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Originally posted by Spideraxe30

Hey Phroxzon would those pods be the patch to patch balance pod, the mid scoped pod (that did the Sona and Tahm changes), and the preseason pod.

Hmmm, I can't really say, but I will say that one of the pods is the balance pod.



Originally posted by UNOvven

I see. In that case, what has motived you to completely exclude mastey curves from the balancing process, and what is your perspective of the false positives that have been popping up lately (most recently Annie)?

Simply put, it's a complicated problem.

It is certainly a limitation of the current model and something we discuss a lot internally. One of the values of having a transparent balancing process is that the community can understand why we are making certain balance decisions.

Including mastery curves is potentially valid, though while it has its benefits, it also has drawbacks and we'd need to weigh the pros and cons of including that information in the balance framework.

We'd also need to figure out the correct way to implement this information.

Example Considerations:

  • Do we discard only the first game that a player plays?
  • The first 3, 5, 10?
  • Do we discard 10 games for an easy champion, but 30 games for a very hard champion?
  • How do you weigh mastery for a person that played Lee Sin a lot 4 years ago, but has only played 5 games recently?
  • Should a game played by a main matter equally to a perso...
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Originally posted by Capek95

I have one big concern though, would you happen to know if any of the analysts or balance team play the game? I can't seem to find any info on that.

I'll take the bait. Yes we play the game.

We have 7 designers on Summoners Rift Team split amongst the 3 pods. Of those, 1 is Master, 4 are Diamond, 1 is Plat and 1 is Silver.

We also have 2 QA analysts on the team, who are Master and GM respectively.

In addition to that, we have a separate Game Analysis Team who are typically minimum D3 and 7 of them are Masters+. 3 of them hover around GM/Chall.

We generally try to have as many different opinions from each different skill band as possible. It would not be a good thing to have every game designer be Challenger for example, because they would have such a myopic view of the player perspective that it would be actively damaging.


Originally posted by UNOvven

Gotcha. Do any of the analysts have a background in statistics, to ensure that the team doesn't end up relying on data that is misleading or not terribly indicative of what youre looking for?

Every analyst has a background in statistics, usually a math degree or something similar. They are very proactive about making sure anybody looking at the data understands all the biases present.


Originally posted by UNOvven

Interesting. Do any of them work directly on the balance team, or are they more focused on obtaining the data and making it accessible?

We have an analyst that works on the summoner's rift team 100%. But what reddit knows as the balance team is actually only 1 of the 3 pods of the summoner's rift team. That analyst services the 3 different pods.

You wouldn't really assign a data scientist to service a particular team, that's too low scope for the type of stuff that they're trying to do. Their job is to make different types of data available for the analysts to have access to all across LoL, whether that's for Skins, Champions, Balance, etc.


Originally posted by UNOvven

I kinda wish they asked Riot if the balance team had any statisticians/data scientists and how they informed their balance decision, because lately it seems like there isnt even a single one.

We have a insights analyst who builds out all our reports (we have many reports that tell us a lot of different things; items, game pacing, winrate reports, an automated version of the champion balance framework, role power, champion learning curves, etc.)

Data scientists work on creating the pipelines to get the data to the analysts so that they can then write queries to get the data and put it in a usable format for designers, game analysts and producers, etc. So to answer your question, we do have both analysts and data scientists. Researchers like Blau are a different form of insights. They collect more qualitative assessments from players through surveys and player labs, rather than analysts or data scientists who are more quantitative.

03 Aug

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Originally posted by rundermining

Lmao did you spun the generic pr response wheel? Its amazing how detatched from the playerbase riot has become. At this point it's better to say nothing at all.

One of the reasons we are continuing to resolve issues with EOG is because it is the most reported player pain we receive, so we are prioritizing things that players want to see fixed.

Also, the client interacts with a number of other services, and we need those teams to help us look at the service level to identify possible issues.

I see posts regarding EOG frequently so I am doing my best to be transparent and provide updates as I have them.



Originally posted by wezu123

You don't need to buy a champ in champion select, but you REALLY need to be able to buy skins. Double standards.

It's more that buying a skin does not interfere with other systems. It's all on your side and has no gameplay impact. Buying a champion has other considerations, which makes it less of a slam-dunk.


Originally posted by Zendruuu

Thank you for your feedback ^^

  1. To solve problems with banning, maybe just reduce it to normal games, you normally don't need to buy a champion for ranked anyways.
  2. I don't really understand what your argument is here. Didn't you essentially say, that you like the idea and it would have no drawbacks?
  3. The 15 seconds added to each champion select is a valid argument. To solve this issue, the switch pick-order could maybe be changed to a permanently available functionality ni Champion select. You just hover over the pülayer you want to switch with and there you have a button to offer a switch. This would also reduce confusion with champion switching as another comment pointed out. Another way to reduce the time would be to cut 10 to 15 seconds of the end of the Champion Select. This would be straightforward but come with its own drawbacks and is probably not as clean as the other solution.

Yeah I just realized including "I like this" is weird when I started with "Some of these are not so good." That's my bad!

02 Aug


As neat as these are, I wonder how usable some of them would really be:

  1. Buying a champion. This often doesn't come up, but it is real: If no one on the opposing team owns the champion, it doesn't appear for bans. One could argue that the game should just leave up all bans, but I suspect this is valuable for newer players in their first games of ranked (where they are likely to run into other new players who also don't have all the champions). So you'd only be able to buy champions in the very early declare phase. This can be problematic if it takes the store a moment to process. Even if not, I'm worried adding extra overhead and integrated systems into champion select creates a more fragile experience. Yes the store works. Yes champion select works. But truly how often do you really need to buy champions during champ select?

  2. Anonymous mode. VALORANT has this and it works great IMO. In general, I'm a fan of anonymous mode and being able to keep it on...

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The answer is: reddit represents a very small, vocal minority of the player base. It doesn't mean that their opinions are not valid, or any less important, but it also doesn't mean that posts here necessarily represent the majority of player sentiment towards the game.

Reddit is super useful to find new issues or "player pain" as we call it, or even find some exciting posts praising good work or fun features, but most of our players probably don't even watch streams or come to reddit.

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We have seen a spike in our waiting for stats service, and we are actively working with multiple teams to solve.


Originally posted by __mahi__

I'd still call them luckers and blame my ping

I'd be tilted cause duos

01 Aug


Originally posted by Evelyn701

Hearing Quickshot say "Ladies, Gentlemen, and everybody else" made my heart so happy



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way younger than quickshot