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One thing i appreciate in ARPGs is ambition and immersion, and chapter 9 was ambitious, i could really feel the bump the game made compared to previous chapters with OST, sounds, voice acting (much better !!), the mechanics (no spoil, but players who did complete it know what i'm talking about), general design, the more complicated maps, the city which was really nice, the last boss fight, cutscenes (even if they're short, they add a lot, really), etc...

Difficulty was a pleasure too, while the rest of story is a walk in the park, that act was more serious, i've created a WP VK with dreamthorn just to replay the whole story and make a run to chapter 9 and my general clearing did fall apart, boss battle was interesting and immersive, may i say even reasonnably gross at some point ? ;)

Really liked it, thanks EHG, hope you keep pushing things this way, it's the first time the storymode made me feel something and that's something i really like when i play an ARPG, it's been a pleasure for me and i hope you reading this topic did like it too.

Cya in multiplayer ! ;)

Edit : about difficulty, i can understand a lot of players found it too much difficult, i'm really experienced with ARPGs so it's probably been a bit easier for me than players who do not have thousands of hours, hope EHG will find a perfect balance for everyone. =)

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Originally posted by Orzislaw

I agree! My only gripe is that now older chapters pale in comparison. First chapters are what gives first impression, so I really hope they get spiced up in the future

As Alex said, we definitely do agree. We won't have another chapter of content coming out for a while and we're now turning back to previous chapters to bring them up to the level of quality we have with Chapter 9.

A lot of the team is very excited about the opportunity to do this. Revamping Chapter 4, updating enemies in chapters 2 and 3, updating the deserts before chapter 9 to the same level of quality, and making the presentation better in general with voice acting, new dialogue panels, shorter dialogue text, etc. are just a few things I'm thinking of right now. Lots to do to bring the quality of the game up to the new standards with the expanding studio!

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Our team was very happy to read this and shared it around internally. We appreciate you taking the time to provide us this feedback.

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Have you guys thought about turning chapter 1 into a prologue and lower chapter counts accordingly? It always felt out of place how short it was compared to the rest

Funny enough the game used to start in Chapter 2 but we didn't like how you were immediately thrown in to the Ruined Era in a dark cave so we made the start of the game the Divine Era. Internally we call it the prologue or "Chapter Z" since internally we call them Chapter A, B, C, etc. "Chapter A" is Chapter 2.