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1s [Music]
5s mm-hmm
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35s thank you
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74s foreign
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109s foreign
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140s thank you
145s foreign
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217s mm-hmm
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249s baby
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281s baby
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317s please
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418s mm-hmm
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422s ings
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438s amazing
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477s thank you
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509s foreign
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541s thank you
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567s [Music]
592s foreign
596s hello everybody and how is it going I
600s hope it's great I hope you're having a
602s good Wednesday
604s um we are here to Showcase as you can
607s see some biatata
611s um so first things first if you missed
615s it the update has been delayed update
617s 1.12
618s uh it has been delayed we found some
621s issues on test server if you were part
623s of test server I'm sure you know what
625s issues they were
627s um so 100 we want those to be fixed
631s before we pushed a lot that is first and
633s foremost absolutely our priority is that
637s there was a couple very big issues and
640s we do not want that to be on live server
642s so that is why the update was delayed we
645s are hoping to have some more info on
647s that soon there was a test server update
650s uh yesterday so if you haven't yet and
654s you want to
655s test it out it's a great time
658s get on it do it
660s uh
663s I'm Violet if you don't know me
665s I'm a community manager of live
667s operations I got this way Ari Community
670s manager of North America this way Jeremy
673s slash Nixa digital artist happy to have
676s everyone here and we're gonna hang out
680s yes also roadmap video If you haven't
683s seen it you should watch it if you what
686s are you doing if you haven't seen it
687s what are you doing have you had so much
689s info come on it is awesome uh and please
694s watch it it's really good if you have
697s questions on things that are in the
699s roadmap video
701s hopefully we can clear that up but I
703s think I am ready to game
708s let's do it
709s let's go
712s and I did say mad wasted say congrats on
715s one year thanks man
721s this is the gang exactly for sure the
724s Gang
729s new boss when uh this summer yep
732s that was in the roadmap video
737s why is it 9 36 uh 936 is basically the
740s best
741s kind of trade-off
743s in terms of other people watching
745s uh like on mobile or something plus a
749s bit rate upload
752s I know we all look alike get that beat
756s look at this braid look at this braid
758s it's glorious
760s I thought you were talking about our
762s video cameras and I quickly looked
764s through the stream and I was like I
765s don't think we look that much alike Oh I
767s thought you were talking about the
768s parade I was like who is a braid I could
771s Rock a braid I think I've had a Brayden
773s I don't care anymore to have a braid
775s it's
777s too short
779s I know I tried to put my hair my hair
781s the gym actually and I was like what's
783s even the point just just leave it down
785s it's no point even I need enough to get
789s a little a little bit tied up in the
791s back just so it's not falling in my hair
793s or in my face in your face yeah I just I
795s don't like that I just uh I just have it
797s in my face
799s unable to see yeah exactly like a um
803s that's something Benson I have in common
805s we're just like what up you bent and uh
809s pressure at night none of you guys can
811s see
816s seeing is overrated no crashes on this
819s test server let's go
821s yeah
823s I love that Izzy coming in old school
826s with his mod hoodie I see I haven't seen
829s that in a while mod hoodie let's go
834s it's comfy it's got the wrong I don't
836s have a hunt hoodie at all no this one's
839s got the right name on it it's the it's a
841s Zippo hoodie that's got the old man on
843s it okay
845s uh I was gonna say I thought you did but
847s I guess our little Christmas ones were
849s just below yeah they're pullovers they
851s don't they don't have a hood so I don't
853s I don't think they can be called a
854s hoodie you know
857s I mean they're very comfy and warm it's
859s surprisingly warm actually it's kind of
861s hard for me to wear like in my house
863s while I'm just chilling
865s because I like to be like a little hot
867s potato
868s I like to be cozy but it's a little too
871s much you know and I I have a blanket
873s that I sit here with
876s I hope everyone likes the fact that my
879s blanket is purple
880s and my name is violet
882s that's very meat by the way I do that
884s all the time
886s uh so yeah when did the roadmap video
889s come out uh two weeks ago right
892s two three weeks ago something like that
893s beginning of March
896s it's on our YouTube
900s um
900s I can get a command it's definitely
903s purple I promise
905s your name is purple no my name is violet
907s which is the same as purple
911s yeah two weeks ago off boom thank you
913s sir I got it
920s are you cry dark no I'm Violet on
923s Discord
924s I'm at the very top of the Discord and
927s it says violet
928s well I guess Ari's at the very top
930s because he's got that classic a name you
933s know a name a name
938s technically mod Mills at the very top
940s just just saying
942s oh you're right your mod male is at the
944s very top uh yeah we're all running the
946s same Loadout right now we're all running
948s beatata's slate
951s I I think that won't continue all day
953s because I don't I don't know about these
956s two but I'm not really a shotgun all day
959s kind of person but you know
960s Maybe
962s I never played Saigon actually so
966s see how it goes
970s shotgun but normally not like all day
972s one day you know
974s if anyone is looking for that roadmap
977s video featuring senior community manager
979s Rick and our general manager David you
983s can find it with that command in the
985s twitch chat if you're watching if you're
988s watching on a different platform uh just
990s head over to the hunt showed on YouTube
992s channel it should be like the third or
994s fourth fourth video that you can find
996s called developer update
1010s I would be an art to
1012s art team in question I don't
1015s know I don't like the Winfield silencer
1017s personally you know I don't uh I don't
1019s like the sight on it it's too big
1021s it's in my way
1024s how many devs are at crytek honestly I
1026s have no idea
1028s couldn't tell you
1031s enough that I don't even count everyone
1033s know everyone's name well it's not like
1036s everybody's at the office we can't go
1037s yeah I'm not even at the office you're a
1039s quick head count
1040s hey I can't walk around to desks
1044s yeah at least three for sure that is the
1047s perfect answer because it's definitely
1049s accurate at least three I would be
1052s pretty confident because we talked about
1053s the dev video I might go up to five you
1056s know yeah
1060s that that's the statement right there
1067s update win soon TM
1072s that's my favorite thing to say when
1073s people ask on Discord
1076s up the stairs
1078s [Applause]
1086s that's not a scary place to stick my
1087s hand off the mouse or anything
1089s but my face itched I've not been hearing
1092s much this round
1093s any hints you can give us about the new
1095s map
1096s no hint
1099s except for
1101s that it
1104s uh
1106s less of a hint and more of just pure
1109s information yeah
1111s pretty much
1113s um a hint is that our map team is
1116s working very hard on it
1119s as with the Sal and the previous Maps uh
1123s we do not just want to release something
1125s that is unfinished so it goes through a
1127s lot of testing a lot of Polish exactly
1130s makes it worth playing for you know some
1133s time to come
1135s duckies
1137s not your duckies I assume not my duckies
1140s I do like duckies though I do like
1141s duckies
1145s do you have a preference between duckies
1146s or gooses
1148s I mean does doesn't everyone prefer
1150s duckies no I'm gonna I'll go goose I
1153s respect the Canada goose are our geese
1157s like really mean yeah I mean that's what
1159s I respect about them
1161s bloodline XP for uh bye
1163s [Applause]
1171s Izzy do you need bloodline XP
1173s no I'm okay thank you I can't uh I can't
1176s play on consoles because I don't have a
1180s console currently at this stage of my
1182s life
1183s I still have a Game Boy do you think we
1185s could uh get a quick update over there I
1187s have a GameCube does that count that's
1190s my favorite console actually to advance
1194s I don't know if people talk about how
1195s the GameCube was actually revolutionary
1197s and I just feel like more people should
1199s talk about that I'm just saying yeah why
1201s don't more consoles have a handle
1208s will we ever get snow
1210s I mean good question
1214s we don't know unfortunately no one here
1217s is on the level design team but uh I
1219s don't think it snows much in the bayou
1221s yeah I don't think Louisiana gets too
1223s much speaking is someone from the south
1226s it doesn't snow much
1228s oh I see fellow GameCube enjoyers in
1230s chat let's go thank you even if it did
1233s snow in the bayou I think all contracts
1235s would be put on hold you know yeah
1243s the plows by the way in the South it's
1246s pretty sad even the grunts they're
1248s they're not even coming out yeah the
1249s grunts would uh stay in the little Huts
1251s you know
1253s for sure
1257s I I haven't even gotten to fire my slate
1259s yet I guess and I'm a little sad
1261s I haven't got an issue any weapons
1263s oh
1265s I shot it on the armored earlier so I
1268s got I got that going for me I hear some
1271s [ __ ] over here
1275s sounds like it might be all three of
1278s them close to me
1280s that frag was actually very close
1289s I killed one whoa good job were they
1292s right on top of you yeah
1299s yeah because you got two killed another
1300s one
1304s trying to push up a guy
1308s attacked
1309s it's a kill bar yep
1314s I'm gonna make a bad choice and go
1316s through the water I'm trying to cover
1317s you oh
1320s he's getting shot from the compound I'm
1322s not covering you right now bye
1324s it's fine
1327s oh nice shot
1330s spitfired me
1333s all right I'm gonna mute
1337s oh no we got more behind us in the chat
1340s got drops nope
1342s no drops was he oh yeah
1351s I'm not a fan yes Northeast he's right
1354s across the final sold out insanely fast
1358s like
1371s no promises but we have suggested
1373s another printing uh based on how quickly
1377s you know everything sold out so
1380s here's Hopi I'm not sure the best way to
1383s get out of this situation
1384s I'm always a good res
1387s I think it's safer yes I played RS4 on
1391s GameCube as well okay uh there is one
1394s guy back there but there's a whole team
1397s um
1401s it is not today it's been delayed
1404s there's one guy back here
1407s I am from the south very close uh and I
1410s can say that did not happen when we got
1412s snow uh things would be canceled
1414s immediately
1415s [Applause]
1416s yeah you guys
1420s watch that would be really cool
1423s let's go always a good risk
1426s wakey wakey
1428s I wonder if this guy rotated to try to
1429s get his teammates
1431s and he walked that way last time I saw
1434s him okay
1436s so I think let's try to hold those
1438s bodies huh
1441s I reload my gun against oh or we could
1444s just ditch this try to go get Scrappy
1446s quick I think a lot of the teams have
1448s pulled away from the compound itself one
1450s of my dead bodies is over there yeah
1452s that's what I'm going to right now
1454s um I have a sticky
1457s yeah that's what I just I looted one
1462s that's why this dead body's still here
1464s yeah go for that I'm gonna burn this
1467s person real quick
1471s let's steal it everyone's excited that
1475s NYX is on stream today as am I
1479s five
1485s [Music]
1486s guys
1487s [Applause]
1490s this will probably bring everybody's
1492s attention back
1494s getting by healthy again
1504s the shots are yeah almost all the way at
1508s Lawson at this point
1510s still clear
1515s there will be no explosive crossbow
1518s I know they're shaming you I don't wanna
1522s no explosive crossbow
1525s I don't wanna
1527s this is live servers but 1.5 is still on
1530s test servers but we are on live zones
1536s just like the new DLC
1538s if I could only have one of the shots
1540s which would it be oh it would 100 be
1542s this damn shot I feel like I watch for
1544s Barrel sweatshirt oh my God you're gonna
1547s get me killed
1549s we should save the banish until after
1551s Ari kills me
1555s classic artery traps
1560s because I was laughing at jet do you get
1562s a little bummed if you have to play with
1563s certain co-workers who aren't as good at
1565s playing Hunt No oh gosh uh guys straight
1568s west
1569s I'm good
1571s uh almost in the compound he was at the
1573s the fence to the West
1576s they're in the compound now I think
1584s right here
1591s let me know if you're asking you I'm in
1593s my money
1600s traded
1602s wow I really navigated that pretty good
1605s I killed one
1606s you should be able to get the Roses
