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For me it has to be being able to save normal cast/quick cast/smart cast on abilities per champion. I’m too lazy to change it per game so I just take the L on having certain spells not line up with my preference.

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I am watching this thread closely.

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I assume you'll end up implementing a few things from this thread and a lot more will end up not being feasible. It'd be cool to get a short summary of the suggestions you looked into and why they didn't work out (e.g. too much effort, wasn't actually an improvement, etc).

Can't do that just yet but here's the process.

We have a list of things we would already like to do. Most of Q1 is accounted for, unless something really juicy comes up that makes us re-evaluate.

I (and others!) read these and capture them into a list, alongside our own ideas. We have engineers do some gut checks on cost and we ourselves do a stack rank of them in terms of how many players we think it will impact, what the magnitude of that impact is, and if there are any associated risks. This gets roughly flattened into a player value score.

We take the projected cost, plot against the player value, and look at them in a 4x4 grid. We select the highest value for the lowest cost (And some medium cost for high value as well), and put them into a backlog. The backlog goes through design to make sure everything is accounted for -- some things that make sense on paper end up not making sense once you've done a detailed design, or they blow up in size significantly.

Once we have some designs, we parcel them out to the appropriate teams which decide when and how to work on them. Their existing work may take precedence depending, so this isn't always right away.

Eventually, the things ship.

Example of a QoL that shipped recently:
Having role preferences saved between sessions was identified sometime in the middle of last year, but happened now because the team also had a bunch of other work to handle.