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Multiplayer is finally arriving on March 9th, and I LOVE chatting with all the new and returning players about LE, starter builds, racing strategies, and new interactions.

"What's a good starter build?"

"What's the BEST starter build?"

I spent a long time brewing up Eleven Builds for new and returning players, and I think each of these builds is an excellent choice....

But you don't need a starter build. I played a LOT of Path of Exile in the past, and I understand where the sentiment comes from. You don't watch to brick your build -- You want to be reasonably assured that your build is good -- You don't want to have to reroll within the first 24 hours of a league.

And as much as I love streaming and making YT videos, I think the first 3 minutes of this video is the most important. Click around, and use the YT Chapters to see what I recommend. But especially if you're a new LE Gamer, watch the first 3 minutes or so here. I think you'll appreciate it.

Video Here: https://youtu.be/ezFg-2vkVvA

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That little into bit is a great set of starter advice.