1612s oh I got to say it do you hear someone
1613s though
1617s we're wall banging the left to crouch
1618s through dude come in
1626s uh yeah I'm sorry
1629s Farm the homies
1638s [Music]
1640s damn dang he's trying to get back in the
1642s building
1644s good try good try good try they're on it
1647s with those uh fence wall bangs
1652s I gotta move my stuff
1655s uh are the keys being given for the skin
1657s or for the key we're gonna we're gonna
1659s do some keys for those skins that you'll
1662s see
1669s I don't know what this means I like
1670s being able to look at the background of
1672s everyone's dreams
1674s oh like our house
1678s I was really thinking the game and I was
1680s like
1682s huh
1684s what
1690s oh I got Frontiers man okay okay
1694s this is a pretty good warm-up guys I
1696s think that was a pretty good one
1698s five kills yeah
1700s for a warm-up you know
1712s waxy I guess come on bad hand
1715s no Wayne field oh okay this is what I
1718s was gonna ask during the last game but
1720s we were in the fight so I forgot uh
1724s Nixa did you work on
1726s this video
1729s yes sorry yeah I did the gameplay nice
1734s cinematics were by Dennis nicely done
1737s this one was really intense
1740s for sure yeah this was a this was an
1743s intense uh trailer video
1746s a different Dennis than everybody that
1748s most people know right
1752s yeah yeah
1758s definitely you could see people being
1760s like wait Dennis is doing that yeah
1762s Dennis actually does everything
1765s yeah yeah we're actually all three just
1767s Dennis
1768s um yeah he's playing all of our
1770s characters we're just here yeah on the
1772s camera
1773s yeah the late that the latest
1776s video was super intense uh
1782s so I did want to ask
1786s hey yeah we're all Dennis actually
1787s that's a secret
1790s we should uh fix all of our titles so I
1792s should say like violet and then Dash and
1795s then your title is just Dennis
1797s the overlay on Steam states that there's
1800s drops today
1802s overlay on Steam oh what
1806s uh the the little extra on the sides let
1810s me uh on the sides there's uh two little
1814s graphic assets that can show up on the
1817s left and the right there should not be
1818s the twitch drops one but they might have
1820s gotten changed no way
1824s wow good catch I don't know how to
1828s change this do you know how to change
1829s these
1830s depends unaware
1832s they're getting pulled from but I can
1834s try to override them at least a little
1836s bit yeah I've never never
1839s I've never had to change these before
1842s um sorry to anyone we don't have drops
1844s actually going on right now
1846s um good catch though yeah
1854s are Keys available for console so we
1857s don't have keys for biatata for console
1860s yet
1861s um but I think we'll probably do some
1863s giveaways for console for older keys so
1867s that we can still do that uh but we
1869s don't we haven't received the beata keys
1872s yet
1873s when is 12 coming when wow when is 1.12
1877s coming out
1879s soon Tia
1883s thank you Johan Showdown for making the
1884s greatest game I've ever owned oh thanks
1887s it's very sweet
1890s um so it should hopefully be updated on
1893s Steam
1894s um it might take a while for it to go
1896s through though I'm sorry about that
1898s confusion
1899s yeah um Nixa where cat very important
1903s tell us about cat she's sleeping on my
1905s gaming PC so she's she's not available
1908s right now ballistic I'm sorry keeping it
1911s nice and warm exactly where you want
1913s your gaming to PC to be at well I think
1916s the gaming PC is keeping her a warm
1922s a good question later
1925s uh what is Jeremy's favorite creation he
1927s made yeah
1930s oh that's a rough one because
1933s um
1935s I'm still learning a lot but probably
1937s that's Harold because it's the first DLC
1940s video I did
1942s that's one of my favorites it sounds
1943s really good too yeah it could be a lot
1945s better now with what I've learned so far
1948s but it's still it's a really awesome
1950s character and I love her backstory yeah
1953s she's really good
1956s why do you love her backstory it's so
1958s sad
1959s yeah it was just awesome to make a video
1962s about it yeah it can be good without
1964s being happy
1966s okay yeah yeah
1969s Ari
1970s this guy I'm just a happy boy
1977s uh we don't know if the plague doctor or
1979s the Native Americans will ever come back
1983s that has uh not been announced I know a
1985s lot of people want it but uh currently
1989s no like information on when or if they
1992s will ever come back
1995s oof someone brought out the fighting
1997s words she's the coolest female hunter in
2000s the game oh
2001s fighting words right there
2005s I don't know
2007s I think she's out there but
2009s I don't know about the very coolest
2016s uh Ian someone has stated that Sophia is
2019s the coolest female hunter in the game
2022s and
2024s I now I think she's up there
2026s I love Sophia but
2028s my girl felis
2030s huh huh I don't know I would say uh
2033s Kane's probably the coolest because he's
2035s wearing the least amount of clothes so
2036s he's probably he's really so I guess
2039s okay canes irrelevant to this
2041s conversation
2046s we have a skeleton Hunter I mean I think
2048s the Reapers kind of got like
2051s you know he's got like a skeleton mask
2053s yeah I I love the private eye too
2060s this is tough both the detectives are
2062s Primo and a great combination if you're
2065s playing Duos
2067s they're a really really fun uh Duo I
2070s think yeah the Exile is so good
2073s I love her so much I wish I saw more
2076s people running the the trio of the
2079s Wolves as they're you know I feel like
2081s I've really seen very many people run
2083s the trio of wolves basically ever maybe
2086s like right when they came out
2088s you got a quarter
2091s yeah yeah I see them individually but I
2094s I don't feel like I see them all
2096s together uh normally
2098s but I do feel like I see the detectives
2100s together quite a bit and that makes my
2103s heart Happy personally
2106s you could also throw Sheriff Hardin in
2108s with the detectives to get the trio
2110s experience it's not like quite as good
2112s as the Wolves but it's it's close no
2114s Sheriff Hardin goes with Marshall Brewer
2117s oh no I know art all right you're you're
2121s this is crazy talk right now
2124s also didn't you see the detective's
2126s video the detectives are against Sheriff
2129s Hardin come on Ari
2135s no they're they're on opposing sides
2140s oh this guy come on guys someone has a
2144s combination Marshall Brewer Sheriff
2146s Hardin and red shirt
2151s to the right I guess yeah he's just like
2153s hanging I guess he's looking for
2155s protection yeah I could see the
2157s Gunslinger going with the detectives
2159s that makes more sense to me
2162s well this is going to be with Ford
2163s Bolden by the way
2165s no they're shooting at him they don't
2166s save his life
2171s Sophia Felix the pressure are also good
2181s red shirt's Just A vibe yeah true yeah I
2184s could see that accurate
2186s where can I see this there comes you can
2189s uh read the patch notes for test on the
2194s test server is the update coming out on
2196s consoles as well all of our updates do
2198s come out on
2199s the the update has not come to piece PC
2202s live or consoles yet though
2205s too many good skins so true
2207s sometimes console updates can be
2209s slightly delayed based off of uh
2212s the verification process but we try to
2215s get them lost at the same time not on
2217s either though so don't worry correct we
2219s haven't missed out you're not missing
2220s out
2222s we're all waiting for the sweet sweet
2223s 1.12 update shout out for Lulu as well
2226s true true accurate who is the most
2229s huggable legendary hunter and why is it
2232s the Mountain Man a Grizzly suggests ooh
2235s you know what he's got to be right there
2237s for sure
2238s I've never ranked the legendaries by hug
2241s ability I feel like maybe we should have
2243s we should have been doing them and uh I
2246s think I might have to talk to our sales
2249s team and see if we can get huggable
2252s bundle I and now I need to think about
2254s it I know there's so straight up I need
2257s to consider this this is new information
2259s that I've never considered and I I need
2260s to I'm thinking about clothing texture
2262s I'm thinking about how good would their
2265s personality be as a hug you know because
2267s they could be really fluffy but if
2268s they're not given a quality hug back
2270s true you know is it even worth it
2274s yeah I I was like Clark has gone around
2276s here
2277s everyone who needs needs a hug but also
2279s how
2282s like Kane
2286s yeah I don't think Jane would give a hug
2288s back and I don't think he would take a
2290s hug either he's just like brought him of
2291s the hug Barrel
2295s can we go back to the main menu I gotta
2297s I gotta look through our legendaries
2300s uh black coat would be nice and soft but
2302s he I don't think I don't think he'd want
2303s the hook you know he's not he's not
2306s giving the effort back he doesn't care I
2308s think daughter of Decay would give you a
2310s hug back but it should be really Pokey
2312s she's got all the sticks you know like I
2314s don't know about that
2315s she would be maybe two into the hook
2317s yeah yeah awesome problem shoot any
2320s connection okay
2322s I think she might be too into the hug I
2324s think that's a good point
2330s okay well it's not here so just so
2333s everyone knows
2336s yeah the Beast Hunter would be very
2337s uncomfortable for sure
2340s oh it's a prison
2343s like I said
2346s 100
2349s unfortunately I feel like a lot of our
2352s legendaries would not be good hookers no
2354s or they just wouldn't want to hug you
2356s you know yeah oh the archaeologist oh
2361s that would be a good hug I think for
2363s sure
2365s the researcher I feel like not as good
2367s but still it's so good so cool yeah
2370s still they they would want someone
2373s brought up plushies and I agree we need
2376s plushies I've been saying it don't worry
2378s oh number one hugger is stalker Beetle
2381s they give Kevin no Kevin would give a
2383s good hug come on best hardest hugs the
2386s Witch Hunter I think would also give a
2388s good hug
2391s about them
2393s oh I said Clark has gone around there
2396s big arms
2401s Kevin needs the hug the most
2405s accurate
2414s um re may or may not be setting gun
2415s traps and may or may not um I mean
2418s Oliver
2420s 12. Goodbye Girl
2424s oh yeah they're all Barrel trapped dizzy
2427s what Oh I thought you were blowing up
2429s the barrel it was Violet no I blew up a
2431s barrel that I was next to because I
2433s didn't want it there and I didn't want
2434s you to grab it because that's how I die
2438s oh my God I thought you were shooting at
2440s a person
2443s accurate
2454s uh the new patch is not out yet
2458s I've missed something that someone said
2462s it's common to extract free with the
2464s Bounty even with full server
2467s I would not say that is uh my experience
2469s at all
2472s I hardly ever extract oh are we going
2474s right across
2477s are you going to the fish let's go to
2479s the fish
2480s died I feel like the fish is uh really
2483s good with shotguns
2485s if we can get into the compound yeah I
2488s think witch hunter would take a hug for
2489s sure
2491s No Way Monroe and Kane are bottom of the
2495s barrel
2497s yeah Monroe would never take a hug I
2499s think it's stabbed
2500s yeah
2502s good hug you with his little piece of
2504s glass it doesn't seem very safe to hug
2507s though not safe for you
2510s no will 112 be out by the time the
2512s stream is over no
2514s by the time the stream is over 112 won't
2517s be out at all today I saw a Reaper
2522s in there uh Reaper I'm putting him
2525s pretty low that's like deep here
2536s uh further right
2538s I don't think they yeah not in the
2540s contract maybe at the little houses on
2542s the right hand side
2548s unless
2551s I think the people on the right of the
2553s compound might be a new team
2562s damn uh I tagged him he's low
2565s uh reptilian he has an explosive
2567s crossbow
2568s outside the door he's low
2572s nice I'm good
2576s oh The Reptilian would be a
2579s stinky one oh I need you to take the
2581s bees thank you
2583s doing a quick uh Loot and then I can
2586s burn this Ripple
2591s come on
2596s let's tag
2599s got him nice nice cleanup that could
2602s have been the end of this team that was
2604s just hanging out on the right we can
2605s hear another person though
2612s I thought I did maybe I'm crazy uh would
2615s someone like to come loot this reptilian
2617s before I burn
2619s can I take his explosive crossbow heck
2623s yeah
2624s where's that burn right there
2626s really bad at it but
2630s it's not another burn for next person
2638s I just got a break
2643s and then there's the guy in here that I
2646s killed
2646s there's a burn right next to him I got
2648s it
2649s after someone loops
2658s okay
2662s yeah I feel like reptilian would be
2663s stinky
2664s this could be a stinky hug stinky scaly
2667s you know maybe moist not what I'm
2670s looking for in a hug can someone write
2672s why there is a delay for the patch oh we
2674s already did actually uh be an update
2677s yeah on most platforms maybe early
2680s yesterday I think is maybe when it came
2682s out
2682s um if you check uh Twitter Discord or
2685s Clara
2686s nice
2688s back to prison
2690s yeah
2691s I'm gonna grab this one
2694s pretty sure we'll have some people
2695s waiting on us there
2700s I'm hoping
2705s I think maybe that was just one team
