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What a great name

Thank you! I was born with it

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Originally posted by Spideraxe30

Hey Reav3, was Bel'Veth ever going to have like a mind control ability, since I've been curious ever since your possession at season start

Nope. I was more trying to do like a Malzahar "Prophet of the Void" type thing to tie into the Malzahar short story we shipped around that time as well


Originally posted by CetriBottle

Will there be any way to summon the voidlings on ARAM? Dropping a special coral every, I dunno, 20 or 30 takedowns or something?

Bel'veth will have some unique mechanics in ARAM. She'll get stacks when nearby cannon/siege minions die, and the special Void coral will spawn on towers that BV helps takedown.



Hello everyone! I'm Riot Koyuncu, one of the QA Engineers on Champions team and QA owner for Bel'Veth, the Empress of the Void.

Bel'Veth is now currently enabled and available to play on PBE! She's super fun to play, and I want to hear your player feedback before she launches in two weeks. We've got about a week before we have to lock any proposed changes for her release, so I'll be monitoring common themes in this thread to share back with the team for possible adjustments.

If you encounter any in-game bugs while playing Bel'Veth or her Battle Boss skin, please let us know by heading over to our Bug Reporting Tool and providing any information on the issue. Providing repro steps or a video clip are incredibly helpful at debugging.



PBE Update 5/25: Battle Boss Bel'Veth's splash + portrait should now be in-game. We've also adjusted her icon to be the human head facade instead of the monster on her chest for bette...

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Need longer patch notes. Rammus isn't even in here wtf

Why do you hate me so much?


Originally posted by terkke

now i just want the interaction between Divine Sunderer (and Grasp too) with thornmail to be fixed and apply the grievous wounds before any heal comes through

Nice callout, we should definitely get that fixed! I have it tracked now and will look to fix soon-ish :D

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Originally posted by chimcharlv100

Hey reav3, really looking forward to the Udyr rework and sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but can we expect another dev blog on him sometime? Or he just gonna just gonna be announced like new champs are?

Thier won't be another Udyr Devblog before his announce, no.


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Poor fellows who localize them are people too

This! Our localization team is phenomenal


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craziest was fixing the kled ult desync but that he has had since release

f*cking FINALLY - Huge props to our engineer Riot Entquine for getting this fixed.


Who do you think is gonna be the strongest next patch? My bet is Kayle


Originally posted by flamesofkarma

the very tip of her regular q doesn’t slow or do damage at all. it’s been like this for a while, it’s made me lose a lot of poke in lane. it isn’t every game since regular q is hard to hit from far away anyway, but it’s still annoying when it does happen.

Is this a VFX bug, like it looks like it does but it doesnt, or does it actually hit, but nothing happens?


Originally posted by flamesofkarma

i always check bug fixes on these posts and karmas regular q bug is never there :(

Can you explain the bug please?


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no more... pls,.

Patch note authors are people too


Need longer patch notes. Rammus isn't even in here wtf


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cant wait for the kraken slayer+LT into full bruiser build that's going to let her get like 2.2 attack speed while also being unkillable

*3+ AS


Originally posted by yehiko

undisputed best jungler eu has ever produced

dont get me wrong, hes good, but diamondprox was also produced by EULCS and unisputed is a strong word

Because the statement is 100% accurate. And there are 0 names who come close, for as long, or as successful.


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Those weren't happy games. They just played badly. EG wasn't that far from winning either. Fewer mistakes and they have it in the bag after that early game.

OpinionHaver65 out here having opinions