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This issue was introduced by Patch 0.8.1e, and we’ll be correcting it in an update as soon as possible. News regarding this will be posted here. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

22 days ago - Sarno - Direct link

Good news!

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Pets, Social Features, Account Linking Are Temporarily Unavailable - Last Epoch Support Hub
Pets, social features, and account linking are not available since Patch 0.8.1e was released on March 27th to mitigate server-side issues we were experiencing a

Beta 0.8.1e Patch Notes
Changes Temporarily disabled social features. Fixed Gaspar’s Insight having two Void Resistance affixes instead of one Void Resistance and one Cold Resistance affix. Fixed a minor graphical issue in Risen Lake.


Beta 0.8.1f Patch Notes
Social Features Social Features (including account linking, chat, cosmetic pets and the ladder) are now re-enabled. Greatly optimized chat performance. We will continue to monitor this. Fixed a bug causing a “Your accou…