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I just spent the entire day playing, 14+ hours, and then randomly disconnected when trying to go into an echo, and all my progress for the day got rollbacked.

So I guess the game is not really "online" after all when you're playing "online" without a party. You're just playing offline and then it syncs to server once you log out.

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Hey guys, we do see some rare reports of this right now it’s it’s our #1 priority to ensure is fixed as quickly as possible. If you have this happen to you reaching out to me directly with your username and time/date of data loss would be extremely helpful. We have multiple engineers solely focused on this atm and some fixes coming today for the offline data saving reliability.

If you experience any data loss we’re extremely sorry. We’re having to add in some additional failsafes for when 30-40k concurrent users are hitting these databases quickly, but working to make sure they’re air tight as fast as possible.

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Had the same issue on the first day, i didnt lose any level but i lost everything i had in my stash after i crashed. Submitted a bug report on the forums but EHG didnt answer.

Sorry if you haven’t received a response from the support team in the last couple days. That pipeline is backed up. They’re working through it!

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If a loss do happen like in OP case and 14 hours are lost, can it be recovered by support or is it lost forever? Similar thing happen to me and I dont know if I should wait on support or continue playing on that character.

Support will be able to investigate on a case by case basis but right now that pipeline is backed up and I wouldn't confidently be able to give an ETA or tell you at what point we could restore a particular character to.