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LCS slide run during breaks from 2/2/2023

The LCS put this slide up on broadcast and I was looking at the numbers compared to my league and they made no sense. First off, someone scored over 400 pts in my league, well above anyone on the leaderboard. Second, looking deeper, these players weren't even the top performers in their positions and Fudge the best base performing player in the league. In a specific case, Santorin, who was on the best performing team in ALL of Fantasy LCS, had 10.70 and 5.34 point games on two different champions... can't be right. I had to investigate further.


I made this sheet to illustrate the possibilities. I used standard scoring and pick/ban rules, unchanged from when you first create the league. I quickly found out when entering in the data that none of the players in the top 5 played the same champ twice meaning they couldn't get any picks on both matches. This was already puzzling, Fudge, top fantasy scorer, played K'Sante twice, opening the table for huge point possibilities, yet he's not on here. Regardless, despite having all the possible sums for each player dependent on picks, I didn't know what the sum was, given there were 35 = 243 possible combinations. To speed this up I wrote a quick python program and formatted my google sheet for easy entry.

teams = [team1,team2,team3,team4,team5]
teamactualscores = [377.04,370.61,369.84,368.33,365.69] 
teamcount = -1 
for team in teams: 
    for top in team[0]: 
        for jun in team[1]: 
            for mid in team[2]: 
                for bot in team[3]: 
                    for sup in team[4]: 
                        total = top + jun + mid + bot + sup 
                        if total > teamactualscores[teamcount]-15:
                            print(total, teamcount+1, total-teamactualscores[teamcount]) 
                            print(top, jun, mid, bot, sup)

After running this code with a tolerance of 15 points, I was only able to get 2 results of all 1215 combinations. The team in 2nd and 5th were within ~13 and ~14 points of their reported scores respectively. This is massively different than their reported scores, even with their best possible scores with these rosters, the scores aren't even close to matching. The 1st place team was the worst, the best possible score for this roster could only get within ~48 points of the reported score. You're welcome to look at the data yourself, I've made it public, you just have to paste in the scores from the spreadsheet to use the python code.

In conclusion, there is without a doubt in my mind after looking at the data that this slide was made using previous data or fabricated data and most likely usernames. I cannot possibly think of any rule set that would allow this to happen other than a statistical anomaly. I do not know why this was fabricated, either Sleeper or LCS must've missed some deadline. Not sure what this is trying to accomplish, was disappointing to see people who care, or just people who got lucky not get rewarded with some dumb leaderboard. Love me some niche statistic rabbit holes!

TL;DR: Using the Sleeper standard scoring rules I found 0 statistical evidence to prove those numbers on the slide are real, which means they must be fabricated or previous high scores.

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HI folks it looks like there is a bug with one of our integrations we are looking into. Thanks for the heads up, we are working on a resolution for this.

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