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embracing cringe one day and banger music the next. get you an esports league that can do both

I am getting wild LP vibes from Drakos' rapping in this song, it's so good

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It's technically possible. Very impractical. Would limit how games are made as well as not all NFTs would be compatible.

Seems like an idea for example, Riot could implement with all their games. If a similar company merges or gets bought out by Riot, both companies working together to make NFTs cross compatible with their wider assortment of games would create extra value for the existing playerbase of both companies.

Or, just f**k NFTs.

NFTs are, IMO, not something that Riot could just 'implement with all of our games', nor do I have personally have any desire to see Riot do this.

Sharing assets across games is a complicated problem, and the only things NFTs do in this space are:

  1. Provide a speculative investment bubble (current environmental concerns aside)
  2. Provide a vehicle for determining who has a digital license to which asset.

Frankly, #1 provides no value to players, and #2 is something we have already solved in literally all of our games and we did not need NFTs to do it, and solving it across game properties would be as simple as using an existing protocol like OAuth2, none of which requires NFTs.

Also, Riot has already put Jinx in Fortnite, and that didn't require NFTs either.

NFTs are a money grab by any studio willing to implement them, plain and simple.

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It's technically possible, but would only be practical for emerging tech, like VR. You would just need a protocol that new platforms can support easily. Or if one entity controlled the platform, but then there's not much need for the data integrity of blockchains, since it can just be centralized (like Valve's steam marketplace)

As someone who plays a significant amount of VR, I can tell you that VR does not make NFTs any less useless than they already are. There is nothing specific about VR that makes it better suited to NFTs. The only thing NFTs do is allow for a place for everyone to agree on who owns what, and we already have multiple ways of achieving this with tech today, and this isn't more or less useful in VR games.

It is true that it is technically possible for this to work in games, just like it is technically possible for all games to be a clone of the same game, but that's not a desirable outcome for anyone

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Hopefully Drakos stays out of NFT discussion

EDIT: some context for those that aren't Always Online™

This is specifically why I did not name who I was comparing Drakos to; I've already said my piece on Shinoda's take.

Originally posted by private_birb

The obvious example would be a protocol used across multiple games/platforms for handling things like avatars and props or whatever.

And I'm not saying it's practical or there's really any reason to pursue this currently. Just that it's technically possible and the hypothetical use cases ARE there.

Also not sure what playing VR has to do with things. Plus in the comment you were replying to I named instances where the some potential use cases can already be handled better with current tech.

The obvious example would be a protocol used across multiple games/platforms for handling things like avatars and props or whatever.

This already exists in VRChat. No NFTs required! Sharing assets across games and platforms is a very difficult technical issue that is a problem down to engines, legal issues, game balance issues, visual issues, stylistic issues... We can already share assets cross-platform as long as the engine is the same (see: TFT).

Note that this is such a difficult problem that even games with the same IP, like Wild Rift, do not use the same assets as in League of Legends.

Sharing assets across games is difficult, and the main challenges there are ensuring that the assets are portable between the two games (this is a very big hurdle) in terms of how they are serialized/deserialized, and that they actually fit the game they are in. For example, it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to have the Jarate from TF2 in CS:GO because not only are they stylistically different, the rules of CS:GO mean that things like Jarate don't really work. This also limits the type of game that cross-game asset sharing is even viable for. Honestly, it's really only useful for a game that is explicitly like VR Chat.

Just that it's technically possible

If it's technically possible, but not practical, then that doesn't sound like much of an endorsement.

Also not sure what playing VR has to do with things.

It demonstrates that I am experienced in how VR feels to play, and what VR players care about.

It's true a Ready Player One style world where you can bring in pop culture assets would be cool, but the obstacles to that sort of thing happening go far beyond digital licensing to the point where it's not even worth bringing NFTs into the discussion.