2706s really spread out
2709s one we haven't covered yet actually I'd
2712s rank on it good hugger but after
2714s watching the video
2717s I think she might just stab you as well
2720s like Monroe I I wouldn't have said that
2723s prior to the video but after watching
2725s the video I'm now concerned for my life
2727s we'll like make sure you wear eye
2728s protection yeah
2731s yeah Monroe it's not even worth the risk
2733s of stabbing oh no nobody here maybe
2736s nobody here nope
2741s uh there is not a date yet for 1.12. oh
2745s your own is there that would be good
2748s all right I guess we go to Fort Bolton
2750s to get out of here I was thinking
2752s Billy's story but I think he gives off
2753s similar black go Vibes where it would be
2756s nice oh my God
2763s hey Elixir extracting
2766s I've lost a bar
2769s another one
2773s there's people out there
2776s no gifts wow
2784s yeah I want all the plushies of all
2787s types
2788s what was that
2790s uh trap
2798s nobody ahead of me
2803s still clear back here too
2812s that's just like an old tier one true
2817s oh so true
2822s have there ever been discussed about
2823s fire arrows so I think it's been
2825s discussed
2826s but you know currently not in the game
2829s so
2831s take that as you will
2833s be gone
2836s I think she'd hug you
2840s maybe we should just start with a list
2842s of legendary Hunters who would hug you
2844s oh yeah that list might only be
2847s somewhere around 10. yeah
2849s wood hug
2851s that's for sure
2854s um if you're having empty matches on
2856s Console I would make sure you have cross
2859s play on
2860s on and uh also make sure you have a
2864s primary and a secondary region that is
2867s what I have heard from our console
2869s contributors in the official Discord and
2872s they say that that is what works for
2875s them but they don't really have problems
2877s with empty mattress
2880s what's your time of day has a big impact
2882s yeah based off of what you're doing the
2885s same on PC right like yeah three in the
2887s morning is not Peak
2890s hours for sure
2895s that was unexpected I'm not gonna lie
2899s yeah the mountain man
2903s that one exclusive crossbow got me down
2906s to like 10 now
2908s explosive crossbow is scary
2913s I always feels better at it
2919s I just noticed my uh Necromancer shirt
2922s it matches very well with my big skull
2924s poster nice it does actually I think we
2927s have a merch link uh I think we made
2930s that yeah nice yeah let's be clear I had
2933s no part in that I'm sorry if you want to
2936s get your own Necromancer shirt I think
2939s they should still be available in most
2940s Amazon stores the only other team
2947s yeah
2949s it tricked to me I was like oh there's
2952s people over there
2954s I've been tricked
2957s Bamboozled keep my frag and get this
2964s uh-huh
2966s conduits
2975s that gives me a light foot
2978s all right I'm ready
2980s uh I'm gonna use a restroom while we're
2982s ready up but I
2984s I'm ready I think hang on
2987s yes got all my treats got my bars back
2990s very important sometimes I forget all
2992s right I am ready but I'm using restroom
2994s BRB
2995s I gotta buy some treats I almost tried
2997s to do them
3001s I don't I don't want to take longer than
3004s you you have a reputation so I have a
3006s reputation of being slow there we go if
3009s it makes you feel better every
3010s reputation about being slow uh in all
3012s facets of life so
3018s all right
3020s I'll keep that in mind
3025s don't you forget it
3041s we ready
3044s thank you
3051s is Spirited a friendly drunk I feel like
3054s in the trailer he does not seem friendly
3059s no I don't think he's not friendly
3071s oh we can look at legendaries right now
3073s though oh no dang it matchmaking
3083s it was certain thank you for pinning
3086s that comment and reiterating about 1.12
3093s hello uh goat machine thanks for hanging
3096s out with us
3103s sounds like we have a severe lack of
3105s wholesome Hunters unfortunately you
3107s might be right um I don't think the
3109s Bayou produces many wholesome Hunters
3112s that last for very long I think is the
3113s big problem a lot of the tier ones I
3116s think would be very wholesome so maybe
3118s those should be are hugging partners
3124s that's probably
3126s yeah by the time you're tier two I think
3128s all your hugs are gone
3135s I love this place
3143s shooting down to windy
3148s you guys come across some gun oil just
3150s let me know oh you got oh yeah oh the
3153s Costco looking dirty I got dirty in a
3156s gun as well unfortunately
3158s I don't find a nice dirty gun
3168s uh yes
3171s someone's asking what's beata it's uh
3174s our newest DLC you can see all three of
3177s us playing her right now and uh using
3180s multiple of her legendaries that come
3182s uh she is out on all consoles and you
3185s can go pick her up if you like what you
3187s see
3189s uh yes
3192s we're on round I don't know how to say
3194s your name I'm sorry uh weapon inspect is
3197s definitely something we talked about so
3199s may or may not come in the future but
3201s it's definitely something that Ari and I
3205s have
3206s passed on you know seeing the
3209s suggestions from the community so I'm
3211s going to leave oh
3215s [Applause]
3217s yeah
3218s no sir do not attack me
3227s nice sorry
3230s uh the roadmap video
3232s yeah
3233s yeah if you want
3235s uh if you want some more you know
3237s in-depth info on kind of what's coming
3240s to on Showdown what kind of plans we
3242s have that video is a great place to
3244s start we go over a lot of topics
3254s why are you already at Arden yeah yeah
3256s she didn't even attempt to go to prison
3260s why would I
3263s foreign
3288s my God there's a red barrel and I got
3290s scared even though you're nowhere near
3291s me
3292s there's a solid 30 chance that I
3295s detoured at the beginning just to place
3297s red barrels over there would have
3298s terrified me
3303s uh mix I actually used to think that's
3306s how legendary Hunters work where like
3307s they had like a special perk associated
3309s with them they don't but I I used to
3312s think that
3313s would be pretty cool but I could see
3315s some perks you know like doctor just
3318s everybody using that legendary Hunter
3320s over and over again
3324s really have a particular interest in
3327s scope glitch personally
3330s I don't think I'd be too upset if it
3332s ever entered the game but I don't think
3333s I'd be excited for it either if that
3336s makes sense I don't really care
3338s is it I I know some people might not
3342s be as uh used to it but a lot of the
3345s time with a long range scoped weapon I
3347s feel like it can kind of tell where it's
3349s coming from just from The Sound I think
3351s yeah there was a big shot east of me
3356s gangster I think for Marvin
3360s oh my God we want to do Lawson and try
3361s and get these people
3363s attack us perhaps I they might have been
3366s shooting at me but I was fighting
3367s through like two or three AI at the time
3370s and then took cover so oh no not the AI
3374s [Music]
3376s I saw something I wanted to respond to
3377s and then I missed it oh yeah uh the
3380s custom obvious thing yeah so that's on
3382s the roadmap video
3386s again
3388s yeah on the road again
3391s just can't wait to get on the road again
3394s good job Izzy I didn't I didn't think
3396s anybody was gonna catch that but you're
3398s really an awesome man
3400s oh no they're still shooting at me uh is
3403s there any Med kit around uh station
3412s all right
3416s also now I might die here too closely no
3419s no no no no
3422s Sparks see bye bye's gonna die
3427s if one of these
3452s oh Izzy why are you so far outside
3456s oh my gosh I just healed I just found it
3459s because because I have a crossbow that's
3461s why I'm so proud
3467s this is my first shot I hit the pole
3468s that one there's one right next to us
3471s yeah I hit the pole
3478s oh you got doctor that's nice
3481s I'm gonna be on fire
3484s wow you're right there dude there's one
3486s really far away Jesus there's one like
3489s on top of Ari yeah one back
3492s yeah you're gonna be on him you're gonna
3494s be on
3495s I didn't even see him going around that
3497s corner
3500s he's running up on Ari tag them nice
3503s thank you
3506s bro bro tracks
3511s thank you
3512s that's what the guy sniping was really
3515s far away all right let's burn them
3518s loot up that uh like doctor real quick
3520s oh I got a Bernard I got one as well
3537s you're good you're good you're good
3540s I'll just run into this choke
3543s he's by the White House by the little
3545s tunnel thingy okay
3553s on the Earth
3558s I had to find a group
3564s attacked
3566s I'm coming
3570s I don't see him he just healed White
3572s House
3573s dang
3582s he is Sparks chain pistol he's just
3584s trying to hit you with Sparks and then
3585s fan you
3594s I cannot believe this
3603s is it reloading
3605s see him I can't see him through the
3606s cracks
3608s I don't know how I missed the first one
3612s after I tagged him with the
3613s whatchamacallit good try good try what's
3616s it called Scott Field
3627s can we get skulls on the HUD as an
3629s indicator of the people we kill uh I
3631s don't think they ever want to give
3633s confirmation that someone is still dead
3634s no I think the I think the most is uh
3637s this is the noise right yeah I think
3640s seeing the body is like a requirement
3642s basically
3645s that's one of the the same reasons one
3648s of the many reasons there's no like kill
3649s feed or anything right yeah
3651s you'd immediately be able to tell when
3653s you got a killer when you did it and
3656s that'd be less fun
3663s I'll bring Steve
3667s I'll do a dark tribute as well
3671s um traps
3675s okay XP I'll take that
3678s do you guys have a preferred pistol to
3681s fan
3683s probably the regular conversion or the
3686s packs
3690s sorry was uh do you have a preferred
3693s pistol to Fan because uh
3697s I don't I don't ever find anything but I
3701s think maybe if I do I will bring a
3703s silence in the gun okay different
3706s approaches yeah
3708s oh we got
3710s regular conversion and chat we have a
3712s mosquito the silenced uh negot just like
3715s Izzy said
3716s someone says are we getting back the
3717s spark desk for when someone leaves their
3719s corpse no that was a event specific
3723s so
3724s um
3725s probably will not be
3728s in the regular game
3730s but
3733s chain pistol because I'm dead
3735s well the new quest lines be delayed
3737s until 1.12 release yes they must because
3739s they're part of 1.12 they're not in the
3742s game
3743s how many times have you teamed up with
3744s another team
3747s um in 1700 hours probably like three
3752s maybe maybe a little more than that but
3755s I feel like normally Bayou diplomacy
3758s goes sideways
3760s I would say early on in Hunt's life I
3762s think it came up a little bit more
3765s everyone was kind of scared all the time
3769s but as more and more time got put in I
3772s just kind of want that that Rush
3775s combat
3778s I'm really I'm really bad about it
3780s because I'll just keep on talking and
3782s then kill him
3784s I don't think I've ever pulled the move
3786s where I've said that well like you know
3789s split the Bounty or anything I've never
3790s been betrayed
3792s but I've been betrayed for sure
3795s listen I don't say I won't kill him I'll
3797s just keep on talking and then like okay
3799s well make sure you know pull this out or
3801s whatever and then I just try and kill
3802s him
3805s wow is this test server no this is live
3808s server
3812s [Music]
3818s I love this game so much me too
3822s I hope that helped
3838s I may die but I'll scare them before I
3840s do true
3845s true
3850s uh the update will come out to live
3852s servers when it's ready
3856s I personally strongly believe in that
3859s stance so
3861s I think pushing something to live with
3864s something that we know is like majorly
3865s wrong with it is a really bad
3868s decision so I'm super happy with the
3871s decision that we've taken uh to not do
3873s that
3874s I have a question is it legal to team to
3876s play before one game in my phase six guy
3878s uh yeah it's totally fine as long as
3881s that it's by you diplomacy right
3884s like you're not allowed to get in
3887s Discord with your mates and say we're
3889s all gonna get in this one game and team
3891s up against everyone else but it's
3894s totally fine to find other players in
3897s game and
3899s oops I have my buttons all wrong there
3902s we go to find other players in game and
3905s talk to them over VoIP
3909s can you hunt I
3912s we are
3915s [Applause]
3920s when are we gonna be able to get Lulu if
3922s we missed her the first time who knows
3924s possibly never
3926s we have never announced that Lulu will
3928s come back uh I will say Billy's story
3930s came back after two and a half years so
3934s maybe we'll come back but there's never
3937s been like an announcement for it so it's
3940s not a definite
3941s and Lulu hasn't even been out for two
3944s years so
3946s Google or Billy story though we got a
3949s lot of requests to bring him back and uh
3951s when he was coming back we announced it
3953s a few months beforehand saying that he
3955s would be coming in 2022. so if you guys
3958s do want to see a certain legendary come
3960s back you can let us know that you'd love
3962s to see it but normally we won't be able
3964s to tell you anything until we make an
3966s official announcement on social media or
3969s a Dev stream
3970s good
3978s [Music]
3980s I am in fact a shift at the gamer
3984s that's very me
