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It's very rare to see a game dev caring so much about interacting with the players and valueing communication to that extend.

The only other dev I know of who does this is Mortdog from the Teamfight Tactics dev team made by Riot Games and he does it in his free time, I have no idea if Mike's stream time counts as working hours for him or not, but it doesn't matter anyway.

I just wanna say it's really cool to have a dedicated time frame where you can ask questions live, witness the occasional teaser/leak for upcoming patches or just see what a dev thinks about their own game and how he plays it!

I just felt like sharing this moment of appreciation to let you know that you guys are doing great and I hope to watch the 30th cycle announcement video in 10 years presenting the latest uber uber boss "Destroyer of Orobyss and everything that exists" and still get hyped as much as today or even more when new patches hit!

Keep on rocking and cheers

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<3 it's always nice to hear that people are still enjoying my rambling. Thank you.

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Originally posted by Awesomedude33201

I always want to catch you live (even if only for a bit) but I never know what days or times you're streaming.


When do you do the streamey video thing?

Fridays at 3PM central (NA) for 2 hours. This week will be muffin standing in for me because I'll be out.