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If Riot doesn't start improving soloq experience, they might as well just let the game die - no way I don't play for 4 months and I decide to queue up couple games from time to time and there's always a victim running it down 1/3 games (not just a bad game)

I believe everyone in the community notices it and can relate to the ineffectiveness of punishing players who disrupt the game through gameplay (running it, grief, afk/rq), but rather being punished for typing, so they can fudge the stats to pretend that the system is "improving", right, right?!

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Also there’s this “pyke smite” group running rampant. No one really does anything about it because rioters don’t get trolled in their solo queue games in high ELO.

Pyke smite recently played with doublelift and ruined his promos.

People do still troll us unfortunately