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The zhonya-ish enchanter item sounds uh... Interesting to play against. I'm not calling it broken before it even hits PBE, but "kill the soraka" is difficult enough as it is. If assassins can't reliably blow up squishy supports... Let's just say I hope they learned from Yuumi in that aspect.

The tank item that reduces damage is going to be pretty interesting. I honestly think its these kinds of designs that Riot should be going for. Instead of making broad "Everything is sunfire" items, making niche items that players can choose to opt into on a game-per-game basis just seems like the right way to go. This item (hopefully) cannot be built every game but in some games its optimal.

The change to make sanguine blade 1vX seems to indicate that it's not going to lose its power if multiple enemies arrive? Which is honestly huge. Not sure about the "more damage to towers if a tank is nearby" thing is going to be fun at all. This item might end up being giga toxic but we'll see.

Also, TIL Riot has a LGBTQIA+ lead. I mean, what do you even do with that job? Petition the narrative team to write some queer characters/stories? Make icons for Pride once a year? I'm sure there's a lot of work to do but I'm genuinely curious what a concrete work-week looks like.

Yep, we're aware that these burst resistance item spaces can be tricky/risky, so we're making sure the that supports who opt into this are incurring a major opportunity cost (should feel like a major loss of output to not get Ardent Censer or whatever instead).

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Originally posted by HOWDOIVESTS

anti-splitpush tank item

Prepare for 100% presence shen

That was what everyone said with the last R buff we did too.

He had 0 picks at MSI.

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Originally posted by ZeysarSama

I am really excited about the new tank item. It's innovative without breaking champion classification boundaries (unlike Stridebreaker). It sounds like a macro-based item, can't wait! It might also be introduced to counteract the Sanguine rework against splitpushers.

As for enchanters, I expected a tank mythic before another enchanter one but here we go. I am wondering when the balance from tank supports to enchanters will finally tip over in pro play. Especially with the new tank item this could be the case since the engage can be shifted to toplane again or jungle.

I am really disappointed that there will be no new mage items though. Not mythics per se, but the selection of legendaries feels more like what is the least bad choice instead of strategically itemizing.

Enchanters in pro probably need help sooner than the point of Mythic item completion. Something we're looking at, but isn't simple to change without a high chance of collateral damage.

edit: "collateral damage" was a bit vague - mostly referring to excessively inflating enchanter solo queue power level there.

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You probably already asked the pro teams why the Shen change wasn’t valued as highly. Is it one of those cases where something is clearly strong but pros ignore it for a long time? (Example of this, Censer untouched for 31 weeks then nerfed to the ground in season 7)

We strongly suspected this wouldn't be a pro-facing change when we shipped it.

Pros use R much more pre-emptively - more of an initiation spell on an ally that's already at full health - and tend to de-value the actual defensive power of the shield. Whereas in Solo Queue it's used far more reactively on a target that is under threat of death from the enemy's initiation, and so the shield is disproportionately more valuable there.

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Originally posted by TerenasIII

Thank you for the insight! Considering that there is much discussions around these two items, but it’s hard to grasp their strength only from their ideal design description, when will we have the chance to have more infos regarding them?


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Originally posted by TerenasIII

Last question, are you taking over the comms on gameplay design choices since Mark is moving to the MMO?

No, but you'll probably see a little more of me over the next few months.