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14 May


Originally posted by Freeeshooter

Did collector not get bumped to 25% crit or is it just missing from the patch notes?

Collector is now 25% crit chance, the notes will be updated with this info soon


Originally posted by RedditIsTooEasy

So they just scrapped Yun Tal Wildarrows from the patch or did they forget to add it ?

This one got missed, working on getting it added in now

13 May

12 May




As an NA fella, we need this attitude. Can’t be afraid of the top dogs if you aim to be the best. Why worship legends when you know that you can join ‘em?

That being said, NA teams definitely need more internal structure if they ever hope for the region to catch up to the likes of LCK and LPL.

10 May


Originally posted by Fun-Consequence4950

Consolation LP is such a good solution to me. What better way to punish an inter than giving the LP back to players they inted.


09 May


Removing the ability of VMs makes bot farming economy significantly less. Intro-bot was worst but they were also in ARAM games and low level ranked games as deranked level 30 accounts sell for more. The changed farm economy also hits smurfs and banned players


Originally posted by DelBringo

Yo! Try NA we just pushed a hotfix

Thanks lil bro


Originally posted by LNomo99

Myself and 2 of my best friends IRL have uninstalled LoL after 10 years of playing together daily.

Vanguard isn't helping riot. It's spyware. Gotta say, my mental health has never been better after a week of no league, so c ya.

I'm not sure what to say about the spyware thing other than "well...it's not" but as a gamedev, I'm sad to hear it. As a fellow human though, I'm happy to hear your mental health is improving. Wishing you and your friends all the best and that you can find another game to play while you hang out together. My 2 friends from back home and I are really into Helldivers 2 right now - you might give that one a shot if you're more comfortable with their kernel level anticheat. Super fun game!


Originally posted by FramesAnimation

Oh, wow, are you one of the devs on that? :D This was partially inspired by the hard controls of the in-game herald, especially in the beginning where it was really hard to turn.

Yeah it was almost unusable at some points in dev, you've captured the feel well <3

Sometimes you gotta let Jarvan take the wheel


Amazing play! I would be so dang frustrated. SO SLIPPERY.


Originally posted by TheSorrowInYou

Vanguard desperately digging up dirt on OP but coming up empty handed



Love the lil game!

Pretty sure the herald here is way more controllable than the one we had throughout a lot of dev, lmao


Originally posted by Reav3

I was 99% sure this is what I was gonna see. Thank you for not letting me down.

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Originally posted by skyattacksx

Hey, I’m not familiar with this graph - what do the axes represent?

The X axis is raw play rate per patch or breadth. The Y is how often a champion gets played consecutively by the same players in a patch, or depth. Each point on a champions line represents a patch. The higher to the top, right a champion is, the more popular they are, the lower they are to the bottom left the least popular.

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Originally posted by Spideraxe30

Hey reav3 are you able to share the current breadth and depth chart? Been a while a since we saw it

08 May

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Looking at the data, holistically Corki is the least popular champion right now. Kled has the lowest raw playrate


Switching the mid and bot lanes >:)


Originally posted by jpreston84

u/RiotK3o - Any chance you can get me an update on my ticket? #101029011


Hey there, following up in DM.