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As a new player I have a question about rounding when it comes to shock - shock removes 5% of lightning resistance per stack. If I have 20% increased effect, then this number goes to 6 and is easy to calculate.

However, if I only have 15% or have 25%, how would it work in this case? will it round up the 15% increase to also increase each stack to 6%? Does it use decimals?

Also, personal pet peeve I guess - why does ailment bar under monster shows 15+ shocks when you can go to 20, wouldn't it make more sense to have it not show above 20? Sorry about this small rant.

On the positive note, I did play LE before a bit but coming back to it after about a year shows great deal of progress, especially endgame and crafting is sooo much better now, looking forward to sinking couple hundred hours into it.

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It is a very precise value. It uses all the decimals. Well, not really but effectively.

Also the 15+ limit was just about as high as we could do. 16 might have worked but 15 was nicer to look at. It has been fixed though and will just say the real value next patch.

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Originally posted by Devych

Its gonna show for poisons and others as well right?

All ailments will display the actual number of stacks on the target.

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Originally posted by MyUncleFromNintendo

Do you guys have an idea on which month the next patch is coming? Having an ARPG drought at the moment.

I'm sorry we aren't ready to share any information on the release date of the next patch at this time.

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Originally posted by EnjoyerOfBeans

That's huge. Thanks a lot for the update.

I know this is a long shot, but since we're speaking of performance limitations, do you guys have any fixes planned for ice elemental projectiles? They're consistently causing huge performance drops when they spawn in a big pack.

Not that I know of specifically off the top of my head. There are a lot of systematic changes that affect everything so technically yes I guess.