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Was wondering what happens if I were to be level 20 or 30 etc and want to play with someone that is level 10. My question is does the game scale to one character or in between both or can you not jump into the same game with a huge level gap?

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No scaling occurs. You can play together. If they come to you, you'll have to do the heavy lifting.

The only major thing to know is that if you are in a zone more than 5 levels above your own, you gain experience as though you were in a zone 5 levels above you.Edit: this is wrong now. We eased things up a bit too 10 levels different and changed how quests work too. Details in the patch notes.

So you can't mega power level a character from 1-80 instantly by going into a level 100 zone with carries.

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It’s both cool and concerning that EHG team members are the nearly the first to reply in Reddit threads.

Guess the update is ready for launch.

There comes a point where making a change, is very rare because it could cause unintended problems and there isn't enough time to find these any more so we stop making changes unless it completely stops someone from playing.

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I have a follow up on this if you can help me understand. What about alts when you’re done? Do you have to play through all the acts? Or even that beginning part until you get your mastery? Everytime?

If you're playing multiplayer, you can get carried and level anywhere in the game by portaling to a friend and playing with them.

If you're playing alone or doing it "legit" so to speak, you can use dungeon keys to skip sections of the campaign. As we add more dungeons, there will be more skips that you can combine in different ways to customize your leveling experience.

Either way, you'll still need to complete a set of passive and idol quests to get full power on your character. There are more quests that have these rewards than rewards you can get so you don't have to do them all. This means you can customize which you pick and cater the questing experience to what you like.