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3s show you how
9s to Sal on
21s lip
23s dream
28s again was
34s long for the
36s [Music]
44s end it's
46s the of the
50s sto it's the C of the
56s earth watch
59s your
63s [Music]
64s will with the
89s T
96s [Music]
110s Never Last
116s Breath
118s will the
124s not finished
130s yet of the
140s Stars
144s [Music]
146s the it's the C of the Earth
153s but
160s you with
162s [Music]
179s the
182s show me how to
187s kill show you how
196s to
206s Li we
208s dream again
218s fece long for the
221s [Music]
229s end it's
232s the the
235s St it's the C of the Earth
242s what
244s you
247s see
250s will with
269s t
281s [Music]
286s been
295s bless last
299s breath
303s [Music]
309s not finished
315s yet of the
325s star it's
327s the of the
332s it's the C of the
337s Earth what you
343s glorious
345s [Music]
358s will
360s [Music]
367s show me how to
372s kill show you
388s how
393s dream
397s again
403s fece long for the
406s [Music]
408s end
415s but it's
417s the the star
420s [Music]
421s it's the C of the
426s Earth what you
429s bar
432s see
448s will
467s [Music]
477s water SK
482s Last
488s [Music]
494s Breath not
505s finished let's go hello and welcome to
510s gameplay stream the last gameplay stream
512s actually of Tide of
515s desolation uh every time I say that by
517s the way I'm like terrified that the
519s wrong thing is going to come out of my
521s mouth and going be like tired of
522s corruption no wait that's that was the
524s last one uh I I also have a fear in my
527s heart I don't know if anybody else has
529s that that I'm going to say the next
531s event's name every time so you know I
536s hope that never happens but that's a
538s fear I have
540s is there next that's that's a fear I
542s have in my heart every time and as you
546s may have seen on social media we also
548s have twitch drops coming soon and I it
551s doesn't want me to drop this lovely
552s picture that's just rude of it I
556s guess what if it did let me drop this
558s lovely picture of twitch drops no you
562s jerk well it's okay we're here with
564s Gustavo and Bin
567s yes yeah hey everyone nice to be
571s thank you for the warm welcome there we
574s go yeah people Miss look twitch drops
577s Tada
579s Tada February 23rd to March 1st they are
584s coming soon and uh coming soon coming
588s soon and today we will have giveaways so
590s no drops but giveaways lots of giveaways
593s lots of giveaways yes uh focused again
597s on Northern Justice um uh we can't tell
601s you what's in the drops quite yet
603s but uh we will have more info soon and
606s then we also have the end of the
609s event like tomorrow what is that morning
614s for uh for EU early morning yeah yeah
618s and then for me that's like
621s midnight I say 13
624s hours yeah I just donked my coffee cup
627s so hard into my tooth ouch
630s [Music]
632s I was kind of sad seeing that uh uh tide
637s of desolation is coming to an end you
639s know is ending yeah all good things must
642s end but you know that's all right 13
645s hours
646s left and we're uh 14 they have 14 almost
650s it's it's okay they can still finish the
652s whole event yeah are you guys done
655s actually I am I am yeah I am yeah okay
658s so the three of us are all done
661s ah is there any chance that you will get
663s uh P 100 today no no no no no we're I'm
667s rank 30 I
670s think 33 maybe so definitely
676s no no chance
679s today actually talking about finishing d
681s one there was a a redeem code on our
684s social media that you could use to gain
685s a bit of boost to your points which I
688s actually used on yeah I needed like 100
690s points after that to finish the event so
692s so true 2,000 points which is two
696s regular event levels or just 2K toward
699s the 15K if you are on the
704s Overflow exactly and it works for PC and
708s console so there are two codes two
711s different codes both if you have hunt in
714s both platforms and they are uh on the
719s what Whatchamacallit it's an in-game
720s redeem code not uh not on
725s Steam yeah you just have to go to the
727s game settings and at the bottom it says
729s redeem code type it in and it's yours T
733s easy uh and there
736s is no uh reward for extra event points
740s post the event only the uh overflow
745s reward where is the code it's on uh
747s social media so twitch
750s twitch we're on Twitch Twitter uh
752s Instagram Discord words are hard
756s Facebook Facebook I forget about that
759s one not going to lie it's a big
762s one it's not it's not in my personal
765s life at
767s all I get that it's for us old people
770s like me you know you're still young like
774s you aren't we like a
776s Europe well yeah so that makes you young
780s it makes me old you know okay I I guess
783s if you say so if you say
785s so you know what you guys talking about
789s my teeth still hurts from where I I'd
791s rather not talk about
792s [Music]
796s this oh yeah I did see that it made it
799s it made it to Reddit which was good
802s somebody copy pasted it good good good I
805s was actually like on my way to do it and
808s then I saw somebody copy ped it and I
809s was like well I don't need to
815s then easy peasy oh we got to move this
820s way I forgot to ask uh do you guys still
823s have uh challenges to to complete I do
828s not just the weekly ones you know not
829s the yeah the weekly yeah yeah I don't
831s have weekly oh I do have those I'm
835s done I'm done with my
838s weakly
839s okay I think we can do mine but I mean
842s it's not super
844s important I mean I'll do them if they're
847s convenient yeah that's I mean there's
850s one to use shotguns one to use the new
852s Army loc at the boss and uh to kill
855s hives with throwing knives so oh I can
858s bring throwing knives next match I don't
860s have them right
862s now I'm not even sure I have them on it
865s has been a while you you hear a
868s Hungarian dude speaking in
871s English also true um but yeah it's been
874s a while since B was on
877s stream yeah and I I think I sound a bit
880s different than Germans but you know I
882s have the Eastern European but I think
886s you got a little bit of the flavor of
888s their
889s accent
890s yeah uh I mean I don't know when you
894s speak to Germans all day I think V
896s sounds pretty
897s different but I I'm a little biased
900s because also I was just in a meeting
902s with like four Germans
905s so right and I don't really speak German
907s so it would be weird if I picked up a
909s German accent someh uh there is a
911s meatman on the
914s clue
922s oh
927s close I think I have serpent no I don't
930s I think they're shooting at each
932s other not
934s us uh I have not f a home real in the
937s shooting range yet but I did play in a
939s team with him so we were teammates I'm
942s going to Arro the meat head can you pick
944s up the
950s clue uh we don't have any info right now
953s to share on oh you said you never mind
958s yeah I tried
960s integration okay the map but we will
963s share it as soon as we
965s can uh we will also share the Wild Card
969s Weekend results when we can but you know
971s we're still we're still giving people
972s some time to vote so if you haven't seen
975s that there's also a poll on our social
977s media little survey it's a one question
979s survey shouldn't take very long and it
982s just says you know what wild card would
984s you like to see this
986s weekend and that's it easy peasy oh
989s press dark Inferno dark Inferno dark
990s Inferno I know I voted dark Inferno yeah
993s I voted dark Inferno
997s too I will say so far that's in the lead
1002s but I won't say by how much but it is it
1005s is in the leite a little bit oh Darkon
1008s fire is in Elite yeah just a bit
1011s cool you see them oh yeah I did oh my
1014s God I knew it oh his close yeah I was
1017s trying to do the Vault then it just
1020s never works for me right there anymore
1022s it's like broken I have problems with
1025s that Vault
1026s too it didn't used to be like that it's
1029s like a new problem in my opinion or my
1032s experience oh he he's here to oh I see
1036s him y I'm in those
1039s Parks rival
1041s slugs oh grenade
1045s y I also have resilience if or when that
1048s becomes an option do I have necro oh I
1050s don't oh I do have but I think oh I
1053s don't have forgot about it there we
1056s go so dark uh the survey is posted on
1061s all of our social media and
1063s Discord so you can check uh okay I
1067s shouldn't ask switch serers be on so
1068s people don't but uh yeah I just have to
1071s know my thing kind of they open the door
1073s in the window nice okay I'm going to
1075s kill that guy him no more info about
1077s twitch drops yet but we will will get it
1079s to you oh yeah I killed him was the
1082s detective that kill you
1089s yes can you harass her oh my God on the
1092s roof behind
1099s behind um yeah all of us have a lot of
1103s different uh tasks this poison
1107s responsibilities that's a good way to we
1109s all have a lot of different
1110s responsibilities nice and the three of
1113s us also have pretty different
1114s responsibilities behind that still on
1117s the roof Lots yeah that one nice shot
1121s nice nice nice Lots uh lots to do
1123s between the three of
1124s us
1126s grenade I may die here oh V is so close
1130s to oh my God is there more yeah yeah
1135s there is one more I think
1137s inside yeah alive still good rest he's
1141s poisoned I think I think you can harass
1143s her good
1145s rest TR oh com behind
1150s Okay no roof
1154s guy I have
1158s resilience he's up on the
1163s [Music]
1164s roof
1166s nice hello Mr Roof man oh another one on
1170s the roof as
1171s well just going
1184s to oh they Hive they hi they
1187s Hive dude I can't see oh my God I
1190s thought he was on top that scared
1193s me I thought that was the guy that was
1194s on top there's like three detectives in
1196s that fight by the way holy
1205s it was a good warm-up game
1207s though we killed a lot of
1209s people
1213s yeah
1215s okay yeah you guys sure did I I I didn't
1218s really do very much but that's all
1220s right your death was not in