3987s I gotta be even faster than that because
3989s I have to get ahead of her to play
3991s straps in front of her
3993s do you see any issues with the lobby
3995s mechanic in which match do us could see
3997s you can add a random third yes I do
3999s um I don't know if that feature will
4001s ever come but one reason that it's not
4003s allowed in a lot of games actually is
4005s because the duo can has the potential to
4008s be toxic to the third person or never
4011s communicate with that third person and
4013s make like their experience a lot worse
4017s um it's the same reason why in Ballarat
4018s you're not allowed to queue up as four
4020s people uh in competitive you must queue
4023s up as three or two three or five so that
4025s way it's not four people together in one
4027s server
4030s so I I see some downsides but that
4033s doesn't mean it won't happen someday uh
4036s and maybe you know there will be like a
4037s way to mitigate those downsides
4040s but that's kind of like my off the top
4045s oh we haven't done any giveaways yet we
4047s should be we should be doing some gifts
4048s yeah we can get one
4050s in this match or if we have a little bit
4053s of loss squads of five in valorous in in
4058s another game
4059s oh uh oil is you want some oil no
4063s because I have no weapons
4065s thank you
4067s I appreciate the sentiment you're
4069s welcome I'm always looking out you know
4071s yeah yeah
4075s will there ever be an in-game friends
4076s list I
4078s I think that was talked about on the
4079s roadmap video right
4082s is something that we want to do but uh
4086s currently I mean don't have yet but that
4087s would be like the first
4089s step towards
4092s a cross play between Xbox and
4095s Playstation right because that's
4097s something that we would have to have
4100s that's pretty much the primary reason we
4102s don't have it right now
4107s thank you start oh
4112s I'm just trying to make a comparison
4116s oh no
4118s Mayhem Reynard Mill and Lumberton so
4122s it's a 6v6 team death match why not oh
4125s gosh that would be so chaotic oh my
4127s goodness
4131s that would be insanely chaotic
4135s uh would you ever be able to pick
4136s between day and night ever again
4141s yeah and 112 there will be a new
4144s contract system coming into place that
4147s will give you more check or more choice
4153s without us are you guys in that fight
4155s not yet I'm going for it going yeah
4159s shift W tell them to hold the hold the
4162s fight hold the fight hold the fight you
4165s guys
4166s foreign
4174s stop no pause this is not fair
4182s attack somebody from a million years
4184s away and did two damage because I have a
4186s scaffold
4192s [Music]
4198s thank you I've received five and six
4200s twitch drops but I claim the six wise as
4202s possible you will have to send a message
4204s customer support although I think any
4206s issues with twitch straps are on
4208s twitch's end you could try unlinking
4210s your account and re-linking it again
4211s just to try
4214s um I've heard that
4215s has worked sometimes you guys invite
4218s your fans to play with you in streams
4219s you know
4221s why not we have had uh some of our
4224s Discord moderators on every so often we
4226s get different people from around our
4230s different hunt teams like izzies from
4233s our creative services division
4241s I know you're a big division fan
4250s uh left hand side White Fence there's
4253s someone fishes
4258s away from you guys
4262s um
4266s chased by a meep head
4277s hurry why did you lay down there
4279s in front of me
4282s and I'm a live person over here
4284s on your left leg Yeah I hear it
4287s tagged on the field
4289s was it a red shirt female
4291s yeah she's got they're both looking at
4293s me I was hoping I'd see one before the
4296s other but no
4296s [Music]
4298s oh Scupper Lake being delayed
4302s if you looped way around to me oh she's
4305s dead the White House
4311s it is just totally different tutorials
4321s I got shot now Ari I'm gonna blame you
4324s I don't think they've came back to these
4326s buildings every weapon has different all
4328s right modifiers so you have to hit
4331s someone in the chest
4332s see it's your fault
4336s what can I do to get a big Shadow worker
4339s know that the Billy story quest line is
4341s like broken for some people so it's
4343s something that we're working I think
4344s back to the horse
4347s I'm sorry
4349s it's your fault
4351s I didn't know they came right up behind
4354s us everywhere
4357s I think those were at the at the water
4360s down there and went all the way around
4362s okay unless it was a whole different
4364s team again do you plan to have a special
4366s weapon skin you can only find in the map
4368s not that I've ever heard of I don't
4373s I don't know if that would really be
4374s very interesting to me personally but
4380s foreign
4383s we will start our first giveaway this
4386s one will be for a steam key for biata
4391s um at the moment if I mentioned we don't
4392s have any console keys for beata yet so
4395s we will still be doing giveaways that
4396s include console but this first one is
4399s just going to be for Steam and for biata
4401s if you want your chance to win then
4403s you'll just need to type steam all one
4406s word in chat if you are watching on any
4410s different platforms besides twitch you
4412s will jump you will need to jump over to
4413s Twitch to enter and make sure you are
4416s followed to our twitch page also to be
4418s able to enter
4419s once you've typed steam beata once in
4422s chat you don't need to type it again but
4424s you do need to hang out with us until we
4425s pull the winners because we need you to
4428s still be in chat once we call our
4431s winners so you can claim your code if
4433s you're not in chat when we claim and you
4435s were the winner we will have to re-roll
4436s that win after about a minute to two
4439s minutes so best that you hang out will
4441s call your name out in the actual stream
4443s and a bot will say your name in the chat
4447s um there is no little emphasis on the
4451s end of the a for beata the accent mark
4455s um so it is just in a full English
4459s letters and
4461s uh because of the title I know it might
4464s be a little confusing I will get a steam
4466s or a pinned message on Twitch that has
4469s exactly what you need to type uh caps
4471s that do not matter
4473s yeah not case sensitive
4477s um I saw a message fly by because of all
4480s the keywords being typed in chat right
4481s now but something something Shooters
4483s couldn't read all of it because uh it's
4485s flying by the chat right now if you run
4487s into a cheater and hunt you should send
4489s a message to customer support on our
4490s website with any
4493s you know evidence that you may have uh
4497s and they can take care of it for you
4499s please do not DM us on Discord
4502s Ari and I don't have anything to do with
4504s bands so please send a message to
4506s customer support not us uh and they can
4509s help you out
4510s all right because cat has appeared
4514s do you have any
4516s um screenshots videos of any interaction
4519s with a suspected cheater then you can
4521s link those uh to our customer support
4524s team on hunchodon.com
4527s trobe
4532s so many steam bietatas in chat right now
4536s holy
4540s does the report button do anything in
4541s that case yes it's just for if you don't
4544s have any evidence
4545s because then you don't need to attach
4547s anything to customer support
4551s when is the new update dropping soon Tia
4563s would you all ever do a snow map
4566s who knows
4568s we're not on level design but I do love
4570s our level design team
4576s new tutorials great and bad at teaching
4578s friends thanks so much it's so good the
4581s voice
4584s I can't get over it actually just was
4588s incredible I
4590s I was watching the video during the dev
4592s stream and I I had seen like Snippets
4594s before but I hadn't seen that full three
4596s minute video and I just was like oh my
4598s God I'm dying it's so good also Nixa did
4602s you have anything to do with the
4604s tutorial video
4607s I did in fact record it yes
4610s wow
4611s I had no idea
4614s oh you didn't it's crazy
4618s questlines come with 1.12 yes
4629s [Music]
4631s you guys are on your own because they
4633s can't complicated my arm oh no
4637s yeah I'm gonna also play the tutorial
4639s just for fun absolutely
4641s uh Izzy tell us about your kitty cat
4645s her name's Lena she's black and she
4647s likes attention oh yes that's basically
4650s it she does camouflage perfectly into
4653s your hunt hoodie I know it's so good
4657s um as a quick clarification for this
4659s giveaway it is only for Steam and we're
4661s giving away new beata DLC codes if you
4665s do happen to win and you play on Console
4666s we cannot transfer the code into a
4668s console code or get you another console
4671s code so please only win or only enter if
4673s you play on steam or you have a friend
4675s that you could give the code to on Steam
4678s I hate when we get winners and they
4680s can't actually use what we give them I'm
4682s sorry um someone said is everyone gonna
4684s be able to play the tutorial or only new
4686s players everyone can play the tutorial
4689s just like now everyone can do the
4690s training so the training will go away
4692s and the new tutorial will come in and
4696s boom
4698s I don't think it'll be uh bad for me to
4700s get back into that tutorial remind
4702s myself of a few things I just want to do
4704s it for fun
4708s scratch my nose
4714s oh no conduit cause we died
4719s I got a picture
4722s I'm gonna throw this jar of bees so far
4725s which is like actually not bad
4727s okay all right I'm gonna lead him away
4732s oh you're doing so good I'm doing so
4733s good he didn't actually follow me but
4735s okay
4736s it was medium it was not the best but
4742s that's okay I did I did my best and
4744s that's what matters you yep benefit oh
4747s he is breaking into the compound I'm how
4750s will the winner be announced we will say
4752s it out loud and also
4755s come up on Twitch
4757s from the boss
4759s so you'll be pinged in chat by the bot
4762s and then we will do our best attempt to
4765s say your name
4766s um but keep an ear out for something
4768s that sounds close to your name too
4771s any chance there'll be more players in a
4773s match nothing that we've ever announced
4776s I think that would be interesting for
4778s trios I think that would be too much for
4779s me and Duos I already feel Duo it was
4781s just so chaotic
4784s I don't think I would like that person
4787s Duos though I could see that being nice
4790s maybe like a like a fifth two bosses
4793s here by the way oh
4795s wow
4808s get that money
4811s that was next to the clue no I grabbed
4814s it
4815s hey you guys have stamp shops
4818s I do okay then I'm gonna go try as I do
4823s here we go some Bloodlines for you here
4827s that's what I really want
4831s oh that was a bug
4833s I got to hide all the axes
4836s is it up oh I didn't remember there was
4839s a hole right there
4841s you can't find axes I can't find barrels
4843s this compound's terrible this is the
4845s best compound no barrels
4847s pistol
4849s I'm messaging map design right now yeah
4854s this is clearly a bike I'm good uh Jam I
4857s don't know what kind of problem this is
4859s but you should send a message to our
4862s customer support on our website
4864s uh huntshowdown.com and it should be a
4867s little button in the bottom right
4872s they Nerf the amount of pickup weapons
4874s uh uh Team directly to our East coming
4878s into the compound hit me with that
4880s that's not a barrel Ari uh 80 90 meter
4883s headshot
4887s uh it was you check my legs I believe it
4891s was like Southeast East yeah
4896s [Applause]
4903s I think you might have seen him up top
4904s five but I'm not sure
4909s oh yeah they're running in yeah yeah
4921s running in into the hallway
4924s uh the carcass gun Runner that got me
4927s had a better
4928s bombless tagged in the hallway
4930s let's get out of there buddy
4935s that's a bed early
4938s nice uh better way down
4941s you jump below
4944s oh my God
4949s dude where did you come from
4952s nice nice only bomblands left
4955s in the same hallway
4959s oh my bad I'm really good at finding
4961s crap sorry
4963s hang on
4964s this Trapster my bomb lights is below
4969s he might be charging by
4971s yeah he is
4973s not bad so it's working no you're great
4976s that was amazing
4980s you had the great foresight to be
4982s backing up is he why has it said that
4984s you've attempted to respond me like
4986s three times but I'm still dead
4990s I revived you into a trap and then
4993s instead of stopping the bleeding and
4995s revise you again okay
4997s but I don't stop so uh he was right
5001s below this one I misjudged the distance
5003s um I am a monster and looted all three
5005s you're welcome no you're you got all
5008s three ghosts
5011s inside
5013s oh I heard it's a golden cash register
5017s no no no no no no no no no no if I know
5020s anything from the community those are
5021s fake
5022s oh I got it
5028s looted all three bodies there is no
5030s friendship or co-workership when it
5034s comes to a golden cash register
5040s yes Chris calls for a serve yep rules go
5045s out the window The Only Exception is if
5048s that like amount of blood bonds would
5050s get you the battle pass
5055s I understand I would be too
5058s but it's gold
5060s it's sad because all of Chad I think is
5063s just completely agreeing with me I know
5072s comes out in
5075s say
5082s uh there are 12 players Max on the map
5085s at all in all modes
5087s 12.
