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Do the same type of auras stack or does only yours affect you if you're both running the same aura?

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Each stat buff included in holy aura is handed individually. If an effect grants a stat and the actor(player or minion) already has that stat buff from the same type of source (e.g. holy aura) it overrides the old one.

So if you apply 2 holy auras, they effectively combine into one holy aura that uses the unique stats from each and the overlap stats from both 1 time (not double dipping).

Holy Aura applies over and over every half second or so. It doesn't care which one is more powerful so if both are providing the same stat at different power levels, it will yoyo between the different values.

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Originally posted by Ghost11203

That makes it sound like judgement aura's healing for example would double dip along with anything else that grants hp/mp etc. Aura A is applied and ticks a heal, then aura B is applied and ticks a different heal followed by A etc. Is that correct?

Well no but actually yes?

Judgement doesn't apply stat buffs to heal so the description of holy aura above doesn't apply. However, because it is just healing, if they overlap, you can get the effect of 2 at once.

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Originally posted by siziyman

Thanks for detailed response and transparency!

if both are providing the same stat at different power levels, it will yoyo between the different values.

Is it the desired outcome and something you (so far) plan to stick with, or is it more of a limitation of current implementation and you want to eventually change it to behave differently?

We are happy with how it is working.

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Originally posted by Chad_RD

As a separate aura question - what stats from Dread Shades "Symbiotic Apparition" are given to players?

Do players get necrotic damage and %increased necrotic damage?

Or do players get the aforementioned buffs and the buffs granted from nodes like Dying Coven, Duskheart, Lingering Doom, Vile Ghast, Martyrdom, and Grim Fate?

I'm sorry I don't know all those nodes off the top of my head. I think it just adds the player to the list of things that can be affected alongside minions.

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Originally posted by 4_fortytwo_2

YoYoing between different values doesnt sound very good to be honest. Especially in cases where one player heavily scales a buff and the other one does not.

Never feels good when another player essentially can reduce your power. I suppose one can argue that players need to coordinate this but most players wont even suspect that is what happens. The strongest buff winning is kinda the expected behavior.

This effect is consistent across all stat changing effects. Picking the "best" one to be the overriding buf is impossible to get right every time so consistency is used so players can know what to expect.

If we picked the more powerful version sometimes and the longer remaining duration other times and the newer one in other situations, people wouldn't be able to predict what's going on.

This is also the best option for performance because we don't have to check anything.