1223s vain my second death was a little bit in
1226s vain uh maybe
1230s no that's
1232s okay I'm not
1235s bothered oh my God I'm right 37
1241s cry her
1243s ey we look at our bars good thing we
1245s look at our bars three big bars
1247s absolutely not thank you for reminding
1249s me because I always
1251s forget I don't want three big
1255s bars same the
1257s worst
1259s yeah first one doesn't count that's
1260s those are the rules I live by for sure
1262s for sure unless you win
1266s exactly yeah I don't know I'm not
1268s actually that pumped about Prestige 100
1272s like hitting it I'm really pumped about
1275s 100 100 you know what I
1278s mean I want
1280s like I want to be Prestige 100 rank 100
1285s go all out and finish it yeah yeah like
1288s I mean of course I'm excited about
1289s hitting Prestige 100 cuz it's the last
1291s time I'm going to have to hit the
1292s prestige button but I think the big
1298s ah oh you're right I don't need iron eye
1300s oh cuz I forgot I was using the Cyclone
1302s but I'm using the I need to use the
1304s Cyclone cuz uh I'm trying to finish it
1308s in the book of weapons 1% let's
1311s go I'm also trying to finish the bat in
1314s the book of
1315s weapons which is way down here oh I'm
1317s 55% out of the way to the first one
1319s there's two
1321s though yeah I'm exactly I'm pumped about
1324s never needing to re unlock the variance
1326s once I do
1328s it it's true and what are you going to
1330s do after you're done everything I don't
1332s know I'm actually worried about that I'm
1336s like so I already have every Mastery
1338s complete that isn't excuse me that isn't
1341s Raja I'm on the last one of Raja and
1344s that isn't a new weapon from 114 or
1347s obviously 115 cuz it's not in the book
1349s of weapons yet if it's in
1352s 115 so I'm already
1354s 99% of the way done with the book do
1358s trials I am a trials
1361s hater I try not to rage at video
1365s games just in general some of them are
1368s very hard especially with the hives the
1371s trials make me
1375s rage oh my snip those are fun I've done
1380s all the uh the snipers ones are I've
1381s done all the sniper ones I've done some
1384s of the other ones I mean I have 60 out
1387s of 96 Stars so that's not like
1391s terrible and I do want the
1394s augur I do which is 70 stars but like 10
1400s 10 more stars no that's too
1404s hard and I'm like I'm only 23 of total
1409s done with all the trials and that just I
1412s just don't know about
1415s that oh yeah I think I I've only done
1418s the sniper ones because the the parkour
1420s ones are way too hard to complete them I
1423s don't know especially if you only get
1425s one star that's like bothers me so I
1427s just have to complete like properly if I
1429s do it mhm yeah I tried to get two three
1433s stars are nothing I tried to get two on
1435s a the ones that didn't make me like
1437s angry
1439s [Laughter]
1442s the one that made me angry though
1445s I I just was like one star kind of angry
1448s designed in a way yeah to annoy
1452s you they're designed to be difficult yes
1456s it's like when you die to the same Elden
1458s ring boss like 12 times and you're just
1459s like you know what I need to put this
1461s down I need to put this down right now
1463s oh yeah I just started playing sakiro I
1465s I completely God speed you
1469s sir it's really fun but uh yeah can be a
1473s bit difficult at some point oh yeah
1476s let's let's start a keyword let's do
1478s that oh yeah I totally forgot about the
1481s keyword oh my
1483s God okay so we'll be streaming for
1486s another 90 minutes desolation I like it
1489s desolation
1492s go okay the first keyword for our first
1496s round is
1499s desolation
1506s desolation it's easy because it's in the
1508s title of the
1510s stream
1512s yeah easy to spell
1517s yes which we've learned can be uh a
1520s challenge depending on the
1522s word desolation is a pretty difficult
1525s one actually I would
1526s say it's a lot of
1530s letters last week we were teaching
1533s Gustavo Canadian
1536s words for fun because of uh Northern
1539s Justice and I totally forgot about them
1542s what was that it was a Canadian dish pin
1547s oh that's a food right yeah it's a food
1549s oh it's really good I had it once yeah
1552s and um Nathan made
1556s me type uh uh what's a part of a ship
1561s what what was the work oh yeah we did
1562s starboard and we did Port yeah yeah so
1566s left and right or right and left I guess
1569s I learned a few words yeah that was fun
1572s best streams I feel like we did that on
1575s the one before too learning some words
1578s yes some difficult words they were
1580s themed nautical on the one before naal
1583s yeah so that's when we did starboard and
1586s port to but I miss we were giving away
1589s the um the captain captain yes oh oh
1594s people people people
1596s people I was going to ask did they see
1599s you yeah they
1602s did apparently they did did they go
1605s inside the house one I think went inside
1607s the house the others came around the
1612s side I thought they would maybe not one
1618s on the roof
1625s taged he was up
1627s here Roa is going to be right here and
1629s come eat
1631s me he's still on the roof
1637s y
1640s oo get
1642s B I just bed someone with a shotgun I
1645s just want everyone to
1647s know I'm being shot at with a silent
1649s weapon yes I tagged him on the
1652s roof where's the silencer coming
1656s from I don't
1658s know there's one
1662s there I think he's not on the roof
1664s anymore I can't he no he's not he jumped
1665s down his footsteps I tagged him over
1668s there I'm healing
1674s again are they back on the forest yep
1679s are getting killed by silence yeah I
1680s don't
1683s know oh that was a really bad shot I'm
1685s beding I'm
1686s [Applause]
1689s beding I'm not used to the Cyclone
1694s honestly I need help over here Gustavo
1697s yeah I'm I'm healing myself okay I'm
1702s coming cuz he's definitely over by
1706s me last scene over there
1715s yep I would like to be better with this
1718s gun but I'm not yeah he's behind
1723s us Rock Opa I think they're burning yeah
1727s okay I I can I can yeah he's over here
1730s now hand
1733s it oh he's he's pushing you he's pushing
1736s you I'm
1739s wow he killed me from 30 m with dies and
1742s two shots
1744s jeez
1750s okay big sad oh
1753s well I got to bat someone so oh he's a
1756s solo it's a good day oh that guy's not
1759s on the same team as the person first
1762s person okay I was
1765s like
1766s what
1768s I was like there's no way he's not on
1769s the same team as that lady I should have
1771s set her on fire that's what I should
1773s have
1774s done oh well uh the plague doctor is not
1779s coming
1781s back okay so as chat astutely pointed
1784s out I don't need iron eye but I'm not
1786s going to take it
1788s off cuz I only get two points and I
1791s don't really
1794s care but you're correct I don't need it
1797s oh oh
1801s well I do want a regen shot I wish I had
1804s had one in that
1806s one I love regen shots I take them every
1809s game I like them all right I got the
1813s kill with the bat I was like what
1814s happened to my Mastery I'm just
1818s Dingus baseball
1824s bat we're close oh your KD uh
1830s Gustavo wow sorry what your KD is pretty
1833s good it's terrible right no it's like so
1836s good
1837s jeez it's not it is really
1845s good what does the charm on the baseball
1848s bat even look like you know what I have
1850s to find
1852s out can I say your KD
1856s Gustavo uh yeah sure go ahead it's 2.4
1860s 2.4 guys it's really good it's not that
1864s good damn it's insanely good actually
1866s yes I just play this game a little too
1874s much I don't think I'll ever get close
1877s to two to be honest with you oh so we
1879s haven't done the uh you almost
1882s announcement for the next update except
1884s for uh the minor updates that will
1890s be tomorrow morning wow EU time really
1893s struggling my
1896s brain oh you guys have the same
1899s KD mine is mine is
1903s 1.32 oh then yeah 1.31 yes yes
1909s okay uh I think bence and I have like
1912s what 2K hours each yeah and Gustavo has
1916s like six
1918s K
1921s yeah Gustavo has lapped us each and then
1924s gone another
1926s 2K that's crazy I remember I remember
1928s when I start playing this game I didn't
1930s know we can uh kill the armor with a
1933s knife stabbing them oh so every time I
1936s Arro uh an armored I just run away you
1940s know I I didn't know we can kill them
1943s actually kill them oh my goodness so I
1945s just
1946s run uh I do not have bad hand either
1951s that's how even have 6K hours I feel
1953s like I played almost every day since
1955s releas I oh there's no way if you only
1959s have 2K hours it's not you're not close
1961s to every
1963s day unless you have more hours than me
1966s which is possible for a few months
1969s is and another account on this too
1972s that's fair I I think on this it's only
1974s like 1.5k or something like that I at
1977s like I stopped for a few months and then
1979s I I came back on as the crow flies if
1983s I'm not mistaken I'm at
1986s 2.15 K hours and I only started playing
1990s in 2020 and this was also My First
1994s FPS same kind of I mean I did play some
1997s OverWatch before and like single player
2001s FPS games like the old Call of Duty game
2003s like Call of Duty 2 and stuff like a
2004s medal of honor and things like that but
2006s uh for like proper competitive hunt was
2009s like the first one I didn't even get
2013s a I didn't even get a computer until
2019s 2018 oh what did you play
2023s before
2025s console oh okay which was a I was a
2029s PlayStation 2
2032s Gamecube uh gamer and then eventually
2036s Xbox 360
2038s and then I didn't play anything
2041s until cuz I went to University so then I
2043s didn't play oops we were already on the
2045s right
2047s screen uh and I didn't play anything in
2049s in University really and then in 2018 I
2051s got my first computer GameCube
2054s absolutely still the
2056s best console I used to be like a
2059s Nintendo gameer only like uh the older