5089s do you want to jump over to weeping
5090s stuff
5091s um
5092s now that we've finished
5094s you just want me and Nixa to die with
5097s our I don't know cash register that's
5099s that's what this is really about you
5102s know if it happens it happens I found
5103s the barrel for you Mom I'm missing that
5106s one
5108s so Barrel there next to where you died
5110s now this Barrel I have a problem with
5111s there's tracks in front of it it's
5114s terrible
5115s sounds like I'm sure probably team
5117s killed for Less 100
5120s how long did the update get delayed I
5122s heard
5123s it'll go to live as soon as it's ready I
5126s forgot where weeping was and I was going
5127s toward fishery because I'm silly
5132s those are ducks oh my God they weren't
5135s ducks
5140s I died here probably
5142s no never mind I'll take those uh 50
5145s blood bonds off here no you can't you
5147s can't leave your teammates you idiot
5148s haha I was said lovingly
5153s I'm gonna have to talk to somebody about
5155s that I know
5156s didn't didn't get the tone I wanted
5163s to leave my ears
5166s I was panicking I didn't want to die
5168s oh witch doctor was up on that Hill
5170s left-hand side of it
5182s oh another far one on the left
5192s for all this foliage
5196s attacked once on the bridge behind the
5198s thingies
5210s to the left of you
5212s still one at the end of the bridge
5215s packed one that's the end of the bridge
5217s I got shot from the other side
5219s you can't see oh
5224s something over there I tagged but I've
5225s got a wind field so it was basically
5227s nothing
5232s I think there's two or three
5234s C1
5238s I'm not doing anything
5248s Nice Nice kill
5250s LED that perfectly
5254s no action at the end of the bridge right
5256s now I'm rotating to try and stop this
5258s frizz yeah
5261s end of the bridge is moving right
5263s heading towards the researcher
5274s can I see his body
5277s body here
5280s one is in this Woods
5282s just missed him
5291s lonely health
5292s pegs
5294s Tag's dead
5297s that's only two though
5302s gonna you know
5305s he was the only one I saw come off this
5307s end of the bridge
5311s this one right here
5315s I won't leave the lonely hell
5318s I'm pretty sure we're safe I'm pretty
5320s sure it's fine
5322s let's just uh you know Bernie burn
5326s you know just in case
5328s you do
5335s um researchers on fire
5339s wow all right that must be the last
5340s scene then
5344s should we go back to the balmy first man
5346s he sure does Blended
5349s yeah looking for a second bro
5357s okay
5358s oh my God next to that's you walking
5360s next to me I was like who goes there
5364s okay I'm sorry I got big feet
5367s I got a second bird I'm fighting for my
5369s 50 blood bonds 100 that's what I'm doing
5374s so
5375s great
5378s gotta fight for my 50 blood bonds
5383s I died to this exact Barrel the other
5385s day
5387s I didn't see the trap on it can you show
5389s my silencer
5390s you work
5392s yep
5396s from
5400s somewhere there I don't know
5402s I'm gonna go up to get the bag oh man
5404s I'm not a stamina
5407s is this a holiday uh both bodies were
5411s still dead here
5419s sorry guys I'm stamina
5422s oh my God I saw your trap the last
5425s secondary
5428s and die I just almost died
5431s foreign
5451s back here white shirt
5455s that killed her okay I think it's just
5457s the white shirt now
5459s hey I got a hill
5462s the white shirt was back here
5463s just saw her again
5466s all right back up the full coming back
5470s things you push back behind this mount
5474s she was holding far though shot's still
5477s there so
5478s she can't be right there
5481s oh she's way back there
5486s on the left of that pink I'm running
5489s should go under the bridge sure
5494s dead run away from the explosion
5498s nicely done you said white shirt
5502s white arms there's a shirt under there I
5505s didn't say blue Poncho come on well it's
5507s a poncho Pancho
5514s I wouldn't have died to the yellow
5516s Barrel but I would have lost some bar oh
5519s no I wouldn't I have a big bar it still
5521s would have been disappointing and sad
5523s I'm going to lose my kill
5527s ER is that the server no three two uh
5530s yeah I think it's only one on the count
5532s of four yeah exactly
5533s all right now I go back to get that
5535s bounty
5538s oh
5539s no it's not a white shirt you guys are
5541s crazy
5543s that's a that's a blue shirt
5546s can you give a brief explanation on how
5548s MMR Works your MMR goes up and down
5551s based on who you kill and who kills you
5553s and that's that's basically it has very
5557s little other factors like Prestige not
5559s important it doesn't matter
5563s just kidding nobody on scan let's go
5567s pick up our Stanley Bounty as well
5574s another server wipe oh somebody else
5577s picked it up
5578s wait what oh they must have gotten the
5580s res they must have happened I burned
5583s them both the researcher was like they
5585s must be must have had
5588s the other banish was after you burn them
5591s right or not it was after it was after
5593s it was after they started burning but
5595s that only that doesn't stop them from
5597s actively burning no but it gives them a
5600s lot more yeah
5602s but hopefully they're still down like a
5604s small bar or something I mean the lonely
5607s howl I didn't hear anything in that
5609s forest for a while he's got to be down
5611s at least one the researcher though I
5612s went all the way into Stanley Cole got
5615s the fire came back out he was should
5617s have been almost dead yeah every time
5619s you're
5620s killed bound whatever it matters every
5624s time you down someone it matters uh
5626s except for Red Skulls Yes except well it
5629s still counts as a death
5630s if you are Red Skull and you keep dying
5633s that still counts as a death but it
5634s doesn't give the killer a positive kill
5640s what is your number I don't know I don't
5642s look at it I keep it hidden
5645s why do you need to look at it there's
5647s not much I'm not really interesting mine
5648s is 12
5650s 965. that sounds so uh they're heading
5652s out to Southwest side Southwest they
5654s might be trying to sneak through to that
5655s West extract
5657s ah no way
5663s yeah yeah 69. exactly
5670s I don't even see them on scan there so
5672s far
5673s you're gonna get almost a scan distance
5676s uh I think Izzy in front yeah we should
5680s just head straight west right now
5682s maybe Southwest a little bit don't let
5684s them get to that
5688s man
5692s my stand
5694s what a scan distance it's like about 150
5697s meters I don't know what it is exactly
5699s but it's somewhere around there
5703s could you explain Ai aggro and how it
5705s works uh sound
5707s or just run to what they hear
5711s same shot is always a need oh I brought
5712s one I just used it already uh they're in
5715s Moses they're getting pretty close to
5716s extract we've been in this match for
5718s more than 10 minutes unfortunately I'm
5720s not gonna make it we can make it we can
5723s make it once once holding behind
5726s there's one that I think has a stem shot
5727s one doesn't
5730s it has to be a third
5733s yep yep
5735s I see them ones on The Rock still we got
5738s plenty of time actually I think
5741s it's really easier to play solo I if you
5744s do not believe so at all
5745s uh well you will get if you're using
5747s skill based matchmaking you will get put
5749s against
5750s there in the wheat field two of them
5754s you know it makes me anxious
5761s yeah you do that's why I'm recovering
5766s straight ahead
5769s now
5772s push if you can push if you can oh I'm
5774s running
5779s I don't see anything
5782s they're probably holding in the back
5788s [Music]
5791s so close
5795s that's so frustrating ah
5799s very close one
5803s we're very close
5805s we were right here
5807s darn it I know
5810s yeah that's gotta be it
5813s no I don't think going around the fence
5815s would have changed the difference I mean
5818s I did go around the fence I don't think
5819s not doing it would have changed it
5820s though unfortunately
5823s the the five million AI in front of my
5825s way caused me to not make it
5827s I was hoping to get a kill not stop the
5830s extracted with my body
5832s but yeah well
5834s ah
5836s so sad
5841s I was trying to get a headshot
5842s unfortunately
5846s I was trying to get one
5848s do you all of you play the game off
5850s stream oh yeah
5851s I have way too many hours to only be
5853s playing on stream
5857s eight kills though
5859s eight whole kills
5862s so yeah that was the team that we uh
5864s killed two of
5866s so close
5871s I had six kills I'm pretty happy with
5873s that
5876s six
5885s out of all those kills I definitely had
5886s one of them
5890s yeah I think if I got like six I yeah I
5893s had six yeah I had one
5895s there was only two ways for you guys to
5897s split
5899s there you go all right um as we get
5901s started for this next match you guys
5903s this is your last heads up to enter the
5906s steam biata uh giveaway on Twitch you
5910s need to be followed on our twitch page
5912s twitch.tv slash crytek you need to type
5914s the keyword steam biata all one word
5918s once and two chat and then you gotta
5920s hang out with us in chat while we pull
5921s these winners if we do call you as a
5924s winner you have to type in chat let us
5925s know you're still around if you haven't
5927s entered yet you got another 15 30
5929s seconds you can still enter if you uh
5932s while we're pulling winners if you're
5933s coming from a different platform and you
5935s will still get a chance to win uh as we
5938s continue to pull again this is only for
5941s steam it's the new biata tag DLC if you
5945s play on Console we'll have some
5946s giveaways for you later but this one is
5949s only Steam best luck to everyone in chat
5952s don't forget me and Nixa got out with
5955s that sweet sweet blood bonds I'm mad
5959s our first winner is mmm
5962s mm Mark I think is probably my best
5965s guess if you're in chat please give us a
5967s quick message
5975s big yawn
5984s yes following I don't think we do
5987s subscriptions
5988s we have uh no subscriptions we don't
5991s have turned on
5997s uh mm Mart if you're in chat we need a
6000s message from you you got another minute
6002s or so
6004s please respond we want to give it to you
6007s any new patch ETA uh soon TM
6012s when it's ready TM yep
6015s your favorite answer
6018s buffer we will be doing like an
6021s announcement as soon as we possibly can
6024s is there any news when the next event is
6026s coming around
6028s um pretty sure this talked about in the
6029s roadmap video
6031s if you haven't yet
6033s please watch it it's excellent It's like
6036s 45 minutes but let me tell you worth it
6040s word I tried to watch it on double speed
6042s and I had to go back down to One X
6046s because we're going over so much
6047s information that I couldn't comprehend
6049s all of it
6052s you need to finish the trials I don't
6054s want to the trials make me Rich I won't
6057s lie
6058s there's just so much Ai and I just I
6060s just want to rage
6063s I need tips on how to get good always be
6065s moving
6067s ABM
6068s I think we may have a steam thread
6071s that's pinned if you check out our steam
6073s forms that links to some Creator videos
6076s of like beginning tips for on Showdown
6078s it could be one of our top Partners also
6081s uh have like guides
6084s as well
6085s yeah who is the bad boy of the cry Tech
6088s devs I think it's Izzy I don't even know
6090s what that means honestly for sure oh I
6093s like the sniper trials too you're right
6095s Foxfire that is
6097s I do too those are the ones I've done
6100s uh we are re-rolling that winner and
6102s next up is fog of faces if you're in
6104s chat please give us a message
6107s no faces
6109s remember you guys have to hang out with
6111s us in chat so you can win these DLCs you
6113s don't want to win and not be in chat and
6115s not get it
6117s there they are they're they're there
6118s immediately uh
6120s wow thank you
6124s from me sorry
6126s even I on your Twitch Whispers uh a
6129s message will be coming across uh you
6132s might not get the code till after this
6134s match or after the stream but you have
6136s one
6137s I just want to say that I saw the name
6140s tattoo Maniac go by and like same
6143s brother same
6150s our next winner is old mcdangles
6154s here in chat please give us a quick
6156s message let us know you're still hanging
6158s out
6159s that was a good one
6160s oh it's good I I thought it was going to
6162s be Old MacDonald it was not it was nice
6173s I think we're pretty interested in but
6175s don't have like a timeline for
6177s um I'm definitely really interested in
6179s it
6181s need to make an appointment for the rest
6183s of my half sleeve let's go hell yeah oh
6185s oh my dangles is there make the Angles
6188s and then chat please keep an eye out on
6189s your Twitch Whispers The biceps so true
6194s next up is Junt DH if you're in chat
6198s please give us a message hello
6205s hello uh I am a greyhound gamer
6216s DH is in check congratulations keep an
6219s eye on you
6221s I don't know what we're knowing don't be
6224s spiking somewhere else
6226s oh go be spiky yeah accurate our next
6229s winner is puni 92. if you're in chat
6232s give us a message uh as I mentioned
6234s before if you didn't get a chance to
6236s enter yet or if you're coming from
6237s YouTube steam Facebook anywhere else for
6240s streaming and you want to get in on this
6242s giveaway you still have a chance as
6243s we're pulling winners uh but then we'll
6245s probably take a little break when till
6247s we get the next keyword set up for the
6249s next giveaway hell yeah
6252s I do I do like to Plex
