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If you are creating a new character to play chapter one then you should be aware of a major bug that will prevent you from finishing it and moving on to the ruined era. You will know that this bug is affecting you as soon as you make your character.

  • If you character is higher than level one or has passive points to allocate then your character is bugged
  • If you press escape and it says chapter one on the screen then you should be fine. If it says chapter two or later then your character is bugged
  • If you have made it into the ruined era and have access to a way point in the ruined era then your character should be fine

Unfortunately in order to fix the bug the only known way is to delete the bugged character and then make a new one.

(Now you know what Orobyss was talking about when he said "Pain, an eternity of pain")

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We're working on a fix for this.

In the meantime if you're in online and experience this issue, I'd suggest joining a party with a player who has a character beyond the blocker and portalling to them.

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