puts himself
9410s [Music]
9418s and then he puts himself out on the
9419s trophone which is also okay exactly
9422s a little bottle tree
9429s bottom side everything
9431s [Applause]
9441s they're below here for sure
9445s yeah they're on stairs
9448s maybe hari's below them I can be above
9450s them
9456s tagged him
9458s you're a guy by the Assassin he's almost
9461s done David
9466s [Applause]
9475s it's still red still red
9480s South Side yeah this one out of marwood
9488s yeah
9490s all right we gotta keep hitting the
9491s frame I'm with you they're pox chatting
9496s oh no he's on those boxes
9504s I hit the metal
9505s good try
9507s that guy's a tiny inspector came in
9511s clutch
9513s they think everyone's dead Violet
9515s they're down there I
9518s believe them I went to menu oh no no
9523s they bluffed you out of our group
9526s foreign
9566s Tech and watch for myself okay
9570s it'll be like I'm there
9574s don't expect him to turn that corner
9576s that best won't lie
9578s scared me it's fine
9580s well I died so
9583s I'll take the blame on that one probably
9585s because I because I wasn't there anymore
9587s not even in spirit
9589s truly didn't expect him to turn that uh
9596s uh could I get an extra invite when you
9599s get a second yeah
9604s said I had did headshots someone though
9606s so that was nice
9608s which was one of my challenges oh my God
9611s deal damage to an enemy Hunter using a
9613s variant of a bornheim again oh man
9617s how many I just will have to be my last
9620s run I got about 20ish minutes
9623s last one I don't have to use a
9626s bornheimer can just kill emulators and
9627s water Devils it's fine
9630s I'm definitely gonna see four emulators
9631s and two water devils in this match for
9635s sure definitely gonna see it get that
9637s Centennial shorty now
9642s 50 laurels
9644s a bunch of Rewards
9647s [Music]
9650s oh
9651s okay I was about to ready I sent it and
9655s then I was like wait a minute it's just
9657s gonna get erased by him showing up
9661s thank you for having me back in your
9663s party
9664s we'll allow it
9666s [Music]
9671s yeah the shared progression on
9672s challenges and quests is so good
9676s uh since this is our last one we should
9679s also pull some winner we'll pull some uh
9683s Meat Man winners right now so if you
9685s haven't gotten a chance to yet
9688s um go ahead and follow us at twitch.tv
9690s crytech type meet man in chat and you
9693s are entered for a prescient night DLC
9695s this is for any platform so Xbox and
9698s Playstation players feel free to enter
9700s this one
9702s and if we do call your name as a winner
9704s or you see the bot type your name in
9707s chat please give us a quick message and
9709s chat let us know you are watching and
9711s still hanging out with us so we can get
9712s you that code
9714s starting us off our first winner for
9717s Meek man is crates Z if you're in check
9720s let us know right see
9724s why I have so little money uh we have
9726s not extracted a single time today
9728s also I played badly last night as well
9731s so
9735s play Bad on Monday played bad yesterday
9739s playing not very well today you know
9743s just do be like that sometimes I think
9745s hunt needed to bring me down a peg after
9748s Saturday I think I had three or four
9750s eight kill games on Saturday
9753s I'm getting out with all four bounties
9755s multiple times so
9757s you should have known you should have
9759s not done as well so you could have
9760s spread it out I really think I just did
9763s two
9767s so congratulations hunt
9769s bring down my you know my ego and say no
9772s no no
9775s but I think you should announce the next
9777s one
9778s next one I don't know how to say this
9779s are you kidding me
9781s I don't know you've got I believe in you
9783s you just don't want to say it
9789s I'm waiting Ari I'm not doing it
9797s all right our next winner is
9800s he has Tech zero nine four three if
9803s you're in chat please give us a message
9809s they are in chat congratulations uh you
9813s will be getting a whisper from our
9815s accountant in just a second
9818s come on here again I don't know if
9820s that's good or bad
9824s next up is
9826s ratusarus if you're in chat give us a
9829s message
9831s I'm running towards the water to try and
9833s find my last Gator trip
9837s looks like our bot was just a little bit
9840s slow on that one let me take Ninja
9843s oh I didn't queue up my actually
9849s there ever be
9850s a bunch of bosses on the map
9854s not uh not something we've currently
9856s announced but I mean I would like that
9862s I'd love it yeah it's another it's part
9864s of the contract experiment because how
9865s many choices can we give
9870s all right
9874s [Music]
9876s Gator trap
9878s yes
9880s oh you didn't find one no no she's
9882s calling for it okay okay she's
9885s manifesting one yeah
9887s by running towards the water a little
9889s bit extra than I need to
9891s I mean there's not one over here I'm
9892s pretty comfortable
9894s uh pistol grip give me a little smack a
9900s little snack sounded like a packs
9902s yeah I think that's he was holding
9904s something like that yeah I think if I
9906s could only
9908s boss I would always
9912s always this is a last call for
9914s ratosaurus if you're in chat we gotta
9916s know you're still hanging out with us if
9918s you want this Prussian Knight DLC
9927s s
9931s but yes
9935s uh next winner is ashram 54. if you're
9939s around let us know we have an oppression
9941s I DLC with your name on it
9944s well near the wash all right like
9949s you know
9957s I see one
9959s [Music]
9963s next up is their pile 85.
