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FNC fans better hope SK ban sangria tomorrow to deny it from rekkles

Originally posted by Jacob_Kemp

More like intentionally going down to prevent addicts from seeing how much they actually spend on their game.

Rather, I'd assume that the page is actually under construction, if we wanted it gone it would just be gone.

You can still send in a ticket to see how much you've spent overall. Blitzcrank Bot has been answering these tickets since January.


Originally posted by TiredPaedo

Out of curiosity as I've met some of the RG IT team: do you happen to be a trans woman working (or having recently worked) in a data center in Oregon?

Nope! I am a ciswoman working out of our LAX office.

Originally posted by RenegadeExiled

I might be way off the ball, but I'm pretty sure a large part of that is because of racists search results leading to a bias towards those images. Calling people of color apes and gorillas, and then trending a mass of searches would cause the index to then start equating gorilla searches with that in general.

it's the same idea behind one of those old meme images that's just a series of letters and numbers for its name, like wojack. search it enough,l and images like it become the result norm.

There have been a few cases beyond Google Images where this happened, and the reason is usually the machine learning algorithms for images. Basically whenever you create an image recognition algorithm, you train it to recognize certain patterns. In this case, they trained the patterns for stuff like "human face" on features, color schemes, and shapes that are typical to caucasian people. Not a result of search algorithms (which do in fact work the way you say they do, and produce a different set of problems) but a result of the images and set of traits that engineers chose to train the computer on.

Originally posted by PageFault

I was never exposed to a single example of a romantic relationship between women. I had a bunch of feelings, but no clue how to deal with them.

I'm completely with you on everything but this point. There is no reason that all groups should not be represented in media.

However, straight, gay, tall, short, skinny, fat, black, white or purple, we shouldn't be looking at the entertainment industry as an example of how to live our lives.

Romantic comedies were full of jokes about how woman be shopping and eating ice cream when they're sad, and men be going to the gym.

And this sort of thing is why.

Yeah, I totally agree and could have used a better example (I was being a little tongue in cheek). I don't mean to suggest that kind of depiction is a good model for ANY kind of relationship. In general, media has a lot of room to improve on how they depict relationships between human beings and not glorifying basically stalker behavior.

Originally posted by topagae

Your customers and coworkers are 80%+ male. How's that going?

So: we have a lot of room to grow, and I'm involved in a number of efforts both internally and externally to try to make changes in that arena. In terms of how it's going personally, the past year has been pretty painful, not gonna lie. I deal with it by spending a lot of time thinking about ways to change this stuff.

In terms of coworkers, part of the cascading issues that I mentioned at the end of my post is stuff that goes all the way down what we call the employment "pipeline" in tech and games. That means that recruiting efforts, candidate pools, interview style and structure, hiring practices, and the ways we evaluate pay and title changes are all systems that are at risk of being designed in ways that are disproportionately unfair to some underrepresented groups. Example: if you're an elite company and you source only from Ivy League schools, that means that most likely people who aren't from wealthy families are dramatically underrepresented, among other folks - you...

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Originally posted by haus_der_luege

automatic photo-sorting algorithms that categorize non-white people as animals.

Holy fuck did that really happen?

Who am I kidding, of course it fucking did.

Look up Google Photos + Gorillas for details, it’s a pretty impressively bad oversight!

Originally posted by [deleted]


thank you both. This thread is a challenging mix of opinions, but the only one I really want to challenge is the "who cares?" thing. I think it's important everyone should know there's folks in the industry who have actually experienced this stuff and are actively working through how to deal with things like representation in a way that's driven by empathy and thoughtfulness. Y'all rock, stay strong!

Is TFT going to be a permanent game mode?

about 23 hours ago - /u/RiotMeddler on Reddit - Thread - Direct


Originally posted by ravac

Gay kids who would like more characters to relate to in their games.

Does this actually happen ? Do people look for champions in game to relate to, and specifically information pertaining to their fictional sexual orientation ? Please explain, especially if you have that experience, because I'm really lost here.
I play all champions, male and female, monsters and human alike, and not for a second did I have a desire to know who likes it in the ass, or what kind of sex position is their favorite.
This is a poor argument by me because it's a personal anecdote, but still, am I the one out of touch ?

So let's say that you're a cat, and you live on a planet of mostly cats. When you turn on the TV there's a bunch of TV shows about cats doing cat stuff. The ads are for litterboxes and catnip. Lots of jokes about having nine lives.


