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Latest Patch NotesPhreak's Patch 9.10 Rundown (10 days ago)

Level Up: Lessons in Split Pushing

21 minutes ago - /u/endercasts on Reddit - Thread - Direct

This was my first time creating any type of educational content outside of the LEC broadcast. I'd love to hear any and all feedback on the episode!

Level Up: Lessons in Split Pushing

22 minutes ago - /u/endercasts on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by CylusYT

Great video, love how you break down it so much it's super easy to understand. Keep it up! :)


Team Pass & Fan Pass Hit the Rift on May 31

about 12 hours ago - /u/Riot_Gehirn on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by NaM_Question

This is an awesome way to support teams. Sadly only being able to support teams from your own region is too restricting. I don’t give a shit about the teams from my region (OCE) but support multiple teams in other regions which I’d gladly purchase a pass for. Definitely will not be purchasing this in its current state.



Originally posted by NikolayVStavrogin

Hey Ryan, I need you to say ''soon™' for Morde rework so that I can feel like my life is completed. It's a very important step in the process that one should not ignore.

I'll accept "very soon™" also, so feel free to choose.

Extremely Soon

Originally posted by Dangercritter

My first Kayn game was with you in an aram.

I havent washed my Kayn since.


i love it

Originally posted by Dangercritter

hi cacopus

hello beautiful

22 May

Yeah but she roots you for 3 years so can she really be a good person?

Originally posted by Caenen_

Hey, just glad we saw anything for practice tool at this point. I didn't believe we would.

PS: 2-player PT would've been sooo helpful for hammering away at the Phantom-Nunu-W bug and getting the reliable repro for it (did eventually get up to sth decent after waiting 2min for scuttle spawn each), but I'm well aware of why it's not coming. D'aww...


Originally posted by Caenen_

I'm actually glad they added this function. Previously when I tested something in Practice Tool and needed the replay file, I'd just FF to kill a Nexus the fastest - which isn't possible before 15 min and also litters the match history with disheartening defeats you can only see yourself!

Now with this new cheat spell, my Practice Tool winrate rose dramatically! Not the change I was looking for, per-se, but I mean, still appreciated. Small but oho.

I was going to add a "Lose the Game" button as well that also flamed the player, but couldn't convince anyone that a joke was worth the effort. Oh well...

Originally posted by [deleted]


This is not remotely true.

Every reroll does not take into account what was put in, and every unowned skin has an equal chance of being rolled.

Originally posted by Mattiaatje

Wish granted, but now all your 520 skins will give you 520 skins when you reroll them. Would you want that?

Pretty much this

Originally posted by TangerineWaves

They also have 50% dodge from champion autos while under 1% hp.

Please don't leak our patch notes.

Originally posted by Caenen_

Her detach position is always how many units towards her side of the map?

When she detaches, she dashes a short distance from where her model is.

Originally posted by Caenen_

Btw can you confirm that Yuumi's W still has her sit on top of her target, technically speaking (floating and health bar bone being offset for the animation only, hovering around the other champion visually but not gameplay-wise)? Or was that changed before going live?

Yeah for almost all purposes, yuumi’s position while attached is her ally’s position. Save the visuals you described as well as her detach position.

Originally posted by Caenen_

Glad to hear this! Thanks for frequenting these forums!

No problem! Thanks for the memes

Only occasionally got to work with Janelle (though she loved the dank data), but more importantly I've always appreciated her engagement with the community for the skins team. She was a huge inspiration to me to engage more around gameplay, balance, and data!

It's always tough when a talented and passionate coworker moves on, and it's even harder when they're your friend too. BUT I'm super stoked for whatever is next for her, and I'm sure she's always welcome back in gaming and at Riot specifically.

Originally posted by AdnanAd0

Cactopus v2 leaving when !?


Yeah it’s a bug. Should be fixed next patch.

Stellari good

Stellari leaving bad

Will miss 😭

Originally posted by 51isnotprime

Even the active? Do you need to reset Overheal every time you want it?

everytime you get a new shield. Overheal only grants a new shield if you didn't have it before (otherwise it just grows the existing shield). It works as literal to how it's worded as possible

21 May

Originally posted by Oracle_1080

why they gotta nerf my cut-down yuumi like that?

don't worry, i'm pulling the base hp buff

The LCS has gotten a makeover!

3 days ago - /u/PhreakRiot on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by bendablefeast

As long as all the text is horizontal.










Battle Academia Kat Cosplay 2.0

4 days ago - /u/Blaustoise on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by XXXVI

Cut Down as rune choice is very interesting. Why do you prefer it over stuff like Revitalize or Shield Bash?

Cut Down's damage output is very good, particularly because Yuumi's low base HP means that it'll almost always be active. In lane it goes even with Scorch for damage, and then after laning phase it can contribute 3-4x the amount of damage.

Shield Bash/Revitalize is also a good combo, but I find that Shield Bash in particular falls off really hard after laning phase because the infrequent procs you get in teamfights don't actually. Revitalize stays very strong throughout the game though!

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