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Originally posted by MonstrousYi

Any plan to fix this interaction with Gwen? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CFy4eg5Q0k

I don't mean the part where she's not taking damage but if you look closely Master Yi stays untargetable longer than intended, this happened with Zhonya before but was fixed, so i'd assume this is a bug?

It's likely on our radar but I'll make sure


Originally posted by Caenen_

Is there an internal buff/marker for these 'unrendered' effects or did you hand-pick them?

The current wiki just categorises everything as a now-called "vanish" when we saw it made all three of "untargetable, hides model and VFX" combined.

Nope sadly there is not


Originally posted by Sersch12

i wonder if this also changed taric e on other champions that become untargetable. would be somewhat inconsistent to have it work like that for only one champion.

Champions who don't have a location marked when they vanish like Yi Q or Shaco R, but other things that are represented by something don't have this. (Kayn is visibly on you, you're in the Kalista orb thing)

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Originally posted by Cackyboy

Will the roadmap include an update on Udyr or will he be getting his own dev blog later this year?

i will give a small update on Udyr in the roadmap, most will be saved for the Devblog later this year though


Originally posted by FunnyBunnyH

All right I am giving it my best shot on behalf of Lux-mains! Is it possible to get any buffs to her in the foreseeable future? In 11.8 she hit the worst stats as far as I can tell regarding S11, even her Mid WR dropped sub 50 in most ELO-s. Her support WR below 50% across most ELO all season.

She did not receive any reasonable changes since 10.17 (her shield nerf), but her WR-s went down significantly in both position in S11, especially support role, meaning that the item-changes and the massive meta shift kinda left her in a bad spot.

Given her being a very popular champion, I think some buffs to her would make a lot of people happy, without making her OP given how far from optimal she is at the moment in the current meta.

Any thoughts on this /u/Riotjag ?

We brought her up and she felt close to the line of buff territory. Maybe in the next few patches? Sorry, can't promise any more than that, but I do hear you.


Originally posted by MinorBones

Are you guys satisfied with Akali right now? Seems like she's finally good in solo q without being a priority for pro play.

I think so? Definitely want to see more competitive patches but she seems in a much less pro-bound spot than she was before.

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Originally posted by Shiro_T_poisoon

"coming shortly after Gwens release" - didn't knew shortly meant another patch cycle, were there any complications that hindered this long awaited information reveal? I'm itching for a new darkin this 2021

Shortly to me is within weeks not months. The thing with devblogs is after I write them they have to be localized for every region. Then publishing has to find a day where it can be tier 1 in the client, since if it isn't it doesn't really get seen by many players. I don't always know how long after I write it that will happen, so I just say shortly.

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Originally posted by Reav3

So far she is landing above expectations


Keep in mind that she was turned on later in the patch so she would be higher if not for that

as for her power level after the hotfix, she is now looking on track so far with what we predicted her WR would be. Her WR seems to be flattening out before we expected, so we are going to continue to monitor and if needed put a small buff in the next patch, if needed of course.

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Originally posted by Spideraxe30

Hey Reav3 could I ask how Gwen landed after the hotfix and where her breadth and depth are at

So far she is landing above expectations


Keep in mind that she was turned on later in the patch so she would be higher if not for that


Originally posted by kakaleyte


Can I ask why Fiddlesticks didn't get nerfed? His core item got nerfed in latest patch and I though it might do it but he is still overperforming.


Champion Win Rate Pick Rate Ban Rate
Fiddlesticks 54.72% 4.6% 6.4%
Rumble(mid) 54.66% 3.1% 3.8%
Diana(mid) 53.90% 4.1% 12.1%

Fiddlesticks is definitely looking strong but he didn't hit our Overpowered bands this patch. Our win rate metrics put him a bit lower than what you have cited here.



Originally posted by drmamumumu

what school did you go to?

I'm from New Zealand originally and I went to the university of Auckland there. My background's actually in civil engineering/urban planning, so a less common route into game design.

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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