Then suddenly you turn on the TV one day to watch a new show, and one of the side characters is a dog, who experiences the struggles you'd expect in a cat's world - barking is banned, playing fetch is considered distasteful, and going for walkies makes you a target for harassment. "Why does it have to be a dog?" you wonder. "I just want to see characters, I don't care about how hard it is to be a dog. Do dogs really care if they're up there or not? Why don't they just enjoy cat stories? Dogs and cats are both kinds of animals, how different can it be?" You start seeing ads for dog food and tennis balls, and just get pissed off because it's not relevant to you. And to be honest, some dogs probably agree with you, like, "I don't need a to...

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Jungle is not a Lane

1 day ago - /u/Cashmiir on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by ArziltheImp

There was a post yesterday about BM and the entire comments were full with this stuff.

I play with a bunch of friends as a 5 man and our jungler is refusing to get plat in flex so everytime he writes something on our discord we all spam this:


Going to hit my coach with this. He's Dia in solo q and S1 in flex.

Originally posted by Dyloslawer

hey I was the editor for this piece, thanks for the kind words ^^

reason i went all-in on this intro is because it genuinely happened like this with perkz being kinda surprised the game wasn't over yet so I went for it and it worked out.

and it feels good to put Splyce in the spotlight now that they have a lot of momentum behind them. very excited for this match :>

Can confirm is editing goblin.

Originally posted by Paiva05

Season 1 boys unite

You have my Heart of Gold.

I started playing right at the beginning of 2010 and can't quite believe I'm 9.5 years into this. I go through phases when I play like the old days, then nothing then ARAM and now TFT, but it's still my number 1 past time!

Promotion series aren't perfect. Losing never feels good, losing a promotion game feels worse. However, for the most part, players like promotion series. What promotion series allow us to do is stuff like demotion protection (which TFT doesn't have) and they make the general feeling of ranking up feel like an accomplishment for games on Summoner's Rift. We are looking at ways to make them feel better, but there is no plan to get rid of them. TFT is a different type of game and so the ranking system was developed to reflect that.

17 Jul

Originally posted by Thetof91

Hope they did something to localized it.

Most country don't use , as separator. Most of europe use , for decimal and then "." or a space as separator


Localizations are coming. We're making these adjustments as part of a larger number formatting system, and the full system should roll out soon.

Originally posted by Bro_miscuous

What if you make the setting that disables dragonflies and ducks in Summoner's Rift also disable LL?

Wish it worked like that, if it did we had already done it.

Originally posted by JankosmoreMSIthanNA

Explained it way better than I did (re-reading sounds like a but like a 'jab' at you which it was not meant to!). In my defence I wrote it at like 5/6am on no sleep haha.

Side note it must be a little frustrating that people only care about the result of a prediction and not your reasons for them, and take the game predictions so serious when half the time you guys are messing around.

Rarely do people actually hold me accountable for predictions outside of international events. I didn't watch the video so they may have criticized a prediction I made but honestly I'm not really bothered by it. If people just want to make fun of me for an incorrect prediction it's really fine. If someone is trying to discredit me as an analyst by using a prediction I made then their opinion probably isn't worth listening to.

Riot Jatt on Patch 9.14

2 days ago - /u/Pastrytime on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by ALovelyAnxiety

I miss Jatt in the LCS.

Same =[

Originally posted by omglolbbqroflmao

/u/Ovedius can you confirm or deny that you are an analyst?

The type of analysis I would do is arguably different to what a team analyst would do. My job is to try and understand how and why things go right or wrong based on the game I'm watching. Their job is about helping their team improve and I would imagine studying the game from a slightly different perspective.

My title is analyst when I'm on a desk but I'm more of a broadcast analyst which should in theory be different to a team analyst. I can't confirm as I've never done analysis for a team before so I don't know the full inner workings of how they do things

This is sweet! Looking at the Sneaky/Zeyzal numbers a bit, how big are those sample sizes? like Ashe/Braum vs. Xayah Rakan averaging a 36 CS at 10. I imagine with solo lanes since it's just 1x1 champs, instead of 2x2 champs you're able to pull some much bigger samples. Also, do you know the Sona/Taric avg. numbers?

Patch 9.14 notes

3 days ago - /u/GreaterBelugaWhale on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by RiotAether

shio shoujo put that in just to see if I would catch it during edits. I did, but decided to leave it in since her name's first now :P

I guess this is how the kids talk these days o. o

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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