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I got an idol that has "94% of damage reflected while you have lightning aegis"...how does that work? Does it actually reflect 94% of your damage? That doesn't seem right.

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Originally posted by RimedGaming

Reflect is damage dealt too you. Keep in mind that this has to go through your defenses that is the amount that is reflected. Then it has to go through the enemies defenses that will be the amount they take.

Example: Mob deals 1000 damage. You have 40% DR so you take 600 damage 93% of that is 558 damage going back to the enemy. At level 100 enemies have 90% DR so then enemies without any further defenses would take 55.8 damage.

Just to clarify, this is mostly correct, but enemy defenses don't actually affect it, including their damage reduction from level. So in your example above the mob would take 558 damage.

It's still definitely weak at the moment, but not as weak as it would be if enemy defenses applied.