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We are working to address server-sidue issues which are presently causing multiple error messages, notably [LE-13] Authentication attempt failed on log in. This is our biggest priority, and we have a full team on-hand working over the weekend to address these issues.

We have deployed Patch 0.8.1e, which disables a number of social features temporarily to reduce the server-side load temporarily as a workaround. New information will be posted here. There is a link to that page from the home page of our support site at https://support.lastepoch.com/.

We are sincerely very sorry for the inconvenience.

(Other threads about this issue will be locked, and those posting there redirected here.)

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Authentication Issues (LE-13, others) on March 27th - Last Epoch Support Hub
A systems outage on our end is currently causing a variety of error messages to appear, most commonly [LE-13] Authentication attempt failed. We are actively wor

Beta 0.8.1e Patch Notes
Changes Temporarily disabled social features. Fixed Gaspar’s Insight having two Void Resistance affixes instead of one Void Resistance and one Cold Resistance affix. Fixed a minor graphical issue in Risen Lake.