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I’m leveling a paladin with Holy trails + Judgment.When I put on Judicator, both skill display as max level 22, but as soon as I put the extra point on the skill, it got reset back to max 20.

I counted and both skills only get 20 points allocated, and the skill visual indicator got set to max 20 as well.

If I remove and switch weapon, it got bumped to max 22 again, but the problem persists, everything got reset to 20 when I allocate the point.

Has anyone encountered the same problem ?

EDIT: For anyone saying it works, try with +2 or +3. Apparently it only works for your first extra point (lv 21), more than that and the rest of the points will disappear.

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I’ll check with the QA team and see if this is on our radar. Seems like enough reports that something may be happening in some scenario