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Will we still get mythic essence (gemstones) from glorious champion capsules from leveling up?

Yes! Everywhere you get Gemstones or Prestige Points you will soon get Mythic Essence instead.

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I wonder if mythic essence disappears too. I think this is a weird change it could add more over-time ways to earn ME and a prestige skin in a quantifiable way if ME gain is constant across a year. But you'll never get a mythic in a box again and they're bloody expensive then now. Go figure. Could takes years for things to line up and you get the prestige you've wanted.

Mythic Essence never expires, just like Gemstones.

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I'm so worried about this. You give the example of opening 25 Capsules to earn their related EXCLUSIVE Prestige skin (exclusive as per your words meaning that it won't EVER be in the Mythic Shop). 10 Capsules costs 7500 RP/OE... If nobody sees the issue with the price of Prestige skins going forward, just wow. What a scam.

Showcase Prestige skins (the ones you get from opening Capsules) WILL show up in the Mythic Shop after the skin has been out for a year.

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We aren't getting reworked Hextech skins right if we already own them right? That's only for old prestiges?


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so we can buy mythic essence instead of 100 prestige points with event tokens?


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Do we still get gemstones (mythic essence) by leveling up? Do event passes still contain 2 gemstones worth of mythic essence?