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Astralis 0-1 Team Heretics

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Winner: Team Heretics in 35m

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
AST maokai heimerdinger yuumi renekton gnar 63.9k 16 4 C1 B7
TH caitlyn lucian wukong ezreal zeri 69.1k 24 8 H2 HT3 H4 I5 I6 I8 B9
AST 16-24-28 vs 24-16-53 TH
Finn fiora 2 3-5-2 TOP 6-6-8 3 ksante Evi
113 viego 2 4-4-8 JNG 4-4-10 1 vi Jankos
Dajor ryze 1 1-6-6 MID 10-3-9 2 cassiopeia Ruby
Kobbe xayah 3 7-3-2 BOT 3-2-8 1 varus Jackspektra
JeongHoon ashe 3 1-6-10 SUP 1-1-18 4 karma Mersa

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Originally posted by LexingtonJW

Message to Quickshot: Please pronounce Heretics in the correct English way. I know it is a small thing but it's really grating. I understand the importance of trying to pronounce non-English words correctly, but Heretics is an English word. I wouldn't pronounce Hereje in an English pronunciation intentionally, so I don't know why anyone would want to pronounce an English word with a Spanish pronunciation.

The team explicitly requested we pronounce it this way. We're partners and will follow suit of the teams wishes!