9969s congratulations
9973s foreign
9977s got it
9979s nice thank you bye I know right
9983s yes the loot box is a smaller size
9985s you're correct if you've noticed that
9996s oh they are here nice
9999s what is the use of the game yes the
10002s questline
10003s so I gotta you know
10006s you gotta do it for my questline
10010s and I got my last one so I am very happy
10015s has won the giveaway the last one for
10019s right now yeah taking Wolf if you're in
10021s chat let us know
10025s and they are we had a bunch of questions
10031s uh if we have time after this match
10033s we'll still try to do one last dish
10035s giveaway so hang out with us until the
10038s end of the stream
10040s [Music]
10042s and thanks to everybody who entered our
10044s giveaways all day long hopefully some of
10047s you guys aren't happy with those coats
10049s you got you spawned on the wrong side of
10052s the map I am convinced yeah these Cuts
10055s have been brutal
10057s run the corners you know at least I
10060s finished my gator trap though so I'm so
10062s excited honestly I don't know why I'm
10064s looking at dark side anymore
10065s I got it
10068s what is the reward of the quest a lot
10071s there is some Early Access to new weapon
10074s variants some skins yeah
10078s some good times along the way
10083s did you guys hear that horse
10086s yeah out east
10090s sounded like still water
10092s these tours
10093s these Taurus
10095s why are you making such a noise I want
10097s now there's dogs
10100s give me the fights
10105s it's my uh that's my personal why I hunt
10108s Showdown you know
10109s uh anytime on the spectate bug on
10113s controller no timeline right now but it
10115s is priority number one to get
10120s um you can
10122s no I was just gonna say you can get
10123s around it by just using your cursor to
10126s click The Spectator button and not using
10127s the shortcut to spectate to prevent it
10130s from happening but we can only get that
10132s information out to so many people so
10134s goal number one is to get it yeah it'll
10137s be a hot fix with an immediate patch as
10139s soon as we have a solution it won't be
10141s waiting for anything else
10144s um
10146s DLC
10149s that was the one for meat man we are
10151s wrapped up with that one for right now
10153s we will have a new keyword and a new
10155s reward probably for the end of the
10157s Stream
10160s I'm assuming they are assaulting the
10163s compound
10166s did you see the full three or just ones
10171s butcher at Daryl oh my God I messed with
10175s this one
10187s oh and lighters
10194s [Music]
10197s you're on the other side of the compound
10198s over there
10200s just uh jumped into the little
10201s downstairs area
10205s right at the base of the gnarly Oak
10207s s
10213s Dynamite one uh yeah
10216s I choked I choked oh you guys are over
10219s there I see now
10224s attacked a red shirt outside
10226s oh
10229s two out of here
10231s Mountain man's out here too there are
10233s two teams
10235s from healing
10238s Mountain man's back inside
10241s tagged another
10243s yeah pull another team out here
10248s hello
10256s there's three in this back corner
10270s he's by this tree Fox chatter it's gonna
10273s pop up see inside or outside
10279s I hate when people pop up like this I'm
10281s so bad at it
10283s I got him a dynamite damage not killed
10286s there's another one just beyond him
10288s there yeah he ran backwards to his
10290s friend
10302s oh well
10304s that's gonna put out my Dynamite I'm so
10307s sorry
10308s they're back uh East Side East Side
10317s ran all the way around
10319s tagged
10321s oh man still inside the Wally's coming
10323s out the gate
10325s yeah
10326s he's in the corner oh he died right in
10328s front of me all done there's still more
10331s oh yeah there's a lot more
10333s one over here
10335s I gotta heal so I gotta angry me man
10342s looks like they went back into the
10344s compound maybe on that South Side
10346s I have a fire for this uh
10355s the tag attack
10365s I found someone inside the church by the
10367s way
10374s stop crying
10377s sir I'm I need help
10379s on the West Side yep
10385s they're on me
10388s thanks never mind dead
10391s one dead here it's the Bounty yep
10394s [Music]
10400s a terrible from the southwest side
10407s and then one over there
10410s he's watching though David
10414s oh
10415s really watch it this
10420s isn't that so one left one left it's the
10424s guy that I've already killed
10426s foreign
10432s maybe just hold back right now
10444s he healed behind this big thing he's in
10447s the down or nope just behind it
10454s whoever's up top on them
10457s I traded
10459s grab invite if you want to grab that
10462s phone got it
10468s um where's the other Bounty there that
