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The new role select UI is not an improvement in any meaningful way. In fact it can be argued that it looks worse than the old one. The tiny role select buttons squished between the "find match button" and the "invite" list are redundant when the same icons are shown a second time underneath the user's name. The spot they were in before made so much more sense.

The same can be said for the new ranked borders. The old ones had some substance to them. These new ones are dull and a disappointing change in my opinion.

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Just for some clarification -- this is prep work for Challenges content coming later in the year, along with some new banner / identity content.

It's part of a larger piece change that we're rolling out-as-ready. Over a couple of iterations and testing passes, it just looked (and felt) way too cluttered leaving it as it was on the banner, and this was the option that felt the best.

We're still open to making changes, but since we're working on the next set of features, those changes may come later on and not in the next few patches.

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