6256s what is it called when you get all three
6258s Clues at once uh it means spawn you
6260s spawned at the boss compound
6269s someone says they believe they're
6270s unlucky I'm sorry to hear it I think you
6273s have pretty good chances of winning one
6274s of the DLCs if you continue to watch our
6276s gameplay streams we try to give out a
6278s lot and a decent bit of the time we have
6280s uh repeat winners so
6285s I wish
6286s everyone best of luck
6288s oh the water scene
6291s oh get me out of here
6294s sounds like Pearl Plantation to me
6305s oh we have the past winner and Chad
6307s still hanging out with us feeding the
6309s fox
6310s um I think maybe one of his favorite
6313s username get it right
6317s they're no longer come here big boys
6322s you can only beat the fox so much
6325s all right
6329s good
6332s we just don't talk about the time snakes
6334s that gets it wrong uh last call for puni
6338s 92 if you're in Jack we want to give you
6340s the spiata but you gotta let us know
6343s you're still around
6346s and dive away from the AI
6350s I'm stuck it was stuck in the log
6356s oh
6359s uh no you have to ride it without the
6362s accent on the a because the bot doesn't
6365s like the accent
6368s our next winner is spr
6372s hyphy if you're in chat please give us a
6375s message
6376s there are uh no twitch drops as well
6388s I'm sorry we can't give you we have to
6391s touch just
6392s to yourself but you can enter and have
6395s the same chances everybody else
6397s uh spr hyphy is in chat um
6403s a twitch whisper here in a second
6405s we are still MX though so
6409s might take us a second don't worry we
6411s will forget you though
6413s next up is in hair wake
6417s in her way
6420s bagged they're there
6425s we're at in the compound they were on
6428s the other side
6432s good one
6434s oh jeez
6436s tagged by someone like this they're all
6439s up there at least balcony
6442s wow
6446s tag
6447s one's running away
6450s one went back inside I don't see any
6452s right now
6460s almost like all me in there and the
6462s bushes
6469s through the previews
6475s I can't believe I was gonna hit that
6476s once here
6478s I tagged her but I have a windshield so
6480s you know there's one down there in the
6482s maze
6489s okay
6490s daughter decay
6492s hit her again she's dead
6503s question
6505s a little bit down here with me is being
6507s attacked by doggies
6510s keeping out that daughter Decay up top
6520s and die
6523s is left to left is he they got daughter
6525s Decay up
6532s thank you Edward
6534s oh that wasn't we have other people here
6536s yeah yeah it's definitely it's all
6539s people inside yep
6541s trying to cover you
6547s tagged once
6550s how is he not nice
6569s come on dude
6574s oh that's so bright in my eyes
6579s I hit Felix I'm gonna try to work
6584s oh [ __ ] out of my
6588s bleeding about you was it oh on those
6590s stairs uh up yeah
6594s is he's up there's two dead one
6598s oh not on the stairs where I am yeah
6602s oh
6608s great shots on the stairs outside they
6612s did get the rest I think
6614s not on Fearless though
6618s might be able to rescue from around the
6620s corner
6627s three shots
6628s nice strong though but I can't do
6631s anything
6632s crossbow
6636s and congratulations to Inner wake they
6640s were in chat
6643s yeah that Phyllis was so hungry for
6645s blood
6646s or sure
6651s she jumped out like off the thing at me
6653s I don't know if she meant to Vault
6654s though that may have been a uh
6657s and oops I finally I did kill her with
6662s the beetle
6664s oh dang I just want everyone to know I
6668s have literally just now completed the
6670s Billy story quest line
6673s that's right amazing I will accept all
6675s the praise thank you thank you
6678s I have done it
6680s I've I just I've never even like really
6682s gone for it ah
6685s she did in fact die to my bleed
6690s not to the full damage
6693s don't push me while bleeding felis you
6696s crazy woman
6700s I'm like way too proud of myself right
6703s now it's like not even that big of a
6704s deal and I
6706s I am pumping myself up
6709s that's right
6710s and we get my last dark tribute or if
6713s today I get bad hand on stream and
6716s finish the quest line I might cry
6720s come on bad hand come on bad hands
6731s two upgrade points
6733s so close
6735s basically the same right
6738s oh I can get iron repeater though that's
6740s pretty good that's still pretty good the
6742s update coming out today no
6745s I was hoping for a heavy knife why would
6748s you put that on me
6749s why would you do that to me
6752s not me calling my tattoo artist because
6753s Violet inspire me let's go DIA
6757s wild contracts staying in 1.12 it was
6760s never in 1.12 wild contracts is a summer
6764s way out
6767s we are still way out from the wild
6769s contracts
6779s I'm I'm uh on a personal note very into
6782s tattooing and I love uh
6785s I love tattoos so
6788s I will always uh encourage you
6791s I'll be the little like Devil guy on
6794s your shoulder that's like yeah schedule
6796s another appointment do it
6800s what's the tattoo of on your shoulder
6802s this one is a rose and a peony
6805s and then I have foxes over here
6808s I'm gonna step away real quick but I'll
6810s hopefully be back before the match my
6812s next tattoo appointment actually is
6813s gonna be a hunt tattoo on my I have a
6816s leg sleeve that I'm working on for like
6818s gaming
6821s so
6822s the next one will be hunt it'll be the
6825s Necro
6827s treat
6831s um
6833s yeah who needs rent just get more
6835s tattoos exactly
6839s exactly
6847s a dracial tattoo
6862s oh the extract symbol yeah oh Marcy
6865s that's you I was literally about to say
6868s like oh I think my friend's gonna get
6870s that you've tricked me
6876s it's me all along
6878s laughs
6880s no bamboozled
6884s what KD do you have uh it's over one but
6887s I don't really know what it is at this
6889s exact moment
6891s any plans for an option to Center your
6893s Crosshair I would say probably not
6896s it is a
6898s um
6899s design decision to not have it in the
6902s center any way to get Lulu nope
6907s yes we are taking a break
6909s uh on the drops so you can it's not
6911s really a drop that's let's be clear it's
6913s not a drop it's a giveaway so you can
6916s start your dishwasher yeah
6919s yeah I I actually know several people
6921s that have Punk tattoos so I'm happy to
6924s be joining the ranks very soon next
6926s month actually in April
6928s question to Jeremy
6930s did you design all the hunters
6935s yeah no the digital every artist is a
6938s general term for what I do which is
6941s videos to the acids cinematics editing
6948s he says that he designed to every Hunter
6950s he designed every map
6953s he balances the weapons he fixes the
6955s bugs Nixon really just does everything
6958s yeah he moderates our Discord what else
6961s yeah
6962s no I don't do that anymore
6966s what is what does it say on your hoodie
6968s though
6969s well this is an old
6972s how to get the DLC code uh we will give
6975s you a keyword to type in twitch chat
6977s you'll need to follow us at twitch.tv
6979s guide deck and then you gotta hang out
6981s in the chat until we pull some winners
6985s um have you ever shot someone AFK at
6987s start uh yeah I think I did that in the
6989s last gameplay stream that we played when
6991s Ari and I are duoing at the beginning
6993s yeah we ran into an avco Duo and there
6997s was one person AFK and one person
6998s shooting with us
7001s oh and I killed the one that was AFK
7004s yeah if you wanted your AFK partner to
7007s live it's not the right move to start
7009s with an ABDO and it's not the right move
7011s to I didn't even notice that person just
7013s started shooting at me randomly and then
7015s draw my attention towards you
7017s uh someone asked they received a message
7020s congratulating them on winning but
7022s didn't get the code I will send out
7024s those codes just when I have a next
7025s second so if you got the whisper then
7028s you're for sure confirmed that you have
7031s one and just make take me a second to
7033s get you the code sorry has to do it
7037s so
7038s also has to play with me at Nixa so like
7040s you know and I'm not even I'm not good
7042s at making loadouts either so my time
7047s some extra seconds
7049s minutes oh you
7054s flew out from under me
7058s when is the new compound guesses when is
7060s ready oh you can go for it I don't uh I
7063s don't
7065s I think this is though oh people with
7066s testimonial I'm just gonna say Ash Creek
7069s that's my guess
7072s I know Ari needs to use his Loadout his
7074s preset loadouts I have all 10 of them
7077s set up it doesn't use them
7081s that's what I'm hearing
7083s yeah
7084s so
7086s I do use them to set okay
7089s someone asked you about your padding
7091s Timber oh
7096s he joins me for gameplay streams to
7097s balance out all the skulls
7100s I think it's a nice
7102s goals I got there's three different head
7106s slash skulls around me and one
7108s Paddington it's a good distribution oh
7111s my gosh watches that Ari you were right
7113s about the the compound
7119s I think
7123s foreign
7155s is you wanna
7157s sure do it
7162s pull back if you can bye
7167s there's a heel inside the room but I
7169s think you're a 50.
7170s yeah 100
7172s uh they just shot The Hive off this
7174s building they might be climbing up
7176s black coat
7180s [Applause]
7182s forever and pass the Asylum Sparks who
7184s went by my head
7187s darling
7191s one dude right here over here
7195s it backed it up on this platform
7198s attack the infected how are they not
7201s dead
7203s uppercut on the black coat as well
7211s I'm scared to move uh infected at the
7214s end of this uh walkway on the right
7216s careful easy
7219s we're moving up
7223s I like your legendary Vines
7230s he's under the house I tagged him the
7233s Reverend
7234s you moved
7240s one of them is in here by the way
7243s I feel what's on my eye
7246s go watch your back
7247s [Applause]
7254s oh my God from the from the compound the
7258s infected rotated
7261s that sucks
7264s I'm pretty squeezed right here
7266s attack black coat tag the infected in
7268s the window
7277s I'm running out of healing pretty
7279s severely
7281s in fact the black cult actor ever
7284s bleeding where is this guy
7292s yeah I just couldn't hit that guy I kept
7295s thinking I was going kid
7301s I mean I was moving did I ever stand
7303s still no
7306s there's nowhere to rotate though when
7307s they go around you like that ah you holy
7310s man
7312s that's okay I thought I was gonna get a
7314s couple headshots and then they just
7315s missed
7316s [Applause]
7318s uh Xbox user 999 because of your name I
7323s am just reminding you that this is steam
7325s only uh but that I think
7328s is now gone
7331s I think we're done with the steam via to
7333s tell yes
7334s whoa he's all
7336s nice
7346s okay
7348s I'd love to see a cane interview
7353s oh in the in-game thing yeah yeah
7356s uh I don't know we'll have to see
7359s oh what good shot great shot in the
7363s middle of moving and jumping goodness
7369s good try guys very good try that uh
7373s uh infected moving to the left was
7375s really tough
7379s [Music]
7383s I want so much to win the Marquee nice
7385s uh it's there are no whatchamacallits
7389s drops right now
7391s oops Yeah that's the right one so you
7394s cannot
7395s get twitch straps
7397s there are no foot straps
7403s you know what it's all because I didn't
7405s have my 50 Laurels on that's gotta be it
7407s I had like a regular wind field that's
7411s that's got to be the problem
7414s obviously
7417s I don't
7418s I don't want this anymore
7425s um should we make a new
7426s uh keyword with that is uh all platform
7430s inclusive
7434s we should we should
7436s I'm just getting us caught up on some
7439s past winners
7441s um Nixon what do you think the keyword
7444s should be
7447s asking me questions was not was not part
7450s of the deal no ask any questions I think
7453s it's one of the only parts of the deal
7456s actually play you're not helping us win
7459s the game yes
7462s thus Harold one word just just all right
7465s that's our old one word there you go
7469s let's see what DLC we have to give away
7472s we might be able to do death cereal to
7475s match up but I will see
7481s it has like the the best throwing knives
7485s uh I was admiring them on our last Dev
7488s stream I had a challenge for throwing
7490s knives and they look very good throwing
7493s knives for sure
7504s unfortunately Lulu is not a DLC so we
7507s don't have codes for her
7509s don't exist Sage
7514s [Music]
7518s what is the word deaths Herald all one
7521s word
7523s and reminder for our giveaways you have
7526s to be in the twitch chat
7528s if we want another giveaway can we still
7530s join yes
7534s yes it is necessary to win the DLC
7540s uh can you give me the bad hand well I
7542s don't even have bad hands so I wish but
7546s um I don't even have it so
7549s literally cannot wait
7555s uh the update 1.12 has been delayed
7558s Casper
7563s what's the Badland drop chance low TM
7569s uh we will be giving away a death's
7571s Herald to go with our keyword on any
7574s platform that you would like
7575s um so that's steam Playstation or Xbox
7578s make sure you are followed onto our
7582s twitch page at twitch.tv slash crytech
7584s and then I will get a pinned message
7586s with the exact spelling that you need to
7588s use for the keyword
7591s you know I actually don't think I want
7593s bad hand more than anyone I think
7594s Bamboo's once bad hand more than anyone
7598s update 1.12 is delayed yes
7601s you can find our semi-long statement on
7605s all social media and or our official
