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For context, I have just come out of the D4 beta having played for a grand total of 2 hours before quitting.

The reason? It felt like a weird combination of MMO lite and a mobile game constantly throwing praise and quest updates at you. “You’ve achieved X renown! You are at 250/1000 kills! You can claim this award! You have engaged this enemy!”

But the biggest reason I stopped playing the beta and am about to go back to LE is that I have no choice how to play Diablo 4.

During my (admittedly brief) beta experience, I kept seeing players entering into my “events”. I also saw players in town. Just as I was off to go slay some demons and save the world, I ran into “bigtities09”.

I really do not like being forced to play with and/or see other players when logging in. It kills the immersion. Some people may want to group up and that’s great.

But Blizzard has decided for us how we should play their game.

I am so happy to say that EHG gives players flexibility to enjoy their game as we want to- whether that is as a party, solo online or solo offline.

It is becoming less common for games to offer solo modes (especially offline modes), so this is a huge THANK YOU to EHG for letting the players decide how they want to play, rather than forcing a decision onto us.

Last Epoch feels like it is being made for gamers to enjoy and it shows.

So once again, THANK YOU!!!!


A gamer who spends all day with people at work and doesn’t want to log into a game to see even more people

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Cheers. We’re a group of ARPG fanatics that started a studio after hours making the game we want to play ourselves. We’re thrilled to see so many people enjoying it these days. So much more good stuff on the way

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