10469s you said I have to start the boundary
10471s There is almost here Daryl's almost here
10474s oh boy
10477s there is uh resupply right here too
10481s just outside of the compound
10489s Mini
10491s I just heard him in the forest West
10501s oh this is Scrappy
10503s tagged once at the resupply
10509s try and back off
10512s yep pulling back going down low
10514s and download to see if I can get
10516s anything
10519s looks like he burned to death damn
10522s that is incredibly unfortunate for me
10524s I'm totally out of
10526s ammo yeah they're pushing on this corner
10528s where I am coming downstairs can you
10530s hear me Ari
10531s I have no heels
10538s two red barrels on the basement
10542s hello David
10545s ah sweet sweet health okay they're still
10548s holding that northwest corner right now
10550s they haven't come too deep into the
10551s compound
10557s Yep they're all in this corner
10560s hugging it
10567s bagged once
10571s there's three three oh yeah
10573s these explosive though
10576s carabiner
10581s Pretender and a weird sister I saw
10582s sometimes
10584s red shirt too
10587s it's bad I'm pulling the red shirt's
10589s attention
10590s might she switched to you
10593s thanks
10598s dad Nice kill Nice kill weird sisters
10601s nice
10603s who needs healing
10606s not me
10608s it's fine
10611s who needs more bullets not me I have
10614s three lefts
10615s in my entire gun that's it
10618s I don't know if I've ever gotten this
10619s one we're gonna end on an extract oh
10623s we're gonna end on a
10625s server
10627s four bounties okay I just need to not
10631s have a bornheim in my hand and it's fine
10636s I think it was the Centennial shorty
10639s even though I didn't kill anybody with
10640s it I just want to say having it here
10642s gave me the confidence to press up if
10645s the centennials already can show up for
10647s a day of work and you know be ready to
10649s go then what David had no fears that's
10652s right man it doesn't even have a whole
10654s Barrel or a whole stock he's working
10657s against a lot of setbacks my last Gator
10660s trip so hey oh my God and we have
10664s special stream I know the extract right
10666s here could it be like 27 seconds
10671s okay let's not get too cocky here
10683s so you better get here
10686s David's like I need these Monies
10690s after the day we had today
10698s well I didn't read chat at all in that
10701s last five minutes yeah yeah Victory clap
10705s last question when do you disable the
10707s reshade program uh we are discussing
10709s reshade and we are discussing other
10710s elements for third-party programs that
10713s change viewability of the map we don't
10715s have a definitive decision yet and we
10717s will get back to you all obviously when
10720s we come to a final answer on reshade
10725s so with that I will say thank you very
10728s much to re and bye for inviting me along
10731s thank you to the community for showing
10733s up
10734s it's been a good day we'll see you all
10736s out there in the bayous truly
10741s quickly so David can get out of here so
10743s thank you guys for being here we love
10746s being here uh we want to do more
10748s gameplay streams we really love doing
10749s them so thank you guys for being here
10752s and we are gonna go we're gonna do one
10756s more giveaway
10758s are we okay then let's I promise them I
10760s promise I gotta let David run then I do
10763s have to go to a lunch thank you very
10764s much bye
10766s and to wrap up the final giveaway the
10769s key word is Gonna Be by David all one
10772s word so everybody let's as a group say
10775s bye to David make sure you are following
10778s us on Twitch and type by David one word
10781s in chat we will pull winners in a few
10783s minutes like less than two minutes so
10785s get in your typing now if you're coming
10787s from Facebook YouTube steam anywhere
10789s else and you want your chance to win
10791s load up twitch go to twitch.tv slash
10793s crytek type by David and chat follow us
10795s and you'll be good to go this is going
10797s to be we can't see allrey's face
10799s correctly oh yeah I'm probably cut off
10802s because but I don't want to change it
10804s because I have it like set up perfectly
10806s so we're just gonna look at half of
10807s Ari's head and it's fine it's fine maybe
10808s just disable my camera and no no need
10811s for me right now
10813s all right fine
10815s uh this is gonna be for Fear the Reaper
10818s any platform you want
10820s another 30 seconds we're gonna start
10822s pulling winners
10828s [Music]
10833s everyone is so amazing for joining us
10836s today to show off update 1.12 showing
10839s off the new quest line new gator trap so
10843s much more I can get my new questline
10846s stuff
10847s oh
10849s okay
10850s how many do I need 10.
