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I watched the Patch video and I saw a skill that reminds me of the lightning fury from D2 - a skill that I adored back at that time.
Can you please tell me which skill (and character) that is - https://youtu.be/Oo6cLrJke6A?t=302

p.s. Please excuse me for the simple unengaging question, but I ask it because I would like to do this build as my first character for 0.9, and since many skills can look differently based on what you level in the skill tree for a new player like me it will take ages to find out on my own.

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Morlorque is right and it has a few ways to build it that are similar to different javazon abilities.

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Thanks! Since we are at the topic, "Armor shred chance" won't benefit Divine Fury build, right? That should be for Physical damage I would expect.

Armor applies more to physical damage but works vs all hits.