2062s Nintendo
2063s consoles that's like family Centric you
2066s know definitely played
2069s melee other than my brother that's six
2071s years older than me I was the best
2073s person I knew that played
2076s melee
2077s but not like Pro type
2082s good but I do remember in high school oh
2086s yes I was a i my Zelda tattoo is
2089s Twilight Princess which was originally
2092s GameCube oh was it I remember it's on
2094s the
2095s V terrible on the Wii
2098s I like this
2099s because with the you know the joycon or
2103s whatever it was
2105s called I killed the meat man and he
2108s dropped Fanning which does not help me
2112s with my bat but I'll take it for later
2115s now that we can all have it easy
2120s peasy oh my I'm going to pick it up only
2122s because of the the trade
2124s points yeah I mean I'm using a bat so
2128s same can't you Fanning with the back
2131s yeah yeah yeah you're
2133s right skill
2136s isue I say to
2140s myself that's how that works
2143s right
2146s yeah by the way I just started getting
2148s into baseball randomly over the past
2151s month so that's very strange as like a I
2154s know about baseball yeah it's because of
2157s an anime uh so ah there's a cash
2161s register over here as well the one that
2163s sits on the
2164s thingy yeah I knew nothing about
2166s baseball and now it's really fun pick up
2169s pick pick pick up the C Is Here There we
2173s go yeah I got the money I was struggling
2175s no I I couldn't pick it up I kept like
2177s running into it and I was like please
2179s just grab it question mark what's wrong
2182s with
2183s you you have too much money already I
2186s guess
2187s I
2189s wish I
2192s wish although I definitely think I have
2194s more money now post
2196s 115 than ever
2200s before yeah I gu same which is
2203s nice uh my two favorite animes are on
2207s [Applause]
2208s the wall behind me I see k b mhm what is
2213s the other spy family ah
2218s Ione except that I watch anime in
2221s English so I know that it's called CCO
2224s no basket but I call it kuro's
2226s basketball because that's what it's
2228s called in
2230s English just going
2235s tooooop have you seen slam dunk yet
2237s though have I seen what slam dunk it's
2240s another buet ball uh I haven't but I've
2243s seen pictures of it and it is not my
2246s style Style
2249s Style
2253s yeah easy
2256s peasy uh I have a stamina shot going
2259s it's not a
2262s trait it's just a stamina shot no trait
2265s no
2270s trait do you guys have anything to kill
2273s that meatman I have a bat we can get I
2277s have a dynamite stick Shadow oh
2281s cool it's going to be on fire in just
2284s second Shadow
2289s barrel uh there's a trait on your side
2293s of the
2296s fire
2297s Levering oh points free points we can
2300s all get okay I can use that I mean you
2302s might as well take it we can all get it
2304s yeah I can actually use it oh don't
2306s forget
2307s rule of two was uh removed from certain
2310s objects in
2315s 115 bro Hunt anime would be the coolest
2318s thing ever I agree I think it would also
2321s work pretty well it yeah that that would
2324s be totally my
2325s jam I would be super into that rule of
2328s two has only gone on certain things so
2330s it is still there on like ammo boxes
2335s and W wo woo wo wo Hunters looting
2338s Hunters that was like really hard for my
2341s little
2342s brain to get
2346s out I'm a little sleep
2348s depressed someone hear sheep noises in
2351s Hunt I mean I don't think I've heard
2353s sheep noises sheep noises I think maybe
2356s there may be something similar in the
2359s ambience randomly but
2364s yeah uh so we have not yet announced the
2367s next
2369s update but no no no Hunters are still
2373s rule of two Dead hunter still rule of
2376s two oh my God I almost shot that that
2382s grunt that would be
2384s funny ammo boxes still roll of two and
2388s um tool
2390s boxes but the posters are
2393s not and let me tell you how excited I
2396s get when I find a poster now and my
2397s friend can't take it from me
2400s because I oh I see people on the on the
2404s roof at Lawson station do you have long
2407s ammo
2410s no h can't do anything I'm in a crack
2415s sorry so I could fighting there if you
2418s think I can see that far G yeah I can
2420s I'm
2422s like squinting at the screen yeah
2425s same you can't see him Med kits yeah no
2428s I don't know I can't see
2433s him yeah I think that would be really
2435s nice
2436s h412 if uh vulture was slightly tweaked
2441s where you didn't use up one that would
2443s be really really
2445s nice I would really like
2449s that uh the fix to Xbox dead zones will
2454s be in uh tomorrow's baby maintenance
2457s patch just so you guys know so if you're
2459s on Xbox nothing's around let's go get
2462s them let's go get
2465s them just going to slowly Crouch through
2467s here we going El has to get the Bounty
2471s yeah why not to is there
2475s so yeah you're going to be our element
2479s of
2480s surprise oh
2485s yeah usually
2487s though that's the
2489s problem element of surprise except that
2492s I just scared CR
2494s whoopsies but they can already see you
2496s anyway so you know yeah it's true I have
2500s to pull out the new sakiro skills there
2502s still
2504s here no uh no announcements yet on the
2508s engine integration or map 4 we will give
2512s you guys more info when we have it but
2515s currently we do not have of
2519s anything to
2521s share uh desolation is the key word for
2524s a giveaway they are like out in the
2526s forest over there oh I've been
2529s shot okay wow good
2531s shot wait was that from the forest yeah
2534s 130 M yeah I can see only one guy uh
2539s East
2541s yeah I'm going to mute so I can talk to
2544s you can you try to destroy them that is
2547s that is that uh scope
2550s no yeah I see two
2553s now yeah they're fighting each other I
2555s think the engine integration will
2558s include the console Next Gen update and
2562s we that's the same thing that we don't
2563s have anything com I'm that's the guy
2566s that killed
2569s me oh no no I'm not dead
2575s yet
2578s that was surprising I thought the armor
2580s at me so you should be fine I think I
2582s thought the armor maybe just P back a
2584s bit I don't think I can I didn't burn
2588s you did I no no
2591s no I cannot see that far maybe bg3 yet
2595s uh more than
2599s once dog as
2603s well yeah I'm this is interesting this
2607s is a he didn't
2610s die bro this dog what's he made
2614s of yeah I feel like I heavy stuffed in M
2618s oh I'm healing this is insane Ben you're
2621s about to die to
2624s AI it's
2626s fine he I'm on fire now oh my God
2629s there's so many people okay maybe I will
2632s die to
2635s AI oh my good I can see only two how'
2639s they put me on fire that's a how did you
2640s get on fire though I have no idea that's
2642s what I was wondering oh they shot an
2644s emulator up there
2646s yeah emulator was chasing you and I
2648s guess they shot it yeah I just my God
2652s this I can't see that maybe I can if
2656s you're accusing someone of cheating uh
2658s you should include any evidence you may
2661s have uh when you send in your report to
2665s customer support and that will
2667s that'll help them out hey Miss Joe yeah
2670s they are far back I think you can get
2672s her yeah this is this AI problem is nuts
2676s that's the first thing that could
2678s happen yeah Ben was having to fight like
2681s literally all the AI in the world over
2683s here that was crazy I don't know how
2685s that first dog didn't die to be honest
2688s still
2689s get uh I'm like a one shot to anything
2693s so I'm on my way but just so you know no
2696s no no I don't
2699s know I don't even see them on
2703s SC you know where they are still yeah
2706s they are right in front of
2709s me yep over
2712s there I think I killed something I don't
2716s know if it's I still see three one right
2717s in front of you and two that further
2719s that
2721s way well I yeah I killed something I
2724s think it was a gr then is said that
2727s body I can't even see them and I'm out
2730s of a they're not within or 75 M maybe we
2733s just leave cuz like what do we yeah yeah
2737s I killed something right here if only we
2740s had more
2742s um right across the Hayfield oh I can
2746s see them oh no no it's a grun oh my God
2748s where are they yeah they're gone I'm
2750s telling they're not in
2751s 75 you could use this guy loot this guy
2754s for a second here is he lootable
2758s yeah oh no they just shot at
2762s me
2765s okay oh that's 100 10 met yep I'm I'm
2768s telling you we should just we should
2771s just we giving
2772s them too many chances you're so
2777s far I don't know why I backed up this
2779s far I can't see they can see way better
2782s than me with their Roy fails
2788s I don't have necro thought I did I'm a
2793s genius they're in 75
2795s now I killed one shot oh you killed one
2799s nice under the tower I don't have negro
2802s though for B yeah there are two of them
2807s oh I didn't even see that guy I didn't
2809s see him either we should have left so
2811s long ago this was not worth it not worth
2815s it
2821s our Hunters haven't lived and I just
2822s forgot that I didn't have
2824s necro cuz we haven't lived
2831s yet
2833s okay got to move my coffee cup out of
2836s the way here we go one second You' been
2839s these yeah the merch is really
2843s nice oh it's your
2845s name
2850s it's what it was almost gustavo's
2853s username oh that's funny the one that
2855s picked up the
2856s py uh yeah I think I sold something and
2859s I got resilience yeah I got resilience
2863s so I only had three uh threee points and
2865s not
2875s four
2890s they have the Bounty now so is that a
2893s Spanish latte no it's a protein smoothie
2895s with strawberries and
2905s bananas
2910s necro is my
2912s favorite necro is my
2915s favorite uh crate in the game as well I
2918s have it tattooed on my leg do you work
2920s out yes so it only tastes like bananas
2923s incorrect there only
2925s one I don't
2927s know earlier I saw three on probably got
2930s thr uh
2933s too there's no way you're close enough
