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Originally posted by Shuggieh

I was a bit confused by the time you posted this answer... So, the next Dev Update Video will be now in June or only July? .-.

Oh, right. Next video should be next week (around the 8th of June, though that's not a guaranteed date)


Originally posted by Spideraxe30

Are you able to share if you got the PIE lead in for this one

We do yes


Originally posted by tearsana

so statik shiv on rumble going to be a thing now?

Statikk Shiv on every champion is the intended interaction, tbh. Why should ADCs have all the fun?


Originally posted by Retocyn

u/PhreakRiot, on the topic of Kraken Slayer, couldn't you have done damage type adaptive based on whether the champion has more AD or AP? Or is it not sustainable in through items?

That would by itself solve the issue of Kalista and Jinx cause they never would buy enough AP to turn the damage type into magic meanwhile it would kill the item on Kayle/Teemo/TF.

I think adaptive items aren’t a great idea. I think there is a lot of value in items being consistent in what they do. I say this acknowledging kraken has had three damage types in three weeks.



Originally posted by aerovistae

I'm sometimes confused by your comments because I'm not clear exactly where the designers' responsibilities end. Do you guys write code too? Wdym "I didn't have time to fix it"?

Designers write the scripts that tell items, buffs, spells, etc. how to function. Sometimes we need engineering support to create new scripts.

It didn't have to be "my" bug but crit items are the project I've been working on, so it's not exactly wrong to assign it to me.


Originally posted by Piercingforce

Are you able to share an update on when the may video is coming?

Barring unexpected issues we'll have the next Dev Update video next month. We're targeting every 4-6 weeks with them generally, so there'll usually, but not always, be one each month.


Originally posted by Parad838

I’m confused by the blurb about the Kraken changes. “Crit marksmen were doing too much damage over long fights so Kraken is becoming physical but doing more damage, because we want to buff it.” It reads to me that they’re trying to decrease marksmen damage by buffing Kraken slayer?

Edit: maybe it means to say Crit marksmen are dealing too much magic damage?

Was meant to say magic damage, yeah.


Originally posted by Shacointhejungle

As fun as it is to 'Reddit Knows Balance', it isn't like the balance team is right often either. Both of them are wildly wrong very often, turns out the game is hard to predict.

Inb4 someone says the balance team is often right, lel.

Yeah those opinions were coming from inside the house, too.

Fwiw I was also told Shiv was going to be underpowered. They were right.

31 May


Originally posted by thekelton

The rageblade, kraken bug wasn't mentioned in the bug fixes. Are they not gonning to fix it in this patch?

I believe the kraken rageblade interaction is disabled for the time being. I asked the designer who created the interaction to disable it since I didn’t have time to fix it correctly. But I’m not 100% that it got in.

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