7607s Discord
7609s I have bad hand will tattoo Maniac just
7611s rubbing it in
7619s any plans to separate keys for flying
7621s with a beetle and walking well you can't
7622s do both at one time so no
7627s please
7629s new patches on test server yes uh
7633s usually only the big ones like 1.11 and
7636s then 1.12 right but not like the minor
7639s ones in between
7642s will the Billy story questline ever go
7644s away it is possible but if it does we
7647s will give plenty of notice
7650s currently there is no end date but if
7652s there is ever an end date it'll it'll be
7654s announced was the soundtrack composed
7656s specifically for this game yes
7658s everyone that works on the port sulfur
7662s band is also like a hunt Dev so it's
7664s like a hunt Dev anned I don't see small
7668s patch notes where can I see them uh on
7670s the test server
7673s we have more questions about nyx's cat
7679s 's name is Lena
7682s Elena
7687s all right twitch that you got a pinned
7690s message double check that your spelling
7692s that you did type is the same as what we
7694s have in that pinned message uh if you
7696s are watching on YouTube Facebook or
7698s steam you will need to jump over to our
7700s twitch page uh we use a bot that goes
7703s through twitch and it's the easiest to
7704s actually contact the winners but we
7706s really want you guys to have a chance to
7708s win as well
7710s we'll run this giveaway probably for one
7712s or two rounds and then pull some winners
7714s please make sure you stick around to
7716s claim your prize if you have entered and
7719s this is for PC Xbox or Playstation so
7722s anybody could win these deaths Herald
7724s codes
7725s all platforms
7729s thank you Mr Izzy for the fun keyword
7732s you did mess up my planning though
7734s because I did not have those ready so
7736s maybe do extra work you're welcome
7743s uh something that we're actively looking
7746s into for the something went wrong when
7748s you're trying to queue into quick play
7750s um previously before you know yesterday
7753s or two days ago this was a super super
7756s rare bug but for whatever reason
7758s yesterday or two days ago it has like
7761s shot up uh in frequency
7765s um so we are looking into that I mean it
7768s was already like being moved into but
7770s because it was so rare it was hard to
7772s you know find the data on it but now we
7775s are getting a lot more data from players
7778s about it which is great so
7782s it is
7783s good in that you know we're getting more
7786s information to be able to pinpoint it
7796s can we get a shotgun with a scope
7799s um
7800s I don't think that'd be very helpful
7804s I can't imagine it would be I guess
7807s I don't know that Romero can go pretty
7808s far
7813s you know maybe not far enough or
7816s something but
7820s what map is
7824s in Delta by a huge
7827s margin
7831s Lawson Delta are bust basically
7834s we sell all day look at these oranges
7839s ugly favorites
7842s I'm nostalgic for strong I still want to
7845s buy you though
7848s I think we covered this earlier but
7850s there's not a chance to win the Marquis
7852s knife uh in any of the giveaways we're
7855s doing today that is currently a
7857s legendary that is linked to Twitch drops
7860s which are not active at the moment
7863s technically the Nitro Express is a rifle
7866s and not a shotgun
7870s although in some cases it definitely
7871s behaves more like
7883s yeah well actually as you say that I got
7886s two armors
7887s [Applause]
7890s yeah sometimes rifle doesn't feel like
7893s the correct word but
7896s that's standingly
7898s what it is
7901s [Applause]
7904s up in the corner
7907s oh no that's so sad because it's super
7910s far away
7911s [Music]
7914s did I've seen what the game looks like
7916s in early test for the fire engine
7918s integration
7920s um I haven't but that doesn't mean no
7921s one has
7923s probably people who are working on it I
7925s think people who are working on it
7926s definitely have but I definitely have
7930s not seen anything oh explosion not that
7932s far ahead
7933s yeah Caldwell rival with slugs is
7936s definitely kind of like a mini Nitro
7939s is the Nitro just a big Caldwell sucks
7943s well I mean
7945s the Nitro was first in the game the
7947s horse looks so
7950s that's fear
7956s I'm all for this fight
7959s uh is that
7961s revised one dot okay
7965s Rose as I come up
7968s oh weapon shut up
7971s silenced yeah
7974s or it just went by my head a none
7980s trying to get to you
7984s they ain't over here they finished their
7987s other bite I guess
7991s he's red
7994s dealing with an emulator and then I'll
7995s be right there
8005s on this side of the building
8015s this is silencers
8017s oh I found one and I got triple crap
8021s he's right on my blue round uh a little
8023s bit further to Izzy
8028s silence is shooting at me
8049s I thought I'd try
8051s yeah
8052s I just ran into a crossbody
8063s come back sir
8068s we'll caught on the right side there
8069s like in front of you there was one white
8071s shirt
8081s man I need this guy to like fight me I
8083s guess
8090s another on the right
8096s let's run it
8100s very slippery
8106s I know these guys well at the Bounty I
8108s guess
8110s I tell him to come down and help
8112s [Applause]
8116s it's reloading I don't want to be this
8119s close to this guy man
8121s Hive on your left
8126s that was a good shot yeah I didn't think
8130s he'd hit me at all
8132s he wouldn't hit me
8135s I was like nah he wanted me damn
8147s that was a pretty quick one so we will
8150s keep the [ __ ] or the death Herald
8153s giveaway going into our next round if
8155s you haven't entered yet great chance to
8157s jump over to twitch.tv and enter if
8160s you've already entered you're still good
8161s to go just hang out with us until we
8163s pull winners
8166s [Music]
8174s traits I won't use
8177s all right I'll be along with I'll be
8180s right back
8181s have fun
8187s I'm out of free
8189s conversion pistols I have a free chain
8192s pistol let's go
8200s beetle is now useless to me
8204s that's not nice
8214s do you know if the Crisis 3 trophy for
8216s suit upgrades Max will be patched I
8218s don't know anything about crisis three
8220s I only work on Hunt sorry
8228s um
8231s but yeah uh good points just in general
8236s don't
8237s uh give your information to randos um
8241s crytek will never ask for like your
8245s credit card information or your real
8247s name like
8249s well that's for like your steam ID don't
8252s send those to people you know
8254s uh so what else are we hiring an N A we
8257s have a global work from home program
8259s that is effective for a majority of our
8262s open positions you can check out what
8265s positions we have open and if you're
8267s qualified at crytech.com career
8274s I don't have a command for it yet so I
8276s will make
8278s good idea
8282s I mean two of us on the current stream
8284s live in North America so
8287s there you go
8290s uh our new general manager that you saw
8292s on our roadmap video and David he is
8295s also from Na and we have actually quite
8297s a few new ish hires that have been
8300s coming from North America so the option
8302s is there
8310s there are some positions that are
8314s not available for that Global work from
8316s home program normally stuff to do with
8318s like servers or where you'd have to be
8320s at the head office for some reason and
8323s that is in Frankfurt
8329s oh I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't think I
8332s hit it
8334s now we have to wait
8337s what kind of special demo do you guys
8339s use the most uh none
8341s regular
8342s I'd say it depends on the weapon I like
8344s to mix in special ammos to to freshen up
8347s gameplay a little bit so you know maybe
8349s throw on some incendiary especially if
8351s teammates are going for like Sparks or
8353s something you know burn a little bit of
8354s their health
8356s um a big poison ammo user though I love
8359s poison ammo and poison sense most of the
8360s time taking a little break from it for
8363s the last like month or so but I will
8366s find my way back
8368s I have to use the poison ammo for my
8370s oranges
8373s oh it's good yeah
8375s explosive bro I don't want that
8382s [Music]
8385s can't believe you don't really me I know
8388s I yeah no no no no no no no no no it's a
8391s bug
8392s is it bad there's no bugs bug wasn't it
8397s it was the ISB
8402s I can see my dog like behind my monitor
8406s in the gap of like the monitor in the
8409s desk and it's really funny she like
8411s looked at me and she was like
8417s she put her head down now
8419s sad
8423s she's a cute
8426s cute
8427s [Music]
8429s what's the giveaway the deaths Herald
8431s DLC
8432s there should be a pinned message with
8435s some more info that you can find pretty
8437s easily if you're on desktop I'm not 100
8440s sure how to find it on mobile though and
8442s desktop it should just be at the top of
8444s your chat
8445s if I missed previous drops and events
8447s will they repeat so I can get things
8449s um some things have definitely repeated
8450s and some things haven't uh so like the
8453s Christmas stuff or holiday like winter
8455s holiday stuff always comes back during
8457s the winter holidays and then like
8458s Halloween stuff always comes back during
8460s Halloween
8461s but that's it so far what kind of dog do
8464s you have I have a German Shepherd
8469s did you get that dog because you work at
8471s crate deck I've had her longer than I
8473s worked at critic
8474s I have had her almost exactly the amount
8478s of time I've been playing hunt though
8479s fun fact so you're saying you played
8482s hunt you loved it so much you figured
8484s out German developers boom got a German
8486s Shepherd boom done
8489s along approximately until the update
8491s drops unknown
8494s but it's all ready we just released a
8496s pretty recent patch on the test server
8498s if you guys want to go and try it out
8500s give any feedback you have uh it will be
8503s out on live servers when it's ready to
8505s be we have a question that's been coming
8507s around please add Ukrainian language for
8511s localization it kind of depends on the
8514s request we get and that size of the
8516s community at the moment we haven't
8518s announced that we're adding any other
8519s different localization that's not
8521s currently in the game but we definitely
8523s have seen your request
8525s I do not have any sheep
8528s thank you no sheep I guess that sounds
8530s like it'd be stinky I would like some
8532s sheep was that one of my top top tier
8536s farm animals
8537s low tier and then for me
8540s look they're so fluffy
8549s give me one of your top here about um
8551s miniature cows which are like dog sized
8555s cows like large dog sized cows which was
8558s that was pretty uh that was pretty fun
8561s she sent me a video and everything I I
8563s enjoyed that I won't lie
8565s are you putting dog-sized cow as one of
8568s your uh top tier yeah I think that's one
8570s of my top tier farm animals
8572s Izzy did you just miss two shots on that
8574s knife we don't
8577s need to see it but don't talk about it
8579s like but don't shame the boy
8589s over here shaman
8590s I just needed to know maybe there's
8592s something
8595s yeah server problem or something yeah
8597s they're just they're just pets
8607s to our Dean
8609s to our Dean
8612s my favorite place
8616s dogs
8619s no emulator
8622s [Music]
8624s sir stop running at me
8627s this is weird why is the aperture site
8630s so bad uh I also hate it I just put it
8633s down
8634s I think they're they're sometimes unlike
8636s the LaBelle aperture I'll play like 95
8640s of the game with it down but then like
8642s if somebody's really far away
8645s go see
8648s [Music]
8651s so true though they're terrible
8654s I mean doggies
8657s and bring in points oh
8659s yeah fish grabs a lots here
8664s no dogs
8667s and
8670s ironic but not the Nitro because it's
8672s not counted as an aperture gun it's that
8675s that is the size
8683s now I want the side to show me your face
8690s still clear
8700s oh my goodness uh someone asked how much
8703s DLC key are you going to give uh we try
8707s to get as many as we can squeeze in in
8709s the time frame in between matches
8711s throughout the entire stream I think it
8713s comes out to you sometimes upwards of 50
8716s piece that we give away so we try to get
8718s a lot out there and I think that's why
8720s we can get some repeat winners and why
8723s people are willing to hang out with us
8724s and watch our top tier gameplay
8727s there's no ammo
8732s [Music]
8743s guys straight uh Northwest Northwest
8746s across the river
8748s around here on the refunder
8754s oh and across the bridge uh directly
8757s north
8768s more left now
8772s they're kind of splitting up there was
8773s still one right about 10 seconds ago but
8777s yeah Great Bridge
8792s particle
8797s on the roof stuff
8801s somebody
8805s can I go down please thank you
8808s yeah behind us
8811s panicked a little bit it's fine yeah we
8814s might want to all get in the compact
8819s foot drops into like a month ago almost
8825s it's been done for three weeks or so
8842s yeah somebody with a Romero chasing me
8849s okay
8850s so remember that can reload yeah
8863s I don't think they're fully inside yet
8875s I did hear someone really close on the
8877s north north side of the building
8886s yeah and in the building in the building
8888s with shotgun oh my God this lady
8896s away from her
8898s oh damn
8902s Mr too much too many times
8906s [Music]
8914s [Music]
8919s yeah uh custom lobbies have been talked
8921s about multiple times and something that
8924s we're interested in but there's not like
8925s a timeline on it right now
