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Today on the PBE for the 12.19 cycle the following Blitzcrank changes have appeared:


  • base attack speed: 0.625 --> 0.65
  • attack speed ratio: 0.625 --> 0.7

W - Overdrive

  • attack speed: 30%-62% --> 40%-92%
  • mana cost: 75 --> 85
  • New Effect: "during this time, attacks deal 1% target max health as on-hit magic damage"
    • "deals an additional 60-180 (based on champion level, linear) magic damage to non-champions"

E - Power Fist

  • mana cost: 25 --> 40
  • damage: now also scales with +25% AP as physical damage
  • now deals an additional +150% tAD +125% AP as physical damage to non-champions (to be confirmed)

R - Ststic Field

  • maximum stacks per target at a time: 3 --> uncapped (to be confirmed)
  • passive damage AP scaling: 30% at all ranks --> 30% / 40% / 50%

These changes suspiciously seem to aim at offrole Blitzcrank such as in top lane or in the jungle. Blitzcrank built as a damage dealer has seen some activity in the past, but I don't know of many people who play him this way as of right now. What are your thoughts?

Special thanks to u/FrankTheBoxMonster for extracting these PBE changes again. You can find the non-Blitzcrank ones on Spideraxe's twitter.

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I'm here to warn you all. Captain Gameplay made us test this a lot. It will give a lot of players LP (one way or another).

Originally posted by refuse_2_wipe_my_ass

can you explain the design philosophy behind keeping the self slow on W?

he ran out of steam

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I mean there's something to be said for making solo lane/ jungle Blitzcrank into a 30% WR total troll champion to a 45% WR bad champion.

This man gets it

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What's the design philosophy behind adding % Max HP damage on W? He isn't coating his fists in anything when activating W. So technically his fists are the same pre and post W.

F=ma of course