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Originally posted by Drathyyy

they say you can ward just outside the chemtech fog but it seems to bugged because it only sometimes works.

Do you mind elaborating?

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Originally posted by Conankun66

weird that the focus is on chemtech soul, when most of the hate is for the chemtech map not the soul(although the soul is also awful and the entire dragon should be deleted)

The intention was to comment on both roughly equally. From the player perspective (or at least when I play), it's a very reasonable train of thought to see an enemy team have Chemtech soul, then have that also inform your opinion on Chemtech terrain (as it likely accentuates any feelings you previously had about it). This might make someone feel like "I hate everything about Chemtech", even if the thoughts you had about Chemtech terrain were mild (or vice versa if you hated the terrain, but thought the soul was mild).

Some players are able to abstract the differences between the two & some are not, which is why I used the words "may also contribute". Every player is different and I don't want to do the disservice of lumping all players' frustrations into the same general bucket. Some players may dislike or like certain aspects for different reasons. The fact that Chemtech Soul is overpowered is also not helping, and why we're nerfing it this patch. (We have a special tool that is a lot more specific than just measuring the winrate of a soul in a given game).

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Originally posted by Batfan610

Agreed. Don’t understand why they are so dead-set on enchanters taking this when it’s designed for tank supports.

It's not about being deadset on enchanters taking it. It may not be a fantasy that you or mazrrim are interested in personally, but there are many enchanter players that are not interested in the damage coming from Aery, or the defenses coming from guardian and want to take a rune that is more team utility focused. And we would like to be able to support players in living that fantasy.

Champions like Janna, Seraphine were reasonably performant with the rune & it likely needs to be a bit stronger on them to bounce into viability for that playstyle. We were intentionally cautious with it on release, because deploying slow fields & DR zones continuously from ranged, is likely something that's going to be low gameplay/high frustration. Given what we've seen, there's room to buff it, however.

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Originally posted by 10inchblackhawk

I feel like objective bounties need a look. It is unclear why there is a bounty in one game and not in another when the scores are similar. I also have games where we get a bounty but it goes away as soon as we won a fight to take an objective. Thanks Rito, that helped I guess.

Glacial Augment has landed in a pretty good spot for melee users, but we hope to see a few more enchanters pick it over Aery

Literally only Janna and Karma can take it? Unless they give all enchanters hard cc in their basic abilities, why would you take this rune.

These are some of the data points we're looking for to help fine tune them. There are certainly some situations where they turn on at times that players don't expect them to activate. If you had any more specifics and/or game examples, I'd love to hear them.

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Originally posted by Kierenshep

Have you looked into timers for the soul?

It honestly is an interesting concept, but the fact that you have to kill ten people each team fight every. Single. Time. Just weighs down and seems insurmountable.

If it was like GA and had a cooldown then it gives an opening to actually try to pick people or swing the game.

We did yeah, but communicating that the soul is active was an additional hurdle that there aren't great solutions for while maintaining the visual clarity bar. We would prefer to have it always active, but less impactful as a result.

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Originally posted by Serene_Skies

I really feel like this dragon started off as Ruination themed, with the revive on death and the stealthy mist(literally one of Viego's abilities) but they swapped it to chemtech to fit better with Arcane.

Ruined Dragon and the Hextech / Chemtech dragons are (mostly) independent developments.

Ultimate Spellbook's old Ruined Dragon came as the result of needing to reduce as much client-side memory usage as possible in the game (adding an extra ability, especially ones with loud visual sells such as Ults... turns out is expensive). One of the biggest things changed to achieve that was to remove the elemental terrain changes - sticking to just one (and removing underlying environment sections) - as well as removing all the dragon variations. Since we were cutting down to a single dragon anyways, we decided to pull back the old Mordekaiser dragon texture and reuse that.

From there, Ruined Dragon was considered as just a tool to solve the mode's needs. The reason why the stacking buff was a DoT on towers, for example, was just to get the game to an end in case one team had extremely powerful ultimate synergies. The revive dragon soul was ideated independently of what the Summoner's Rift team was doing, and was chosen because - given Ultimate Spellbook's high lethality - gave a window where you could still do the "fun thing" (ult combos) even after being killed.

Chemtech and Hextech Dragons were being designed independently of all of that. We actually discovered when putting together the Ruined Dragon's revive that Chemtech was also thinking about getting a revive. Ultimate Spellbook actually borrowed a few implementation notes from Chemtech Dragon, not the other way around. Often, the order of releases for content that is seen publicly is NOT the order they were actually built in.

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Originally posted by Minishcap1

Singed feels like he has actual items now with demonic embrace, Chemtank, and soon rylais being better, so thanks for that. His items finally feel great.

I never thought I'd see the day when Minishcap1 says something positive about Riot ;)

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Originally posted by danius353

I would be amazed if they don’t replicate the soloQ no comms experience in their play testing

We tend to do a variety of both, about 80% no comms, 20% comms

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Originally posted by AmWhaleIRL

Not sure if you're able to answer this question, but when the Internal Playtest Team are testing things In-Game, are they in voice comms? Or are they only using In-Game Chat? I ask because the best way to simulate how something will land for Solo-Que will never be to test these things in comms. Perhaps you've already thought of this though!

We do a mix of both. About 80% of tests are not on comms and 20% are on comms.

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Originally posted by ElderWarden

I had a game we were losing 12-24. We somehow stole their Nashor and killed two of them. THEY got bounties of that action. We didn't take a single turret, so not sure how the game thought we had more gold than them. I even checked in postgame data, and they were still ahead in gold

Do you mind linking me the game?

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Originally posted by LoganD1

Has chemtech soul at least been fixed bug-wise? Last time I got it (last patch I think), it only revived me 2 out of 4 times I died with it. It was very frustrating to have to pray for a coin flip to even get to use it.

If you have replays of this, can you please post them (with a clip) in the megathread. We are trying to track down this issue, it is incredibly rare (<0.01% of games) and are having difficulty getting a repro.