2937s yeah oh it is a very filling smoothie
2940s the headsman is who I killed earlier you
2942s didn't see
2943s him damn
2953s it yeah oh my
2960s God shut oops I forgot I was I tend to
2966s left like mixed
2969s berries is this a space to ask about
2971s future plans for the game um kind of uh
2974s we can't so we're not going to announce
2977s anything new on this
2979s stream ever on a gameplay stream uh but
2983s we will answer questions you might have
2986s about the game in the past or things
2989s that are already announced stuff like
2993s that how about twitch traps uh we can
2996s tell you they're coming and the dates
2998s because that is what has been
3000s announced nothing else has been
3002s announced see now I have four points and
3004s we go get necro and we look at our bars
3007s no big bars good good good
3011s good and then we go get our
3014s Cyclone it's not a big update tomorrow
3016s uh just a small update that will turn
3019s the event off as per
3022s usual what's the story with the big
3024s trees this part of
3027s uh part of the
3030s story is there a way to set bolt action
3033s a manual reload no there is
3036s not that was my bat right yeah I did get
3041s the bat I think we can start pulling
3043s some winners what you do yes that's a
3045s very good idea I think let's do it then
3049s uh give time giveaway time our first
3053s round is going to start right now and
3057s the first winner is we're looking
3061s for LOL of
3063s throw
3066s congratulations law of troll LOL of
3072s troll and trow is here
3077s congratulations
3079s is it's relatively small that's
3083s all it is giveaways for the new DLC
3087s Northern
3088s Justice or what we like to call it Ben's
3093s favorite next one favorite Hunter yeah
3096s is hamster congratulations
3100s hamster is your name
3103s boo that's a bg3 joke just for all my
3106s bg3
3107s friends just say something Cody you get
3114s me oh how do you join the giveaway you
3118s just uh type in the keyword please only
3120s a single time
3122s Desolation come on
3127s hamster uh and also if you want to join
3129s the giveaway you need to be in the
3133s uh twitch
3135s chat
3139s yes okay no hamster 5 Seconds big
3144s sad
3148s okay we rolling next winner we're
3151s looking for even 22 free
3156s CSS that's a very big uh there are
3160s no announcements on trap placement
3165s changes Ian
3168s 22 just say something in the
3174s chat
3179s oh yes we are aware of the quickplay
3181s start bug as well as the solo queue like
3186s that won't start the
3187s queue um we are still
3191s investigating no we rrolling next
3196s winner
3198s X mad mik mad mik yeah thank
3203s you mad mik please say something in the
3205s chat you just won a DLC don't let don't
3209s make me roll it again
3211s please going to drive Gustavo
3219s crazy uh feedback on the headsman has
3222s been uh has been heard no no news to
3227s share currently but we'll let you know
3230s if that
3231s changes M Mike where are you 5 Seconds
3235s what
3237s my mic isn't here either W okay we
3242s rolling Cardiac
3245s Arrest
3247s congratulations Cardiac Arrest it is
3250s exactly like that when Ari had to roll
3252s like six times in a row
3256s yeah uh on the survey for this weekend's
3260s wild card I voted dark
3263s Inferno no cardiac
3266s that was my personal my personal vote
3269s vote now that could be a good news but
3271s in this case it's bad news that Cardiac
3273s Arrest not here yeah no cardiac
3277s arrest okay rrolling oh what was that
3280s self found Garden I say to myself
3283s conratulations
3291s you being shot at found Garden not me
3294s but uh close
3298s by just getting Garden is here
3302s yay conratulations oh man it's Scrappy
3306s oh the boss is here cool that sucks and
3309s a team is coming from the bus side okay
3312s okay next
3313s winner oh this is this is very hard oh
3317s God [ __ ] I I don't know that that looks
3321s like German yeah it is attemp
3327s congratulations you just won a
3332s DLC why you take
3334s knife in case I need
3337s it people where people where over there
3341s oh okay I saw
3344s them oh I got K from behind you oh
3347s behind yeah 140
3351s Meers yeah was definitely from behind
3354s 100
3356s I don't think it was from behind 140 M
3359s yeah it was from the Left Behind like uh
3361s yeah your feet your feet agree that it
3364s was to the left well we're just going to
3367s take a risk in the uh heavy Bloom here
3370s thank you oh [ __ ] I had a big bar no
3373s that last game made a mistake that
3376s happened to me last
3380s game I just assumed this lady that was
3382s shooting at me killed you instead of me
3387s by the way I is the in the chest please
3390s he's here he's
3392s here
3393s bad I can't see I'm
3396s blind
3398s see tagged hard he almost dead he's
3402s almost
3404s dead there's one down here too yeah
3407s another one at the bridge I tagged him
3409s I'm
3411s dead o I hit the stop bleeding a second
3414s too late oh my God too many
3417s people there's a team behind us too
3420s forgot nothing except the dates on
3422s Twitch
3430s drops oh my God me okay too many people
3435s oh God yeah we got surrounded that was a
3437s third team I think we did get surrounded
3441s uh you will receive a whisper from the
3443s krych channel after the
3445s because we are
3448s streaming too many
3451s people yeah we we got major our German
3455s friend is here congratulations by bye
3459s Frost next
3461s winner
3463s hard so
3465s true I'm only dying first because of my
3468s ping by the way guys that's yeah yeah
3471s yeah that's what they all say yeah I
3473s have higher ping than you
3476s do you I am proba I'm
3480s 150
3482s 130
3484s so craft Knight is here
3487s congratulations last
3490s winner of this round I would like a
3493s sticky bomb this time is Li Walker
3496s 18 yeah I'm dying
3498s specifically to uh talk to chat you know
3502s reveal of twitch drops after stream nope
3504s not today
3506s not
3508s today slep
3510s Walker
3512s 18 the more people reply the more
3516s giveaway keys that we can get through
3523s yeah okay we're rolling the last winner
3526s of this round need to look at my bars oh
3529s it's h
3532s Hazel
3533s Hazel like is something like that yeah
3537s that was close where can we download the
3539s 4K Wallpapers for hunt uh there's a
3541s bunch of them on the
3547s Discord there a celebration uh you get a
3550s skin you can only get at Prestige
3552s 100 unless you mean me and then I don't
3555s know I haven't decided I probably should
3558s since we're getting there
3561s but but I
3564s haven't
3569s hey we're rolling the last winner kikot
3576s 95 next big update when who knows who
3584s knows small question
3586s samot is here yay congratulations let's
3590s say I reported someone for cheating or
3592s toxic Behavior what happens next uh one
3594s of our customer support
3596s Representatives reviews your
3600s report yeah yep okay round one is
3604s finished yay round
3607s one would you like to pick up a new
3610s keyword for
3612s us uh sure uh Captain is the keyword
3617s Captain yeah oh captain I
3623s captain okay the new keyword word is
3627s Captain
3635s Captain I'm doing a really bad job
3637s changing the scene today
3642s sorry oh it's nice better we're just
3646s we're all I can see is Captain
3648s so it's taking over the
3653s chat it's taken over
3656s oh
3662s no Capitano that's
3668s uh close but not quite how do you say
3671s captain in Hungarian Hungarian
3676s copy o that's kind of funny I don't know
3679s why and in German it might be something
3683s extremely different we just captain in
3685s German like I have no idea no it's not
3688s Captain it's not that
3694s easy capan there you go cap okay it's
3697s that
3698s easy is that
3701s easy there you
3704s go but the key word is Captain in
3708s English who's our favorite Captain s the
3712s bot only speaks English so yes bot does
3715s only speak
3716s English
3718s yeah who have some Pirates right that's
3722s what I was going to
3724s say Captain Jack Sparrow Captain lafit
3729s Captain Hook you guys went that way
3731s barbar Barbarosa Barbarosa Captain what
3735s is the name of the captain in one piece
3739s is that a captain ask me that I ship has
3741s a captain okay so Luffy is my favorite
3743s Captain luy okay
3746s a lot of
3747s captains a lot of cap every ship has one
3750s so you know look I know
3754s that one piece is supposed to be good
3757s but I just can't with a show that has
3759s like a thousand episodes I just don't
3762s want that in my life no I don't want to
3766s get sucked into to something I'm not
3767s going to
3770s watch is that any good the the live
3773s action yeah I think it's really good for
3775s a
3776s live I refuse to get sucked into
3778s something that has just too many
3782s episodes no I won't watch Naruto for the
3784s same reason narut is just 400 or
3788s something just 400 do you know how many
3791s episodes kuro's basketball has that's
3793s right
3794s 75 okay but 7 compl three days and you
3800s finishing
3803s complete I want a complete story that
3806s doesn't take me 5 years to get through
3809s my God but that's a nice Journey you
3812s know like no M that's too much sa with
3814s the Pirates they can't all be good it's
3817s just not possible I think every episode
3821s you're telling me every episode is good
3824s one piece I like okay the beginning a
3826s bit rough because it's so old but after
3828s after like 50 it gets every episode good
3831s I after 50 yeah so so very in the
3835s beginning
3840s right last
3845s one it's just it's just too much for
3848s me there's something called V Pace you
3851s may want to check out which is want a
3852s free health kit there's a box right
3854s there as well F version of
3858s it no if I get into stuff I get like in
3861s insanely into it
3863s so I can't be doing that
3866s can't be suck in my life look bg3
3868s already like owns my free time right
3871s now I can't I can't add something
3874s else like see like a play through is
3876s like 150 hours you could watch like half
3878s of one piece in this time I feel
