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The bug fix section is great as always

Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing Sion’s R to be interrupted by ally CC.


Blastcone, among some of the other comments here

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That one I think is specific to Azir and something with his turret (only had that happen once), but yeah that sucks too.

It is indeed specific to Azir

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Hello! Is there a team just to solve bugs?

I already reported an audio bug in a Fiddle skin that is completely buggy mixing audio that shouldn't be there, over a year ago, but it still has problems.

Is there a right place to submit these bugs?


Each individual team has its own dedicated QA that would own bugs relative to that team (so Champions Team QA would own Champion-specific bugs for Example). Usually the best place to submit bugs would be the bug megathread that's posted here on reddit, at least for my and Champions' team visibility. You can also post it here and I can pass it along, though its worth noting there's no guarantee we will get it fixed but I can guarantee you'll get our eyes on it at the least.

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Originally posted by nino1755

Why hasn’t Viego been fixed yet?

That is a very broad question lol. Given the nature of our workflow old (backlogged) issues often don't get prioritized over new ongoing work. That can mean that it takes us awhile to get around to fixing older content, especially if the fixing is lower priority than other older fixing that needs to be done. All that being said, I'm not clear on which Viego issue you are referencing.

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I think maybe this bug that causes viego to break aphelios? https://youtu.be/XoCyKdmwYDw

I assume this is what got viego allegedly disabled in pro

Ah yes I believe we are working on a micropatch for that issue right now.

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