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It's about the different things you do to create pressure in a game of League. There's a lot to digest here, and it's somewhat of a cursory look -- but I guarantee that anyone in the market for advice will find something to improve in their game from this video.

All of this is in the video, but here's a quick summary for those who don't know whether they have seven minutes: This is going to be a two-parter about a framework for winning games. This video talks about pressure, and the next video will talk about two other elements. The components of pressure are:

  • Toe the line between feeding and high damage. In trades, skirmishes, and fights, you have to take risks to deal damage. Knowing where the line is is very important.

  • Good farm = strong trades. This isn't about last-hitting (that's even more fundamental than pressure). Don't use your skills to last-hit -- those are for trading! Use trading stance effectively.

  • Forward %. The more time you spend forward in lane, the more jungle pressure you draw away from other lanes. Doing this and not dying to ganks is an art form.

  • Punish the enemy. Thinking of portions of your champs kit and summoner spells as "moves", and if you have more moves than your opponent, they will not be able to escape assuming you play well. If you're Ezreal and have E + Flash, and your enemy just has Flash, you will be able to punish them. If your Flash is down, and it's E vs Flash, they will escape. If you have neither, they will probably thank you for initiating and kill you.

  • Hold your ground and look to turn. Know when you need to use a summoner spell and when you can hold it for an outplay. (To me this looks like the most difficult and intricate tip to execute.)

  • Low unforced deaths. Sometimes dying in the process of turning a fight is correct, but any time you die when you didn't mean to you've done something wrong.

I didn't make this, credit goes to /u/phroxzon for this and all the Leaguecraft 101 videos. But I definitely found it insightful and useful and wanted to share.

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Originally posted by rrwoods

Indeed. I somehow never thought to look for him on reddit! Now I know :)

Thanks for the kind words. It is always nice to have people post my stuff on the sub, so thankyou :)

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Originally posted by TheCyphyr

For that Faker outplay at 6:10, what could c9 have done to actually kill him? Or was it likely for Faker to get away with a kill there, considering he was close to turret and landed his ult?

After Faker stunned Reksai coming in, I don't think they had the damage to kill him. They needed to get the CC layer to go off so that Reksai could DPS while Cass was CC'd. Would've been close if Ryze had landed the empowered Q, but still not enough.

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Originally posted by [deleted]

Yeah that is just it, after reksai took the cass ult the gank was over. Faker didn't even bother flash early - he was that confident.

It's a hard place to be in as C9 there and honestly, 99.9% of the playerbase would have flashed the moment they came out of the bind/knock up but clearly here that wasn't necessary.

Scary how confident he is and not unjustly so, that play alone would tilt most people because it was perfectly executed and he played them flawlessly.

Faker is too good. Against almost any other pro they get that gank off, but against faker they need more guaranteed ccs because he's just so confident at estimating damage.