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Which is why I hope the devs can consider more fun penalties in dungeons than being kicked out and not allowed to play with your friends for the 30 minutes it takes to finish the dungeon, and be entirely, 100% left out of all the fun, experience, and rewards while you sit there twiddling your thumbs feeling like trash while your buddies all continue to have fun.

Before the hardcore "don't die" crowd comes to hammer into my skull that this is a skill issue, I'm not asking to remove any death penalty or make the game less fair. I believe the activity can be made both fun and fair and honestly this is one of the worst penalties I've ever experienced in a coop game. I just want a solution that remains cooperative the entire time and doesn't split the party if one person dies. Almost every coop game has ways for to revive with penalties or continue from a certain checkpoint or have minimal sit out times with the ability to spectate. Being kicked out for the ENTIRE dungeon, missing out on ALL the rewards the party worked for, and not even being able to spectate or stay engaged, is just not how coop games are supposed to be. Deaths are going to be way more common in a group of 4 than a group of 1 and this feels like a major pain point for cooperative play.

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It’s good feedback. I’ll bring it up in an upcoming design meeting.