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This is amazing! Love the art style

Originally posted by RedTeeRex

Maybe forced isn’t the most accurate of word, but sure for some feedback. To preface, I really don’t mind when the cast goes off topic - especially when players are farming up or waiting for the next objective spawn or whatever. But for this game I felt like you guys were on school theme, then committed to it like really really hard, and for lack of a better word it didn’t feel natural, thus, “forced”. Also sometimes I notice in your cast you change up your voice - lower or higher pitched - for any number of reasons, or do vocal fx. For me personally that comes off as forced sometimes. I’m closer to being indifferent on that than disliking it, but I definitely don’t like actively like it. (It’s not even a professional type thing, i don’t mind more casual casts. I just think of it like unnecessary, analogy being when a streamer forces an outplay rather than just not.)

One thing I really enjoyed on the game was the 300 spartans flavor. That was pretty seamless and added a lot...

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I really appreciate you taking the time to write this out for me!

I am definitely taking a look at removing or reducing the amount of voice change moments and I definitely recognize that this game was really packed with a lot of the tangential commentary rather than just a couple one offs as is more common. I'll continue to iterate and strive for better.

Originally posted by didimakeitdad

They missed 95% of it live aswell, being to slow to put it picture in picture then not showing a replay. Really disappointing to watch

As a fan, I was also disappointed to not see a replay of this. There are some challenges we are working around due to remote production, such as not having our base race feature. There are other work flow issues that challenge us not being in the same room to support each other and communicate optimally. These aren’t excuses, as we should have found a way to get some form of the replay into our post game coverage. Props to Captain and Kobe for their energy on the call, and we’ll continue to find improvements in our coverage. I have trust and confidence in the people producing and delivering the LCS broadcast. We missed this one. Apologies to LCS fans.

Originally posted by RedTeeRex

I always enjoy flowers, Kobe has started feeling a little forced with his color commentary, but I enjoyed the cast overall

Curious what you mean by forced? Thank you for the feedback.

04 Jul

Originally posted by ElysianFlow

<3 u/phreakriot

Thanks folks. You're very kind <3 /u/dardios /u/CheesusAlmighty /u/Bapt11 /u/ElysianFlow

Originally posted by ChipZeuw

yo ender, how are your headsets called you use for casting? model and manufacturer i mean

sennheiser hmd 26-11-100

This is sick.

oh no no no no no

Originally posted by XWasTheProblem

Not the top notch production this week, gotta admit...



Originally posted by Oujii

Yeah, Ender was tilted af

indeed I was

Originally posted by UGDRAA

At this point frosk is just outplaying everyone in style points


Originally posted by MystericWonder

Did Finn go Liandry's at the end


Originally posted by [deleted]


Saying that allows us to effectively say "we are going to cast looser now and have more fun" since the stakes are down. I recognize that might not be preferred for everyone, but I think its better than to be disingenuous and say its realistic for a comeback to happen.

Originally posted by The_origin_of_evil

I dont know who the caster duo was (I don't watch LEC every week) but they are the most enjoyable duo to listen to for me. The other one is kinda meh :/ Keep the good work.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)


Originally posted by PM_UR_ITTIE_BITTIES

It's my 3rd favorite Dyrus clip all time.

  1. Get f**ked, get the f**k outta my lane

  2. Gimme that

  3. tsm chant lead

Time to go down memory lane again. Back when we won shit domestically :')

Surprised so many people forget when the CLG fans kept chanting FreeSM! and then after TSM beat them, he stood up and yelled, “FreeSM That B*tch!”

Rammus. I only play balanced champions and nothing is more perfectly balanced than a sphere.


Originally posted by Gatorgrenade

Yeah I (along with chat) noticed this too. I cant tell if he was being racist and caught himself or wasn't being racist and just said it oddly

It was certainly not my intention to do that. I am extremely sorry if it sounded like that.

Originally posted by DomoYomox

kobe what was that? racist

It was certainly not my intention to do that. I am extremely sorry if it sounded like that.

Originally posted by firewall245

Still true as of this game, Zeitnot has 50 KDA

Hi! I actually got our stats squad to check this before I interviewed him to see if he could overtake him that game.

As noted, Zeitnot is currently very far ahead at 50, but he has a single death.

After that game, Vulcan's current KDA is 26.3, so if Vulcan holds/improves and Zeitnot dies a single time Vulcan can overtake him for rank one global KDA.

These are the storylines I'm here for.

Originally posted by drlavkian

not a huge fan, but yes

It was certainly not my intention to do that. I am extremely sorry if it sounded like that. I use the same off-voice for talking for all players but I will probably just not at all from now on.

Originally posted by shootboys55

Anyone else catch Kobe's asian accent talking about Ssumday? Lol

It was certainly not my intention to do that. I am extremely sorry if it sounded like that. I use the same off-voice for talking for all players but I will probably just not at all from now on.

03 Jul

Originally posted by Soxviper

You don't work at Riot anymore? Or you still do?

Oh, I do. Was just being cute in response to "I don't even know who works at Riot anymore."

Originally posted by APKID716

Poor Frosk :(

Drakos in the bathroom?

We had an internet outage at Drakos' apartment, unfortunately! Working to get him back up, Frosk OP with the solo cast!

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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