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Hey guys so i just bought this game on steam and started playing offline mode,

however, any time I close and open the game, the character that I created is gone (I see the screen where it asks you to pick a class)

The weird thing is that it won’t let me create a new character with the same name (it says is already in use)

  • already checked both offline and online and there are no characters created

  • tried verifying game files directly from steam but it didn’t fix the problem

Please let me know if this is a known bug or if there’s something I can do


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14 days ago - /u/moxjet200 - Direct link

We deployed a backend change earlier that we believe will reduce the chance of this happening significantly. Data loss is 100% the highest priority for us to fix if we see it happening and we’ll make sure that dev resources are put on this immediately. Sorry that you’ve lost progress - it’s absolutely not ok and we will fix it.

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