8935s oh
8940s my God I have to bring another Pax
8942s because I couldn't do any damage with it
8945s gross
8949s big sedge what upgrade did I get
8957s it okay
8962s when are you pulling winners uh
8964s uh we will right after I get my Loadout
8967s set up
8969s so tomorrow yeah tomorrow exactly
8973s join us tomorrow for our giveaways
8979s more players
8981s those would be nice but I really
8982s wouldn't want that in Duos personally I
8985s think that it Duo is already so chaotic
8988s why Always fuse these because of uh
8990s concertina armors and I'm used to it and
8993s they're like ten dollars so
8995s it doesn't all right
8997s this is your last heads up if you want
9000s to jump over to twitch.tv crytek and
9002s enter for your chance to win a death's
9005s Herald DLC on any platform of your
9007s choosing
9009s you got to be following us on Twitch you
9011s have to type deaths Herald all one word
9013s in chat just like you see in the pin
9015s message and then you need to hang out
9017s with us as we pull winners for your
9019s opportunity to win
9021s uh first up is check-in if you're in
9024s chat please give us a message let us
9025s know you're still hanging out
9027s um if you are coming from a different
9029s streaming platform like YouTube Facebook
9031s steam anywhere else we might be
9033s streaming uh you still have a nice to
9036s see uh will you still have a chance to
9037s win you can still uh get in as we're
9040s pulling winners so don't feel like
9042s you're too late yet
9045s uh congratulations check-in you will
9047s have a message uh confirming which
9049s platform you are on and then I will get
9052s you those codes in just a bit
9056s do a little stretch
9059s the next winner is Tumblr max if you're
9061s in chat please give us a message
9073s not C and Tumblr Max yet
9097s um I get any and all DLC during sales as
9099s craigtec ever considered doing a one
9101s week deal during a dlc's launch window a
9104s lot of our DLCs actually do have a
9106s launch discount of 10 on Steam
9110s um so if you do pick it up a little
9112s early you'll get a small discount and
9114s then bigger discounts normally will come
9116s up with
9117s bundle inclusions which we do like to
9120s kind of switch up our different bundles
9122s um for stuff like the DLC bundle that
9124s you'll find on Steam and then during
9126s certain you know steam events or
9129s different events on Console like the
9131s spring sale on Steam
9135s they are on Console I don't believe we
9137s have the capability to do that launch
9138s discount on Console right when they come
9140s out but I don't know all the intricacies
9144s with our console sales yeah
9146s unfortunately we're not sales people so
9149s we don't know anything about like why
9152s sales are chosen on certain platforms or
9155s really
9157s of all of that is not really something
9160s that we have insight to
9162s unfortunately the rules are a lot
9164s different too between different
9166s platforms different regions so
9170s it's very different sometimes depending
9172s on certain like what you want to do
9174s this is a last call for Tumblr Max for a
9178s death's Herald DLC if you're in chat
9179s please come redeem your key
9189s where are we going our next winner is
9192s nymph the mine uh 25 if you're in chat
9196s please give us a message
9200s but here's the name I see a character as
9203s well
9210s didn't want to give it to me
9212s I do want to go maybe fishery kind of
9215s right in the middle yeah
9217s I hope it doesn't bite Us in the butt
9221s let's go now this is the oh crows close
9223s North Coast
9225s close really I didn't hear anything
9232s more kills
9236s uh no twitch drops are over we did try
9238s and update the
9241s oh yeah I hear him now we need to try
9243s and update the steam banners but for
9244s whatever reason they aren't updated in
9247s real time
9253s currently nothing about having three
9255s tokens everything is balanced around at
9258s least for now two
9262s okay here's something
9265s uh so like Amazon was two hits right
9268s loot box Alliance tickets what else is
9271s in there by the way
9276s last call from nymph to mine if you're
9279s in chat please give us a message
9284s [Music]
9292s [Applause]
9294s what's up
9296s you can get the hail storm Hill storm
9299s skin every winter
9303s so you just gotta wait for winter
9308s oh the next winner is John Rock
9309s underscore
9313s unfortunate
9315s were they on that little balcony no
9325s no
9326s unfortunately I think they hit both of
9329s us because somebody when I were
9332s walking in front of each other's
9333s determination here
9335s it also helps get back there as well
9347s attacked one
9351s us
9356s concentrated bomb
9370s one in this back right corner bottom
9372s floor
9374s I got some chokes in there hopefully to
9376s catch them
9377s while they're running around tagged once
9385s they went up the stairs
9389s you want to get this lady over there oh
9392s another team another team from ourselves
9406s foreign
9412s shooting still
9421s here
9422s too with a long coat oh I got shallow
9426s poison
9428s from the south
9440s you're still up here
9446s traded with one on the south team
9454s what's up
9455s [Applause]
9457s I love being shot at by myself
9461s yeah I know bud
9465s damn
9466s just being shot at by both teams I think
9468s the first team killed me
9471s a last call for John Rock for the death
9473s Herald DLC no old
9479s mm-hmm
9480s [Music]
9484s hi Exotica
9489s this is a good one
9493s Pringles our next one haters
9497s next winner is Pringles taters if you're
9499s in chat please let us know yourself that
9501s one is so good I love that one
9506s oh we got the Swift
9508s it's my kill right
9519s where's the Swifty there he is
9522s look at this new Army that I have in my
9525s inventory
9529s I know now I crave uh potatoes look what
9531s you've done
9534s all right uh I think this is probably
9537s our uno mas or one more so that at some
9541s point
9542s um
9543s lovely lovely Nixa can get some sleep
9546s mm-hmm he's got bugs to fix
9550s that sounds right for sure
9554s I'm going back to the Slate I feel like
9555s I've been Pringle Staters nice
9560s I think I've been punished for not using
9562s pieta's actual weapons stuff yeah
9569s the patch is going to be
9570s a room TM
9588s are we gonna roll another one or is that
9591s the last one
9593s sorry it's just sending off Pringles
9598s next up is redacted underscore foreign
9606s cons as well yes all of our
9608s patches are for both PC and console
9613s I think in my time of playing hunt
9615s there's only been one that didn't go out
9617s on both console got two and one later
9619s redacted Forest is here
9622s that was a very minor patch though that
9624s wasn't a major pinch next up after
9627s redacted Forest is Demi moo underscore
9631s if you're in chat give us a message
9635s one of the quest lines dropping with the
9637s pitch
9638s they're in it so they they have to you
9642s know come with it
9646s um
9649s hello damn AMU is here
9653s love to see it
9657s uh keep an eye on Twitch Whispers it
9661s looks like seconds that was funny
9666s the patch is today
9671s uh after that is basic 401 or baxi 401.
9683s oh dang this might be our first night
9685s map
9690s that lantern from the grunt she's
9692s swinging in it
9694s I oh I forgot poison
9705s plan for the very first part the very
9707s hard first bus line
9709s um the in 1.12 all quest lines and
9711s challenges will get an update in which
9714s it's like shared team
9717s progress
9719s so
9720s that is a pretty big buff to all
9723s questlines slash challenges for sure
9725s love hate night Maps
9727s not really a fan I just can't see very
9730s good
9734s I was still looking for a boxy 401 you
9737s got another 30 seconds or so to climb
9740s claim your death's Herald DLC before we
9742s do have to re-roll it
9746s uh what star is this we currently have
9748s are mmr's hidden so I could not tell you
9751s guys sorry don't even look
9754s ever
9755s I have I have a lot of stars
9758s well this is my left but it's probably
9761s this way for you guys all right over on
9763s the left all by my lonesome
9766s they like to keep the good players
9768s camera on one side and then the uh
9770s people who are being carried on the
9772s other side
9777s our next winner is trespass wolf uh it
9781s sounds like a repeat
9783s yeah uh chess basketball for fear and
9786s chat please get this message let's buy
9788s this guy oh good there are in fact two
9790s women three stalker beetle
9795s foreign
9802s [Music]
9808s gotta be up there for sure
9814s as fast wolf has joined us nice
9818s uh yeah on one stream it's just pretty
9821s unlikely since there's so many people
9826s after wolf is
9829s links just links
9831s you know they know what they're about
9833s just links
9840s the deodorant or the animal
9843s the what I think it's the animal
9846s did you say deodorant
9848s yeah ax is known as links in some
9850s countries oh I didn't know that
9852s oh Link's just links is here let's go
9859s is that one or two more for you guys
9868s on top of this cart but I'm on the run
9869s next up is holo7 if you're in chat give
9872s us a message I'll try to keep us going
9874s as long as we have a good streak of
9876s people answering I'll try to try to get
9878s some more codes out before the action
9879s hits
9880s but that means you gotta be gotta be in
9883s chat you gotta be answering so you can
9885s give everybody else a better chance
9886s holo7 don't let everybody else down by
9888s taking
9889s minutes to answer
9894s [Applause]
9898s oh hello Seven's here nice oh my gosh
9902s the combo keeps going
9905s you've got it really on the Roll Train
9907s here yeah one entry for all draws as
9909s long as the keyword hasn't changed and
9911s it has not
9913s uh their Holo is a dirty bread if you're
9916s in chat please give us a message uh that
9919s is a username that is not my comment
9921s towards anyone right this is so funny
9925s uh they are here and they have vanished
9928s and it's in this close building to us
9931s I hear him in there
9933s a brick is
9936s oh they are nice some of our proudest
9938s moments of all time is when I killed
9939s someone with a hand crossbow from right
9941s here they were in this window your door
9944s that was that was one of my top tier
9945s moments
9948s is that the cross play with console and
9950s PC we have never announced that
9954s next up is
9960s I'm trying my hardest
9963s tag twice right here
9976s run
9984s I think I heard someone uh exhale bottom
9987s floor someone up here as well
9991s foreign
10018s I'm gonna burn this Hunter I need no one
10020s needs a bit early right no no she just
10023s missed it
10024s adios
10029s he's downstairs here inside he's that
10031s pink scared me
10034s with me cause I'm jumpy oh he'll
10035s probably try to choke
10038s hit the door
10042s his friend probably told him the door
10043s was open because I went and closed it
10045s earlier
10048s uh I think that one came from upstairs
10052s I'm not sure
10056s they get them
10057s yeah
10062s really heal more
10065s there you go
10067s I was a little bell I would have
10068s probably died anyway oh no I was because
10070s I was down a bar see I said it I should
10073s have healed
10076s I was trying to go around the wall
10080s is the rowing boss a myth or we get a
10082s teaser someday the wild Target
10085s is not a myth
10087s what the wild Target
10089s get away from me
10094s Carla you killed me
10097s sorry ezzy I don't know when oh there's
10102s a lot of them
10104s nice try fuel
10108s good games though you guys good games
10110s good games we also got a ton of winners
10114s on that last giveaway so so many
10117s congratulations to everybody
10121s well thank you guys for being here
10124s I had a bunch of fun I hope you guys had
10126s a bunch of fun
10128s um we had a lot of good kills honestly a
10131s lot of beata oh no oh I got the bug
10136s where I can't see her but I got conduit
10138s for it worth it
10141s uh so thank you guys for being here
10144s um I think we uh we had a lot of good
10146s games a lot of good kills bounties we
10149s got our
10150s um our golden cash register extracted so
10155s no bad hand today for me but
10158s sedge
10160s we'll get the next time maybe if
10162s anyone's interested in biata you can
10165s find her on any platform uh you might be
10168s able to catch her in a bundle on Steam
10170s to get a little bit of a discount with
10171s her and some other legendaries
10174s make sure you pick her up if you want a
10176s really cool slate a Scott Field and a
10180s fire Liquid Fire Bomb
10183s that's right
10186s I was gonna say something else oh yeah
10188s uh update 1.12 as soon as possible but
10192s uh we don't have a date right now we
10194s will probably do another
10197s uh gameplay stream whenever it comes out
10199s so hopefully in the next week or two who
10203s knows we're hoping soon
10205s um but we'll do a announcement as soon
10208s as we can
10209s and probably do another gameplay stream
10211s for that so hope to see you all again
10214s soon thank you for Nixa for joining us
10217s taking time out of his evening
10220s um it's after hours for him so
10223s thank you Nixa slash Jeremy
10227s anytime always a pleasure to be here
10230s and yes whenever the patch comes the
10233s first questline will start yes so
10237s thank you guys for being here thank you
10239s to Nixa thank you to Ari and we will see
10242s you guys again soon hopefully and keep
10245s your eyes on social media in the coming
10248s days weeks question mark for information
10251s on 1.12 so bye guys
10266s [Music]
10274s good
10279s foreign

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