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Just to clarify the confusion -

Watch any streamers to earn all the drops including Lulu excluding The Marquis (Lulu only becomes available after unlocking Alley Cat),

Watch selected streamers to earn the Bonus legendary, The Marquis.

Originally posted by Schwachsinn

so can I, for example, unlock all upcoming skins by watching only Siegismund or Neenoh a lot?
Like, is the first group excluded or included for the 5 new skins? It' still confusing to me sorry

Everyone is included in all drops, except the Marquis, which is the only exclusive one. I hope this clarifies it !

Originally posted by PenitusVox

Do you unlock the previous drops if you start watching at #5? It's been suggested that you can but the page itself leads one to believe that you won't get them if you miss the specific day it becomes available.

No, If you miss a day, then that drop won't be available anymore. (The Marquis is for the whole duration, Alley Cat and Lulu are for 3 and 2 days, rest is 1 day)