10852s pulling some winners boss
10857s use the Centennial easy first up is XX
10860s underscore Hazmat if you're in chat give
10863s us a message the quicker you guys
10864s respond when you're called as a winner
10866s the more codes we will give away
10868s let's do it
10871s did you make some good progress today on
10873s your uh
10874s your challenges your questline yeah I
10876s need two more stars my challenges and
10878s then I completed act two
10880s [Music]
10883s I'm also not gonna lie I'm I'm totally
10885s showing off right now but I had 10 kills
10888s in the last match so but you were
10890s killing it
10891s last match so that I could so that I
10894s could uh Flex a little bit what was the
10896s loadout I was using I was just using a
10899s Winfield regular Winfield M 1873 that's
10904s it
10904s it's going to be here here care about
10906s the quest lines me
10907s awesome responded has Matt responded
10916s if you're in chat
10918s um please give us a message we're going
10920s quick respond right when you can go go
10922s go go go go I'm reducing our slow mode
10925s 10 seconds you should be answering
10926s immediately go go foreign
10930s they're saying he's here I don't see I
10932s see him boom they are they are uh yeah
10935s all winners will get a whisper we're
10937s gonna whisper you
10939s uh cry Tech Channel asking you a few
10942s questions not me
10944s again is a past winner they won again so
10948s big congratulations next up pixel witch
10951s if you're an excellent Name pixel witch
10953s I love that
10956s I'm reading uh if you haven't received
10958s your code yet it's just because we've
10959s been busy in between matches I will get
10961s everybody their codes after the stream
10963s thank you for bearing with me Lund yes
10966s the answer is yes they can uh storm Hawk
10969s we would literally love to if we could
10971s we do not get money from these ads we
10973s just can't get rid of them twitch
10975s refuses to let us get rid of them
10977s it's very a pixel Witch is here and next
10979s up red panda one one one red panda
10985s red panda
10988s I truly wish I could get rid of the ads
10990s though storm Hawk I'm totally with you
10994s oh red panda nice let's go they're going
10997s so quick we're gonna they wanna beat our
11000s last record from last stream of how many
11002s keys we can give away uh correct shot
11004s that is purely circumstantial our bot
11007s does not care about Prime at all
11009s next up Supreme dictator forever that's
11012s a name uh if you're in chat give us a
11014s message uh yeah the bot doesn't care
11016s about uh follows how long or sorry it
11019s does care about follows but it doesn't
11020s care like how long you've been followed
11021s or prime or anything like that 50 I had
11023s to flex the 50 Laurels apparently and
11026s that's all I needed
11028s is that what you killed them all with
11030s yeah 50 Laurels yeah
11032s it's sad I got down to three bullets too
11033s and I was like oh who needs more bullets
11038s wilk202 one two two if you're in chat
11043s I'll get my treaties for next time while
11046s I let you do this
11048s they're going quick we're getting a lot
11050s of them out there I know
11052s cloak is with us
11055s and I already have our own repeaters so
11057s uh make sure to have us followed on
11061s twitch when you try to enter and maybe
11064s not a bad idea to throw on the little
11066s notification Bell if you like our
11068s gameplay streams want more chances to
11071s win later on and then we also do our Dev
11073s updates and other fun stuff on our
11075s crytek twitch
11076s next up uh
11078s selectual one if you're in chat that's
11082s none of that looks correct yeah I'm
11085s totally unknown
11087s but they got pinged by the bot so they
11089s should know who the hair boom they're
11091s here God look look at this and you
11093s should tell us how to pronounce your
11095s name too yeah because I have no idea
11097s what's going on there all right how many
11099s more we got
11100s uh let's as long as they're going quick
11102s I'll do up to five more if we're if
11105s we're going quick and we're looking for
11106s Simi uh or kaimi if you're in chat let
11110s us know
11113s up to five but if we go slow it might
11114s only be like two or three
11116s they're here
11119s boom all right next this is gonna be so
11121s much extra work after the stream but I
11123s don't care I want you guys to get extra
11124s codes next up
11127s uh Trixie B10 if you're in chat
