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Originally posted by Dragneel2496

Well since I took part in a (sorta) negative comment thread in this wholesome post, I wanted to also share what keeps me coming back.

For me it's the progress. I work at a grocery store. Haven't found a job yet that makes me want to stick around. I went to college and stopped cuz I don't know what I want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on as a career. I don't have a whole lot of marketable skills apart from talking to people. I can draw (copy) what others have drawn by sight. I can read pretty fast. That's it lol. So as sad as it is, this game keeps me from feeling like every aspect of my life has stayed frozen. It's one of the few things that I can actually look at myself and be like "yup, I'm getting better at this". I've played the game for years and love helping others in it. I can talk about it for hours, I can understand the LCS commentary and see where their conclusions on plays come from (could never do this with physical sports). I can teach about it, I can ...

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Thanks for sharing your story. It’s not common to see people be vulnerable and transparent, particularly here.

It takes humility and bravery to put yourself out there. If you’re ever looking professional advice or coaching, hit me up in a dm.


Originally posted by MibitGoHan

What part of "HEAD OVER TO OUR MAIN CHANNEL" was unclear?

In fairness, I can see how people read that and then thought "but I'm watching on lolesports.com, what other main channel is there?" We're tweaking the language a bit to be more clear. It's obvious when you watch on twitch.tv/riotgames, but less obvious when you watch through lolesports.


Originally posted by Ekklypz

Very good

Yes yes

Memes aside, definitely better than before.

I was pretty partial to Wildturkle myself.

Never push memes aside, they are the best way to laugh at our mistakes.



Originally posted by GGABueno

Wait... did that actually happen or am I too naive? No way.

Lol unfortunately it did. August asked me what one of my least favourite metas were. I said the tank ekko/fizz/everyone meta, where moment to moment gameplay didn't matter. Then he replied "Ooof, my bad".


I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and this post to somehow become a feature request. :sweatguy:

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Originally posted by Zoli_Ben

Hey Reav3! Is the Rammus update effectively eliminates him from the VGU list? He has been always a constant member of your tier lists since 2016 and you said that he'd be be needing smaller gameplay work and it is here. Is this the end for him like Xin's VGU plans? Have a nice weekend!

Not at all, we still want to VGU him someday


Originally posted by RiotAugust

Wait...what's the catch? You even mentioned Ekko without bringing up his tank build or R CD!

I couldn’t even make it out of my interview without mentioning his tank build... that still makes me cringe lol


Wait...what's the catch? You even mentioned Ekko without bringing up his tank build or R CD!

14 Jan

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Originally posted by TabaCh1

I get why he had to be young and handsome, but why skinny jeans, a jacket 3 sizes too short and shirtless?

We were inspired by a lot of Goth Rock/Metal stars/singers for his look, since we felt Goth rock aesthetics meshed well for the whole vain, hopeless romantic angle


Originally posted by BeepBoopAnv

Making ... good decisions? That sounds like the most important job in the whole company

Lol! To be fair, nothing would actually get shipped without the people who make the things. But thank you :) I love my work, and I take a lot of pride in being able to help our teams make the best stuff for as many players as we can.

When do they post?

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