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It’s getting a bit ridiculous at this point. The amount of time that is spent talking about repetitive topics that keep getting repeated each week is crazy. There is no reason for me to keep the broadcast on after a match, and by the time I remembered to turn it back on, the stream is over. There needs to be a shorter period between each match

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Hey there, I’m on the marketing and communications team for the LCS. Couple quick notes:

-Most leagues including the LCS turn on their stream an hour before content starts, so in our case it turned on at 11:30PT today.

-Next Level runs on Sunday’s from 12:30-1pm PT

-Game 1 champ select should start by 1:10pm PT. These days due to COVID precautions, we find ourselves with some extra delays. For instance we have a lot more player headset issues these days because we swap them out between each game and sometimes we need to recalibrate for the pros.

-Game 1 also ran into an extra long pause. Not ideal, and was unfortunately as a result of a weird item interaction in the shop, but ultimately made game 1 last longer.

All of this is to say, we also want the time between games to be more streamlined, especially in response to last weeks Reddit thread, we kicked off some groups to explore how to streamline. Some of this is definitely because of COVID precautions that come from cleaning between matches, though we agree we can look for efficiencies elsewhere.

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I don’t really care when you start and when you finish, but if the game starts at 1pm, there should be no reason the entire broadcast doesn’t end at 6 pm(unless a giant pause happened). Less analyst desk during the game, get a quick interview and move on to the next. You could have PGL like LEC or after show sometime during the week, we are here to watch games not listening to analyst deck keep repeating the same lines.

The time between games isn’t completely dictated by how much “post game analysis” time we want, it’s largely driven by logistics of moving one team off the stage and bringing another team on. We give teams time to remove their things, bring in COVID cleaning crews, and then give the new teams time to get setup.

We do believe that it’s important to close out games and setup the next one, as it helps add to the the cast whether it’s driving in on the impact a game could have on a team, or giving newer viewers info on players to watch. But that still shouldn’t be the thing that holds us from getting into champ select, it’s the items above that largely dictate how much time we spend on that.