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I saw a few people ask about highlighting items based on the loot filter of party members.

Its mainly a tool i wrote to make creation of filters easier for me and my friends, but i also added the ability to merge multiple loot filters and overwrite the color (to give each player its own color).

You can combine an unlimited number of files, but the total rule limit of 75 is reached easily with 4 people.

Expect bugs, its barely tested and i probably forgot to add stuff, but ill try to get most things in until thursday.

Maybe this is helpful for some.


Current version is 1.3.

I rewrote the parsing for all conditions and now all types should be fully supported. Also cleaned up the xml contents.

Current version is 1.4.

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I haven't tried this myself yet but I'm very happy to see a community solution to this before we're able to get to one. Thanks for the contribution u/_chrisyo! It's much appreciated.