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Could the devs make the game teleport the char to the same zone we end after finishing a node in monolith when we kill the monolith boss?

It's minor but it's irritating being teleported to the monolith central instead of the normal zone after killing the boss as most of the time i will be farming the monolith again.

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Good Callout! We've actually changed this for 0.9 in multiplayer. The result is that you're sent back to the monolith stone in the hub, not sent back to End of Time 'town' upon completing the final monolith quest. Currently in offline you're sent back to End of Time instead of the monolith Hub. We are looking into updating it to also send you to the monolith rock in the Hub for offline as well.

The reason it doesn't send you back to the rest zone (the zone you arrive at after completing a normal web node) after completing the final quest is that you normally also unlock another monolith for you to progress to, and pushing back out to the hub helps complement that. We want to keep the same behavior for empowered for consistency (however now being sent back to the rock in the hub, not the End of Time 'town').

In multiplayer as well, the hub and rest zone are additively loaded with echo zones so there's also no loading going back to the hub or rest zone so you can immediately select your next echo, or move onto the next monolith without interruption!