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Said no one, ever. At least not directly. And yet that's exactly what you're saying if you're one of the folks beating the 'they missed their window and now no one will be hyped to play' drum.

Release windows don't define Games As A Service (GAAS) titles - quality does.

I think we all agree that a polished, finished 0.9 or 1.0 version of the game had an ideal launch window of August 21st, when Diablo Immortal was a certified joke, D4 didn't have a release date and the tear levels of the PoE crybots were at their highest measurements in recorded history.

But guess what? The game wasn't ready. And putting out a 2/10 product in a great release window gets you Wolcen. 3 million copies sold and a peak concurrent player count of 300 just a year after going live. That's not what Last Epoch is trying to be. That's not what you should WANT Last Epoch to be.

Every single person plugged into the ARPG genre knows about this game. You can sit here and comment about how you're losing your hype, or no one will be hyped, but it's not so. You'll be here playing the game because it's going to be a quality ARPG experience. And so will a lot of other players.

Hype may sell copies, but it doesn't buy an audience, and it doesn't create a lasting and loved product and brand. They're playing their cards to make more money as a GAAS than the purchase price, and that requires an operational game, and a fun, smart, cyclical ongoing release stream.

That requires not being Wolcen. Stop asking for it to be Wolcen.

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I completely understand the frustration that the community is expressing with the time it's taken us to get multiplayer out the door and our previous inaccurate estimates to do so, and I won’t defend us on it. Creating a server-authoritative ARPG when we started as an after hours, non-funded project was much more complex, costly, and came with more challenges than we anticipated, even with anticipating many. I should have been more confident in our progress before the team was speaking to any type of timeframes with the community. We’ve had to switch third party providers for some services, rewrite systems to scale better, and just in general figure a lot of things out that a more experienced team may have had better foresight on.

We’re in it for the long game though and we’re building the game that we want to play as a group of die-hard ARPG fans ourselves. If we didn’t think server auth was important we could have had a version of MP out the door 2 years ago. I can’t promise it will always be smooth, or there won’t be delays even with our continued learnings, but we’ll try our best and continue to improve as a studio as time goes on. We know what end product we all want and what is and is not acceptable, and what we would have been able to release by the end of this year would not have been acceptable.

I will say that our MP experience is legitimately feeling good internally and with our 3,000 community testers. I’m still a touch worried about what opening the floodgates will do but that’s why we’re holding multiple pre-launch events to try to catch things beforehand. We’ve seen much larger and more experienced studios have trouble with launch day! We have an experienced team working on these things now though so if there are issues I suspect we’ll be able to address them quickly.

I appreciate your understanding and sympathize with those of you that are irritated with the delays. Once MP is out the door there will be much less figuring out unknowns and getting back to doing what we do best.

This ended up being a lot under a post with Wolcen in the title, haha. Still posting it!

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Originally posted by Gaverion

As someone just getting into game dev, your journey has been very interesting to see. Very cool to see how passionate your team is despite occasional setbacks.

It's definitely been non traditional and we made it happen through sheer force of will it seems. Having a team of people that really want this has been the factor that has driven our success

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