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This was an undocumented change introduced with the new ward pings' system. Patch notes only tell you that if you attack or ping a ward during the first 10 seconds (while the yellow mark appears near it) it adds the countdown after you stop seeing it, but they forgot to add that you also get 5 gold.

They seem to have reduced the gold given on kill on 5 gold too, so you only get the full gold of the ward if you kill it early or ping it as soon as you see it.

You can see the first hit at the beginning of the video and the ping interaction at 0:27, 0:37 and at 0:46


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the 5g is subtracted from the kill gold on the ward. for wards with less than 5g bounty (zombie wards), you shouldn't be getting any gold.

The first person to attack the ward will also count as tracking it, granting them 5g (and taking it out of the wards kill bounty)