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Long time ARPG player yada yada yada and grinded to ~86 over the weekend. I can't remember which tier of monoliths i've reached, but it was a really, really boring grind. Not because you have to do a lot of them, but because they feel so inconsistent. There's so many empty stretches with no mobs whatsoever and when you finally see some mobs it's a grand total of 2-3 rare mobs. Some monoliths felt like straight up walking simulators all the way to the boss.

I get that the game doesn't strive for juiced PoE maps level of density and that's okay, but cutting out a lot of the walking simulator parts would go a long way.

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I’m going to poke our principal designer who can talk to this a bit better than I can. They’ve recently changed the spawners for the reworked zones that are being talked a bit more highly about in the thread.

Edit 8pm ct 3/15: ok it’s either I pull him to respond here or let him focus on skill bugs for the next hotfix, so here I go: First of all these are placed manually with heavy assistance of a built in tool we’ve created, so to adjust the density (or “spawners” as we call them) is done on a per zone basis. So there’s a bit of a time sink in doing so and with many new enemies coming down the pipe it often makes the most sense for us to do these when new enemies are ready to be placed. Then, especially with some of the longer standing monolith zones, we were conservative with density because of performance concerns. As most have noticed we’re making very significant strides in performance so we can be a bit less conservative with mob density going forward, which as many of you noted here you can see this being the case in many of the updated early zones.

We agree that increasing density in many places would be an improvement and we’ll continue to make those updates - especially in some of the older zones where we were in fact trying to be more conservative in the density. So there’s not a misalignment with the community and what we in the studio want - we just need to continue making performance improvements to allow it, let more of the new enemies come in, and take the time to do it.

And again, we intend to be updating and producing new content for a long time so don’t be super worried about us being nearer to 1.0 and thinking we’ll just not make it in time. 1.0 is just kickoff!