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There's a reason why pretty much every game allows us to choose what server we want to join. This one selects it for us and is very bad at it. I should be joining the BR Server for 30ms, but I'm joining the US Costal for 140ms.

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I’ll be talking with the team about this this week as it’s a very common question/concern. I’ll provide context and what plans we have for adjustments when I have better info from our backend engineers. The concern of connecting to unexpected regions is certainly on our radar and pending discussion.

Do note that we allow cross region play and we see many parties are in multiple regions which does have a high likelihood of putting you in a region that is associated with your party members. This isn’t the same as the unexpected region allocation for solo players but I suspect is adding to the confusion.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

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Hey mox. Been playing for a couple years. I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you are doing. I know it’s your job, it’s what pays the bills, but I see you going so far above and beyond on forums, Reddit and in game constantly. Positive attitude, taking the time just to chat with us, and humoring the 723rd time someone else has asked the same basic question. Thank you for your above and beyond efforts. You are so very appreciated. Everything you and Eleventh Hour Games has done is phenomenal, quite original and incredibly fun. I can see the heart and soul you all have put into it every day, and that is what takes this from a great video game, to an experience I’ll never forget.

Really appreciate the kind words. It really is a dream to be able to do it. I was always so frustrated after being so invested in other games in the genre feeling like myself and other people that were so passionate about the game were not being heard. When I took the plunge to make a game that I knew others would invest themselves in I knew I wanted to make sure that they felt and were in-fact heard and appreciated for their feedback and time investment.

So grateful to be in this position now, making a game for all of us.