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Originally posted by Danface247

Every single time Briar shows up in the patch notes for her bi-monthly nerf, Riot says "as players continue continue to get better with her", but how? How has the learning curve not been hit among the playerbase on this self-taunting ball of statcheck?

Are players really continuing to improve on the yuumi of bruisers? Are they? What is this hidden tech in her kit that's being mastered after 3 months?

While not mechanically intense like Yasuo, Briar HEAVILY tests a player's decision making. Most of her spells straight up kill her if she uses them incorrectly so there's a lot of mastery to be found in learning when to cast spells and when to hold them.

Additionally, good Briar players have more outplay potential than you'd expect with the E DR + knockback and W Dash.


Originally posted by ReverseMermaidMorty

Any idea if arena is here to stay or is it just a RGM?

It’s here as a RGM for this launch. No news to share on whether or not it will be permanent though


Originally posted by yukine95

Is it possible to queue up as 6 in Arena? From what i read is just 2, 3, 4 or 8.

Just 2, 3, 4, and 8 at the moment. The team couldn’t add 5-7 players due to match fixing concerns


Originally posted by imchocolaterain

Arena returns this patch. There is an encyclopedia of champion adjustments.

Imagine being the sucker that had to type those out

04 Dec


Originally posted by darunia484

What's the difference between party chat and deafen if I solo queue? Is it the same?

Update to the above:

/deafen will send a message to the rest of the lobby that you wont be participating in chat, and needs to be typed every game. It's good if you find yourself sucked into a flame war and need to re focus on the game.

party chat is a persistent setting that will remove you from the chat without letting other players know. Its perfect if you just want to play the game without worrying about chat.

02 Dec


Originally posted by garlicjuice

i'm in a senior tech role lol

Yeah, thats a big part of the job. You own everything by default.

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Originally posted by alexnedea

Yeah this is most likely either the MMO or Project L skins. Probably project L as that one is closer to release and this about the time they would start working on skins

He’s moved over to the gameplay initiative, onto the game modes team.

30 Nov


Originally posted by perm-throwaway

/u/RiotDashiJador would love an update from you please <3

Hello! I just got back from vacation, so sorry for the delay in response (where I did indeed go to Worlds so congrats to T1!)

The PBE went really well for us! We got exactly what we needed from it in terms of technical viability measures and player feedback. Due to this, we are currently building out additional behaviors for the Advanced queue as we only demonstrated the Beginner queue (we will remove features for Intro as Intro has a specific new player focus.)

That said, we are on track for a release of Intro/Beginner/Advanced Queue set up for a full release in early to mid 2024. Pending timing of other big beats + building out those advanced behaviors and integrating some of the new SR map changes. (Ex: Driving Shelly)

Expect an article from us early next year with more info on what we are building and hardened dates!



There's a lot of both bad and good out there on the ladder. I think setting good boundaries and knowing what gets under your skin is the key to enjoying your ranked experience.

Here's some features you can use to control how you interact with chat especially:

  • Mute: From the tab scoreboard choose someone to mute and then choose whether to mute their chat or pings as well. If someones being especially disruptive, sending a verbal abuse report auto mutes them as well.
  • Party Chat: Either in game or pre game you can set your chat settings to "Party Only" if you dont want to see chat from either your team or enemies. Totally fine with us!
  • /Deafen. If you normally enjoy chat but sometimes find it distracting and just need an off switch then typing /deafen will mute every chat channel and send a message to the other players in the game that you wont be responding anymore.

Hope you enjoy your ranked experience and welcome...

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I'm gonna say... boots.

29 Nov


Originally posted by Spideraxe30

Hey Emizery is your name pronounced like emissary or e-misery

E-misery, although it's a play on words. Emizery is both like emissary and e misery (z for flavor and so it's not taken on most platforms). It's also short for Endless Mizery since most platforms don't support spaces.

Most are born into misery, and most die in misery. Endless misery encapsulates that concept, and reminds me to look for the non miserable things life brings between the end points.


Originally posted by StrwbryAcaiPanda

Can there be an option for the opposite? Miss Fortune's e was changed to cast at max range, instead of walking into range back in 10.5. I would like the option to have my champion to walk into range to cast if my cursor is just barely outside the range, especially since I use quick cast w/o indicator.

Anything that casts at max range by default will still cast at max range without the setting on. This doesn't change any existing behavior. I hear you about your desire to walk to cast some abilities setup to cast at max range currently.


Originally posted by Ckrest

Does using non quick cast still cast at location?

I quick cast most of my abilities, but sometimes I like to see the range or, be more precise, I hold shift to bring up the casting indicator.

It casts without walking even with non-quick cast with this setting on. You can still right click to cancel casting with cast on release or non-quick cast with this setting on. With the setting off, ability work no differently than they do now. This setting is defaulted off.

Basically, when the setting is on you won't walk when confirming a cast that targets a location. Unit targeting still needs to walk if you're outside the range because the target itself is not in range of the spell.


Originally posted by Macaulyn

I mean, I think the whole playerbase does. A grab bag gives you many possibilities among the most valuable loot: skins, after all, skins are the things we see the most when we are playing, whereas banners can only be seen during queue, which is not nearly as long.

Yeah no question that for most folks skins > banners in general. But random skin for champion you may not play may be worth more than banner you can 100% equip and display may be closer to equal is the thinking.

28 Nov

Originally posted by HappyBunchaTrees

You see, the community, they have been most vocal on the subject of the cat horde. "Where's the cats? "When are we going to get the cats?" "Why aren't we getting the cats now?" And so on. So please.... the cats.



Originally posted by Tsukinohana

If you're going with the term value transfer here, it needs to be something equivalent. Banners are a cute addition but you took away one of the most valued items on the pass for it when there were a number of other less valuable items you could opt to take out if you really wanted to "value transfer" so badly

Understood, you like grab bags better.


Originally posted by SquidKid47

Banners are cute and I'd love for them to be more 'collectible' / hold more 'weight' but this is not the way to do them. I think it'd be cool to maybe add them to event shops for more variety, but replacing an actual reward (directly or indirectly - especially a grab bag!) just feels really bad.

I guess the part I’m not fully in agreement with is that they are not a reward themselves. We typically value a known cosmetic more highly than an unknown one (I can go more into this if that’s helpful!), and have a rough value attached to most of the things on these passes. This is a value-neutral move. But look, if people tell us that their calibrations are different and grab bags are worth 2x a banner in their mind that’s fine, we can work with that.

We’re going to try things from time to time and the point isn’t to scam people it’s for us to learn what folks like so we can make things better.


Hi! Figured I’d take a sec to respond here, but may be slow on replies because I’m out of country.

In previous passes, we saw that players really enjoyed the banners, so we are experimenting with different formulations and distributions of them. We are also experimenting with offering more event-themed rewards and fewer currencies/loot with the assumption that passes with stronger theming would be more rewarding to yall. I wouldn’t call it a nerf though, more of a value transfer.

Understood if you’d prefer the other rewards and apologies if this didn’t line up with your expectations. If we see that players don’t value things like upgradable banners in the way that we hope, we will change our strategy. Simple as that.

27 Nov

Originally posted by chlorastroklos

your wishes can come true, just find the dev who can push to main

im the dev