3880s like I've already completed two and
3883s almost a third with four other campaigns
3886s in like act two in 2 50
3892s hours
3893s so
3895s I you're complaining
3898s about
3903s fast I don't know I really like
3906s complete experiences as well I have like
3909s a a
3911s bi did you
3913s just yeah I did I think Violet did yeah
3916s okay but there's people here at Alice
3923s Maybe
3931s H are you sure yeah oh here yep this H
3937s just
3943s activated that wasn't
3948s me they're going to cross the
3953s river
3963s they're in
3965s Alice oh okay we lost we're
3970s dead are we not dog
3974s again
3977s okay are they still at Alice I don't
3980s know but I I didn't activate this
3983s hive
3985s someone ask what anime are you guys
3986s watching right now uh I'm currently not
3989s watching any anime yeah currently no
3992s none okay then I go major uh of course
3996s one piece I'm watching solo leveling uh
3999s Tokyo Revengers I just finish ju K I
4001s just finished uh oh actually I still
4005s have to rewatch uh Attack on Titans so I
4009s can remember what happened so I can
4011s watch the last season I've heard like
4015s really really mixed reviews about Attack
4017s on Titan some people say it's amazing
4020s and some people say it's like the worst
4022s thing they've ever seen no they don't
4024s know what they're talking about they
4026s watch it wrong okay I think a attack
4028s Titan is a bit mid not going to
4031s lie they watched it
4034s wrong I don't know it's okay but not my
4037s favorite there was someone right next to
4038s me yeah they were already across the
4041s river nice shot killed one question mark
4045s no she didn't
4047s die him two
4053s times she in
4056s there I don't think I tagged
4059s one I can't see any that's the one that
4062s killed me let you the trees are too
4065s oppressive right here oh okay someone
4066s from the compound killed me we're really
4069s struggling to get in a single fight
4071s honestly
4073s yep
4080s I have not yet watched cyber Punk Edge
4081s runners or blue-eyed Samurai but I heard
4083s both was really good K
4087s yourself old Scupper Lake was a time to
4090s the right go okay not you I wasn't
4093s expecting
4097s you back to three star will take a while
4100s I think all three of us started five
4102s star so I think it'll take a while for
4104s us to drop new map this year yes
4108s 2024 2024 and we are in it
4111s [Music]
4116s uh- oh we're getting into fights we're
4119s just not getting into fights with only
4120s one team to Showdown cuz I got I got
4124s killed by
4127s team I don't know why Gustavo is
4129s apologizing over here I hate
4133s those
4135s I'm wondering if that's like a what's
4138s the word I'm looking for a product
4140s excuse me of playtime Casey cuz it takes
4142s me quite a while to move at
4145s all I've heard blueeyed Samurai is
4147s really really
4151s good I don't really care about tropes
4154s like I don't find that a negative
4158s thing I know some people are like
4160s bothered by troops Andor um what's the
4163s word I'm looking for like
4167s when what's the word I'm looking for one
4169s more not Trope Trope is a character
4171s thing but I mean like a story like
4172s archetype story
4174s Ary uh I'm totally fine with story
4177s archetypes I'm not bothered by that at
4181s all
4185s o jjk is really popular right now for
4189s sure for
4190s sure ran into Roa close to G seem to bug
4193s out in the small Lake
4194s uh yes you can report that on the
4196s Discord um we have a channel no
4202s please uh to live or something like
4207s that oh damn engine integration does not
4210s have a uh published date yet but it will
4213s be in 2024 and it will be no sooner than
4222s April I never seen Soul Eater I watched
4225s Dragon Ball Z as a kid but like I didn't
4229s really understand it because I was a
4233s child I also didn't understand that
4235s anime and cartoons were different at
4239s all yeah they are
4241s just cartoons yeah when you're a kid
4244s you're just like they're all cartoons
4246s the end
4250s period Dragon Ball is the best anime of
4253s whole time
4255s damn
4256s behind Neon Genesis
4259s Evangel the best fun of all time yeah
4263s maybe it's Hunter Hunter just because
4265s hunting but it's really good Evel Hunter
4268s Hunter I started and got like I don't
4272s know 30 episodes in and it's just too
4274s slow they spend like one episode talking
4278s about going somewhere and then the next
4280s episode is when they will go to that
4281s place like it's just too slow too slow
4285s for me all right uh I'm going to use a
4289s restroom but I'm readed up and you guys
4292s can look at this lovely Boreal point and
4295s listen to Bey and Gustavo talk about
4298s anime while I use
4300s restroom we cannot talk more about anime
4303s if you're like or it's going to turn
4305s into like an anime podcast even though I
4308s do like the topic not going to lie but
4310s you
4312s know okay uh you mentioned that you
4315s still have challenges I do actually I do
4319s have oh one more throwing knife two
4322s hives okay we can do that wait wait oh I
4325s do have the event challenges actually
4328s still some for some even though I
4330s completed uh what do you mean event
4333s challenges oh okay but like the Chen
4337s like you know the whatever like they
4338s give me event points and stuff but I
4341s finish the event you know new Army just
4343s like
4344s one more shot for it or so shot Dage
4348s mid
4350s shotgun and new
4353s Army okay uh
4357s yes maybe I should also help myself
4359s stuff with the new Army
4361s actually uh I'm going to bring
4366s both all
4369s right that's
4372s cool new Army doesn't have fing right am
4377s I right I don't of to use it so I'm are
4384s sure uh use Springfield with
4387s explosive
4389s look what someone told me to use spring
4392s fielded explosive oh the new Army cannot
4394s use Fanning and also uh your challenges
4398s will always be event points while the
4400s event is still
4401s going I'm just that does not change
4403s until tomorrow just wasting my
4407s points and we can pull some winners for
4409s the second round I can get some blood
4411s buns though
4414s so um no we don't have any published
4417s plans to do a separate daytime
4421s contract second round of our
4425s giveaway we are looking
4428s for Raven Feld o I like that name Raven
4432s Feld me is is it any uh anime
4440s character
4441s probably Captain Raven
4444s Fel can I miss so much of the stream
4446s we're only going for another 45 minutes
4448s then we got to eat lunch and dinner I
4452s haven't eaten anything today yet so
4453s breakfast
4456s what yeah it's like almost 8:00 p.m.
4459s what are you doing
4461s well you know it's uh
4472s congrats V over here not eat is here oh
4476s my goodness let's
4477s go we have not announced the next update
4480s or the next
4481s event not yet uh next
4485s winner trespass wolf I'm always hunting
4488s on an empty stomach when it comes to
4490s gameplay streams I'm always starving
4494s trespass wolf just another reminder that
4497s if we oh trespass wolf yay they're a
4501s regular uh just a reminder that if we
4503s haven't announced it we are not
4505s announcing
4507s it so unless I accidentally leak
4510s something is always but
4514s yeah willing mean is the next winner I
4518s just phased through the door oh okay
4521s oh we got it
4524s willing Ming is here um all of my key
4527s binds are weird don't you worry about
4529s it this is the captain last
4532s winner this is the captain giveaway
4534s exactly and the last winner of this
4537s round
4539s is Cola bottle Cola bottle Cola
4545s bottle bottle of cola I do like Cola
4550s congratulations um engine integration is
4553s still
4554s uh 2024 but we don't have any concrete
4558s dates to give out yet and we ow I just
4560s bit my tongue but we will when we have
4564s one and this yeah just keep an eye out
4567s and we'll have a lot of uh a weird way
4569s to say that sentence yeah
4572s sorry where is Ari um at his new
4577s studio in case you missed
4580s that Ari has uh joined a new studio and
4583s we wish him all the all the luck and
4590s happiness when is the official twist
4592s shop
4593s reveal keep your eyes
4596s peeled uh remember that we are going to
4599s send you guys the keys after the stream
4603s okay after the
4605s stream don't worry you're going to
4607s receive a whisper on your Twitch whisper
4611s box darn with your keate I activated
4615s this Hive before I wanted
4621s to uh we don't have Subs enabled on our
4625s channel
4627s here it is here in
4631s white what are we doing in Valentine's
4633s Day I personally we probably eat a
4635s pizza watching some I don't think I'm
4638s doing anything anime problem we're back
4641s to
4642s anime I feel like that back to anime of
4647s course Ben can't help himself Ben is
4650s back to anime I'm back to bg3 you know
4652s it's just who we are it's just who we
4654s are also like a good bg3 I feel like is
4656s a good Valentine's Day thing to do
4659s that's make me start make me start
4661s talking about
4663s football oh we're all we're all going to
4665s talk about our non- hunt obsessions I
4668s guess no don't make me start
4672s uh
4674s football football um I don't I don't
4678s think it's football do do you like it
4682s yeah I am Brazilian I do like football I
4684s am
4685s Brazilian the way you said
4688s that oh oh Tomb Raider nice
4698s nice um I don't think we'll ever well
4700s you know never say never but I won't
4704s participate in a Dev versus Dev
4707s tournament that would make me really
4709s really stressed out I would love them I
4712s would hate
4713s that that would just stress me out to no
4716s end kiss Jame's
4718s ass to to kick Jam's
4725s ass that came all
4729s [Music]
4731s wrong we need like a that boxing event
4735s where box each
4737s other uh it is possible that Lulu will
4740s come back but we have not stated if or
4743s when she
4753s will I heard
4756s crows to the West
4758s Northwest no it's not soccer it's
4762s football
4763s oh you're talking about a Super
4765s Bowl no football Super Bowl is American
