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Rocketbelt frags

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Originally posted by lukeatlook

Interesting. Makes it mirror the Luden's Tempest statline a bit more. Perhaps this will make it a bit more interesting for some mages, maybe even the Night Harvester jungle gang.

I mean we're at a point where TF and Galio can opt for Shurelya's instead.

Now, if only we could have Hextech Alternator in Luden's recipe...

Yeah the goal is that the Night Harvester gang who just want to kill people but find Harvester optimal should be a little more tempted with the pen power of Belt.

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Originally posted by papu16

Can we change ad assasin items? Feels like they or going duskblade, or sit with 0 AH. It feels so awful to play.

Try picking up Seryldas