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It's been a little bit of time now since 0.9 dropped and I'm curious if ppl have landed on a build they really are enjoying or are you still trying a variety of them to find something to focus on? Or maybe you're still playing something from before the update and just can't step away from it?

As for me, I've been dabbling a bit with Necro, Cold DoT Werebear and Static Orb. I really enjoy the quick clears with Static Orb but Werebear just melts so much. Necro is a bit too hectic for me but great for when I want to be lazy. I think Static Orb is the most enoyable but I've got a lot of others to try out still.

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Please show me a guide or last epochs version of a POB. I was in love with static but I dropped it in favour of the maxroll sorcerer lightning build.

Not sure if you know that you sent this message several times but if it was intentional, that's not appropriate.