4770s strange way to name his their sport that
4776s hand doesn't involve hand or foot
4780s or don't include foot they are
4783s running well so every sport yeah that
4787s doesn't count you're running every
4791s sport true my they do kick kicking and
4795s doesn't involve a ball it some kicking I
4798s mean it is a ball it is a ball it's
4801s round you're not going to convince me
4803s that it's a ball I mean it's a ball it's
4806s just not
4809s spherical so it's not a ball you
4812s know I don't I don't feel like that's a
4817s requirement for a ball
4820s yeah I think it's a pretty important
4833s requirement I mean if your take is
4835s American football is Goofy I don't
4843s disagree but people like it so you know
4846s yeah it's cool people can enjoy what
4849s they I don't I think European football
4851s is just as boring
4854s there's like three goals scored in like
4856s 90 minutes my God that's a lot actually
4859s yeah that's boring let me tell I'm not
4861s saying that the sport is boring I'm
4865s saying that the name is oh it's very
4868s misleading doesn't make sense
4870s yes we got about 13 hours till the event
4874s ends so pretty soon horse just went off
4876s but I think according to Gustavo nothing
4878s would be considered a ball because
4880s nothing is perfectly round
4882s so we got
4885s people no they're over there you you
4889s understand what I'm saying right yeah I
4896s do I think the biggest problem with the
4899s name of American football is that people
4900s around the world were using the name
4902s football already and then they stole it
4905s yeah that's that is a goal that's a
4908s bigger
4911s problem it's just confusing
4913s like you created the confusion on
4915s purpose why would you do that how could
4923s you I told you not to make me start
4926s talking about football you got very
4929s about it I'm sorry this is this is this
4932s is all
4936s fault this is all our
4940s fault Gustavo warned us
4943s did y'all all set off this horse how you
4947s keep running by it and it's not going
4951s off let's go we very
4953s close let's go let's
4960s go I mean cricket and baseball at least
4963s have minor
4965s differences at least there's minor
4967s differences I was about to ask this uh
4970s from you V what is the difference
4971s between softball and baseball
4973s uh the ball itself is
4976s different uh the diamond is different
4979s like um in softball the entire inner
4984s diamond is um
4988s Whatchamacallit sand dirt whereas in
4992s baseball there's like sections of sand
4996s and dirt around the bases and the pitch
4998s Mound but the rest of it's
5000s grass um the B es and
5005s uh pitcher mound is a specific distance
5010s and in baseball it's a slightly
5011s different distance it's 70 ft versus 90
5014s ft I think off the top of my head wow
5016s you know it very specifically that's
5018s I've played
5021s softball oh okay and
5025s uh oh my God can't even see him in there
5030s I'm okay
5031s r
5037s yeah I don't we don't need any sexism
5039s lazy hamster they're just different
5042s they're just
5045s different and uh yeah the pitch is
5047s different the pitch is totally
5053s different I'm
5055s alive oh my
5059s God I knew you were resing me and yet I
5062s also was wasn't paying
5065s attention I'm very low there one in
5074s here oh wa nice damn I tagged him at the
5079s end I think Violet killed at the end no
5081s I I got one kill and then a tag but
5085s that's I got exped but that's
5088s all damn
5091s it oh yeah let's make a new
5095s keyword okay what
5098s about no no no no no no no we can't be
5102s doing
5103s that what
5107s about let's see drops I like that oh my
5111s God you could have said umpire because
5113s we have a hunter and we do umpire's Bane
5117s he's he's not an Umpire he's the
5119s umpire's Bane he's he's more of a
5121s catcher
5124s is what he looks like to
5126s me I'm going to play
5128s him do
5130s it I'm going to continue my baseball bat
5133s Cyclone Journey over
5136s here keyword is
5140s drops it's an easy one yeah key word is
5144s drops okay
5147s go you've now hurt my soul but it's
5151s fine you're making me see this early how
5155s could you oh yeah oh this is what chat
5160s is gonna look like in like two weeks
5163s that's like two weeks right it's a
5165s preparation uh it's uh 10 days from
5169s today you can train your brain for
5172s what's
5173s coming I'm not
5179s ready M the bake bar
5184s chat anyone knows what's on February
5189s 22nd President Day in the United States
5193s no it's the
5195s 20th knife medkit
5198s fuses uh choke bombs on my
5204s tools someone asked and then it
5208s left too fast no one said what what's oh
5212s no okay okay no one said what it's on
5213s the 22nd it's pre- drops yeah yeah pre-
5218s drops oh there's the correct one haunt
5221s anniversary yes I thought that was the
5224s 28th no it's the 22nd did we just
5228s celebrate on the 28th last
5230s year I cannot remember but it's
5233s definitely the 22nd because that was my
5235s first day at kex so it's oh that's so
5237s cute my first day is almost exactly a
5241s month away in my
5244s anniversary oh actually that means on
5246s the 22nd I'll be exactly six years at CR
5249s wo
5250s congratulations my youth is gone for
5254s hunt I'm coming up on anniversary number
5257s two in one month oh
5263s nice I am almost a
5268s year almost a year only it feel
5274s and I remember I bought the game
5276s on February
5279s 23rd
5281s 2018 so the the second day second
5285s day Rick has been here also like six
5288s years or like six and a half slightly
5290s before you right B yeah I think the
5292s November so so it's a few months uh
5295s longer but basically the same time yeah
5301s yeah any anything but bg3 talk I'm only
5303s on act two no no no no worries no
5307s worries uh Gustavo and I don't work
5310s weird hours but I have
5315s before we work like regular hours for
5319s our own country um but I have before
5325s worked
5327s overnight I did that for I don't know
5330s like a week when I started
5335s something like
5337s that are you guys for
5341s me I wake up
5343s early for I guess the average person
5347s yeah but that's just because I've been
5348s going to the gym at
5349s six how can you do that jeez yeah
5352s yesterday I was on teams and I said good
5354s morning and people started say what are
5357s you doing here it's too early and I was
5360s like it's not that early 7 a.m.
5362s 7
5364s a.m. yeah I mean now that I'm going to
5366s the gym I'm logging on
5369s about what 7:15
5372s now except this morning cuz I wash my
5374s hair and it takes me longer to wash my
5378s hair right I'm working late today guys
5382s [Music]
5385s yes that's why I haven't eaten yet
5388s because I usually go to the gym in the
5390s lunch break so that's why I they usually
5393s [Music]
5394s eat I was doing that for a while
5398s but it's too easy for me to convince
5401s myself that I can like I should just
5403s work through lunch you know I'll be like
5405s oh this really needs to get done and you
5407s know it's really easier if it gets to Ay
5410s faster and so I'll I'll just work
5412s through like yeah I was pushing the gym
5414s off to work through lunch so now if I go
5416s at six there's no
5419s excuse I can't oh true okay
5423s I mean you have the motivation to wake
5424s up so early I could never do that I'm a
5427s sleepy boy I to sleep until like n at
5430s least I was I was sleepy
5435s yesterday I did I I did struggle a
5438s little bit this morning that's my secret
5441s Captain I made it I'm always sleepy
5450s same do I full of keto diet no I just
5453s eat
5455s everything I just eat like once a day
5458s usually you
5462s know I would say I usually eat twice a
5467s day
5470s but I don't follow any like weird diet
5473s except for increasing my protein
5476s intake yeah
5481s same
5484s yeah I knew it oh I knew it oh we're
5489s dead I Lu I didn't lose a chunk
5493s somehow I thought we were both going to
5495s lose a chunk there for a second yeah
5496s same back here I almost did
5499s but get angry run after the leech please
5503s thank
5508s you run I got it
5515s I got it
5520s run oh my God I am at
5524s for okay oh you've gone the wrong
5527s way I didn't use a bullet I don't know
5530s what I'm
5532s doing you everyone oh blood
5537s blond blood blood bonds not blood bonds
5540s bloodline I can do words
5545s words are hard I can do
5547s words yeah I'm always sleepy except at
5550s like 2:00 a.m. like after midnight I
5552s wake up and
5553s then I'm just always
5557s sleepy I don't like live in a world in
5560s which I'm never not sleepy but I also
5561s don't sleep well so even if I sleep like
5564s 8 hours I don't I I sleep 8 hours quote
5568s unquote I don't like actually sleep 8
5570s hours uh we don't have any firm dates to
5574s give out on gen 9/ engine integration
5577s slmap 4 but we will when we have
5581s them we will we will when we have
5590s them oh
5593s [Applause]
5596s way someone ask what my job means that
5599s could be a fun we could all three go
5601s through some like key stuff that we do
5605s little short little short and
5608s sweet uh so I am the community manager
5611s of live operations that means it's my uh
5615s responsibility Al fire uh to do live
5619s operations stuff which is like patch
5621s notes uh I do bug reports when you guys
5626s say a report in the Discord you know XYZ
5629s bug and then uh
5633s I make a little report for that and all
5635s that kind of stuff
5636s so
5638s yeah anything that kind of pertains to
5641s the live operation of the game as far as
5644s Community Management goes I'm not like a
5647s producer or anything uh B do you want to
5650s do you want to give like a short
5653s little uh so I'm the senior social media
5657s manager guy so that means I'm basically
5660s responsible for everything social media
5662s related for hunt or krych so all the
5665s other games included and uh what that
5668s entails is everything from planning to
5671s execution and analytics in the end so
5674s the whole process as it is uh yeah I
5678s think that's the short summary of it I
