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on my first playthrough I did the story till majalka (or whatever her name is) then started on the monoliths, but I've seen others just kill the emperor, then proceed to level on monoliths from then on. Is there actually no real need to do the story after the emperor?

Come 0.9 should I be doing the story first or just going into monoliths to level when they are unlocked?

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The chapter that is set in Majelka is the final chapter currently in the game. There will be more added later.

As for alternate leveling routes, as you play the end game, you will get dungeon keys. These can be used to unlock dungeons which can be used to get powerful rewards at higher tiers or also be used to skip sections of the campaign as your are leveling an alt.

Once we add more of these dungeons, you will be able to curate many different leveling experiences.

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How do you use dungeons to skip parts of the campaign? Is there some reward that lets you skip quests or something?

When you finish the dungeon, continue on and walk out instead of warping. You will be deposited several chapters further in the campaign than you started.