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I have seen it too many times, a player that gets really fed really early in the game and it scares me especially when it's a mid or adc. At a certain point they lose focus of winning the game by making smart plays and start chasing kills. It happened again tonight with my mid lane and they had like 18 kills before they ever did any damage to their tier two tower and they were all over the map chasing kills and then our top lane started running around with mud lane. Meanwhile their top just keeps farming and killing towers. Then our mid dies after starting 24/0 to start the game and then it's only focused on chasing down the guy that liked him for the rest of the game and dies a few more times and top lane is following him and dies as well. We stop getting drags because the rest of the team is doing everything we can to defend the base. The other team takes objs and steamrolls us late.i see 2 or 3 games a week like this and I always try to encourage them to keep their focus on the win but they rarely do and it hurts more to lose an easy win than when you're just getting stomped all game.

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Me being fed as jungle early game can be an issue. Often means I've been over camping a lane or taking kills from lanes. This can get the other team to focus me and the lanes don't like me and are weak because I've "ks" they can be less motivated to help defend jungle * Edit. WW main , bronze