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I love the shaman archetype in games but heard it's not good in LE. I like the storm crows skill (and generally lightning stuff) so I will probably try that, just wanted to hear your opinion. So far I've only got a wolves BM to lvl 70 so I don't know what's viable in the endgame.

Btw good luck to the EHG team, you guys rock. I tried the game in multiplayer beta for the first time and now I'm hooked as hell. Been anticipating today's patch like crazy so I can dive into it for real haha

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There is some slight exaggeration with things like this in general in ARPGs I think.

Things tend to fall into the categories, OP, good and terrible. I feel like Shaman is generally one of the lower power masteries at the moment but it has multiple fun and viable ways to play through to the end game. If the theming is something you enjoy, go for it.