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3s Hello, I'm Denis Schwartz, design director for Hunt: Showdown.
7s Today we're going to talk about more gameplay changes and improvements
9s for our upcoming August launch.
15s We have upgraded our previous Challenges
16s system to provide players with a smoother and more rewarding experience.
20s Firstly, Challenges are now released weekly in the form of sets. The order in
23s which sets are released and the contents are the same for all players.
27s Lastly, progress for all types of challenges is now
29s displayed during play, thus removing the guesswork previously required
33s to figure out if you had finished certain challenges before extracting.
39s Traps
40s have seen several improvements to make placing them more reliable.
43s Players can now experiment placing them at angles and try out new spots.
48s Be aware though, that doors will now always trigger wire traps placed in front.
53s Every resupply in the game is no longer
58s restricted to just two interactions.
60s Saddlebags, toolboxes, and ammo boxes,
62s small and big, found in the world will always offer you something to replenish.
65s Medical supplies will always allow a player to heal once.
68s We also changed Hunter corpses so they can always be looted unless burned.
72s Vulture will now give you some hunters in addition to other loot
74s gained for two upgrade points.
80s We've taken a closer look at iron sights and standardized
82s the thickness of front sights across many weapons
84s to make them feel more consistent and easier to use.
87s Silenced weapons have received some additional love by cutting off
90s parts of the sights to make them easier to aim with.
96s In an earlier video, we touched upon changes to enhance the
99s gameplay formula by introducing both bullet drop and always lethal headshots.
107s We are happy to announce that with these changes,
109s we are also adding the speed of sound and a gunshot ecosystem
112s for a more authentic depiction of gunfire and explosions over long
115s distances.
140s A lot of effort for our August launch
142s went into making existing systems more robust and improving upon
145s or replacing them where needed. Fall damage has been refactored heavily and now works
149s more consistently, even when falling down slopes and weird structures.
152s We are now applying damage more reliably instead of sometimes receiving
155s multiple damage events in short succession.
157s This results in overall smoother traversal through vertical spaces, something
160s our new map benefits from quite a bit.
165s We will be back soon with more topics around our big August launch.
168s Follow our social channels for new videos and updates.
171s See you soon!