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Originally posted by Noelstra

Sorry bro, she just loves attaching to me these days, not like I can force her off yknow? She's staying the entire lane phase over at my place top, her healing skills are just insane, says she never had to heal such a big healthbar before haha. Must suck having her heal me in front of you when I 1v5 the entire enemy team while you're sitting in the back getting beat up by assassins. Don't worry, I'll let her come back to you for a bot gank every once in a while, I'm a nice guy and trust she's got plenty of mana to go around ;)

Geez what a cursed comment. Made me double check that I was in the right subreddit. I think that’s enough internet for me today…


And this is why LeBlanc is banned in all of my games. Great play!

04 Dec

Who deserves buffs the most and why is it teemo


Originally posted by Feukorv

If token gain indeed nerfed (yet another time) this might be my last battle pass/event I'm buying for league. It was a chore as it is where I had to play every single day for couple of hours for a month. I just don't have enough time/energy to grind that much.

I’ll reiterate that the goal of these changes is not to nerf the experience of earning tokens in Event Passes. All of our internal simulations on actual player data during events (across all modes) showed that this change would leave most players with either the exact same or slightly better earn rates for tokens.

For full transparency, TFT AFK farming will be hit substantially, which is intended. We don’t want people feeling like they have to play other modes in a suboptimal way to progress our passes. Data shows that this is a very small number of people, but we want to discourage the behavior entirely.

Without getting into too much detail, after Night / Dawn 2019 (and post Dark Star 2020 revert), the rate at which players earn tokens is substantially higher thanks to the change to weekly wins (instead of dailies) and an overall small increase in net token earn rate. Some players may still feel like that wasn’t enough, but all of the data points to players gettin...

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Originally posted by averagekid18

I like how he never responded to your rebuttal.

Was asleep.


Originally posted by BioIdra

'I certainly meant no respect' is the best Freudian typo ever here

Yeah, oof. 😐


Great post and analysis! I honestly want to say we DO want the event tokens to be the same progression rate as before.

I know that players of reddit don't believe me when I say this, but the event changes are NOT designed to stealth Nerf token gains. If it turns out earning rates are worse off for legitimate players, we will absolutely adjust!

Follow-up question: if you run your simulation again with 600 points for the token bank and 30 tokens per payout, what results do you get?


Originally posted by AttackBacon

I'm really disappointed in this reply.

I've been playing League since early beta. I'm 35 with a young kid and an intense career. I really enjoy CoOp as League is one of my favorite games but CoOp is the only format that is low stakes enough for me to reliably be able to play it anymore (both psychologically and practically). This change essentially means the passes are no longer an interesting purchase for me.

I understand that CoOp is not a priority for the team, but there are a lot of people that enjoy it. I'm sure your own metrics attest to that. Not everyone in there is simply there to grind. Being relegated to second-class citizen status after spending years in League (not to mention thousands of dollars) and then having a Rioter make this post is pretty lame, I must admit.

I certainly meant no respect to coop-vs-ai players. I can absolutely see how that comes across, but I was asking the OP if they enjoyed playing those 30 games, or were they doing just for faster event progress?

Either way, it certainly does read as a really lame post. Please accept my full apology.


Originally posted by ScoopJr


Care to elaborate?

It's an unfortunate downside of the way repeating missions (and mission chains today) work, which we hope to address at some point in the future, but to say this is a hidden nerf is a little disingenuous.

In today's system, you get 5 tokens for an SR loss, whether 20 mins or 45 mins, but we tune our token values around a 30 minute SR average. So, a 45 min game is essentially 15 mins of token progress "not carried over".

Other benefits of the new token bank mission: hyperroll and double up are included. All game modes (URF/Ultbook etc) and ARAM now progress at the same rate as SR.

I shall repeat, I really want points to carry over from 1 mission to the next. It's just not something we can do right now.


Originally posted by DrakeAcula

So now i need 100+ games of coop instead of 30 to finish the the orb mission, not to even mention the other missions, and the system isn't even better for the people playing regular games. How f**king disgusting.

Honestly, did you enjoy playing 30 games of coop vs AI?

03 Dec


Originally posted by Phaazed

You're misunderstanding. I'm speaking relative to how previous passes worked.

For example let's use the play 30 games mission.

With the previous system ARAM took about 570 minutes of in game time to complete this (30 games x 19 minute average). Now it takes ARAM players ~47 games to meet the higher 900 minute requirement.

SR doing that same mission previously took 900 minutes (30 games x 30 minutes), so this is unchanged here. This is why a Rioter is only lying by omission saying that it won't take longer for most players. Yes, most players played SR. But this still is just a nerf to other modes being reframed.

The change is being billed as "everyone will spend the same amount of time" which is true, but the amount of time needed is the previous slowest mode. The only people who benefit were outliers who consistently ran long games (and lost more).

I also want to point out that if our tuning now rests in an unfavorable place due to more people than expected feeling forced to grind TFT or ARAM previously, we will re-tune.


Originally posted by TheAbyssalSymphony

see this is a good change, but it doesn't change that for people playing SR this change is a net loss

How is it a net loss? If you're seeing a mistake in our calculations, please do point it out.


Such a cool idea to record him drawing his own player card and using that as a through-line. Kudos, TL.


Originally posted by sahkuh

We've also added TFT AFK checks for League event missions.

They say the AFK check is for League event missions, but didn't specifically say Token Bank. I'm hoping that we can still AFK in TFT to grind tokens since I don't have the time to play 3-4 games a day to play SR/ARAM. If that's the case, this will be the last event pass I ever buy.

Token Bank is a League Event Mission.


Originally posted by Phaazed

I know that there is close to no change if you only play normal/ranked summoner's rift. Your intent is choosing the most popular and longest mode to be the baseline at the expense of other modes.

If this were truly a change to help "even out" the play time of everyone, you would have found a middle ground between shorter ARAM games and longer SR games.

Right now the only people who benefit from this change are the few outliers who lose repeatedly in long games. Far more people are hurt by this change making them play significantly more, just because they play ARAM or the featured mode.

You get exactly the same points per minute for ARAM, Ult-book, URF etc as you do for SR. Exactly the same.


Originally posted by Luminite204

They have heavily nerfed the overall number of tokens you can get from token bank missions, the overall value of the pass has obviously gotten nerfed,

Could you explain what you mean? I'm confident our math works out, but I'd love to hear it if you see a mistake?