5682s guess and Gustavo what about you
5684s gustavo's
5685s turn yeah I am the community manager I
5688s am the Brazilian Community manager so I
5691s hand the Brazilian Community I also the
5697s the patch notes actually I translate the
5699s patch the the patch
5701s notes uh we help a little bit with the
5705s social media as well the posting on our
5708s orinal
5710s channels and yeah that's pretty much
5715s it yeah my main job is uh every like
5720s just saying that every new legendary is
5722s my favorite that's yeah that's
5724s definitely
5726s responsibility uh I think all three of
5728s us stream on our own
5731s channels I uh so you can find Ben at B
5735s boy and you can find Gustavo at Alias
5739s which is a l e a s and then you can find
5742s me at black hair violet eyes and uh I
5746s think we all pretty much stream
5750s on in our free time
5754s yeah
5755s oh yeah if I am playing hunt I almost
5759s good night in% sure that I am
5763s streaming yeah mostly me
5766s too uh the engine integration and new
5769s map will come together yes as David said
5773s in the uh September road map they will
5776s be in the same
5780s update uh yeah I think
5783s that's that's probably a problem all
5785s three of us have I know I do um I
5789s definitely take my work home with me
5790s really bad it's actually a problem
5793s sometimes I'll be like on holiday in
5795s another country literally and I'll be
5798s like responding to messages and Rick
5800s will be yelling at me and he'll be like
5803s you're in Britain stop responding to
5805s these messages and I'll be like no you
5808s can't make
5810s me
5816s so I think they're fighting on the West
5818s Side maybe I used to be like a lot like
5821s that in the first few years but I had to
5823s like stop myself from just being on
5826s Reddit as soon as I'm up work and like
5828s reading everything about hunt yeah I
5830s mean because I've I've had to distance
5834s myself from some things more than
5838s others excuse me horse
5840s rude
5846s I'm just I'm really bad at unplugging in
5848s general like not just work that's just
5851s kind of like I'm not really good at
5853s relaxing as a general
5855s statement I don't you know my brain just
5859s kind of doesn't want to shut up no
5861s matter what I'm doing you know bro I
5864s thought you killed this guy
5867s armored
5869s rude oh somebody's on the roof
5875s oh my God I'm
5877s bad I'm so
5879s bad nice that person died what they they
5883s died how uh we I don't know somebody
5885s inside shot them maybe we have not
5888s announced he wasn't from another team
5890s coming back but it's possible yeah just
5893s nobody saw that I'm not good you know
5896s what it's okay or fall
5899s damage okay well f taking of fall
5909s damage oh my God there's
5912s animator guess I'm going to push
5927s up they're doing explosions over
5930s there maybe we can rotate okay killed
5935s him I finally got one I finally got
5940s one oh man sometimes I'm
5944s struggling it's definitely somebody
5946s still inside I heard a woman o an arrow
5950s just went by
5952s me
5954s uh oh they just threw fire
5960s easy oh that nice shot
5966s nice they going to rest that
5968s though yeah
5970s probably oh my
5972s God I killed the arrow the arrow guy oh
5976s my
5985s God just going to fck that that's
5990s rude
5992s ah I tagged the lady right next to me on
5995s the ground oh the explosion killed me on
5998s gustavo's Twitch is at Alias a l e a
6002s sore i t oh behind
6012s me damn that
6014s was nice try nice
6020s try I died to explosives two times today
6024s that's rare for
6025s me you just got shot but explos I don't
6029s think I died to an explosive today today
6032s key
6036s word
6046s lucky I'm explosive yeah
6050s apparently
6055s [Music]
6058s yeah yet slash today
6062s always is the key wordss
6067s here oh my god I've got to be getting
6073s close uh Gio you don't need to spam we
6075s have not mentioned if or when Lulu will
6078s ever come back we've just said that it's
6079s possible so please stop spamming your
6088s question uh I definitely want an easier
6091s way to change my health chunks uh it's
6092s definitely been suggested but you know
6094s no no
6097s current
6100s announcements oh my beloved conduit do
6104s we have one more giveaway
6106s gustava yeah
6109s we well that will be the uh our last
6113s game right yes uh yes I think so that's
6117s fine I okay we can we can we can pull
6120s some winners now and come up with a keyw
6124s for our next one okay so two give away
6127s two more rounds let's do it let's do
6130s it sounds good okay I'm waiting for a
6134s winner name to pop up first winner is
6138s first winner please be here
6142s EF
6146s congratulations solo CU buug known and
6150s still being investigated it
6152s is hey xf's here XF is here nice now we
6158s are looking for being
6160s investigated Monday
6164s Gunday
6166s congratulations too bad it's not Monday
6168s that would have been even funnier yeah
6173s Monday Gunda is here let's go
6177s congratulations okay next
6180s winner is
6184s perfect I like that good name today yeah
6188s yeah speaking of per when I get from
6192s home from the gym every morning at like
6194s 710 uh my cat is like so pleased every
6197s day it's so cute and funny hey perfect
6201s this perfect is
6202s here okay next winner I'm having trouble
6206s with words next winner
6209s is dinox
6213s 17 come on conat
6218s dinox please Dino Doo
6222s dinox let's go three for three so far
6227s last
6228s winner is sleppy big cat another cat a
6233s lot of cat names today yeah this is top
6236s tier sppy big cat
6239s this top tier that's got to be my boy
6243s ricoy he is my sle cat oh my God he's
6247s here four for four n five for five was
6252s it five yeah five all right I don't know
6254s ex Monday gundai perfect dinox and
6258s slippy big cat congratulations to all
6261s five for five let's go how long until
6263s the event is over you got 12 hours left
6266s are you a cat lover or a dog lover um
6269s yes also I prefer
6273s cats I do prefer cats I I like both the
6277s same I like both I like both but I
6280s prefer
6282s cats they're both like a like cats are
6285s like a 10 out of 10 and dogs are like
6287s an8 out of 10 but they're both very
6289s highly ranked other people's dogs let me
6292s tell you other people's dogs are 10 out
6294s of 10 owning a dog 8 out of
6299s 10 yeah I think cats are just a bit
6301s easier to handle so if I had to choose
6303s what I have a cat but when my cat gets
6308s upset nothing happens he walks away and
6311s pouts when my dog gets
6317s upset it's not good it's not good
6323s okay I would like you guys to teach me a
6327s new word now mm a a difficult
6332s one come
6334s on for the for
6337s the U I don't know what words you know
6339s or don't
6340s know uh a team okay uh team
6345s is uh what about
6349s colloquial you said you wanted a hard
6353s word
6355s that's that's one of my favorite words
6358s okay you have to type it in English cuz
6360s the Portuguese version is the same but I
6362s don't know if you hang on hang on I'm
6368s typing there you
6370s goblish
6371s monism oh so you have two Ls we have
6375s only one okay so the next keyword guys
6379s pay attention
6381s is colloquio I like the person that said
6387s collagen oh that made me laugh has two
6392s L's people out
6396s there there we go word is
6400s colloquial when it's like a it's a
6403s regional word so use it in a sentence if
6407s you said uh y'all like y'all is a coll
6412s word okay it's like it's a it's
6415s something that people from a specific
6417s region say that isn't necessarily wrong
6421s but other regions might be like what the
6424s [ __ ] is this
6425s word and then you have explain to
6427s somebody else so
6429s that but with only one it is a
6432s [Music]
6437s word all right I never heard that before
6443s yeah it's a it's a word that I like
6445s because I do come from the south and
6448s there are certain words
6450s that we like to say in the South that uh
6453s other English
6456s speakers refuse to
6459s accept and I'm like it's not wrong it's
6462s just
6463s different yeah it's like the difference
6465s between using soda pop Cola like that
6469s kind of thing like oh these words mean
6471s the same thing but you use them in
6472s different places love it exactly perfect
6476s great example from Cody exe so that's
6480s that's what it means like the col it
6482s means like a yes
6486s Regional that's what it means for a word
6488s to be
6489s colloquial if you were going to
6492s say oh what is that word it's a
6495s colloquium I
6498s think my God English you're
6504s welcome okay I kind want to go you also
6507s learn things yeah we're
6510s learning you think I'm learning but I'll
6512s forget it in about 20 seconds from now
6515s on well learn it does sound like a
6518s Pokemon to me to be honest with you uh I
6521s don't say pop I'm not from
6524s Chicago oh what Ducks was that you I've
6528s actually yeah the Ducks was me headed to
6530s fishery I've actually never heard uh
6533s cism you're right no chaotic Carly's
6536s right um I've actually never heard
6539s anyone say pop before except on TV and I
6542s I know a lot of people from Chicago so
6544s I'm not sure where the pop thing really
6548s started you're missing a o
6552s Fred it does sound like a Pokemon
6554s doesn't it I I just I know all sorts of
6557s people from Chicago and they don't say
6559s pop
6561s okay just capture a colloquio it would
6564s be like a spiky Pokemon with like a long
6566s nose and four legs I already imagine it
6568s oh you already imagin the pokon okay
6571s yeah it's a it's it's like the last
6573s evolution of like some fure type of
6575s Pokemon qual has like big fire spikes on
6578s its back long nose
6583s yeah do we have an artist in the
6586s chat oh someone and draw a colloquio
6590s poke Pokémon and send it to B yes
6598s please at the white Chuck
6604s yeah I'm definitely more inclined to say
6607s soda than
6608s Pop I don't ever say Cola that doesn't
6612s exist because Cola implies there's
6614s another Cola there is no other Cola