11131s uh typing by David more often is not
11133s gonna get you extra giveaway chances but
11137s I love it here boom all the David love
11140s nice
11142s this is excellent
11151s next next next
11153s Trixie gotta grab
11158s [Music]
11161s all right uh Trixie has a whisper next
11163s up odd step odd step
11171s gonna break our streak
11173s don't break our streak as I'm getting to
11176s play more update 1.12 I'm getting very
11179s happy choosing my favorite legendaries
11182s and having them always selected on that
11184s web oh my God it's so nice yeah I agree
11186s it's amazing it's so nice that's like
11189s one of my favorite Parts I said that
11190s last night
11192s all right after odd step is Ogar
11195s underscore
11196s boom
11199s I'm gonna go back Lexing
11202s not that
11203s do do big Flex yeah
11206s yeah ogar's here let's go
11210s uh congratulations
11214s oh guys a pass winner too uh yes it's
11218s been quite a while since Ogar won so
11220s glad they got another one next and last
11222s one for right now Rebel is my name nice
11225s as hopefully as we're waiting for Rebel
11228s to give us a message don't forget that
11230s your questline has a limited time period
11233s so boot up update 1.12 jump on start
11237s working towards that questline
11238s progression don't you want those free
11241s legendaries
11244s all right and that is all of our winners
11247s for today thanks everybody for entering
11251s throughout the day let's go
11253s uh Vai do you know how long they have on
11255s this first quest line like 31 more days
11259s 31 more days 31 more days 14 hours 15
11262s minutes and zero three seconds boom you
11266s can see how much time
11268s yeah Ari scams on the stream I do it's
11270s uh it's all [ __ ] up because David left
11273s early and I I have it set up to where
11275s you know you both we both had to be
11277s there so it's fine you can see how long
11279s you have left on your questline in game
11281s we made a change so that your partner's
11284s progression also helps you so hopefully
11285s you will be blazing through this
11287s questline even faster than our last two
11289s uh thanks everybody for joining us today
11293s if you won you should have at least a
11295s single twitch whisper out to you uh
11297s might take me a second to get me your
11299s code but the quicker you answer the
11301s questions I sent the faster I can get
11302s those codes out to you guys
11304s stream schedule uh no we just kind of
11308s just kind of them you know that's that's
11310s really it there's really no set schedule
11312s sometimes it's on Wednesdays sometimes
11314s it's on Thursday sometimes it's on
11315s Monday we just kind of you know throw it
11317s in there how long is Billy going to be
11318s there there's no end date as you can see
11321s there might be in the future but uh if
11323s there is then
11325s we don't know what it is we'll give you
11327s a big heads up if an end date for Billy
11330s story ever does come around it would not
11331s be a bad idea though to try to complete
11334s it
11335s um as you can see we have new quest
11337s lines coming to the game you don't want
11339s to have that one chill in there while
11341s you want to work on different ones
11344s all right because you can only have so
11346s many little quests going at the same
11348s time
11350s thank you guys for being here we are
11352s gonna wrap it up now I already need to
11356s need to and
11358s so thank you guys for being here we
11360s really appreciate it we're hoping to do
11362s uh like I said more gameplay streams in
11365s the future
11366s so that'll be great and we really like
11369s hanging out with you guys uh as always
11371s you can talk in the Discord with your
11374s friends if uh make new friends and
11378s uh always contact support if you need to
11382s customer support on our website and yeah
11385s happy and check out 1.12 happy 1.12 to
11388s you all and Ward of the reptilian
11391s questline all right
11394s oh it's not 5K blood bonds cabal it's 5K
11397s dollars and if you've already done it
11399s you can't do it again this is just a
11401s like I've already linked my account this
11403s is just a visual bug
11404s but I've you can't do it twice so all
11407s right
11409s have fun everybody bye
11421s [Music]
11426s mm-hmm
11440s [Music]
11447s [Music]
11455s [Music]
11456s hat
11466s foreign
11475s [Music]
11483s [Music]
11499s [Music]
11510s mm-hmm
11515s [Music]

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