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Originally posted by BassaniZ

So did you changed how true damage works? Currently true damage is not affected by any damage reduction nigher amplifier. https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/True_damage

That is inconsistently applied across the game right now. I'll grab some examples (first that comes to mind is that the formerly named Ninja Tabis reduce Camille's 2nd Q Attack by 12%, despite being true damage), but if we make the call that we DO NOT amp true damage (I agree with it not being reduced btw), I'll come back and correct my post above later.


Originally posted by ashortfallofgravitas

Does anyone know if Horizon Focus amps true damage from champions like Vel'Koz? It feels like it's supposed to be the dedicated artillery/combo mage item but if it doesn't amp true damage it's literally useless on velkoz, and that feels kinda bad as it's one of the few really standout items for him? /u/Rovient u/RiotPetrie

It absolutely should! If it does not, this is a bug.


Originally posted by hanibal_lecter

I'm probably not the first to write this, but I see a big problem in the design of some items / mechanics and by that I mean:

1 some of them are overloaded (the same design when you reworked Irelia, instead of giving a couple of mechanics to the champion and the player's skill made him strong, leaving the skillset simple "for the most part", you put 2-4 mechanics in each ability and the strength comes from the numbers and not the player skill, doesnt matter how good you are at Adc if Zed with a new "Duskblade of Draktharr" gets 3 mechanics from 1 item: bonus dmg/slow/passive kill reset), instead of this just make each item passive/active strong in 1 direction only

Before proposing solutions how i see new items, I would like to know why you rename mechanics for no reason: (lethality/Ability Haste), I believe that mechanics should have a consistent logic in their names so that players do not ask why this is called like that when there is a more logical name for it arm...

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Great post. Remind me to respond to this one later!


Originally posted by DimPacifist

oh my god the caster is so hot

which one?


Originally posted by sarcasticchan

Can you make the shop able to scale up or down to different sizes :(
For me, my shop is very large and it takes up way too much of my screen!

This is coming soon, it will scale to the right size for every resolution.


Originally posted by thepandabear

It'll slow some machete users down. You're trading 35 damage on hit for 60 damage over 5 seconds. 2 autos outdamages the DoT, so champions like Warwick or rengar who are mostly single target will struggle I think

ETA: Tested kindred clear and it did feel a little bit slower

So weird mechanic time. The burn deals one tick of damage every time you autoattack a monster, so machete junglers aren't as hurt as you would expect. (They still obviously are missing their prev item so we'll make sure they're in a good place once the dust settles)


Originally posted by bz6

Is spell haste going to add another “creep” into the game? Are we just going going to have URF all the time with how accessible and stackable that new stat is?

only time will tell

Originally posted by LittleLamb32

I actually tested titanic on her and that still procs normally as opposed to once per ult. In terms of viability... well I think you know how that plays out.

yeah heheheh

Theres a weird interplay between the AP+HP items (Demonic Embrace, Rylai, AP+HP Mythics) and Lich/Nashors on hit, and then the more ad focused on hits (Botrk Titanic) where they all kinda loop into each other. I'm theoretically very happy with it, we'll see how it pans out in reality though.

Originally posted by OSRS_4Nick8

ok, maybe adcs wont be the problem with ranged tiamar... what about some tanks with range like thresh or urgot? rakan maybe?

urgots gonna have a blast

Originally posted by Nickosaurus-Rex

Tested it on PBE, it doesn't have an internal CD (it procs on every hit of Kat's R) but her passive only applies on hits to CHAMPIONS so you can't one shot waves.

its internal cd is like, .1s

also it can only trigger once per spell/attack cast ID according to stash(?) but this seems inconsistent with my own testing. Haven't dug into it personally though.

I adjusted her passive last night to only apply on hits to champs (august didn't realize when he posted)

edit: I dug into it. Ravenous is limited once per spell/attack, Titanic is not. Suspect this will be unified.


Originally posted by Magnake

Not having access to my own Inventory inside the shop feels weird, also I'm having trouble understanding how to sell items.

You sell items in a few different ways:
1. Select it in your inventory and then click the sell button in the shop
2. Drag the item from your inventory into the shop
3. (Coming soon) right click an item in your inventory

The fact that it wasn't clear is valuable feedback though, thank you!


Originally posted by Moonboy65

where do you see the pink border for unfinished icons?

In the shop itself. The items that are unfinished should be Very Obvious


Originally posted by MotherVehkingMuatra

It's only been 15 minutes but I love the store, it feels so responsive and modern and smooth, a lot better than I expected. I really like the boots interface.



Originally posted by Pastarini

Please for the love of god update the icons for Heal and Exhaust summoner spells

Please for the love of god update the icons for Heal and Exhaust summoner spells

If you keep pushing me I'm going to make them worse.

In all seriousness, the summoner spell icons were not part of this update. We may revisit them at a later date if we think we can make meaningful improvements to their clarity/fantasy.


Originally posted by thepandabear

Are Tiamat and the Hydras intended to be available for ranged champions now?

Edit: Also upon upgrading Ixtali Warstone I appear to lose my control wards stored

That seems like a bug, thanks for the report!


Originally posted by bz6

The item icons are smaller? But yeah the art just seems smaller compared to the box on some items. Hard to see.

The item icons are smaller? But yeah the art just seems smaller compared to the box on some items. Hard to see.

They are currently smaller than on live. We are experimenting with different sizes and paddings to find the best balance between readability and density.

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Originally posted by coraige7

LEAGUE CLIENT: League client log files now adhere to a maximum file size

This is the biggest buff this patch

we love our league community, but want to make sure you have space on your PC for other games :)

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Originally posted by omfgkevin

Now hopefully this patch will stop resetting the client and making it think I have just opened it after a long time of not playing. It's getting annoying having summoners reset every time and having it pop up WELCOME TO SEASON 2020.

We have put in changes in 10.20 that should alleviate this issue for client settings. We are working with another team to address a bug with some in-game settings not saving properly.

Originally posted by Caenen_

Both katarina R and samira R do spin to win, though, kids!

Spinning is the one true way to win

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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