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Firstly love the game and have over 1k hours in it so not posting this to complain but instead offer hopefully constructive feedback.

The pricing model for the supporters packs seems really disappointing to me and something that punishes players if they main and want to pimp out a certain dmg type or hero. For example if my main hero is a Primalist or nature style hero the style in pack 1 for $20 would be perfect for them. If however I main a void style hero then if I want cosmetics that compliment that theme it would cost me $30 more for pack 4.

As all the packs offer the same amount of bonus currency as well as the same amount of cosmetics (3), I really feel it would be much better (and potentially fairer) if all the packs had the same price point. Currently buying all would cost $140 and if for example they were priced at either $30 or $35 they could bring in very comparable if not the same amount when people buy all the packs and it would also allow people to customise their main of choice without potentially paying more than double what other player may have to play.

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They have said they want the supporter packs to be the best deal you can get for your money. After the recent price adjustments it seems like back mtx will hover around 5$, portals around 10 and pets probably 5-10, so the "value" of these supporter packs would be around 35-40$.

Now if they wanna make the packs the best deal it would only make sense to price them at 20$ or at most at 30, otherwise you might aswell buy 350 points and just grab any mtx you like instead of the set combinations from the supporter packs.

The concept of different individual mtx of the same category being on different tiers is kinda lost in this analysis I think.

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