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These are a mix of bugs and things I think most players would agree should be in the game:

  • When opening a skills skill tree, please don't show the tooltip instantly and constantly. It's very annoying, not helpful, and in the way 100% of the time.

  • We should be able to link items in chat.

  • Chat settings gets reset all the time. I choose to only see party chat and then a few moments later I see global chat messages. I don't know if this happens after a period of time or when I alt tab or something.

  • I shouldn't see my friends damage numbers

  • I don't care about seeing party member's pets, their pets life etc. Do like Diablo 3 and reduce the opacity, effects and sound of party member's minions by like 90%. Imagine 4 Beastmasters with each 6 wolves out, and you want to keep track of YOUR wolves and their health, but now you see 24 of them.

  • Again, like in D3, please give us the option to have a larger cursor. In the midst of all the battle I can barely see it, making projectile spells miss a lot.

  • This is a QoL thing but clicking items, waypoints etc: Please make the clickable area LARGER than the text/icon/symbol that we actually click. When picking up an item from the ground for example, don't make me have to hover exactly on the pixel of the name "SWORD". Make a larger clickable "bubble" around the word SWORD, so that I can click NEAR it and pick it up. Again, see D3 for an example of this. Just makes the flow and fluidity of the game so much better. This is one reason why people call D3 smooth and this game "clunky"

I know I say "look at d3" a lot, but I just want you to take the things they've done right. This game is infinitely times better with its skill system, itemization, crafting, and end game systems. I write all of this to help make the game better, not writing it to complain.

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Thank you for the feedback. I agree with 99% of this and most of it is already tracked on our end to address but it’s good to see what’s standing out to the community and may change our priorities some. We’re on it!