6616s there's only Coke oh my
6619s God is not a valid option oh my God I'm
6625s I'm
6625s stuck someone made it over there I still
6629s think there's someone over here as well
6632s too there also not an option disgusting
6636s a team inside the the lir right layer
6639s yeah yeah yeah there is I'm kind of
6642s scared let's go that way I guess cuz I
6644s don't know I don't want to push over
6645s here when I don't know what's going
6649s on
6651s no I literally if someone says is Pepsi
6654s okay I'm like is Monopoly money okay no
6657s well then I Pepsi is very Superior than
6659s Coke actually absolutely not Pepsi Max
6663s is the peak of sodas I guess I think
6668s both are good they're they're disgusting
6671s different I like
6677s both oh oh yeah pil is amazing actually
6682s o it's crashing with a [ __ ] in corner
6684s right at the
6688s door K one here nice nice right to the
6692s left inside there be careful yeah
6694s they're going to Tonk bomb
6700s you which is funny cuz they could have
6702s killed you had they not done that or
6703s killed me
6707s sorry oh people didn't want oh cherry
6710s Pepsi is great yes I agree that's my
6712s favorite actually that's my favorite
6715s Coke just better no it's
6718s better and P is uh oh I missed I think
6722s yep I got too
6724s excited
6726s moved I did a
6729s scooch an incorrect
6732s scooch I don't even know what pil is it
6734s sounds really gross though Pepsi with
6737s milk that sounds Absolut oh my God that
6740s was way
6742s [Applause]
6745s bad I don't um I don't understand the
6748s sway on this gun I'm not going to lie I
6750s would like to aim oh my God I'm dead I'm
6752s dead I'm dead
6753s to zombies over
6756s here I'm dead to
6762s zombies all what is this Pepsi milk
6764s thing that's
6766s disgusting oh my
6769s God
6771s that y'all are
6773s crazy y'all are
6776s crazy you gots punish
6779s the I don't like milk y'all are insane
6783s on the left damn
6789s it oh I don't even want to imagine this
6794s this is
6795s terrible I don't want a root beer float
6798s just like I just want you're burning
6800s yeah right I I just want a root beer if
6804s I want root
6806s beer oh oh disgusting I love how the
6810s whole chat is just about milk and Pepsi
6812s and Coke right now great y'all are
6814s grossing Me
6823s Out Try beer with coconut chocolate
6826s absolutely
6828s not abs absolutely
6832s not Coke is only good if you pour enough
6834s rum in it uh I do not like rum pretty
6836s much
6837s ever I'm not a rum person I like
6841s actually might be a good res he shot me
6842s through the wall he knew that I got
6845s zombie of fire do you don't have necro
6847s no I don't have necro you think I can
6850s rest you I think possib because she died
6854s to the ground actually so no the guy
6856s killed me but he killed me like he
6859s killed me through the wall
6861s he knew that uh he just had to tag me
6863s you
6874s know oh they're going to left the oh my
6876s God
6882s careful why are we always
6885s fighting a lot of
6888s teams that lady got
6896s where did these guys go that's the real
6899s question it's a whole another group out
6909s here chat what do you guys think Hunters
6912s drink in the bio water stale ass nasty
6918s water dude
6922s that's my bet probably like a viskey
6927s right [ __ ] I don't know where anybody is
6931s meat head juice
6933s E M from the little slugs I tagged one
6936s [Music]
6937s here killed one nice
6943s nice somebody just went down
6946s below moonshine baby wish I had throw a
6949s buet
6951s someone is still shooting at
6954s me I believe
6958s you they die before having a chance to
6961s drink anything so true killed another
6966s one running out of bullets though I
6968s won't
6973s lie killed another
6979s one
6983s I've killed three on my
6988s side nice oh
6992s okay Spectre slug head shot nice
6995s shot that was good oh oh I missed the
6999s jump
7008s uh-
7018s CH
7028s LS this is insane oh the slug
7032s lady that's slug
7036s lady my
7038s God
7044s I'm so scared goat stavo come on Goat
7052s stavo go
7056s stavo everyone cheer for
7060s Gustavo I've down that guy
7063s once there's people everywhere though
7066s yeah so true I've downed at least three
7068s of them or four of
7073s them oh my
7076s god oh I'm trapped oh God come
7082s on yeah right goat Star War that's
7085s should be his
7088s name
7095s where oh my God the
7098s chaos
7102s I've down that guy
7104s too come on
7107s regen oh I saw you you might be able to
7109s get
7112s me they're all fighting now and
7116s I'm safe I
7119s think me and my like three ammo by the
7124s way too bad Ben is under like 10 pounds
7127s of
7128s concertina yeah I cannot th
7132s you I've downed her
7137s once NT that was good that was still a
7140s really good match good last one we got a
7144s bunch of you get a lot of kills kills
7148s there gg gg that
7158s wasal I know plug lady got
7161s me I had no
7169s uh I didn't have full health there's a
7172s specific position I'd like to interview
7174s for within krych uh you would just apply
7176s on our
7178s website just apply on the
7182s website nicely done four kills in that
7185s one but did I get I'm over halfway to
7190s the
7191s baseball I can't believe that didn't
7193s actually finish my Cyclone oh I'm only
7197s halfway only
7201s halfway
7204s darn was a good last match yeah let's uh
7207s wrap up the giveaway and then go eat
7211s some lunch reminder twitch
7213s drops twitch drops will be February 23rd
7217s to March 1st we also have V's cat who
7221s looks like he's trying to speak into the
7223s microphone he want talk to CH yeah how
7226s he's
7228s uh
7231s angled okay shall we let's do it last
7236s round of
7237s giveaways uh the first winner we are
7240s looking
7243s for aop
7246s emaline emal mopine I think that's it
7250s Emma Lupine maybe Emma like Emma the
7254s name and then Lupine is U like wolf oh
7257s they're here maybe congratulations Emma
7260s you just won a DLC congrats woohoo uh
7264s next
7266s winner uh XB baby x
7272s congratulations XP
7274s [Music]
7275s baby what a name what's his name he's
7278s called Bruce I was going to say I think
7280s that one's Bruce yes you have another
7284s one no no not a Winer my my
7288s cat no you have another cat oh I do I
7291s have Smokey as well I have two cats and
7293s Ben has two cats and Rick has two cats
7296s and I don't have any cats we we are a
7299s two cat
7301s team it's a the rule of two yeah exactly
7306s now we have to get a third is we each we
7308s each have to get two
7310s cats carrot has two cat okay no baby
7314s baby is not here so we are
7317s rrolling uh next wasted has two cats
7320s let's go
7322s see oh jeez
7325s what I know I was like cat for
7330s c c
7334s [ __ ] c Borum diet Le has two cats two cat
7339s te
7344s yeah I don't even know what name who won
7346s here oh well
7349s congratulations I I missed it oh or the
7352s bot isn't it's got lost the bot missed
7355s yeah oh the bot got lost cuz our name is
7357s too hard so that must be
7360s it next winner we are looking for bone
7366s Grime bone bone grime
7370s big cry on the bot bone Grime is here
7374s though let's go bone Grime is here and
7376s the bot starts start uh stopped working
7379s you
7380s know but that's okay we'll figure it out
7384s uh next winner or we won't bifrost op oh
7389s bifrost was here
7391s earlier oh there's nightbot again he
7394s figured it out yes okay good
7398s job
7400s hey there they are fir Frost is
7403s here I knew they definitely said hi
7406s earlier okay this is the last winner
7409s night our giveway the last winner
7415s is Zane
7418s white congratulations Z oh my God boom
7421s right there Zan is here let's go another
7425s five for five GG's hell yeah
7427s congratulations to all winners win jeez
7431s we're going to send you the keys after
7433s the stream okay guys don't worry uh just
7436s us keep an
7437s eye twitch Whispers okay yeah we got to
7442s and that's it eat some food and you know
7444s take a break get some water finish my
7448s smoothie we're really getting there so
7451s all right thanks everybody for being
7452s here uh we will have the uh event turn
7457s off mainten
7460s uh tomorrow uh at you know early for
7464s European early or very late if you're in
7467s the
7467s US uh or I guess either America and yes
7471s let us send to a raid it would have been
7474s smart if I had already pulled up twitch
7478s that would have been really
7479s genius um but I didn't do that which one
7481s of our beloved partners are we going to
7485s raid
7487s today which one of our below Okay so we
7489s did Hornet last week so we're obviously
7491s not going to Hornet what about what
7493s about our man Rocka Z has it been a
7496s while I feel like we raided Nino pretty
7500s recently because he killed us like what
7502s four times in one stream on accident
7504s yeah we're raided Mista and uh Hornet
7508s Hornet yes very
7510s recently yeah fish we raided very
7513s recently recently so let's go with raaka
7516s let's go with raaka let's do
7518s it Roa give some love to Roa let's do it
7523s give him some love we do try and mix it
7525s up so you know we don't want to raid the
7529s same people over and over
7532s but let's go see Rocka Z the man the
7536s myth the
7538s legend yeah thank you for the games
7540s everybody that was pretty fun yes thank
7544s you all right and welcome back B yes
7547s welcome back well welcome back to stream
7549s let you know just for everyone in chat
7552s just for everyone in chat yeah it hasn't
7556s people missed you still working hard we
7558s have twitch drops coming up the 23rd of
7560s February to March 1st so that'll be soon
7565s and uh yeah maintenance tomorrow morning
7568s if the Twitter social media post has not
7572s already gone out it will very soon so uh
7575s if you are a gamer around that time make
7578s sure you keep your eye on that uh time
7584s so that you are not suddenly cut off all
7587s right and have a great night everybody
7590s or day or whatever
7596s [Music]
7605s bye to
7608s kill
7609s showed you how
7615s to Sal on
7619s lips